GH Update Tuesday 4/29/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/29/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

TJ arrives at Kelly's all excited, he has a letter, and hands it to Molly to read. He's been accepted into PCU, much to Molly's delight. She gives him a hug. He tells her that she's the first person he told. He can't wait to tell his mom.

Jordan is on the docks, where she recalls Julian telling her that drugs are bad for you. She should consider quitting. Jordan tells him that she never does drugs, and that he shouldn't traffic them either. But they both admit to enjoying the profits. She's brought back to the present by a noise. Who's there, she asks. I'm warning you I have a gun. Shawn comes out of the shadows, and says you do? Jordan denies it, and says that she was just scared. Shawn says she should be, and wonders what she was doing alone on the docks. Jordan makes up an excuse, but Shawn doesn't believe her. He wonders if she's waiting for another drug shipment for her new boss.

Julian and Alexis are having a romantic, clandestine dinner in the art gallery. He's frustrated that she still doesn't want anyone to know that they're dating. Alexis seems regretful, but says that Molly is already onto them, and all the people that were at Nikolas's disastrous engagement party. Julian doesn't consider that a date. He says that she set him up, on behalf of Sonny.

Olivia is confused about Morgan's behavior. She knows how upset he is over losing Ava. Hurt and furious, says Sonny. She doesn't understand why he came to her.

Ava is back at her penthouse leaving Morgan a heartfelt message. She's interrupted by a knock on the door, who turns out to be Kiki. Ava assumes it's about what happened at the Quartermaines, but Kiki wants to know about Carlos.

Still skulking around the police station, Carly is shocked to hear that Carlos has confessed to AJ's shooting. She's shocked because her and Franco know the truth. Sonny shot AJ. Of course, Michael walks in on them at that moment. He over hears them mention Sonny.

Back at Kelly's, Molly is excited for TJ to tell his mom. He says that he tried to reach her at the gallery but she wasn't there. TJ was told that Jordan would be working late, so they wonder where she is.

Jordan is down at the docks with Shawn. Shawn is suspicious of her so-called job. They argue over it's legitimacy. Shawn reminds her that she's worked with drugs before, and it got her thrown in jail. He reminds her that that's why she sent TJ to live with him.

Julian and Alexis are continuing their romantic evening at the gallery. Morgan bursts in and demands to speak to Julian. He wants to tell him what Ava has done.

Kiki questions Ava, who lies that she doesn't know why Carlos confessed. Kiki doesn't believe her.

Michael questions his mother about what Sonny did. Franco covers for her by saying Sonny called it about the police solving the case early. Franco says that they have AJ's killer, because Carlos just confessed. Michael isn't so sure and asked if Anna mentioned a motive. Franco says no, so Michael goes to confront her.

Anna is looking at Carlos in the interrogation room, while checking with GH about Sabrina's baby. Michael demands to know if Carlos confessed, and Anna wonders where he heard that information. In the end, she has no choice but to admit that she's just about to take his statement. Michael wants to go with her.

Carly is ever so grateful to Franco for saving her butt. She froze when Michael asked her about Sonny. She was afraid of spilling the beans. Franco reminds her that she was just being a parent. Carly says that's all that matters, of course. Michael must never found out that his father shot AJ.

Back at Metro Court, Sonny covers by saying that Carly hates Ava, so Morgan wouldn't go to her. Olivia is flattered but still wonders what Morgan had to tell her. Sonny says that he blames him, and was just trying to get back at him. Olivia understands that Sonny doesn't want to hurt his kids, and was trying to protect him. He tells her that Morgan doesn't see it that way, butt can't say why. She thinks that Morgan will see sense soon enough, just like at the wedding. Sonny still feels ashamed for behavior, but Olivia comforts him by saying that he wasn't himself. She says that whatever he did to break up Morgan and Ava is fine by her. She realizes that he never told her how he did it. He changes the subject and tells her he's grateful that she changed her mind about not seeing him again.

At Kelly's, TJ and Molly are discussing Jordan's job with the Jeromes. He says that he didn't at first but she was so happy he got over it. But Shawn is another story.

On the docks, Jordan is defending her job to Shawn. She says that she not giving up a second chance to be with her son again. Shawn argues with the fact that TJ blamed himself for her sending him away, because he was acting out. Jordan says that he was, but Shawn calls it bull. He says that she blamed it on TJ getting in trouble, but it was her. He wonders how TJ would feel if he found out the truth. Jordan sees that as a threat.

Julian tells Morgan to leave, but he refuses to budge. Julian rails against Morgan for going back to his father to work against. Alexis tries to intervene, but thinks better of it. Morgan tells Julian, he's wrong, Ava is.

Kiki continues to question Ava about Carlos, but all Ava does is deny, deny, deny. Ava asks Kiki why she's so interested in her and Carlos. Kiki tells her that she's trying to help Michael find the connection between Carlos and AJ. He wants to understand a possible motive. Ava flashes back to her visit to Carlos in jail, with him saying that if he told anyone her part in AJ's death, before he realized that he killed Connie, that Sabrina would pay the price. Ava snaps back to the present, and assures Kiki that whatever Carlos told the police has nothing to do with her.

