GH Update Friday 4/25/14

General Hospital Update Friday 4/25/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Ava doesn't hear her cell phone, because she's too busy making out with Sonny in the Quartermaine mausoleum after AJ's funeral.

Olivia's at Metro Court thinking of her last conversation with Sonny. He tells her that he appreciates everything that. He tells her that he didn't want her to be involved in his business. She tells him that she's not anywhere that she doesn't wanna be. She recall their passionate kiss, and says to herself, Sonny where are we now?

We see Ava and Sonny ripping each other's clothes off and having sex against the tombstones.

At the police station, Carlos is still trying to reach Ava. He leaves a message that he needs to find out about Sabrina and her baby. He tells her that if anything happens to Sabrina or her baby, she's a dead woman.

Carly has shown up to visit Franco. She wants to know if he learned anything from Carlos.

Franco tells her that just as he was about to tell him the good stuff, Carlos learned about Sabrina's accident, and he blames Ava. Carly wonders what Ava did to her.

At the side of the road, Britt is helping a frantic Sabrina give birth. Patrick supports her, and Britt reminds her that she delivered Ben, and now it's her turn to return the favor.

Nathan reports to Anna that it looks like the other car swerved into Patrick's. Emma tells her that Britt showed up out of nowhere, like magic.

On the other side of the car, Sabrina's giving birth with the help of Patrick and Britt.

Sonny and Ava are having rough sex in the mausoleum.

At GH, Felix is being reamed out by Epiphany for his treatment of a patient. He tells her that she snaps at people all the time, but she says that that's different. Felix asks why, and she tells him because I said so. Felix admits that he's been down in the dumps about losing Brad. Epiphany says that he can do better. He apologizes for bringing his stuff to work. He realizes that she said something nice to him. They do some more bantering until Lucy shows up.

Sonny finally pulls away from Ava, and immediately regrets what they did. As they get dressed, Ava makes excuses for their behavior Ava says that she's been having trouble with Morgan, but she loves him. Sonny say he's with Olivia, and now he's betrayed both of his sons.

Duke shows up at Metro Court, and is greeted warmly by Olivia. He' s looking for Anna, of course, Olivia hasn't seen her since Emma's dance recital. They talk about how cute Emma was, and Duke surmises Anna was called back to work. Olivia say that well, she is the Commish, and you know this town. Something's always popping up. Hmm, says Duke.

Back at the accident, Anna tries to comfort Emma, who's frightened of Sabrina's screaming. Anna explains that giving birth is hard work. Emma is scared, and confused about why Sabrina is giving birth now. Anna tells her that Britt and Patrick are helping her. A paramedic wants to check up on Emma, so Anna tells her that she's right over there, pointing at Detective West (who's standing nearby). Emma is shaken up, but Anna tells her that it's just like a doctor's appointment, so Emma agrees to it. Anna and Nathan discuss Britt as a suspect. Anna says that they can't really question right now, and looks toward where Sabrina's giving birth.

At the police station, Carly and Franco wonder if Ava had anything to do with Sabrina's accident. Franco tells her that Carlos told him that Ava threatened Sabrina. Carly wonders if Ava acted on her threat. Franco says that all he knows is that Sabrina was in a car accident an hour ago. Carly is horrified.

Sabrina is weakening, but Patrick and Britt encourage her to keep going. She finally gives it one more try, and the baby is born. It's boy, and he's in trouble.

At the police station, Carlos, unable to reach Ava, leaves her a nasty message, saying if anything happens to Sabrina, he'll kill her with his bare hands.

At the mausoleum, Sonny and Ava are regretting their behavior. They agree that Olivia and Morgan must never find out about this. They agree it must never happen again and keep it between them. Unfortunately, that won't be possible, because Morgan has found them.

