GH Update Friday 4/18/14

General Hospital Update Friday 4/18/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Sonny opens his door to retrieve the newspaper. It has Carlos's picture on the front page. Sonny's guilt manifests itself as AJ, still covered in blood. He taunts Sonny about his funeral.

At Wyndemere, Spencer is desperately trying to get a hold of Uncle Sonny.

At the Quartermaines, they are preparing themselves for AJ's funeral. Ned finds Tracy in the drawing room and asks how she is. Neither of them were fond of AJ, but Tracy says that Alan had such high hopes for him, and AJ blew every chance he ever had. Ned changes the subject and says that the police have arrested someone. He shows her Carlos' picture and asks if she recognizes him from the break-in.

Anna finds Dante at the police station, reading the same paper. She thinks that he should be with his brother, but Dante says that he has time. He came to check on what they have on Carlos. They are waiting for the DNA evidence from the Quartermaine break-in to see if they match. As if on cue, an officer hands Anna the results.

At her penthouse, Ava is leaving a frantic message for Diane. She's trying to hide it from Morgan, but, of course, he overhears her. Morgan wonders why Carlos was gunning for AJ, as Ava flashes back to giving the order. Morgan asks her if she knows anything about it.

At the Metro Court, Franco retrieves the paper, while Carly is on the phone leaving instructions for the dry cleaners. Franco shows her the paper and is disappointed that it wasn't Sonny they arrested. Carly, however, is more interested in the Ava connection.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas' chauffeur reminds Spencer that it's time for school. Spencer says he has a stop to make first, but when Ross asks him if it's Emma, Spencer tells him, it's something much bigger. He has to go to Uncle Sonny's to warn him about Uncle Luke.

Back at Sonny's, he yells at AJ to leave him alone. Olivia thinks he's yelling at her. She's moving out, because of his behavior last night. Sonny tries to talk her out of leaving, to no avail. She leaves, anyway, telling him they need a break. AJ tells him that it serves him right. Sonny tells AJ that it's all on him, because he killed Connie.

At the Metro Court, Carly is convinced that Carlos' arrest proves Ava's involvement. She doesn't buy the story that Ava gave about AJ looking for a job! She says that he wouldn't work for the Jeromes, because he wanted to make himself look better than Sonny for Michael. Franco reminds her that AJ was a drunk and didn't have good judgment. She reminds him that AJ's last words were "Sonny shot me because of Ava." Franco doesn't know what Carlos has to do with anything. Carly tells him that he's supposed to work for Julian but seems to be Ava's BFF. Carly says that she also saw them together a couple of time. So he broke into the Quartermaine mansion, says Franco. Only hours before Sonny stumbles onto him and Ava, says Carly. There's a connection.

At her penthouse, Ava claims not to know if Julian was out to whack AJ. She says that Carlos is her friend, but he still takes orders from Julian. Morgan says that Julian won't be in power much longer, with all the information she's given Sonny. Ava tells Morgan that Julian's been suspicious of her lately, and Morgan worries if he and Ava are in trouble. She thinks that Julian thinks that she is changing sides. Ava assures Morgan that Julian thinks their relationship is over. Morgan wonders if maybe it should be.

At the police station, Dante and Anna question Carlos, who still protests his innocence. Carlos says that his gun was stolen from the trunk of his car. He says that they find out who stole, that's their man. Dante asks again if he broke into the Quartermaine mansion, and Carlos says no. Anna tells him that the DNA evidence proves otherwise.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned is also questioning Tracy about the break-in. He's skeptical when Tracy says what a hero Luke was. Ned makes a sarcastic remark, but his mother isn't in the mood. Ned continues and tells her that he had a prenup drawn up. Tracy says it won't be necessary, but Ned asks her where her "aging gigolo" is this morning.

In Silas's apartment, Kiki is on the phone with Michael, when there's a knock on the door. She tells him that she'll see him at the funeral, and hangs up. She opens the door to FauxLuke offering an éclair and a vulgar remark. Kiki is not properly dressed yet, which only excites FauxLuke. She tries to get rid him by saying that Silas and Rafe are here, but FauxLuke knows better. He tells her that he waited till they left, so Kiki threatens to call the police. He tells her to relax and goes to take her arm. She backs away and warns him not to touch her. He tells her that he's not there to touch her. He wants to know why she told Tracy that he made a pass at her. She reminds him that he has..... twice. He tells her that that was supposed to be a secret. Kiki tells him that Tracy came up to her and asked why she made a pass at him. Kiki tried to tell her it was a lie, but FauxLuke thinks it's because she wants him for herself. Kiki is truly disgusted by the insinuation.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy tells Ned that FauxLuke is running an errand . Ned makes a sarcastic remark about hiding her credit cards ,so FauxLuke doesn't "rip" through her assets before signing the prenup. Ned is stunned when she tells him that her fiancée won't be signing the prenup. He asks if FauxLuke refused, but Tracy tells him that she told him that he doesn't have, too.

