GH Update Friday 5/2/14

General Hospital Update Friday 5/2/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At ELQ, Faux Luke is admiring his new card and uses it to cut the cocaine on his desk. He's about to snort it when his secretary announces that he has a visitor. Annoyed, he quickly hides his new habit and gets more annoyed when it's Julian. "What the hell are you doing here? Julian tells him to relax, and that he told his assistant that he was there on gallery business. He places the briefcase on Faux Luke's desk, opens it, and says, "There's your cut! " The money improves Faux Luke's mood. Julian says that he couldn't really hand it to him at the gallery when Jordan was hanging around. Faux Luke is ready to move on to the next subject........Ava.

At Kelly's, Alexis is on the patio, reading the paper (with Carlos's picture on the front page) when Ned shows up. She's extremely happy to see her favorite ex. She offers her condolences about AJ, Ned says thanks. He was a real son of a bitch, but he was family. She tells him that she's missed that Quartermaine sentimentality. She asks him to join her, and he does. He tells her he wasted all these years of fighting "Junior" when he should of been looking elsewhere. When Alexis asks him, he says "there's a new fox in corporate hen house."

While walking into the gallery, Ava is on the phone leaving a message for Morgan. She's pleading with him to call her, when Sonny walks in. She tells him that he shouldn't be here, because of Julian. Sonny doesn't care about Julian, he wants to now why Carlos confessed to a murder he didn't commit.

Carlos is in the interrogating room at the police station. He's waiting to be transferred to Pentonville. Anna comes in, and he says, "You come to say goodbye." No, she's come to give him one more chance change his plea.

Carly and Franco are at Kelly's, reading about Carlos's arrest. Franco thinks that Carlos's confession is genius. Carly just wishes that the cops knew that Ava was blackmailing Carlos by threatening Sabrina.

Sabrina is in the GH NICU room standing over her baby in the incubator.  Felix joins her and tells her the baby's made improvements. Sabrina is cautiously optimistic, but Felix says "It's step in the right direction." Sabrina thanks him for being there for her, and Felix says "Where else would I be?" He asks how Patrick felt about the news. Sabrina says that she doesn't know, cause he hasn't heard yet. She says he went to check on Emma, and hasn't come back yet.

Patrick is on the phone with Emma, telling her to be good for Uncle Duke. He tells he that he loves her, and hangs up. He sits down on one of the benches, and looks shattered. Sam shows up, and asks how he is. He says that he is just taking a minute, He recalls his final words to Robin. "Saving Jason Morgan is more important than our family." Sam snaps him out of it, and asks how the baby is. He tells her that he's holding on. Patrick can barely talk, and Sam realizes that there's something terribly wrong.

Felix and Sabrina are gushing over the baby. She asks him if he can stay with her until Patrick comes back. He says sure, "You've got enough on your plate." "What's up?" she asks. He says that she needs to know something about Carlos, and shows her the paper.

Carlos tells Anna that ship has sailed. He killed AJ Quartermaine, but Anna still isn't convinced. She tells him that the visitor's log shows that Ava Jerome visited him, just before he confessed. She wants to know what the visit was about. He flashes back to the visit. "You told me that if I told anyone about you killing Connie Falconeri, Sabrina would pay the price. Do you grasp what I'm telling you, Ava asks. Back to the present, he tells Anna that Ava told him to keep his mouth shut. It's bad for business. He's not budging. Anna tells the guard to take him away.

At Kelly's, Carly and Franco are discussing their options about keeping quiet. Carly wants to know what Ava's secret is. It was important enough for her to want to kill AJ says Franco. Everyone wanted to kill AJ, Carly says.  Just then, Carly's cell phone rings, and by coincidence, it's Anna. She asks Carly if she knows where Franco is, and she says yes Anna orders them down to the police station.