At GH, Lucy is in Nurse's Ball mode, and is trying to recruit Felix and Epiphany. She wants him to do Magic Milo again, and after Epiphany jokes that she would do it, Felix agrees. She also wants Epiphany to join Monica and Tracy again, until the nurses remind her that they're in mourning because of AJ. Lucy apologizes, and says that AJ was a tortured soul. She brings up Patrick, Sabrina and Emma, but strikes out ,when Felix reminds her that Sabrina's pregnant. "But she's not due for months yet", cries Lucy.

Britt is checking out the new baby. His parents are worried that he's not crying. Sabrina passes out after hearing the baby is alive. Patrick thanks Britt then, holding onto his tiny bundle, goes with Sabrina to the hospital. Emma is worried when Patrick sounds worried. Anna assures her that Patrick and Britt know what they're doing.

Back at the police station, Carly shows genuine concern for Sabrina. Franco tells her that Anna was worried because her granddaughter was involved. Carly can't get over the fact that Ava would target a pregnant woman. She says that Ava is crazy. Sabrina, the hit on AJ. She starts to leave and Franco asks her where she's going. She says that she's going upstairs to talk to Anna. Carly yells for the guard, but Franco stops. He tells her that they're not talking to anybody.

At the mausoleum, Ava's freaking out trying to get it together and find her purse. Sonny tries to calm her down, but Morgan hears her and enters the mausoleum.

Back at Metro Court, Olivia offers Duke a drink while he waits for Anna. He asks her to join him so she does. They banter back and forth, until he notices her necklace. Olivia tells him that Sonny gave her it for Valentine's day. She says that was a great day, and thing were going so well. That's Duke's cue to ask not now. The bartender brings Olivia a drink, she had asked for. She continues her story of her and Sonny breaking up , and his bizarre behavior. She says that she knows that he's worried about Michael, but he's been "icing" her out since AJ was shot. This prompts Duke to recall Sonny asking to be his alibi for the night AJ was shot. Olivia asks if he knows anything about what's bothering Sonny.

At the mausoleum, Morgan tells Ava that he came looking for her when he noticed that her car was still there. She starts to make excuses, but it doesn't take Morgan long to figure out what's going on. Sonny says nothing. Morgan freaks out and tells her to stop talking 'cause she just had sex with his father.

Back at the accident scene, Anna reassures Emma that Patrick and Sabrina will be all right at the hospital. The have to get the baby looked after. Like the paramedic did with me? Emma asks. Anna say yes, and tells her that they can wait back at the police station. She tells her that she has hot chocolate in her office. She leaves Nathan in charge, and tells him not leave any loose ends. She takes Emma and leaves.

Britt is on the phone, leaving Dr. Chu a detailed message of the events. Nathan approaches her, and she says that she has to get to the hospital.

At GH, Felix tells Lucy that Sabrina is in her second trimester and won't be able to perform at the Nurses' Ball this year. Just as Lucy argues otherwise, the paramedics bring in Sabrina with Patrick yelling we need help here! When Epiphany asks why they weren't notified, the paramedic tells her that they were on their way to Mercy, but there was too much traffic. Epiphany then asks for the details. She orders Felix to take Sabrina into cubicle one. Patrick tells them that she hasn't regained consciousness. Felix tells him they got this and to take care of the baby.

At the police station, his guard tries to take Carlos back to his cell, but Carlos asks hm for another chance. He just got his lawyer's voicemail. Carlos is frantic, and the guard asks if he's going to threaten him again. Carlos beg him, and the officer says his ass is on the line, but he lets him. He calls Ava again.

Carly doesn't understand why Franco doesn't want her to talk to Anna. Ava has manipulated her son for months. Franco says I thought they broke up. Carly says that they did but she doesn't believe them. She says that Ava isn't going to let him go that easy. Franco says what if Ava does to them what she did to Carlos. Franco is worried that they might be targets, or her family. Carly is touched but Franco is locked up, and can't help her. he says that he might not be, if she went over Olivia's head

Olivia is asking Duke if he knows why Sonny is so wound up. Duke says that Sonny hasn't told him anything. Olivia hopes that he found someone to talk to.

