GH Update Tuesday 4/22/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/22/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Ned recommends a book by Henry James to his mother about a naive heiress who falls prey to a degenerate fortune hunter, but Tracy denies there's any resemblance to her situation. Ned declares he won't abide by a truce with Luke, since he threatened to kill him. Tracy is surprised that her fiancÚ would say such a thing, but Ned insists he's out to rob her blind and won't let anything stop him. Tracy doesn't believe that Luke meant it, but the threat makes Ned wonder what other violence he's capable of.

Ava makes a phone call giving someone Sabrina's name and description with instructions on what to do with her. She doesn't want any mistakes made and hangs up, happy that's all taken care of.

Kiki is afraid that Luke will come after her again, so Morgan assures her he won't leave her side, but Kiki doesn't think her jealous mother will like that. Morgan insists he and Ava are no longer together, but Kiki doesn't believe that. When Ava calls Morgan to check on her daughter, he says it's not a good time to talk, because they're at AJ's funeral and hangs up on her. Declaring she doesn't love anyone enough to give them the right to hang up on her, Ava decides to find out what's going on with Kiki herself.

When Sabrina and Patrick tell Emma she's going to have a little brother, they don't get the happy reaction they expected. She's upset that they've lied to her in the past and Britt's baby turned out not to be Patrick's. She's afraid history is about to repeat itself, but Sabrina assures her that this time it's for real. Suddenly happy, Emma giggles and shouts that she's getting a baby brother. Still chanting that, Emma goes off to get ready for her dance recital. Sabrina apologizes to Patrick for having lied to him about the baby's parentage, but he reminds her it was Carlos who lied, and now he's been arrested for AJ's murder, by the way. Sabrina is surprised to hear that.

Sitting in a jail cell, Carlos remembers the threat Ava made against the love of his life if he doesn't cooperate with her and keep quiet. Having promised Carly that he'll get Carlos to talk about Ava, Franco walks into an adjoining cell and immediately starts to interact with Carlos, asking what he's in for. When he won't communicate, Franco brings up the fact that Carlos snuck into the Quartermaine Mansion and tried to kill AJ. Since Carlos insists they have nothing in common, Franco points out that they're both locked up because of Ava Jerome.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is frantic with worry that his son is missing. He tells Elizabeth that Spencer never made it to school, and he has no idea where he is. Elizabeth sympathizes with him, because Cameron did the same thing to her, running off to Kelly's without her knowledge, but luckily Ric found him and everything turned out okay. Wondering why his driver, Ross, didn't let him know something happened, Nikolas worries something serious is going on.

In the Quartermaine's study, Spencer remembers Luke threatening little Emma if he doesn't keep quiet about his plans for Sonny. Suddenly, Sonny enters asking Spencer if everything's okay. Luke makes chatter with Sonny about his reasons for coming to AJ's memorial service, then he tells Sonny that Spencer is upset by AJ's passing and the fleeting nature of life. Complementing Spencer on his maturity, Luke insists he's ready to understand that even children sometimes die too young. Spencer disagrees that that had been their topic of conversation and insists he's there to talk about Sonny.

Ava and Carly run into each other on their way to AJ's funeral and exchange harsh words. They don't think the Quartermaines will receive either of them very warmly. Carly enjoys mentioning that Ava's buddy Carlos was just arrested. She wonders what Ava knows about that. Determined to cut to the chase, Carly tells her that she knows Sonny shot AJ, because of Ava, according to the dead man himself. Ava admits Sonny did it to save her from being strangled to death. When Carly insists there's more to the story, Ava warns her to stop digging or her son will suffer when Sonny's sent to prison for murder.

Franco tells Carlos all about the way Ava cheated him out of his earnings for his paintings, but his cellmate calls him a master manipulator. Franco points out that Ava has screwed them both for her own selfish reasons. He recounts his past with Ava, who cruelly made him believe they had a daughter together for 21 years only to snatch her away when it suited her. Franco accuses Ava of letting Carlos stay in jail to keep her out of it, and he knows she put him up to shooting AJ.

