GH Update Thursday 4/24/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/24/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Anna proudly shows off pictures of her cute ballerina granddaughter to Nathan. She thanks him for allowing her to play doting grandmother, then gets back to her job as she heads downstairs to talk to Carlos.

In their jail cells, Franco asks Carlos to tell him what Ava wanted him to do. When he balks, Franco suggests he unburden himself for Sabrina's sake. It works, and Carlos admits Ava sent him to the Quartermaines to kill AJ. Franco wonders why she would do such a thing, but before Carlos can respond, Anna arrives and warns Rivera that if he doesn't cooperate with the police, they'll have to charge him with AJ's murder.

While Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma are in the Drake's car on their way to Kelly's, the baby kicks. They all smile and get excited. Patrick puts his hand on Sabrina to feel his son moving. Emma wants to do the same, but Sabrina tells her she has months in which to feel her little brother dancing around like her. Patrick wonders what the guy in the other car is doing as he swerves off the road. Emma screams.

Unable to stop Ava from leaving, Morgan and Kiki return to the house afraid that she jumped to the wrong conclusion when she saw them hugging. To clear up the misunderstanding, Morgan wants to inform her what that perv Luke did to Kiki. Seeing Luke enter the foyer, Kiki points to warn Morgan that the subject of his wrath is approaching. Morgan warns Luke not to insult Kiki again, but he advises her to show a little respect for the dead and restrain herself from hitting on him. While Kiki stands there with her mouth open, Morgan asks Luke what his deal is. Why has he been attacking Kiki? Luke denies the accusation and calls Freaky Kiki a lying, conniving slut. They all look up as Carly and Michael come out of the living room.

At the Quartermaine mausoleum, a distraught Sonny throws his hands up onto AJ's tombstone. He hears footsteps approaching, turns around, and sees Ava. As she stares at him, he asks what she's doing there. Shutting the door behind her, Ava tells Sonny that she didn't get to find out what the problem is with Kiki, because she ran off like a jealous teenager when she saw her daughter in Morgan's consoling arms. Realizing that Morgan is just out of his teens, she is very upset at herself for being jealous of her own daughter. Though she calls herself pathetic, Sonny thinks her actions prove she really loves Morgan. She admits their love is mutual but realizes that sometimes that's not enough.

Spencer takes out his anger at Ross, the Cassadine driver, for ratting him out to his father. Ross mutes the TV he's been watching and addresses the little prince who's upset he's not getting dessert. Ross can't believe that Spencer made him drive him around on a wild goose chase. Spencer corrects him, insisting he was trying to protect his Uncle Sonny from Uncle Luke and now Emma's in danger, too.

At the scene of the crash, all three occupants are unconscious as downed live electrical wires spark nearby. The silence is suddenly broken when Patrick, bleeding from a large gash on his forehead, wakes up and calls out for Sabrina and Emma. Finally, Emma answers him from the back seat and lets him know she's okay, but they're both worried about Sabrina who's still out in the front passenger seat. Patrick tries to assure Emma that everything's going to be okay, and he'll get some help, but the little girl is worried that Sabrina's not waking up. After stating that the paramedics will figure it out, Patrick calls 911 to report the accident.

As Spencer sits staring at the silent TV, Cameron enters with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and offers him one, but when Spencer reaches out for it, he delights in pulling it away since he's grounded and reminds him he's not supposed to be watching TV either. Spencer orders him to take his cookies and leave, but Cam sits down next to him and remarks that his bid for Emma's attention failed at her dance recital. Spencer insists he's not trying to get Emma back; he's trying to save her from real danger. Cameron wonders what he's trying to warn his girlfriend about, but Spencer doesn't think he'd understand. Cam thinks he's just making it all up to try to get closer to Emma, but Spencer tells him his Uncle Luke is spinning out of control and has threatened to hurt Emma if he talks.

As Emma worries, Patrick gently talks to Sabrina to wake her up. When she finally does, she declares that she's in a lot of pain, but she tries to calm Emma as Patrick goes around to her side of the car to examine her while telling his frightened daughter to stay in the car. Sabrina groans loudly as she realizes that something's wrong with the baby. Patrick eases her out of the car and has her lie down on the grass on top of his jacket while she gasps and moans. Suddenly, a car arrives but it's not an ambulance. It's Britt who carefully approaches the site of the crash and spots Patrick and Sabrina on the ground in her headlights. Explaining she was just driving by, Britt asks what happened. Patrick is not sure; he just saw headlights, hit a pole, and ended up in a ditch. Sabrina says she's having sharp pains but isn't bleeding. Placing her jacket over Sabrina's belly, Britt examines her and declares she's in labor and already 7 inches dilated. Patrick goes for the doctor's bag in her car, checking on Emma on his way.

Carly is shocked when Luke approaches her and remarks what a tremendous loss AJ's death is to the family, but she accepts his condolences. Luke then turns to Michael and declares he admired AJ for his determination to turn things around, no matter what life threw at him. Carly looks incredulous as Luke calls AJ courageous and offers to help Michael in any way he can, because they are family. Unable to tolerate any more of Luke's BS, Morgan tells him to stop unloading all that crap. Luke has a self-satisfied grin on his face as Carly turns to admonish her rude son. Realizing he's gone too far, Morgan forces himself to apologize to Luke who retreats to the living room.

