GH Update Monday 4/21/14

General Hospital Update Monday 4/21/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick opens his door to see Sabrina. He doesn't know that Emma invited her for her dance recital. They appear somewhat awkward but are happy to see each other.

Elizabeth is staying with Nikolas. And it looks like they are happy to be together and may become more than platonic friends. He moves closer to her as he pulls up her dress' zipper. But before they can continue their “encounter”, Ric enters. Nikolas is not happy to see him and reminds him he did not invite him. Ric clearly assumes that Elizabeth would not stay with Nikolas and he makes it clear that he believes it's a terrible idea for the two of them to be together on Spoon Island.

Patrick tells Sabrina it's ok for her to be there, and they speculate that Emma didn't tell him for fear of making him angry.

Ava is on the phone with Carlos (while he's in the police interrogation room) telling him she wants to make certain they are clear on her plan. She thought she could trust him. But he angrily tells her he trusted her before she threatened Sabrina. He does not want to be stuck in jail taking the rap for her and he is not ok with her threatening the woman he loves. They continue to argue and do not appear to be friends anymore.

At the police station, after Dante brings Franco in to arrest him for spray painting a hotel room wall at the Metro Court, Diane represents Franco and tells Dante she needs a moment to talk to her client. She tells him she's pretty certain she can prevent him from spending the night in jail. But he tells her he does not want her to do that.

Michael goes to see Sonny before AJ's funeral. He tells his dad he needs a favor from him. He knows this is awkward and that Sonny did not much care for AJ. But, he asks Sonny, if he will accompany him to AJ's funeral.

After Spencer Cassadine (Nikolas' 9-year-old son) has gone to find Sonny to forewarn him that he overhear that Luke is going to take him down, but is unsuccessful in getting Sonny to talk to him, he goes to see Luke. He tells Luke he overheard him talking to “that man” although he does not know Julian's name. And he knows that the 2 of them want to hurt his uncle Sonny. Luke tells Cassadine he does not know what he's talking about and Spencer needs to get his ears fixed. Spencer tells Luke his daddy told him the same thing but he knows what he heard. Luke then asks Spencer to “walk through” what Luke was doing that night. Why did Spencer see him but he did not see Spencer? Spencer replies he wanted to be alone. He had his heart broken by the “woman he loves”, Emma Drake, who dumped him for Cameron. Luke tells Spencer that's “terrible”. But what did Spencer overhear? Spencer replies he overheard Luke telling Julian that he want to take down Sonny by using ELQ and the whole reason he proposed to Tracy is to get her family's money. Hearing that, Luke knows he's “been had”.

Michael reminds Sonny that throughout his life he had been stuck in the middle of his dad's wars with many people, including AJ. He does not appear angry at his dad (much less has any suspicion whatsoever that Sonny murdered AJ. Sonny tells his son he understands. He'd do anything for Michael. But he has to decline this one request.

Diane asks Franco why he does not want her to represent him. He tells her he cannot afford her. Hearing that, she asks if Carly has finally made him “pony up” for the hotel room she's let him stay in for free. He tells her no. It's not that. But he knows she does not come cheap. She convinces him that her fees are high. But she's worth it. And she will represent him even though he does not want her to. He asks her why she'd want that if he cannot pay her. She tells him that he could see that as an investment in his artistic talent. She knows it's just a matter of time before his art will be worth big bucks and flying off the shelves.

While Carlos is in the interrogation room, he tells Ava, on Diane's cell phone, that the cops have the goods on him. They have his DNA from the water bottle he drank from. And he cannot rot in prison for a crime he did not commit. She tells him she knows that his life is important to him. But there's also Sabrina and her unborn baby. So, she tells Carlos, he has to decide whose life is more important: His or theirs'.

At Patrick's, he admits to Sabrina that he thinks Emma might be afraid of him. That could be the reason why she told Sabrina Patrick wanted to invite her without telling her daddy first. Sabrina asks why on earth Patrick would believe that his daughter is afraid of him and not comfortable speaking to him. He explains that Emma has seen him having anger outbursts from being traumatized to have Robin leave him again. Sabrina graciously tells her friend/ex-fiancÚ/baby's father that she cannot imagine what he's gone through with Robin leaving again. He tells Sabrina it means so much to both him and his daughter that she is there for him. And he realizes that when he has not been upfront with Emma, he can't exactly expect Emma to be upfront with him.

Ric goes to Nikolas' home and demands to know why Elizabeth would put up with the way Nikolas treated her at the ball. It was his own problem that he trusted a woman he should not trust. And he takes it out on Elizabeth. He adds to Elizabeth that she can “thank” Nikolas for her getting shot. It happened from getting mixed up in his mess. She explains that Nikolas apologized. She's not going to hold it against him forever. He was upset once and it's never happened again. Nikolas reminds Ric that it's none of his business. Elizabeth explains that she is just staying with Nikolas temporarily while her shoulder heals. She is having difficulty taking care of herself much less can she manage her 2 boys. Hearing that, Ric then asks why she didn't tell him that. He is more than willing to help her and the boys if it's a matter of that. The men argue until Elizabeth asks them both to stop. Ric (trying to sound calmly) tells Elizabeth that he just wishes she could have discussed it with him and given him a chance to help her out. She reminds him that he does not currently have a residence. It wouldn't be practical for her and the 2 boys to stay there with him. He tells her his idea was not that. He wanted to stay with her at her house. Nikolas is ready to confront and escort Ric out of his home. But Elizabeth tells him she'd like to talk privately to Ric.