Ava tries to deny Morgan's accusation. Morgan is furious, and doesn't buy it. Sonny sighs, which makes Morgan ask him why he's been so quiet. Morgan goes off on his father, while Ava tries to calm him down. Sonny finally reacts, and admits that he and Ava slept together. Morgan goes off on both of them. Ava tells him that she loves him, but he's beyond caring. He is bringing up everything that Sonny has done wrong to him Sonny says that he's upset, and better calm down. Ava tries to talk to hm, but Morgan is too furious to listen. He takes off, telling them they deserve each other.

At the accident scene, Nathan insists on questioning Britt. He asks her what he was doing on this road. She tells him that she was on her way to Brad's place where she's staying.

He asks her if she saw the crash, and she says no. She didn't even recognize Patrick's car till she pulled up. He tells her that Emma Drake said a car ran them off the road. She realizes that Britt is offended, and tells him no, she didn't. She needs to get to the hospital. Nathan tells her that he'll be in touch.

Duke apologizes for not being able to help Olivia. He's kind of in the same situation with Anna. There's a lot of things that they can't talk about, but they still love each other. Olivia says that she's glad that he and Anna have worked things out, but she wants more from Sonny. He tells her that every time Sonny talked to him, he mentioned how much he loved her. Olivia admits that she's in love with Sonny, too. Duke asks her if she's going to give up on him. Olivia sighs in frustration.

Anna asks one of her officers to take Emma to her office. She tells Emma to wait there, and she'll find out about Sabrina and the baby. You'll tell me the minute you hear, she asks. Anna says she will, and Emma leaves with Marshall. She asks the desk clerk what's going on, and is startled when Carlos calls out to her. She wants to know what he's doing out of his cell. He wants to know about Sabrina.

Felix is standing over Sabrina when she finally wakes up. She is confused and disoriented until he tells her that she was in a car accident. She remembers the baby and starts freaking out. He tells her that Patrick and Epiphany are taking care of the baby. He's going to take care of her. He holds her while she cries out, "What if the baby doesn't make it?"

Epiphany is trying to calm down Patrick as he holds his tiny son in the elevator until they reach the NICU floor.

At the Metro Court, Oliva is leaving a message for Sonny to call her.

At the mausoleum, Ava wants to go after Morgan, but Sonny tells her not to. He tells her that he's like his father and will lash out at someone. He wants them to hurt the way he's hurting. Ava asks Sonny if they have anything to talk about. He says no, so she takes off. He remains behind for a few minutes to collect himself. He sighs heavily. On the way to her car, Ava checks her messages. She hears Carlos saying that he heard about Sabrina. Damn it, she says, as she takes off.

Morgan turns up at the hotel in a frantic state. Olivia wants to know what's wrong.

Lucy is reminded of a painful memory and asks God not to let Sabrina suffer the way she did.

Sabrina is desperate to find about her son. Just as Felix reassures her that someone from NICU will come down and let them know, Epiphany shows up. Sabrina demands to know if her son is alive.

Duke shows up at the station, where Anna tells him what happened. She tells him about the car accident, and he asks about Emma. She tells him that she's all right, but is traumatized by the accident, and worried about Sabrina and the baby. He asks her how it happened, and she says that she can't say. He reminds her that he's not the media, so she tells him what Emma told her about Britt. Anna isn't sure what to do about it. Duke stands up for Emma, and says that she's a smart girl and knows what a car swerving is. They are interrupted by Carly and Franco, because Carly tells her that Metro Court wants to drop the charges. Duke leaves to be with Emma. Anna tells Franco that if there are no pending charges, he's free to go. Franco tells her that there's something she needs to hear.

His guard tells Carlos that he has another visitor. Ava slinks in, and he says, I see you got message. Yes, she says. How could you do this to me and Sabrina? he cries.

Morgan tries to tell Olivia what has happened, but just as he's about to, Sonny shows up.

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