GH Update Thursday 5/1/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/1/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Levi are making out at Kelly's when she tells him to stop. He tells her that's not what she was saying before, and she says that's because they were in the bedroom. She's nervous because they are waiting for Mac and Felicia. She says that she doesn't want his first meeting with her dad to be with his tongue in her mouth. She wants everyone to love him as she does, and everyone else that she cares about. "And everyone that cares about you," says Levi. She hopes that some day that will include Dante and Lulu.

Dante and Lulu are dealing with Obrecht, who asks if they've decided to meet her terms. Dante tells her that she has her deal, and now he wants to know where their embryo is. She says how remarkable it is that they have bonded so quickly as a family. "Not quickly enough," says Lulu. Obrecht wonders why they want to have a child so quickly, because siblings aren't all they're cracked up to be, thinking of her sister.

Madeline is being reamed out by an angry Nathan who feels betrayed. He goes on and on about on about his sister being dead, and how much she's missed out on. Madeline makes a startling admission to her son, Nina is alive.

At GH, Sam bumps into Silas because she's not looking where she's gong. He pays her a compliment, but she's distracted, because she's sad about Patrick and Sabrina's baby. 

In NICU, Sabrina tells Patrick that most parents don't like to hear their baby cry. She'd give anything if their baby would cry to tell them how he's feeling, she says Today were praying for happy tears, says Patrick. She wonders where Britt is with the labs. Patrick tells her that he's going to check on Emma. He asks her to hold down the fort, and she says that she's not going anywhere. He tells the baby to be strong, and that Daddy will be back.

As Patrick leaves, he s approached by Victor Cassadine who asks to speak to him.

Back at Kelly's, Levi says that he's stoked to meet Dante and Lulu. She thinks that she should talk to them by herself first. Levi says that he'll be on his best behavior, but Maxie says that it's not him. She feels guilty about everything she put them through. Levi tells her that everything balanced out, because Lulu got her son back. Maxie gets his point that she has to stop avoiding Lulu. Still, she wonders, if Lulu misses her as much as she misses Lulu.

Back at the PCPD, Dante tells Obrecht that she'll give them the location, she'll get her freedom. That's not how this works, says Obrecht. She wants the deal for herself and Britt in hand. Dante tells her that the DA is whipping it up right now. Obrecht says to tell him to whip faster. She doesn't trust any department run by Anna Devane. You think this is a setup, says Lulu. Wouldn't you, says Obrecht, and then she considers that someone like Lulu would trust the word of someone when they give it. I believe in tangibles, Obrecht tells Lulu. Words are untrustworthy, no matter who utters them. She's probably thinking of her sister.

Downstairs, Madeline is using words to convince Nathan that she's telling the truth. Nathan is naturally skeptical, because of all he lies that she's already told him. He says that it's too late for her to accuse someone else of killing Nina. Madeline insists that she isn't, so he asks her what's the new story. She didn't pump Nina full of antidepressants. Madeline admits that she did that, but Nina didn't die. She survived the infection. Again, Madeline insists that Nina survived. How can you let me believe otherwise, he cries.

At GH, Sam wonders how a 25 week old baby can survive. Silas is hesitant to answer Sam's questions, but she insists that he tell her what he knows.  Silas tells her that the little guy has an uphill battle, so Sam asks, how big a hill. It's not really my area of expertise, but Sam knows that he knows enough. He says that these babies always have a struggle. Sam asks if it's because of the lungs aren't developed enough. He says that there respiratory concerns because of infections, but there are lots of other complications, too. Sam asks what the baby's chances are. Silas says that with all the technical advances, these babies have better chances of survival now than before. He says that he doesn't want to be the bearer of  bad news. Even though, she's getting a little emotional, Sam says that she can take it. He tells her that even if the baby survives, his parents will still have their hands full Patrick will need all the help he can get.