At PCPD, Michael wants to join Anna in the in the interrogation room, but Anna says "Absolutely not!" As she enters the room, Michael cries "He's my father! I have a right to know why he was killed. Anna assures him that he will, and closes the door on him. Michael watches anxiously through the window.

Carlos wants to know about Sabrina, so Anna tells him that she's in stable condition. The baby was born 15 weeks early, and is fighting for his life. Carlos breaks down, and Anna asks if he's okay. Carlos composes himself and says "Let's do this!" Anna turns the recorder on, and begins questioning Carlos. Carlos flashes back to Ava threatening Sabrina while she visited him in jail. He snaps back when he hears Anna tell him that she wants the truth. He says that the truth is, it was all about Sabrina.

Carly and Franco are still wondering what made Carlos confess, when they know the truth. Franco tells her that Carlos was terrified that Sabrina would get hurt. So terrified he'd go to prison for the rest of his, Carly asks. To protect the woman he loves, yes says an understanding Franco.

Anna continues questioning Carlos, and why it concerns Sabrina. He tells her when Sabrina got pregnant that he didn't trust Dr. Drake to step up and do the right thing. He wanted to make sure that Sabrina and the baby were taken care of. The Jeromes don't pay well, but he couldn't ask them for a raise. He decided to make a little money on the side without telling them. Anna encourages him to go on before she takes a seat. Carlos continues with his story. He says that everyone knows that the Quartermaines are rich, so he decided to do a quick robbery. He thought the house would be empty, but AJ was there, and he couldn't let him see his face. He wouldn't be any good to Sabrina in jail. He was gonna shoot AJ, but Tracy came in and bashed in the back of the head. He says that he had choice but run. Leaving his gun behind, and AJ alive, finishes Anna. "Not for long," says Carlos. Anna says that AJ was shot with Julian's gun in Ava's apartment. She wonders how that happened. Michael is still watching, shaking his head.

Back at Metro Court, Olivia tells Sonny that Duke was there earlier, and that he helped understand some things. He told her that there are some things that he has to keep from Anna. She says that there are some things that he just can't tell her to protect her. Sonny swears that he would never do anything to hurt her, and she says she knows. She goes on to say that she knows that he's carrying a heavy burden, and can't tell her about it. She says that it's not worth losing him over.

Kiki apologizes to her mother for coming down on her earlier. Ava says if that's the only reason she came to visit then she wasted her time. Kiki says that there is another reason, she pulls out Ava's earring, and asks her if she was looking for it. Ava says that she must've lost it at the Quartermaines in the house. Kiki says that she found it after the funeral, but not in the house. Ava gets fidgety, when Kiki tells her that she found it in the crypt. She wonders what she was doing there. Ava flashes back to having sex with Sonny there.

At the gallery, Julian doesn't believe that Morgan is ratting out Ava, Alexis goes to leave, but Morgan says it doesn't matter if she stays. Alexis sits down, holding the drinks that Julian had poured earlier. She decided to pour on drink into the other glass. Morgan spills the beans about how Ava betrayed Julian, and about the flashdrive. He admits that it was his idea so they could stay together. Julian wants to know why Morgan's telling him all this. Morgan tells him because she cheated on him.

Back at Kelly's, TJ and Molly are discussing Shawn's attitude towards his mom. TJ makes a joke about gangster being in her blood, because her mom works for Sonny, and her dad works for the Jeromes. She says that Ric told her that he quit, because he didn't want to be involved in anything illegal. She says that TJ's should be safe because she's just running the gallery. He says that the whole reason she came to town is because she found out that Shawn was working for Sonny.

Jordan and Shawn are still arguing on the docks. They have a difference of opinion about what to tell TJ. She fights back that if he tells the truth about her, she'll tell the truth about how his father really died. What truth is that, he asked. She implies that the "friendly fire" wasn't so friendly.

Back at the PCPD, Carly says that she's sure that Carlos has something on Ava. She can't worry about that now. Her son just lost his father, and is heartbroken. Franco encourages her to go and talk to him. He agrees to stay behind since he's the last person Michael wants to see. She kisses him and says thank you, before she leaves.

Carlos says that since he botched the B & E, he decided to go to the Jeromes to beg for a raise. He tells her how her let himself into Ava's penthouse. Anna is surprised to hear that he has a key, but lets him continue. He says that he called Ava, who was in New York, and she told him that Julian would be home soon. He tells her that AJ showed up there, drunk and rambling, looking for Ava. At first, he thought he was after him, but he was saying something about working for Ava and Julian. He tells her that AJ said that he knew him, which confuses Anna. Anna says that Carlos wore a mask, but he tells her that AJ recognized his voice, was to call the cops. Carlos knew he to stop him going to stop him. He knew where Julian's gun was, so he grabbed the gun, and shot AJ dead. And that's the truth, he tells Anna.