In their hotel suite, Ava asks Morgan why he thinks they would be over. He tells her that it's because of their talk the night before. He says it's because she said that part of her still loves Silas. Ava counters with him not denying that he still has feelings for Kiki. He says that when they started, it was because they were both hurting. He says that it's turned into something else now. Ava agrees, but Morgan wants to know if they're still good. Ava wipes away tears as Morgan wonders if they are just putting a Band-Aid on their problems.

At Metro Court, Franco doesn't understand what the big deal is about Carlos's arrest. Carly says Carlos doesn't have any reason to go after AJ. Carly explains that Carlos is the Jeromes' enforcer, and if Julian didn't give the order, then Ava did. Franco is doubtful, but he does acknowledge that Ava has a certain way with men. Carly says that's what she's afraid of. Franco tells Carly that she needs to calm down, even if it is a gloomy day for Michael. He tells her to remember that AJ is out of the picture, and her hands are clean. Carly is stunned, because he's talking like it's over. Franco tells her that it is over, it's AJ's funeral. But Carly doesn't see it that way. Michael still has the potential to be hurt. Carlos got arrested, but it was Sonny who shot AJ. She reminds him what AJ told her on his death bed. She has to figure out what's going on, so how is this over? Franco says that maybe Ava hated AJ, but then everyone hated AJ, but that doesn't mean that Ava wanted AJ dead. Carly says that's why she has to talk to Carlos. Franco says that Carlos is in custody, and wouldn't talk to her anyway. Carly changes the subject to getting ready for the funeral. Franco wonders if she's mad at him.

Back at the police station, Carlos says he never gave them DNA. Anna tells him that they got a sample off of his water bottle. They compared it with some blood that was on the vase that Tracy hit him with. That proves that he was in the house and tried to kill AJ.

AJ is still taunting Sonny. He says that he was cleared of killing Connie, so maybe Sonny punished the wrong person. Olivia comes down the stairs with her things. Sonny asks if she's going to talk to him. Olivia reminds him that's what he told her last night. She tells him that she's going to stay at her place for a while. Sonny doesn't want her to go, but he won't tell her what's bothering him. He says that he can't do it, so she says to call her when he can. She leaves heartbroken. AJ shows himself, and throws up his hands in frustration.

Carly and Franco argue over Ava. He jokingly says that he thought she liked to argue. All Carly wants is someone who supports her, and trusts her instincts when it comes to someone threatening her family. Franco still doesn't get Ava's connection. A frustrated Carly explains, once again, that what she told him was huge, and Sonny would hate it if he knew that Franco knows. She says that she and Sonny have been through a lot. Franco tells her that he already suspected what Sonny had done, she just confirmed. Carly doesn't feel like he's on her side, but he tells her that he is. Franco tries to joke his way out of it, but Carly is pissed. She doesn't give a damn about Ava, she just wants to know the truth. She storms out, but not before telling him that yes, she's mad at him.

Dante and Anna continue to grill Carlos until he blurts out "That's not what happened." Anna asks him what the truth is, and Dante says to start with the break-in. Anna asks if the Jeromes were behind it. Did they send him to the Quartermaines?

At the Quartermaines, Ned and Tracy argue about Luke and the prenup. Tracy believes Luke when he insists that he isn't marrying her for her money. Ned doesn't believe it and scoffs when she tells him that Luke thinks a prenup is showing a lack of trust. She tells him how upset he was and that he almost called off the wedding. Ned thinks that Luke is bluffing and playing her, but Tracy thinks that everything they have been through have made them more solid. Tracy thinks their connection transcends money. Ned believes that the only thing that transcends money is family and that's only on a good day, but Tracy insists that Luke doesn't care abut her wealth. She's convinced that Luke thinks she's the only woman for him.

Kiki would beg to differ as she fights off FauxLuke in Silas's apartment. She knees him in the groin, and he bowls over in pain, cursing her. She threatens to call the police. She picks up a statue, as she kicks him out of the apartment. She's totally freaked out.

Ava tells Morgan that a part of her will always love Silas, but she can't stand to be away from Morgan. That's just what he wants to hear. Ava reminds him that he never answered her question about Kiki. As Morgan tries to explain his feelings, he receives a call from the frantic Kiki. She begs him to come over.

Olivia runs into Carly outside of Franco's hotel suite. When Carly asks if she's looking for her, Olivia says there's no other reason for her to knock on Franco's door. She tells Carly that she's worried about Sonny, and tells her that he's not himself. She thinks it has to do with AJ. She tells Carly that he flipped out on her.

Spencer is pounding on Sonny's door, but he's too busy, being taunted by AJ. He tells AJ to shut up, as the pounding continues. Sonny is lying down, reading the article about Carlos. AJ doesn't stop, so Sonny yells for him to go away. Thinking Sonny's speaking to him, Spencer is taken aback and steps away from the door.

Olivia tells Carly that she left Sonny, because she doesn't deserve to be treated that way. Carly invites her into Franco's suite. They are both in for a shock. Franco is spray painting everything and going on about muses. Olivia wants to know who's going to pay for all this. She keeps threatening to call the police. He calls her a philistine, and she calls him a vandal. Carly tries to intervene, to no avail, as Olivia goes to call Dante. Carly wants to know what Franco is up to. Franco happily tells her that she wanted to talk to Carlos, and he found a way to do it.