Patrick asks Victor where Robin is. What's going on with her. Is she okay? Victor assures him that Robin is just fine. Victor says word of the car accident reached him. Patrick thinks he's not concerned about him, so why is he there? Victor says that Robin is concerned about him. "I'm surprised that you even told her," says Patrick. Victor says that it was all over the internet. Patrick is surprised that he lets her go on the internet. Victor says that what affects Robin, affects her work. Patrick says it's about Victor then. When Victor repeats that Robins very concerned about him, Patrick thinks that If she were that concerned, she'd be there with him right now, and not trying to save Jason.  He orders Victor to take his meaningless concern and get out. If he leaves now, Victor tells him that he'll miss out on speaking with his wife. In the next hour, Patrick may speak to his wife. Victor tries to hands him a piece of paper, but Patrick wants to see Robin, and gets angry when Victor tells him that she couldn't leave her work. He again tries to hand over the paper to Patrick, says that it's a phone number where Robin can be reached. She's waiting for his call and time is running out.

Sabrina is singing a lullaby in Spanish to the baby when Britt arrives. That's beautiful she say. Sabrina tells her that it's something her mother used to sing to her. Britt asks how it's going. Sabrina thinks that depends on her news. Do you have my son's latest results?

Patrick and Sabrina must be beside themselves, says Sam. It all looks bad, but nothing's impossible, just an uphill battle, just like Danny. Sam disagrees and says that Danny was bigger and stronger. Silas tells her that GH has an excellent NICU unit and staff. There are amazing technical advances so these little guy can survive more often. Sam says that it sucks being a parent, and having no control over what happens to their child.  Silas tells her that they can sense your presence, and it helps them survive. They feel your support like Danny did. I think that's why Danny got better, don't you? Sam, (who's now in tears), feels they were lucky.  She hopes that Patrick and Sabrina are just as lucky.

Back at the PCPD, Dante throws down the agreement in front of Obrecht, and says, there's your get out of jail free cards for you and Britt. He recites the terms of the agreement, while she reads the document. She says, that the agreement was wider- reaching, and Dante tells her to turn the page. He continues reciting the charges against her and Britt that will be immune from. She is satisfied, and says all I need is a pen, and the pact is sealed. She has her hand out for a pen, but in classic "Colombo" style, Dante says ah, no, there's just one more thing.

At Kelly's, Levi encourages Maxie to confront her fears, and face Lulu.  They end up kissing, just as Mac and Felicia finally arrive. Mac clears his throat, and just as Maxie predicted, says, would you mind getting your on tongue out of my daughter's mouth. Maxie introduces Levi to her parents, and of course, Mac is less than thrilled. Felicia, of course, is totally charmed by him. She brings up his Aussie accent, which Mac says is pretty thick. Maxie tells Levi that Mac is originally from Australia, and Levi notes that he doesn't have much of an accent. Mac brushes over the subject, and says he spent a lot of those years here raising Maxie. Felicia intervenes and tries to have a pleasant conversation, but Mac doesn't make it easy. Levi and Maxie try to talk about Maxie's "eat, pray, love" tour, but all Mac can do is be critical of Levi. They talk about the eating part, when Felicia says that Mac knows a lot about eating, too. He runs a restaurant, so Levi asks him what kind, and Mac says Barbecue. Felicia praises Mac's barbecue skills, but Levi says, I'd rather die.

Obrecht slaps the document down, and says Dante doesn't have any authority to add any stipulations. Dante tells her that this one came straight from the D.A.'s office. You don't abide by it, no deal. What's the stipulation, she asks. Lulu asks if she can continue, and Dante lets her. We agree with your sentiment, she says, that no one can be trusted these days. Especially you, says Dante. If we retrieve the embryo, and it turns out, not to be our, says Lulu, or isn't ours. The deal is off, Dante continues, null and valid. You go to Pentonville. We clear? Crystal, says Obrecht. She asks for a pen, and he tells her to sign above Baldwin. Done and done, she says.  Dante goes after her o cough it up. She tells him to "slow his roll", and asks to make a phone call.

Victor Cassadine answers his cell phone and says I've been waiting for your call. He asks her for a moment and returns to Patrick. I've gotta take this call, and once again hands Patrick the piece of paper. Do you want to reach out to Robin, he starts to ask, but Patrick snatches it from his hand. He walks away. Just as I thought, says Victor. So Liesl, how wonderful to hear your voice.