Nathan again tries to call Britt and leaves her a message that it's really important that they speak. Officer Rivers approaches the detective to inform him that the commissioner needs to be told about the emergency call that just came in. Carlos feels the police don't have enough to pin AJ's murder on him and backs away from Anna, who voices her theory that after his unsuccessful attempt at the Quartermaine Mansion, Carlos followed him to Ava's penthouse to finish the job. Scoffing, Carlos denies killing anyone, insisting it's not an open-and-shut case as the commissioner alleges. Just as she's asking if Carlos has another likely story, Anna is interrupted by Nathan who informs her of the car accident, involving Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina. As Anna heads back upstairs, Carlos screams that he needs to know if Sabrina's okay. Franco tries to calm him down, but Carlos goes ballistic, thinking that Ava made good on her threat to hurt Sabrina, but how did she find out so quickly that he told Franco? To reassure him he's not wearing a wire and couldn't have contacted Ava, Franco offers to remove all his clothes, but Carlos believes him. He does not, however, want to continue ratting out Ava and yells for the guard to come help him make a phone call. He claims he needs to speak with his lawyer immediately, so the officer takes him upstairs.

Ava apologizes to Sonny for bothering him with her petty problems, but he's glad to have something else to think about. To Ava's question about how Michael is doing, Sonny answers "Not well." He feels guilty for causing him pain, even though it was not intentional. Ava declares that what happened cannot be undone. They just have to move on, but Sonny is still being haunted by AJ and is afraid he will never leave him alone. As a matter of fact, AJ's ghost was just wishing him luck trying to live his life with the burden of what he's done. Ava urges him to stop torturing himself, but Sonny doesn't know how to do that. She admits she's also done terrible things, so they must find a way to live with it, but Sonny doesn't find it so easy. She agrees it's not easy, but they don't have much choice. Sonny disagrees and thinks the only way to get AJ out of his head is to tell Michael the truth. Ava cautions him that unburdening himself will cause him to lose Michael, and he has other options, like putting it behind him, and she knows from whence she speaks. Hysterically, Ava shouts that it would be wonderful to be free and expose what she's done, and experience the sweet relief. As she gets close to Sonny's face, he grabs her head and kisses her repeatedly.

To calm his worried mother, Morgan insists nothing is wrong and asks Carly to just drop it. When she gets an important message, Michael insists she go take care of it, because he's going to go check on Monica and would appreciate some peace and quiet. After Carly leaves, Michael fears that her mission has everything to do with Franco, and he's right. Carly makes a beeline for the jail where she does a happy dance as Franco tells her what Carlos said.

Another vehicle arrives at the scene of the accident, but it's still not the ambulance. It's Anna with an officer and Nathan. Glad to see her grandmother, Emma flies into Anna's arms and tells her that Sabrina is hurt. From the side of the road, Sabrina screams and wants to know what's happening as Patrick and Britt annoyingly keep telling her to breathe. Turning to Patrick, Britt decides they have to deliver the baby now, even though he's not due for months. Nathan orders more officers to start the investigation into the cause of the accident. Holding up her head, Patrick reassures Sabrina that the baby will be okay. On the other side of the car, Anna tries to assure Emma that Sabrina is surrounded by doctors, so she has nothing to worry about. Anna is not happy when a reporter with a cameraman thrusts a microphone in her face asking what happened. Although she tries to decline the interview, Emma volunteers that they crashed because someone ran them off the road.

Luke calls Julian to ensure that their drugs continue moving, since they're key to putting Corinthos out of business. Then he sits down in front of the TV and watches the live scene from the accident site.

Spencer pays Cameron for the use of his phone and begins to write up a text message to Sonny with everything he knows about Luke's devious plans. Suddenly, his attention is drawn to the TV where Emma is relating what happened to her. Instead of sending the text, he calls Luke and promises to keep his mouth shut if he leaves Emma alone.

After Michael dismisses them, Morgan and Kiki go out the front door and notice that Ava's car is still there. Morgan goes off to find her. Meanwhile, Ava and Sonny are still sucking face in the mausoleum, then they begin to remove their clothing. In his passion, Sonny flings Ava against AJ's tombstone as he continues kissing her and removing her jacket.

Having found his grandmother resting, Michael returns to Kiki in the foyer and says he's feeling kind of numb. He declines Kiki's offer to get him something to eat. All he wants is to know if the police got a confession out of Carlos Rivera.

Officer Rivers doesn't have any information about Sabrina's condition when Carlos asks. He then leaves him to make his phone call. Instead of phoning Diane, though, he calls Ava, but she's too busy making out with Sonny to answer her phone, so he leaves her a message accusing her of causing Sabrina's accident.

Two paramedics finally arrive and hear Britt fill them in on Sabrina's premature labor at 25 weeks gestation. She insists they cannot move the patient. When Sabrina wimpily insists she can't push, Britt shouts that she can. Just as Sabrina helped deliver her baby, Britt's now determined to help her deliver hers.

Sitting with Emma, Anna assures her that all the medical personnel there are taking excellent care of Sabrina. Nathan goes up to Anna and tells her that the other driver swerved into Patrick's lane, caused the accident, and left the scene. Emma chimes in that that's when Britt came.

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