Alexis can't believe that Luke is at ELQ. Alexis says that Luke doesn't do corporate. She teases Ned about how big can a lone wolf be, with Human Resources. Ned asks her if she's enjoying herself, and Alexis admits he is. She asks Ned if his mother put him up to it, and is surprised when Ned tells her that it was Luke's idea. He tells Alexis that Luke said he couldn't stand to be away from Tracy. Ned's convinced that Luke's after his mother's money.

At ELQ, Luke says that Julian told him that Ava didn't know that Jordan was working for them. He wants to know why Julian wanted to be cautious around Ava. Julian tells him that him suspicions were right. His sister was spilling information to Sonny for months.

At the gallery, Ava is trying to calm down Sonny. She tells him that the cops had Carlos dead to rights on attempted murder. Sonny tells her that attempted, isn't the same as murder. She says that either way, Carlos will go away for a long time. Sonny wonders how she did it, and she just says that she convinced Carlos to take one for the team. "He's not on my team." he says. "I thought he worked for Julian." She tells him that she and Carlos have been friends for a long time. She tells him never underestimate the power of friendship. Well, if that's the way you treat a friend, says Sonny. Ava gets testy, and tells that he should be thanking her, because now his secret will stay buried.

Ned and Alexis are discussing Luke and Tracy's relationship Alexis thinks that Luke really loves Tracy, even though they broke up before. "How do you know." asks Ned. She says that I've been living here for the past nine years. She compares him to Ric, but quickly apologizes for it. She still thinks that Luke loves Tracy, and that breakups are normal. He stuns her when he asks is hitting on Michael's girlfriend normal.

Julian tells Faux Luke that Morgan gave him the info. Luke says that he thought he was aligned with Corinthos. Julian tells him that Morgan was hell-bent on trashing Ava and Sonny Faux Luke says that he thought Morgan and Ava were "knocking boots" together. Julian says, Not anymore. Since his boots weren't the only ones she was knocking.

Ava changes the subject to Morgan, and tells him that he hasn't returned any of her calls. Sonny tells her that's why he came by. He saw Morgan at the Metro Court, and he was going to tell Olivia everything. He managed to stop him. I don't know how you managed that, says Ava. But he couldn't stop him from blowing the whistle to your brother. Ava looks horrified.

Carly and Franco arrive at the PCPD. They want to know why Anna wanted to see them. She tells them that she remembered that they wanted to tell her something about Ava. She asks them if it had anything to do with the case.

Sam tries to get Patrick to talk to her. She reminds him how he helped her when Danny was sick, and helped her get over Jason. He flashes back to his conversation with Robin about Jason. He tells her that he thinks his marriage is over. Sam can't believe that, especially when he tells her that it ended over the phone. She asks if she know about the accident and the baby, and he say she does, but her work is more important. She didn't budge? Sam asks. Patrick says that she's worried about Emma, and he's sure that she want too. He can't tell Sam the real reason about her being blackmailed. Sam keeps pushing, but there's not much that he can tell her. Sam asks why they can't join her, and he tells her that it's not an option. Sam asks why not? 

Sabrina is shocked to read that Carlos tried to rob the Quartermaine to help support her and the baby. She can't make sense out of any of it, since Carlos swore to her that he didn't kill AJ. He admitted to the break-in, and he swore on his love for her that he didn't shoot AJ. Felix reminds her that he's a criminal, and they lie all the time. Sabrina insists that Carlos wouldn't lie to her. Why not, asks Felix.

Patrick has a hard time talking to Sam about Robin. He feels guilty about not being able to tell her what Robin is doing. He tell her that it's impossible for him and Emma to join Robin. He admits that he broke up with Robin over the phone. When Sam tries to comfort him, Patrick brushes her off. He says "You' re the last person that I need comfort from."