Patrick admits to Sabrina that Emma is still under the mistaken information that Sabrina is not having his baby. He told her she is having it with Carlos. He intended to tell her the truth. But it was right when Robin dropped the bomb shell upon him. So he thought it might be too much for his daughter to take. She tells Patrick that she realizes that he has to make decisions as he sees fit with his daughter. He protests that he did not think it was the right time to tell her. And before they can continue their conversation, Emma appears and asks what he “intended” to tell her.

Right when Carlos is talking to Ava on the phone while sitting in the interrogation room, Diane is outside talking to Franco. She tells Franco she needs to know why he does not want legal representation. He tells her he “has his reasons”. And he won't tell her. At that point, she concludes she won't waste her time if he refuses to talk when she has another client who needs her.

When Sonny declines to accompany Michael at AJ's funeral, Michael asks him why but accepts his dad's decision. He then reconsiders and tells his son he can go with him if Michael needs him. But as soon as Sonny is alone, AJ's “ghost” appears in the room. He continues to taunt Sonny, clapping and telling him how he must think he's so brilliant to be pulling off this scam on Michael. Sonny yells: “Go to hell!” to AJ. But AJ does not leave.

Meanwhile, Luke asks Spencer if all he heard was that Luke proposed to Tracy because he wanted to use her. Spencer says he not only heard that, he heard that Luke wants to import illegal drugs to run Sonny out of his coffee business. And Luke said that he believed that marrying Tracy would stand in the way of Luke checking out all the “hot women” he's interested in . When Luke hears that, he tells Spencer, he must have a photographic memory. And he looks at the young boy in a very threatening manner. Spencer tells Luke it was not his fault that he “overheard”. Luke tells Spencer that he heard too much. He can't afford to have Spencer revealing this to his uncle Sonny or to Tracy. He asks Spencer if he cannot do his uncle Luke a favor. Spencer was named as Luke. Isn't he closer to Luke than to the others. Spencer replies he can't keep the secret because he can't let Luke hurt his uncle Sonny. Hearing that, Luke tells Spencer if he makes that decision, Luke only has one “option”

AJ's ghost tells Sonny that he (Sonny) believes that Michael loves him and has more loyalty to Sonny than he has to AJ. But it's only because Sonny is lying and being a coward and refusing to own responsibility for what he did. They both know if Michael knew that Sonny killed him, things would drastically change. AJ reminds Sonny that he has had Michael believing that he (AJ) is a gutless, spineless coward. And that's not true. He's lost his life. Sonny gets to continue to live and be a dishonorable piece of trash.

Patrick and Sabrina ask Emma to talk to them. He wants to do better and does not want her to hesitate to come to him if she has anything. And, he informs Emma, there is something that he and Sabrina would like to tell him.

Elizabeth takes Ric outside and tells him that he needs to back off. But Ric continues to tell her that Nikolas needs to apologize after the way he's treated her. And is she only staying there so that Nikolas can help her recover. Or is she staying there hoping that it will get her and Nikolas back together.? She tells him that he need not worry about her or make assumptions about her. She reminds her that he is merely concerned about her falling for Nikolas and having expectations of him when only days ago, Nikolas was ready to marry someone else. So he just doesn't want Elizabeth to get hurt. She tells him she appreciates his concern but she will make her own decisions.

At the station, Dante talks to Franco while Diane goes into the interrogation room to talk to Carlos. Dante tells Franco he finds it pretty odd that Franco would “commit a crime” and get himself put in jail by spray painting the wall of Carly's hotel. He knows that Franco has some of trick up his sleeve. And he would like to find out what that is.

Spencer reminds Luke that nobody messes with him or with his dad. His dad is the prince. Luke tells Spencer that his father is a spoiled self-important twit. He got his undies all in a knot just because Luke “complimented” Nikolas' fiancÚ. Spencer reminds Luke that Brit is no longer his dad's fiancÚ. Knowing that Spencer likes Emma Drake, Luke tells him maybe the person he needs to hurt is not Spencer. Maybe it should be Emma Drake. And he looks straight at Spencer.

Patrick and Sabrina take Emma aside and Sabrina confesses to her that Carlos is not the father of her baby. Emma asks then who is. Patrick answers that he is.

At the station, after Diane is done talking to Carlos and Dante attempts to get the truth out of Franco, she tells Dante she is done with Carlos. And knowing that he wants to lock both of them up.

Carlos sits alone remembering Ava telling him if he intends to give her up to the cops for the shooting of AJ, he needs to figure out whose life is more important to him, his own or Sabrina's and her baby's.

Ava is on the phone giving someone the name of Sabrina Santiago.

Luke firmly tells Spencer he better keep his mouth shut about his plans for Sonny or Emma will pay the price.

When Patrick and Sabrina have informed Emma that he is the father of Sabrina's baby, Emma says she is not ok with that.

Elizabeth enters Wyndemere's living room and announces that Spencer is missing. She informs Nikolas and they don't know what to do in order to find him.

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