GH Update Monday 4/28/14

General Hospital Update Monday 4/28/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After AJ's funeral Kiki and Michael are happily together and he believes that both of his parents have always been there for him, even now at his other dad's funeral when he knows they don't care for AJ are not entirely comfortable being there.

Morgan rushes to the Metro Court and finds Olivia. She can tell he's upset and asks him what is up. He hesitates to tell her what he wants to tell her (that Sonny and Ava slept together). She assuredly tells him that he may tell her anything on his mind. She will listen and offer support. Right then, Sonny appears right behind him as if he knows what his son is about to tell his girlfriend. He remembers furiously cornering his father to admit what happened when he walked in on Sonny and Ava together and hearing Sonny admitting that they slept together. Standing before Olivia, Sonny asks his son if he's “interrupting” something. Morgan replies no. He's right on time.

Michael admits to Kiki that he is incomplete and feels responsible for AJ's death. He tells her it's “not fair”. She tells him that he has something to be proud of. He has reconciled with his brother and she doesn't think AJ would want him to miss out on that. He reflects that he regrets some of the things that happened when he was growing up. Morgan got the short end of the stick. But he's going to make things right with Morgan. As (so he believes) Morgan is making things right with their dad, Sonny.

At the Metro Court, Olivia can sense that there is extreme tension between Morgan and Sonny and asks them both to pull themselves together before they possible say or do something they could regret. But Morgan tells her there is something he knows she wants to know about.

Ava goes to see Carlos in his jail cell and taunts him about how Sabrina and her baby are in danger after a car accident. He furiously tells her if something happens to Sabrina she will regret it. But she gloats reminding him there's not much he can do from a jail cell. He reminds her that he knows she threatened him not to tell anybody about her being responsible for the death of both AJ and Connie by warning him that Sabrina and her baby would pay the price. But she tells him that he should not assume that she had anything to do with what happened to Sabrina and the baby. She is a mother herself. And she knows that he did reveal their secret when he spoke to Franco.

Franco goes with Carly to talk to the cops. They tell Anna and Nathan they have very important information about Ava and believe she is responsible for what happened to Sabrina Santiago and her unborn baby.

At the hospital, Epiphany enters and Sabrina pleads to know if her son is alive. Epiphany replies that he is. He's tiny and in critical condition as a preemie, but the staff will do everything they can. She must realize that her baby, like his father and herself, has the will to live.

Not far away, in the hospital, Patrick is in the chapel praying for his son to live. Meanwhile a nurse comes out and confirms that his baby is alive and hanging on. Right then, Britt enters and asks him if there is anything she can do. He tells her he needs her help in keeping his son alive. She hugs him and he responds not suspecting anything of her.

At the station, while out of ear's shot of Carly and Franco, Nathan privately tells Anna he knows of another suspect for the hit and run accident that injured Sabrina and her baby. He noticed Britt Westbourne conveniently right then when in happened, playing hero to deliver the baby and Britt just happened to drive by right at the scene of the crash. Anna asks him if he believes Britt's explanation that she got out of her car to help and use her Ob/Gyn certification to deliver a baby. He tells Anna he has no reason to assume Britt is lying. But Anna advises Nathan not to use his gut when listening to Britt. He needs to know that they are dealing with an accomplished liar who was raised and trained by two world class criminals to do things like they do. Nathan nods but does not reveal to his boss that he's just found out that Britt is his sister and her mom is his mom.

In the hospital, Patrick and Britt have a courteous conversation where she assures him that they've flown in one of the best doctors to make sure that his baby pulls through. He thanks her for being there to deliver his baby. She assures him that she knows that this whole situation is very scary but he needs to know that GH is a top rated facility and nobody is going to give up on his baby.

In Sabrina's hospital room, she tells Epiphany and Felix that she odes not want any drugs that could prevent her from staying awake and alert so she can be there for her baby. They leave Sabrina alone in her room. And Felix privately asks Epiphany if perhaps she could have information about Sabrina's baby that she could tell him that Sabrina might not be ready to hear about her baby. Epiphany replies that all she knows is that this is a very risky situation with no guarantees. And they both need to be there for Sabrina. Right then, he rushes into Sabrina's room and sees her ready to jump out of her hospital bed against doctors' orders to see her son. He urges her to get back into bed. But she refuses.

At Carlos' jail cell, Ava demands that Carlos tells her whether he revealed his secret to Franco. She finds it odd that Franco got himself arrested only to be sprung from jail. She saw him with Carly who looked very smug like they both had “the goods” on Ava. Carlos tells her maybe it's because they don't like her. She tells him she knows that more than likely Franco got himself put in a cell beside him to get information for him about her. But he affirms to her that he did not tell Franco jack. She tells him she sure hopes that is true for Carlos' sake... and for Sabrina's.

At the station, Carly warns Franco that it might be easier said than done for them to get the cops and DA to convict Ava. But he argues that he can and must be done.

At the Metro Court, Morgan urges his dad to tell Olivia what she is asking although Sonny hesitates. Olivia demands to know what Morgan is talking about. Sonny turns his back. Morgan tells his dad he needs to tell Olivia what he did in his own words and why. Sonny then turns to face them. But right then, before they can continue their conversation, Olivia gets a call. She tells the messenger he needs to take a message. But he informs her it's from the police. She leaves Sonny and Morgan alone. Morgan get in his dad's face and asks for one good reason why he should not tell Olivia that Sonny and Ava slept together.