At the PCPD, Anna questions Franco and Carly about their information. Carly tells her that it was about the vandalism charges. She tells her that Ava put him up to it, as she turns to Franco, and says, remember we talked about?  We thought you should know. Anna reminds her that she dropped the charges.  Anna asks her if she wants to reinstate he charges, but Carly says no, and Anna say the information is moot. Anna apologizes for wasting their time. And in fine Columbo fashion, she asks them if they know where AJ's phone is. Carly says no and when she asks Anna why. She tells them that Carlos told her that AJ was trying to dial 911 when he was shot. She checked the records of 911, and apparently the call never connected, but may still have been recording. She wanted to verify his story, but Michael says the phone is missing. Carly asks is AJ had a "Find my phone" app, and Anna says it did, but she doesn't have he password. Franco surprises both when he says he knows it.

Sonny informs Ava that Alexis told him that she was there, when Morgan spilled the beans. Ava says No!, as Sonny chuckles. Ava says that Julian has been suspicious, but she's been able to block him off. Sonny says, he's not suspicious anymore. Ava asks him if he's sure that Julian knows. Sonny says that he's sure, and Alexis says that he's pissed!

Julian is annoyed when Faux Luke asks him, who's the lucky stiff that's "shtupping" his sister. Julian asks if he's not concerned about what he just told him , and Faux Luke says he is. He says that now they know how Sonny has been one step ahead of them, and it's a major problem. Julian wants to know what they're going to do about it.

Alexis can't believe what Ned has told her about Luke harassing Kiki. Alexis calls Morgan and Kiki's honesty questionable. Alexis thinks that maybe Ned' s just being overprotective. He tells her hat he setup Luke with Morgan and Kiki's help, but it didn't work. He thinks there is something off about Luke.  He says that Luke has always been a scoundrel, but never a pig. Alleged pig, says Alexis, which amuses Ned. Alexis doesn't wan to talk about Tracy and Luke anymore. She wants to talk about Ned's love life. He tells her hat he gets by, and she tells him that Jax told her that he wasn't getting out much. He's amused by Jax's concern, and admits that he may be right. He tries to remedy that by asking her to dinner. She tells him that her ego has missed him.  She hesitates before telling him that she's seeing someone. He asks who's the lucky guy.

Ava becomes anxious, wondering why Julian hasn't done anything yet.  She tells Sonny that he's been leaving her cryptic messages. Sonny tells her that he's probably waiting for orders from his boss.

Faux Luke tells Julian that he has to kill Ava.

Ned isn't happy that Alexis has involved herself in yet another gangster. She says that technically he's publisher. Like Sonny's a coffee grower, says Ned. Alexis thinks that he's going to lecture her. Ned reminds her that dating criminals hasn't always worked out so well in the past. Alexis admits that she's a hypocrite, and that she really likes him. She's goes on and on about Julian's attributes, and then mentions that he's actually Sam's father, and Danny's grandfather. She says that she's worried about him, making Ned to ask why. She admits that she's worried that he might do something to his sister.

Julian is stunned by Luke's demand, and just wants to just ice Ava out. Faux Luke asks him if they should just let her get away with it, and Julian says that's not what he meant. Faux Luke says that Ava might still have information that she hasn't give to Sonny yet. Don't waste time, Julian. He tells Julian that if they let this one go, Sonny will take advantage of it. Faux Luke tells him that he doesn't want to look weak in front of Sonny. He again orders Julian to take Ava out, but Julian has a problem with it.

Alexis tells Ned about Julian's problem with Ava. Ned makes a joke about Julian doing what gangsters do. Alexis takes it on the chin, and says that Julian was livid. She says she thinks she's calmed him down

Sonny tells Ava that they have to be careful, because Faux Luke thinks it's his brother who's after him. He's not sure, but he doesn't want to take any chances. Ava says that they will think that she's aligned with him. Ava asks Sonny what she's supposed to do. He tells her to get out of Dodge.

Carly asks Franco "You have AJ's password", and he says yup. Anna assumes that AJ didn't just hand it over to him. He tells them that he has all of his passwords, and he seems to use the same one. They ask him how he got it, and he says that acquired it during the time he tried to take over ELQ. Remember that, he says to Carly. He tells Anna that it was Pickle Lila, so she tries it and it works. Franco makes a snarky comment when Anna doesn't thank him. Anna says that the battery died several weeks ago. Franco says that's sad that his phone outlived AJ, of course, sarcastically. She tells them that they do have a location, and tells them that the last signal was at GH.