Britt has good news for Sabrina about the baby. Britt tells that her son's blood gasses have a made an improvement. She asks if they can take him off the ventilator, but Britt says not yet. She tells her that this is a small, incremental improvement. She says that her baby is getting stronger. Will her baby be okay?

In a hospital hallway, Patrick punches in the number Victor gave him on his cell phone. "Robin, it's me," he says.

Sam is composing herself, and wiping away her tears, before going to see Patrick and the baby. She asks Silas to distract her, and he tells her that Madeline is being shipped off to New York. She's finally going to pay for killing Nina.

Nathan doesn't believe Madeline so she tells him her reasons for doing it.  She says that they were going broke, and all that money was just sitting there while Nina was wasting away. Nathan doesn't care about the money, he just cares about his sister. I did what I had to do, she says, and Nathan calls her disgusting. Madeline gets upset, and says that she regrets what she did, and if she had to do over. Nathan says that she doesn't get a do-over, and is disgusted with himself for believing all her lies. He tells her that she must be real proud, but she says that she isn't. She wants to know how she can make it up to him. He demands to know where Nina is.

Victor apologizes to Liesl for not responding right away. He some business to attend too. He can come over to see her now. She says there' no need, that they can make plans over the phone. Victor is dismayed, because he obviously has feelings for her She tells him that she cannot give him what he needs. She tells him that she appreciates everything that he's done for her, what they have is in the past. She tells him to think of it as a treasured memory, and he says that he will. She gets down to business, and says let's discuss the drop.

Lulu is worried that this plan won't work, but Dante assures her it will.  Besides, the deal Baldwin drew up is airtight, and she'd be stupid not to take it. Obrecht comes over with the instructions for the drop. Someone will meet you there, but Dante wonders if it's kosher. Obrecht scoffs at him, and says that sooner you leave, the sooner you'll be reunited with your progeny, and I with mine.

Nathan wants to know what Madeline did with Nina. Madeline tells him that she had her moved to another institution, but she won't tell him where.  Madeline thinks that his not knowing will protect him He doesn't agree, but she begs him as the woman who raised him, not tell anyone especially Silas.

Sam is amazed that people like Patrick and Sabrina could lose their son, but Madeline could kill her own grandchild and not think anything about it. And all for money, says Silas. Sam says it's disgusting, and Silas says that she was always horrible, but he never thought she was capable of this.  And to think that she almost got away with it. Silas isn't so sure she has yet. Sam says that he needs to see her ff with his own eyes. He tells her that leaving her doesn't feel real good. She sends him off anyway.

Britt is cautiously optimistic with Sabrina, and tells her that she wishes she had better news. Sabrina says she knows, and Brit tells her that he gets a little better every day. Sabrina says that she's already loves him so much, and would hate lose him now. She's crying, so Britt ends up comforting, and says let's not find out.

Patrick is giving Robin an update on recent events, including the baby.  When Robin asks if there's anything she can do, he says that him and Emma need her right now, and asks if she can come home.

Things aren't going well at Kelly's, between Mac and Levi. Levi has just admitted to beg a vegan, which annoys the hell out of Mac. Felicia tries to help, to no avail, because he doesn't eat dairy products either.  It also doesn't help when he declares Maxie a vegan, too. Felicia asks teasingly if Maxie has given up leather, and he says that they're working on it. Felicia asks him what he does eat, and Levi invites them over for dinner. Mac says that he'd rather die. As Levi extends an invitation, Maxie is distracted by Lulu and Dante arriving with Rocco.

Patrick has a rather heated exchange with Robin, when she says that she can't come home right now. Patrick feels betrayed, because he lived up to his part of the bargain, by not telling her secret. He gives her an ultimatum, that if she doesn't come home now,. not to come home at all.  Victor returns, and says you're through? He tries to apologize for Patrick's troubles, but Patrick tells him to get the hell away or he'll tear him apart. Victor turns, and walks away.

Britt is still comforting Sabrina, who apologizes for breaking down on her.  She asks if there are any leads on the accident. Britt says that she's cleared, but the person to ask is her brother, she starts to say, but changes it to Detective West.