Michael is in a bad way and tells Kiki he needs the police to beat the confession out of Carlos Rivera that he killed AJ or reveal who did. And if they won't do it, he needs to go there himself. But she asks him if he really wants to go through with that. She asks what motive Carlos would have to kill AJ. He tells her that's the very reason he needs to force a confession out of him. She tells him the police are supposed to do that. But he reminds her they have not made much progress with that. And he also reminds her that maybe she could get some answers out of her mother.

At the police station, Anna talks to Nathan West about Britt's possible involvement in the crash of Patrick Sabrina, Emma and the unborn baby. He tells her that there is something he needs to reveal to her about his “relationship” with Dr. Westbourne. Hearing that, she urges him to please not tell her he has something “romantic” going on with that woman Nathan assures Anna it has “nothing to do with that”. But before they can continue their conversation, Franco and Carly come out of the room to ask the two cops if they've forgotten about the two of them. Anna goes in to talk about them and asks if they have information on Ava Jerome.

At Carlos' jail cell, he furiously confirms to Ava that he now knows that she is responsible for the fact that Sabrina and her baby are fighting for their lives. She assures him that they are presently ok. But in order for that to stay that way, she has some thoughts to “motivate” him.

Sabrina cries and furiously tells Felix she does not care about anything including herself when her son's life is at stake. She tells him she needs for him not to get in her way and to let her see her son.

Not far away, Patrick and Britt see the baby. She confirms the baby's size and weight. She informs Patrick that the team is working to protect him from infection because when babies are born this early they have serious risks of immunity. He then asks her to tell him one thing: Is his baby going to live? He asks her to please not sugar coat this and give him an honest answer. She replies that the survival rate for premature babies is now higher than it's ever been. She talks about historic breakthroughs. But she kind of “evades” the question. And when he tells her he demands to know his son's chances, she tells him, at this stage it's 50/50.

Felix does what Sabrina asks him and agrees to help her escape the hospital room, although he warns her, if Epiphany finds out, she will have his head on a stick, but he doesn't care.

Michael asks Kiki if her mom would not know an awful lot about AJ's death. She tells him her mom has not been in Port Charles long enough to know AJ or his history. But he knows that Carlos Rivera is highly unlikely to have acted alone. More than likely “somebody” put him up to what he did. And he bets that is Ava and Julian.

While Olivia is called away at the Metro Court, Morgan tells his dad that he thinks Olivia has the right to know what has happened. But Sonny tells his son that it will only hurt Olivia if she finds that out. Does Morgan want to do that to Olivia? Morgan tells his dad that he is so great at turning things around and acting like this is in Olivia's best interests. Sonny is not concerned about her as much as he is about saving his own skin. And Morgan tells his dad he is not going to keep his mouth shut and let Sonny off the hook. Olivia returns and wants to resume the conversation.

Britt tells Patrick she knows he wants to do everything he can for his little boy. And Patrick will need his strength. He and Sabrina will need people there so they can't be afraid to reach out and ask for that. Right then, Felix brings Sabrina and they admit to the two doctors that they are violating her medical orders. Britt is supportive and tells Sabrina she understands that the baby needs his mom.

At the police station, Carlos asks to talk to Anna. She dismisses the others and takes him in the room to talk privately. He tells her he needs to talk to Sabrina. But Anna tells him that cannot happen until he talks to her and tells her what she needs to know. Then, if she is satisfied, perhaps she can authorize for him to get out of jail and talk to nurse Santiago. Not far away, when Carly and Franco are talking about how they are bound and determined to bring Ava to justice, she appears at the end of the hallways and looks at them in a smug manner.

Kiki admits to Michael that she doesn't want to think that her mother had AJ killed. But she will see if she can find out the truth. She tells him that she believes that whoever killed AJ had to have been someone who knew him really well and really, really hated him.

Olivia returns to Sonny and Morgan before Morgan his a chance to “spit it out”. Morgan tells her he knows that it “sucks” to be betrayed by someone you trust. She, again, demands to know what this big secret is between Sonny and Ava that destroyed Morgan's relationship with Ava. Morgan then concludes that he is not going to answer that question. She may ask his dad. He walks away to leave them alone to talk. Olivia demands that Sonny tells her what Morgan is talking about.

Michael tells Kiki she does not have to attempt to grill and spy upon her mother if she does not want to. But she agrees to do it. But before they can leave, she discovers that “somebody” lost an earring right by AJ's grave site. And she recognizes the earring.

Ava leaves a phone message for Morgan urging him to come by and talk to him and affirming that she loves him.

Alone with Olivia, he tells her that Morgan and Ava were secretly messing around. And he knew that it would cause them consequences so he put an end to it much to Morgan's discontentment. She however, admits to Sonny that she still doesn't understand why that would cause Morgan to go and find her and tell her that that has something to do with her. Sonny cannot answer that.

While Sabrina and Patrick go into the premature baby maternity ward to see their baby, outside in the hallway, Felix faces Dr. Westbourne and thanks her for helping his best friend. He declares that he “owes her one”.

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