Sam makes one more attempt to comfort Patrick, but he brushes her off, and says that he has to get back to NICU. Sam is left hurt and confused. 

Anna is still talking to Carly and Franco, when she gets a phone call from Scotty. Carly and Franco are left to figure things out for themselves.  They take off for GH.

Patrick returns to NICU, where Sabrina asks him how Emma is. Patrick tells her that she's having a tang lesson with Duke. Felix leaves, so Sabrina can tell Patrick the good news. The baby's numbers are going up, and he's still fighting. Patrick says that she must be exhausted, and suggests that she goes home. He tells that he'll be there, and they both need to be strong. She tells the baby that mommy will be back soon. She agrees, but she doesn't go straight home.

Ned and Alexis finish off their conversation with him telling her to stay out of trouble. She tells him that she'll try very hard. She tells him something that she'll deny later. She tells him that she and Tracy are a lot alike in that when Tracy has her heart set on something, she doesn't give up.  She suggests that he support her and give them his blessing, if he doesn't wanna lose her to Luke.

Faux Luke and Julian are arguing about killing Ava. Faux Luke tells him to do it, or he might question his loyalty to him. If that happens, he'll just have to make that problem disappear. He tells Julian not to come back until its done.

Ava panics, and make a crack about her mother and "Maeve Ryan" singing  "Danny Boy" at the pub. She doesn't think that Delia would protect her anyway.  Sonny tells her that he has a private island, just off of Puerto Rico. He tells her that it's very private, and he's already made the arrangements. He hands her a ticket.  For how long, she asks. Until he neutralizes Julian and his boss. Ava reminds him that he has a daughter and a life here. He tells her that she won't have a life if she stays. He tells her to get her stuff, and meet Shawn at Kelly's. He has the jet ready, and the pilot is standing by. Ava thanks him, but he tells her that she did him a "solid" for getting Carlos to take the rap.

Carly and Franco arrive at GH, and run into Felix. Franco thinks that AJ will disappoint her. They tell Felix about AJ's phone being lost, and he directs them to the lost and found box. They dig through it and as luck would have, Carly thinks she recognizes AJ's phone,. She drags him into an exam room to plug the phone in. She gets it working, and finds a picture of AJ and Michael. BINGO! Franco wants to leave, but when Carly unplugs the phone, she finds a recording. Carly thinks proof of what really happened to AJ is on his phone.

Luke is in his office counting his money talking to God. He says that the objective is punish Corinthos, but what can it hurt to have a little fun. Just then, Ned barges in, followed by Faux Luke's very attractive secretary. Ned is about to follow Alexis's advice, until he sees the money on Faux Luke's desk.  "What the hell is going on around here?"

Sam meets up with Alexis for dinner a Kelly's. Her mother asks how he baby, and Sam says that he's not good, but holding on. Alexis asks about Patrick, and Sam says that he's total mess. Alexis remembers that Molly was born in less than ideal circumstances. This is worse because the baby is only 25 weeks. Sam says that on top of that it looks like Patrick and Robin's marriage is over. Sam tells her that it looks like she won't be coming home.  She doesn't understand what could be more important.

Felix joins Patrick brings him a cup of coffee. Patrick thanks Felix for everything he's done for Sabrina. Felix asks where she is, and Patrick tells him that he sent her home.

Anna is getting Carlos ready to be transferred, since he won't change his story. Suddenly, Sabrina shows up.

Carly thinks proof of what really happened to AJ is on his phone.

Ava gets rid of a customer before she closes up. She stops at one of Heather's paintings, which hides her safe, and takes what she needs out of it.  She stuffs it in her purse and puts her jacket on. She doesn't hear Julian come in. He asks her if she's going somewhere, and she says just a little trip to check out a new artist. Julian pulls out a gun on her, and says "I'm afraid I can't let you do that."

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