Nathan is still arguing with his mother, when Silas arrives. He asks if he's interrupting anything, and Nathan says no, I was just saying goodbye.  She's all yours, and takes off. Madeline steps back from the bars, and looks at John, almost in victory.

Obrecht is finishing the paper work for the agreement, she thinks. The lawyer informs her that once his is filed in court, you'll fitted or ankle monitor. Obrecht angrily says that no one told her about that, and the lawyer tells her that she's getting off easy. She takes the documents to court. Obrecht glares at the officers in the room and says, which one of you brutes has the temerity to lay a hand on me. Nathan comes upstairs, and says I do.

Maxie looks nervously over at Dante and Lulu, but Levi tells her that she can do this. She gets up to talk to her former friend. Lulu asks if she's been back long, and Maxie says a couple of weeks. Good trip, says Lulu, and she says yes. She nervously says, so this is your son. Dante introduces her to Rocco Falconeri, and the name pleases her. She tells them that he's perfect, and Dante says thank you. She looks back at her table, where Felicia, Mac and Levi quickly turn away. Of course, they were watching intently. Maxie turns back to Lulu, who says it's been a wild ride. Both Maxie and Lulu are doing their best to hold back their emotions. Finally, Maxie pleads her case to Dante and Lulu, and she tells them that she really misses them, mostly Lulu. No offense she says to Dante, and he says

None taken. He realizes the importance of this moment. She continues that somewhere down the line, they could be friends again. I want it, says lulu, her voice breaking. Maxie is stunned, and Lulu says that she's missed her, too. Maxie can't believe it, and there are tears and hugs all around. Lulu notices a change in her friend, and asks about her shampoo. Dante gets the call they've been waiting for, and has to break up the reunion. Maxie happily returns to her table, where Levi pretends to be talking about his menu. Maxie is happy for the breakthrough , which she thanks Levi for. Levi tells them that they have a strong daughter, which Mac is happy to agree too. They shake hands.

Dante tells Lulu that they have to wait here. Lulu tells Dante, that if Obrecht is playing them, she'll make sure that she doesn't get to Pentonville.

Nathan warns Obrecht of the circumstances if she tampers with the monitor or tries to leave, there will be consequences. Obrecht has no plans of leaving since both her children are here. She tells him that she loves him, but as far as he's concerned, he just traded one psycho for another. He wants nothing to do with her. She says that her greatest wish is to be close to both of her children.

Britt asks Sabrina if she needs anything from home, but she tells her that Felix has it covered. In what must be a surreal moment for both of them, Sabrina thanks her for everything.

Nathan tells Obrecht that in 24 hours, he says he's lost his mother and his sister, and has two complete strangers in their place. He wants to know who his father is, but Obrecht says that it doesn't matter. So giving me a name won't make a difference, he says.

Victor arrives at Kelly's, and after identifying them, hands them a tube with their embryo. Dante tries to ask who he is , but Victor doesn't tell them. Dante wonders if their embryo is really in the canister. Victor assures them that it is, before he takes off.

Nathan is still trying find out who is father is, but Obrecht isn't giving him any information.

Patrick is on the phone with Emma, telling her that the baby can't have any visitors right now. She tells him that she misses Mommy, and he tries to keep it together for her. He tells her to be good for Uncle Duke, before he hangs up. Totally exhausted, and frustrated, he plops down on a nearby bench. He holds his head in his hands, and is startled when Sam places a hand on his shoulder.

Madeline taunts Silas, asking if he came to see her off. He says he wouldn't miss it for the world. She tells him to enjoy the satisfaction, while it lasts with a smug look on her face. He reminds her that she killed two people. She thinks that Nina is better off in the ground, because he brought her nothing but misery and pain. Madeline may be going to prison, but she goes knowing that he'll never see Nina again. She practically growls at him, as the guard leads her away. Silas stand there in disbelief.

Somewhere, in an undisclosed location, Nina Clay (played by Y&R's Michelle Stafford) wakes up and calls out for "Silas."

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