Back at the PCPD, Anna and Dante are still questioning Carlos. He refuses to say anything. Dante reminds him that the Jeromes threw him under the bus. Anna tells him that if he cooperates, the DA will take into account. Just after Anna wonders where the lawyer they promised him is, Diane enters and orders Carlos not to say another word. She apologizes for not getting there right away, because she was out of town. She just learned that her client is in jail. Anna and Dante storm off when Diane says that she would like to confer with her client. When they leave, she tells him that now he can talk.

At Casa Corinthos, Sonny yells at AJ to go away, that he's not really there. Like Olivia before him, Spencer thinks that he's yelling at him and proceeds to leave. Ross comes up and tries to talk Spencer into going to school. Spencer is determined to save his uncle. He says there's one more stop they have to make. Inside, AJ won't leave Sonny alone. He wonders who's going to save Sonny this time. He says that Ava was good, and that she chased him away. But who now?

Ava wants to know where Morgan is going and who called. Morgan is rushing around getting dressed. He tells her that it was Kiki, and she was upset. Ava wants to go with him, but Morgan tells her it's not a good idea. Kiki asked to see him. Ava asks him to tell her if it's something serious. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her before he leaves. Ava pretends to smile, but she's really worried that he would just drop everything and run to ex-wife.

At the Quartermaines, Ned is still trying to convince his mother to have FauxLuke sign the prenup. Tracy says that she almost lost FauxLuke, and doesn't want to live without him. Ned has had enough of his mother's stupidity. He flips out, and tells her that marriage isn't going to change Luke. He's a lying, cheating swindler! FauxLuke walks in and says "And carrying donuts!" Ned isn't sorry that FauxLuke heard him. FauxLuke sees the papers on the table, and says, what's this. As he picks it up, Ned tells him that it's a prenup. Of course, FauxLuke knows that perfectly well. FauxLuke puts on act for Tracy saying that their marriage is based on trust. He tells her that she should to go and get ready for the funeral. Monica may need us, he says, as he holds her hands. Tracy leaves hoping they can share the doughnuts, and form a truce. She tells Ned that she deserves that, but it ain't gonna happen. FauxLuke is already tearing up the prenup, and tells him that it's time that he's perfectly clear with him.

Morgan arrives a Silas's apartment. Kiki, now dressed, is in a panic, when she lets him in. She tells him how Luke waited till she was alone and showed up here. She tells him how FauxLuke was angry that she ratted him out to Tracy. She tells him that he got all hot and bothered, and grabbed her wrist. Morgan asks if he hurt her, and Kiki says no, but she may have hurt him.

Ned and FauxLuke have a heated exchange, which ends in FauxLuke threatening to kill Ned.

Olivia is calling the cops on Franco. Franco explains his plan to Carly. He's pretty pleased with it, and tells her that he can work on Carlos to get information on Ava. Carly is duly impressed.

At the station, the desk sergeant tells Dante that his mother is on the phone. A frustrated Anna tells him to take it since they're not getting anywhere with Carlos. She walks over to the interrogation room, and glances in, before walking away in frustration.

Diane lays down the ground rules for Carlos. She asks him about the break-in and why he went after AJ. He admits to the break-in and having a gun. He tells her the thing with AJ was complicated. Before he can say anything else, she receives a phone call from a pissed off Ava. She tells her that Carlos needs her help. Diane tells her to "throttle it down", but Ava ignores her, and demands to speak to Carlos, alone. She warns him not to tell the cops or Diane anything. He tells her that it's too late. They have his DNA that places him at the Quartermaines. He tells her that he's sorry. Ava isn't happy and tells him that he's not sorry. She threatens him that if he tells anyone, that she sent him to kill AJ, because he knew that she killed Connie, he will be.

Sonny is still wrestling with his guilt, otherwise known as AJ. AJ wants to know if he's going to his funeral. He tells him that the guilt will eat him alive, until he pushes everyone away. AJ smirks at him, as he leaves by the balcony.

Dante has arrived at Franco's hotel suite. He tells Franco that his kid could do better. He arrests him, and takes him away. Carly lets out a deep breath.

Carlos thinks he's safe from Ava, because he's in jail. Ava then threatens Sabrina.

Ned doesn't think FauxLuke is serious, but FauxLuke makes it clear that he is. Ned tells him that his mother was right. He has changed. He wasn't always a thug, and walks away.

Morgan wants Kiki to report Luke, but she doesn't want to do it today. She says that today is about Michael and AJ's funeral. She's worried about running into him, but Morgan swears he'll protect her.

At the Quartermaines, Spencer urges his Uncle Luke to face his accuser. FauxLuke is having a cup of coffee and staring at the garden. He turns around and doesn't recognize Spencer. "Who the hell are you?" he asks. Spencer tells him that he's his nephew, and he knows all about what he's trying to do to Uncle Sonny. FauxLuke looks surprised.

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