GH Update Monday 5/5/14

General Hospital Update Monday 5/5/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ned goes to find Luke in his office but is immediately shocked to see his “stepfather to be” sitting with a briefcase full of tons of cash.

At the police station, when Anna and the cops are ready to book Carlos for the murder of AJ, as he has confessed, Sabrina rushes to find him. She asks why on earth he intends to take the rap for a murder they both know he did not commit.

Carly and Franco are ready to prove that Ava is having Carlos take the fall for her. And she is able to confirm that she has recorded the conversation revealing that on her phone. And all she needs to do is press play.

Morgan goes to find Olivia and tells her he is done with his father. She is still unaware that Sonny slept with Ava. She urges Morgan to know that Sonny “did what he did for Morgan's own good”. He finds out that Sonny merely confessed to her that he “motivated” his son to have no more contact with Ava and her brother's organization.

Ava is ready to head out of the gallery when her brother pays her a surprised visit. Julian has been “ordered” by Luke to kill his sister. She turns to see him holding a gun on her after he tells her he's afraid he can't let her leave. She asks what on earth he is doing.

At the station, Sabrina asks Anna if there is any way she can talk privately to Carlos. At first Anna tells her she cannot but Sabrina asks her please. Anna then agrees to let her do that.

Carly and Franco play the tape recording of Ava finding AJ somewhere. They then hear his voice telling Ava he knows she did “something”. But right then, the recording goes blank so they cannot hear what AJ knows that Ava has done, and hence her motive to want to kill him in order to shut him up.

Morgan is intrigued to find out that Olivia has yet to know that Sonny cheated on her with Ava.

Julian holds the gun on Ava and demands to know whom she slept with. It was not Morgan. Who was it? She replies it's none of his business. He tells her he needs to know. He wants to “send them flowers”.

Ned tells Luke he knows that Luke is ready to embezzle from Ned's family.

Carlos asks Sabrina if she and the baby are ok. He expresses how worried he is that “somebody” could hurt them. She admits that her baby is alive but nobody knows if he's going to make it. He looks like he's ready to cry and tells her it's all his fault.

Carly and Franco listen to the tape recording that “appears” that AJ “might” have had something on Ava. But they realize it's not substantiated information to the cops that she killed him.

Julian holds the gun on Ava. She tells him he may take the gallery away from her. But he tells her he cannot let her live.

After Ned confronts Luke when he sees him with a wad of money in a brief case, Luke tells him he needs to explain. Right then, Tracy appears and needs to know what they are talking about.

Morgan expresses to Olivia how furious and upset he is with his father. But she still makes excuses for Sonny, unaware of why Morgan is angry with his father. He then remembers Sonny asking him if he wants to hurt Olivia by telling her something with the intent of hurting his father. He tells Morgan he may take action against his father or hate him. But if he reveals that to Olivia, he will be ruining her life. At that point, Morgan affirms that the only reason he is angry at his father is because he asked his son to stop seeing Ava.

Ava urges Julian not to go through with this and shoot her. They are family. But he tells her he has no choice and gets ready to pull the trigger.

When Tracy finds Ned confronting Luke about his suspicion that Luke is taking money, Luke tells Ned that he is depositing it and not withdrawing it. Ned asks if that is the case, would he like to tell them where he got this money?

In the police interrogation room, Sabrina asks Carlos to tell her the truth. Did he murder AJ? He replies yes. She tells him that she remembers him swearing on hers' and her child's life that he did not. Why is he now changing his story? He does not answer but reveals he is distraught and horrified.

Outside, Anna reveals to Duke that she might be able to find out what really happened before AJ died by finding AJ's phone. As far as she knows, nobody can find the phone and it's probably still at General Hospital.

Carly and Franco play the recording that reveals Ava's and AJ's voices and the unsubstantiated confirmation that she shot him.

Sonny talks to Shawn at Kelly's about how Morgan walked in on his father and Ava and was able to tell that they slept together. He informs Shawn that Morgan was ready to go and inform Olivia of what happened. But he apparently talked his son out of that.

After Morgan leaves Olivia's home, Alexis finds her. They discuss Morgan's “state of mind”. And Alexis is also aware that Ava cheated on Morgan. But is also unaware of with whom she cheated.

