GH Update Wednesday 4/23/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/23/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Monica is outside the mausoleum crying, because she doesn't think she can bury her son alone. Tracy goes over and comforts her, telling her she's not alone. After seeing Sonny approaching the mausoleum, Monica is upset and asks why he is there. Michael tells Monica he wants his parents there. Monica finally agrees to let them stay if it's something Michael needs.

Ned sets a trap for Luke, using Kiki as bait to show Tracy that Luke is a liar, a leech, and a letch. Wanting to get rid of her pursuer, Kiki agrees, much to Morgan's dismay. With Kiki and Luke alone in the study, Ned takes Tracy over to watch them from the terrace. Having figured out what's going on, Luke turns it around and tells Kiki to stop thinking that they are a couple and to stop coming on to him, because all he wants is Tracy. With a big smile, Tracy hears and sees this and is happy. Turning angrily toward Ned, she demands that he apologize.

Nikolas takes Cameron to Emma's dance recital with her favorite flowers as everyone gets ready. When Patrick and Sabrina come in with Emma, Cameron presents the bouquet which is a big hit. Mac videotapes Emma coming in for her recital and all the way through it, promising to send her a copy of the final edited product. Spencer sneaks in and tries to warn Emma that it's a matter of life and death, but she tells him to stop and accept that she has chosen Cameron over him. Setting her flowers down, she goes in to dance. Afterwards, Spencer tries to get Emma to go with him, so he can protect her, but she won't. As Emma and the family go to Kelly's, Spencer tries to sneak out after them, but Nikolas sees him and yells at him for disobeying him and leaving the house. Taking along both boys, Nikolas goes to pick Elizabeth up at the Quartermaines' and tells her what happened at the recital in front of Luke. Wanting to make his little problem go away, Luke makes a menacing call.

Ava turns on the television in the study and learns that Franco is in jail with Carlos Rivera. Carly walks in as she shuts it off. Ava snaps at her as to why she didn't tell her earlier. Carly wonders why she wants to know. To get to Ava, Carly speculates that Carlos and Franco are probably buddies and wonders what they are talking about right now. Just thinking about Carlos betraying her, Ava has smoke coming out of her ears.

Ava comes upon Luke as he's making a phone call about taking care of Nikolas' brat who knows too much. Luke explains he's just looking for a filly for Tracy. Ava apologizes for eavesdropping and tells Luke she is looking for Kiki, because she was upset that morning when she called Morgan and asked for his help. As Ava goes to leave, Luke watches her from behind and calls her back. He puts his hand on her and makes a pass as he praises her taste for the painting she sold him which Tracy loved. Disgusted at his advances, Ava firmly takes his hand off her and leaves to go find Kiki.

In the foyer, Kiki is afraid that now she's made Luke angry, and he will come after her again. Morgan puts his arms around her and promises he won't let anything bad happen to her. Ava sees Kiki and Morgan hugging, gets upset, and with tears rolling down her face leaves. Morgan tries to get her to stop and listen to him, but she won't. He wonders if there's something else bothering Ava.

In jail cells across from each other, Franco tries to get Carlos to tell him what Ava's secret involvement is in AJ's death. He knows from personal experience how ruthless Ava is. Franco wants to know if she told him to go to the Quartermaine mansion, but Carlos won't budge, because someone's life is at stake. Franco guesses that Carlos is protecting someone he loves. Carlos won't say at first, but finally admits to Franco that the woman he loves is in jeopardy. Franco remembers Sabrina from the hospital when he was treated for a gunshot wound and expresses empathy. He offers to protect Sabrina, but only if Carlos tells him Ava's secret. After Franco repeats his question, Carlos finally admits that Ava ordered him to go kill AJ.

AJ's memorial ceremony takes place and Monica puts flowers on her son's coffin. Tracy walks up and comforts Monica as they go inside. Left alone in the mausoleum, Sonny hopes his victim is finally at peace, but he looks around warily to make sure. Finally, AJ's ghost shows up again taunting him and not letting him get out. Sonny looks around petrified, unable to say a word.

As Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma are in the car on their way to Kelly's, the baby kicks. They all smile and get excited. Patrick puts his hand on Sabrina to feel his son kicking. Emma wants to do the same, but Sabrina tells her she has months in which to feel her little brother dancing around like her. Suddenly, everyone screams as Patrick loses control, and the car crashes.

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