GH Update Wednesday 4/30/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/30/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Madeline and Liesl banter in jail about home and their plans. Liesl begged Madeline to tell her her plan to get out of jail. All Madeline would say was that Liesl wasn't the only one that had something stashed away. Liesl told Madeline that if she didn't tell the plan, that she would be forced to tell Nathan that she is his mother. Madeline informed her that she already told him. She had to because Liesl was right about the fact that Nathan and Britt could cross paths and get romantically involved. Madeline also told Liesl that they almost slept together but didn't.

TJ makes Jordan breakfast and Shawn walks over. TJ shows Jordan his acceptance letter to PCU. Jordan is overjoyed and tells him to give her a hug. Shawn starts in on Jordan about her job with the Jeromes in front of TJ. Jordan reminds him he works for Sonny. When TJ goes upstairs, Jordan reminds Shawn that if he tells TJ about her past, she will tell her son about what happened with his father.

Dante asks Scotty to drop the charges on Liesl Obrecht because she supposedly has an embryo of his and Lulu's that they desperately want. Scotty refuses at first, until Dante begs and says he wouldn't understand but they need this. Scotty informed Dante of his late wife Dominique who died of cancer and the fact that she wanted to give him a child, so they produced an embryo and Lucy was the surrogate who gave him a beautiful daughter named Serena. Understanding Dante's situation, Scotty agrees to drop the charges if Nikolas and Elizabeth agree.

Nikolas is reading the paper and sees an article about the Drakes' accident and in walks Elizabeth. He tells her the details about how Britt saved Patrick, Emma, Sabrina, and the baby. Lulu arrives with Rocco and asks them to please drop the charges because of the remaining embryo that Obrecht says that she has. They ask each other if they are okay with the decision and agree it's the only one they can make.

At the Jerome Gallery, Julian calls Ava and leaves a voicemail and in walks Luke. Luke asks how business is and Julian shows him the briefcase of money Jordan gave him from the drug distribution, which Luke is supposed to take to launder through a legitimate business, such as ELQ. Julian tells him the distributor was Jordan Ashford. Luke scoffed at Julian and asks how can he be so sure she can be trusted. As Julian assures him that he had her checked out, Jordan walks in. Luke tells Jordan his fiancée loved the painting and he's thinking of purchasing another. Jordan offers to help him and Luke thanks her but another time. After Luke leaves without the money, Jordan asks Julian why the briefcase is standing around and who the launderer is. She offers to do that job as well. Suspicious of her curiosity, Julian doesn't tell her and asks her to worry about her job instead.

Lulu and Rocco arrive at PCPD with the good news that Nikolas and Elizabeth agreed to drop the charges against Obrecht. Dante tells Obrecht that she will be free, pending the location of the embryo. If it turns out to be bogus, her deal is rescinded.

Britt orders tests on the baby and wants the results. The nurse who is helping her achieve them shows concern that she hasn't slept. Nathan arrives to see Britt at GH. Nathan tells her that she is not a suspect in the Drakes' car accident, because her car tire tracks do not match those of the hit and run vehicle. Britt appreciates that he came to tell her and wants to get back to the baby. Nathan says he has one more thing to tell her. Britt appreciated his persistence on asking her out. Nathan explains he doesn't want to ask her out, because she is his sister. They have the same mother, Liesl Obrecht. Britt is shocked and doesn't know what to say after being the only child for so long. Nathan told her he practically was also, since his sister Nina was much older. Britt has to go to the baby so they agree to see each other around. As they walk away, they can't help giving curious looks to each other.

Nathan goes to see Madeline in jail and tells her she is going to Riker's Island pending trial. When Nathan scolds her for her crimes, especially her own daughter's murder, Madeline informs him that she didn't kill Nina. She's still alive. She just had to fake her death to get her money in her will.

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