When Julian is ready to pull the trigger on Ava, Morgan comes and saves her. He tells her he did not think Julian would go this far. Neither of them know exactly what or whom “motivated” Julian to kill her.

Luke explains to Ned and to Tracy that the money he has is money he won on bets. He wants to invest it to the company and make a contribution of his own. Ned asks if he and Tracy are supposed to take Luke's word for it. Luke tells him he may go and check out all the registers and vending machines throughout the building to confirm that. But Tracy tells them that will not be necessary.

Carly and Franco play the tape that proves that Sonny killed AJ. That recording is as clear as a bell. Carlos tells her he thinks they have established that AJ and Ava were not talking about working together. They know that Sonny shot AJ. But Ava made sure he died in his hospital room although they cannot prove that. They also know that Ava must be responsible for the car hitting Patrick's car and causing injury to Sabrina and her unborn baby. But no proof of that either.

Anna tells Duke that she first thought that Sonny murdered AJ and asked Duke to cover for him. But that is no longer an issue now that she “knows” Sonny did not do it.

Shawn asks Sonny why on earth this Carlos Rivera guy would confess to murdering AJ when it's obvious he did not. He tells her he bets that Ava has put him up to doing that. They can't prove it and don't know what she'd have on him or what threats she could have made to him to get him to do that. But it's obvious.

In the police interrogation room, Carlos is distraught and infuriated when he tells Sabrina that he did, in fact, lie to her by telling her he did not kill AJ. He did.

Ava and Morgan talk alone and she tells him he needs to know that what she did with his father meant nothing to her.

Olivia is surprised to hear Alexis telling her that Ava cheated on Morgan. That's the first she's heard of that as Morgan did not tell her about that. She asks if Alexis knows with whom. Alexis replies she first assumed it might be with Silas Clay. But she and Julian both grilled her and she told them she would not sleep with their daughter's boyfriend. Silas did not cheat on Sam with her. So if not with Silas than whom did Ava sleep with? Alexis leaves and when Olivia is alone, she recalls the conversation she had with Morgan and Sonny where Morgan was ready to tell her something “of interest” to her about something Sonny did. And she is ready to put two and two together.

Ava tells Morgan she has to leave and travel to Sonny's island. But he still does not trust her and believes she must have a secretive affair with his father. She urges him not to believe that. But he believes that she has not only slept with his father. She lied to him when she told him it meant nothing. He tells her that he does not intend to rat her out. He's done with his father and done with her. And he walks out the door. She urges him to wait. But he does not return.

Tracy believes that Luke has made a wonderful gesture to donate money to ELQ. Ned urges his mother to tell him she cannot believe this ridiculousness. But she tells her son he was wrong about Kiki and wrong about this. Luke has not made a pass at Michael's girlfriend. She is going to marry Luke and there is nothing Ned can do about it. She loves him. Ned urges his mom to give this some time before she regrets it. She tells her son she is going to make the decision she's going to make. And there's something he needs to know. As CEO of their family's company, she wants him out. He's pushed her too far with these insane accusations he has of Luke. He leaves. Alone with Tracy, Luke “graciously” tells her he's so sorry that it's come to this. He did not want to have to come between her and her son. She tells him it's not his fault.

After they hear the taped confession that Sonny murdered AJ and confronted AJ for threatening Ava, which “kind of” implicates Ava for having motives to kill AJ, he tells her that they need to play that for the cops. But she tells him they can't have Anna hear that tape recording. He asks why not. She replies because it will get Sonny charged with the murder of AJ. He asks if that would be such a bad thing. She tells him yes. It will ruin her family.

Sabrina is furious to hear Carlos either revealing the truth that he committed murder or lying to her when it did not happen. She angrily walks out the door. Carlos is infuriated at what Ava has done to him.

Tracy affirms to Luke that she trusts him. Ned was out of line. What Luke has done is selfless. He has her completely wrapped around his little finger. Alone he is happy to know that his drug money is protected. But he's frustrated in trying and failing to get a hold of Julian.

Morgan tells Ava he does not trust her and it's over between them.

Alone, Ava taunts her injured brother after he’s been shot and is lying helplessly on the floor.

Olivia goes to find Sonny. He looks at her and sees she's is furious with him about something. He asks her what is wrong. She demands to know if he slept with Ava Jerome.

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