At Metro Court, Sonny swears to Olivia that she won't lose him, and seals it with a kiss. Olivia tells him that they will talk about what's bothering him whenever he's ready. He agrees and gives her a big, guilt-ridden hug.

In her penthouse, Ava tells Kiki that she was at the crypt to pay her respects to AJ. Kiki thinks it's cause she never cared about AJ before. Ava takes offence, until her daughter explains that she thought it she saw her and Morgan hugging. Ava says that she was upset, and took a walk to clear her, and ended by the crypt. Kiki assures her that there's nothing going on between her and Morgan. Ava asks if there are problems with Michael. Kiki said she was going through something comforting her. She tells Ava that Morgan loves, and ran after her. I guess, he just didn't think to look in the crypt. Ava has a sheepish look on her face.

At the gallery, Julian isn't very sympathetic. Julian's taunts roll off his back, but Morgan says that he should've known better. that she never stopped loving Silas Clay. Both Julian and Alexis pounce on him wanting to know if Silas. They keep after him, because of Sam, but he assures them it wasn't him. Julian wants to know who it was.

Back at Metro Court, Olivia and Sonny kiss and makeup. Olivia invites him to, but Sonny says that he can't stay.

At Kelly's TJ is anxious for Shawn to return. He wants to his good news with him. Molly asks if he and Shawn are fighting again. A pensive TJ says that he just wishes, it was his Dad he was telling. They talk about how Shawn was his dad's best and how he accidentally shot him.

On the docks, Shawn and Jordan are talking about the same thing. He can't believe she's it against him. She says she doesn't want to bring it up, but he's giving her no choice. He's threatening to tell TJ about her past, and she'll tell TJ about his. They agree to Shawn tells her that working for the Jeromes will not end well. Sonny doesn't want drugs in his territory, and he's worried about her getting caught. He doesn't want her to lose TJ. Jordan tells him that she can take care of herself. He tells her to think about "getting out", before it's too late, and walk away.

TJ and Molly reminisce about when he first came to town. He was so messed up and angry at the time. He barely knew Shawn, and it was awhile before he understood. It hurt Shawn as much as it hurt him to think about his dad.

Back at the PCPD, Anna is playing Carlos's confession for Michael. Michael is distraught after hearing it, so Carly gives him a hug, Anna calls AJ's cold and senseless.

Olivia doesn't understand why he doesn't want to spend the night with her. Sonny says he's tired and just wants to go home and have a shower. Olivia says he looks like hell, and lets him off the hook. He kisses her and tells her that he couldn't get along without her. Olivia returns to work, while Sonny breathes a sigh of relief.

At the penthouse, Ava asks her daughter if the grilling is over. Kiki makes a phone call to Michael, and tells him that her mother doesn't know anything. Michael, forlornly, tells her that he has all the answers he needs.

Morgan refuses to tell Julian whom Ava cheated on him with. Morgan tells him not to worry about who's doing his Ava, and worry about what about Ava's doing to you. Julian wants to know what Morgan wants from him, but he says nothing, and walks away. Julian tells Alexis that he has to cut their evening short. Alexis reminds him that he already suspected Ava, but Julian says that now he knows for. Alexis says she let her guard, and let him. She warns him not to do something that they'll both regret, before she leaves.

Shawn has returned to Kelly's, where he celebrates TJ's getting into college. TJ wonders what could be keeping Jordan so late at the gallery.

Julian is sitting at his desk, playing with a match. Jordan comes in to report that she made the pickup, and puts the briefcase on his desk. He asks if there were any problems, and she says that she took care of it. She tells him that this shows that she's on his side. She walks away. Julian leaves an urgent message for his errant sister, when she doesn't pick up.

Morgan is on the docks checking his messages. He hears Ava's plea, but ignores her. He has a bottle of booze with him.

Ava acts surprised when Kiki tells her of Carlos's confession. Kiki tells her mother that Carlos said AJ, was looking for her. Kiki tells her that AJ recognized his. Carlos shot him, before he could call the cops. She asks if he implicated anyone else. Kiki says that Carlos acted alone. Ava, her back towards Kiki, looks relieved. Ava receives a phone call from Julian, which she ignores. Kiki still wonders why Carlos would kill AJ. Ava says, callously, that it's a sad, sad waste but it's over, and now they can move on with their lives.

Michael and Carlos face each other, before he's taken away. All Anna can do is offer Michael some cold comfort. She tells him that at least they know (what they think is the truth).

Franco and Carly wonder what to do next They decide to dig up more proof before going to Anna with what they know. He says that when they learn what Ava is up to, they will bury her.

Alexis has found Sonny still at Metro Court. He tries to brush her off, but she doesn't let him. She tells him that his son told Julian about him and Ava. She tells him that Morgan was out to hurt Ava not him. Sonny wonders why she would say that, and Alexis rattles on that it wasn't Silas. Alexis tells him that Morgan ratted out Ava about working with him against Julian. Julian is out to get Ava. He's lost a valuable source of information.

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