Finally reaching Ross on the phone, Nikolas tells him to stay put, and he will come and pick up his errant son. He then informs Elizabeth that Spencer has this crazy idea that Luke is plotting against Sonny. Elizabeth thinks there may be something to that.

Sonny apologizes to Spencer for blowing him off in the last few days, but he's had a lot going on his mind. Sitting down next to Spencer, Sonny encourages him to tell him what's wrong, but Luke interrupts with his own version of the little boy's heartbreak over Emma. Sonny again asks Spencer what's bothering him, but Luke keeps butting in, then his extremely angry father barrels into the room, yelling that he's in big trouble for skipping school. Spencer resists leaving until he warns his Uncle Sonny, but Nikolas apologizes to Luke for his son's crazy ideas and takes him home.

Ava and Sonny are surprised to see each other at the Quartermaines'. He says he's there for Michael, while she's there to check on her daughter. Elizabeth also didn't expect to see Sonny and Ava there and hopes that Carlos Rivera will confess to AJ's murder, so that Michael and Monica will have peace of mind and go on with their lives.

Tracy's day gets worse when she spots Morgan and Kiki entering the house. They say they're there for Michael, but she thinks there's a different reason for Kiki's presence, like going after Luke. She orders Kiki to stay as far away from him as possible or she won't be responsible for what happens if she makes another pass at him. Ned overhears this and immediately perks up, eager to hear more. Once his mother steps away, Ned gets the whole sorry story from Morgan and Kiki about Luke's lewd advances and shares Luke's rape of Laura with the young folks who hadn't known about that part of his life. He continues that Luke spun it into a seduction and even married Laura. He even claims that people bought it because it was a different era. In order to open Tracy's eyes, Ned comes up with a plan to entrap the lying, lecherous leech, before Kiki can tase him where it counts.

Once back on Spoon Island, Nikolas continues to upbraid Spencer for skipping school due to the imaginary plot Luke has against Sonny. Cameron interrupts them looking for his mom, who's supposed to take him to Emma's dance recital. Nikolas informs him that since Elizabeth is at AJ's service, he will take him. Instead of being angry at Cameron, Spencer is happy that he will be there to save Emma, but Cameron just thinks he's weird. Unable to convince Cam of the danger to Emma, Spencer resolves to go himself, but his father won't allow it and leaves him behind. Spencer puts on his thinking cap to come up with another way to save Emma.

Sabrina doesn't believe that Carlos had anything to do with shooting AJ, because he swore on her baby's soul, and she took him at his word. She tells Patrick how she began to suspect Carlos when he showed up at the hospital with a head wound on the same day that AJ's life was threatened by a masked gunman in his own house. Patrick thinks he lied to her but suggests she wait to go to the police with what she knows until after Emma's dance recital. Meanwhile, Emma is ready to go and excited to see her family there, including her boyfriend, Cameron. As they head out the door, the phone rings, and Emma sees it's Spencer Cassadine on the Caller ID but decides not to answer. After leaving a desperate message begging her to call him, Spencer thinks hard to come up with a way to stop Luke.

Just as Franco is offering to help Carlos out, Carly shows up in jail and interferes with their conversation. Pretending to yell at each other, Franco and Carly whisper that she should leave and let him get on with his mission. When she mouths that she loves him, he does the same while still shouting for her to leave him the hell alone. Once Carly leaves, Franco starts in on Carlos again, offering him protection, but Carlos is not worried about himself -- it's someone else's life that's at stake.

Tracy takes Luke aside and confronts him about threatening Ned's life. Luke doesn't deny it, claiming he did it to protect his relationship with her, but he didn't mean it literally. He just reacted to Ned telling him he would live to regret it when he tore up the prenup, and he won't apologize for using every weapon in his arsenal to protect his love for her. They both apologize to each other, and Luke promises it won't happen again, but he won't let anyone stand in their way, not Ned or even Kiki. With the excuse of having to call Lulu, Luke stays behind while Tracy goes on to the service. He calls someone to help him solve a little problem.

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