GH Update Thursday 4/17/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/17/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Lulu talked to Laura on the phone about Rocco. Lulu was about to tell Laura about the other embryo, but she ended the call when Britt dropped by with the baby's allergy medicine. She explained that the pharmacy contacted her to come pick up Ben's prescription, so Britt decided to pick it up and bring it over. Lulu took the ointment. Britt was happy to have helped, but Lulu firmly told Britt that if someone else contacted her regarding the baby, Britt should refer them to Dante and Lulu instead of getting involved. Lulu began to close the door, but Britt caught it and asked how Ben was doing. Lulu tersely replied that his name was Rocco and he was fine. Britt grimaced at the name. She said okay and turned to leave, then Lulu announced that she needed Britt's help. Lulu told Britt about Obrecht offering to trade Dante and Lulu's embryo for her freedom. Lulu said if Britt really felt bad about what she had done, she should tell Lulu what she knew. Britt swore she didn't know anything about it. Lulu reminded Britt that Britt had sworn about a lot of things that turned out to be lies. Britt pointed out that there was no reason to lie, now that she'd lost Nikolas and the baby. Britt remembered Obrecht saying that one of the embryos wasn't viable, but Britt hadn't seen Obrecht dispose of it.

Lulu was frustrated that she'd have to find a way to get Obrecht this deal if she ever wanted another child. Britt was sorry, but she didn't know what else to say. Britt told Lulu that Obrecht always looked out for number one. Britt was shocked when Lulu revealed that Obrecht had asked that Britt be given immunity for her crimes, too. Britt swore she didn't know anything about this. Lulu yelled that that was beside the point. Lulu didn't think there was a way they could get Scott to drop the charges, especially Elizabeth's kidnapping and the shooting. Lulu asked how she was supposed to ask Elizabeth not to cooperate with the DA. Britt thought Liz might be more receptive now that she was living with Nik. Lulu was unsympathetic to Britt's problems with Nik. She told Britt that if Liz and Nik got together, Britt only had herself to blame. Britt realized she shouldn't have said anything and that Lulu was on Liz's side. Lulu confirmed that she was, since Liz was the reason Lulu got her son back. Britt decided to go, but before she left, she apologized and said if it were up to her, she wouldn't have put Lulu in this position. Britt added that Obrecht didn't make idle threats, so if Obrecht said there was an embryo, there was one, and Obrecht wouldn't tell them where it was until she got the deal.

Nathan had been trying to contact Britt by phone. She hadn't returned his calls, so he left her another voicemail. When Nathan entered his apartment, Maxie announced that she needed him to move out. Nathan was taken aback, and Maxie reminded him that the agreement was that he could sublet the apartment while she was finding herself, but now she was back. Maxie wanted Nathan to go tonight or tomorrow. Nathan reminded Maxie that he had two more weeks left in his lease. Maxie insisted that she'd be more comfortable if he left ASAP. Nathan countered that if anyone should move out, it was Maxie. Maxie refused to leave her apartment, so Nathan told her she'd have to put up with him for the next two weeks. Maxie explained that she couldn't handle being around his toxic vibes for two weeks. Nathan rolled his eyes; he told Maxie he understood now – this wasn't her idea. Maxie insisted that it was her idea, then she went off on a tangent about the staying on the the path toward spiritual healing and live an earth friendly life, even though paraben-free shampoo made her hair look flat. Maxie caught herself getting worked up and fantasizing about using her old hair products. She reminded herself that that was the old her, and the new her was calm Nathan assured Maxie that her hair looked nice. Maxie was relieved. She told Nathan that she was trying to work on staying focused, but she forgot what they'd been talking about. He told her that they were talking about it being “Mr. Truth pillows” wanting Nathan to move out. Just then, Levi entered the room. “You've gotta be kidding me. You've been eavesdropping this whole time?” Nathan said. Levi clarified that he was giving Maxie the space she needed to handle her situation. Nathan countered that Levi created the situation. He threw Levi the truth pillow and told him to admit it. Levi admitted that he told Maxie to evict Nathan. Maxie tried to soften things, by saying that Levi had made a gentle suggestion. Levi added that he was just concerned that Nathan's rage would impede Maxie's progress. Levi wondered why Nathan was so angry. Nathan snapped that he was angry because of Levi. Maxie said this was why she and Levi thought it was best for Nathan to leave. Nathan asked where he was supposed to go on such short notice. Maxie suggested that he go stay with Britt, and Levi added that if Nathan toned down his anger, he might get to sleep with Britt. Nathan blurted out that Britt was his sister. Maxie asked why Nathan hadn't said anything before. Nathan explained that the woman who raised him just told him that morning that she was his aunt and that his mother was Obrecht. Maxie was surprised that the “creepy” Obrecht was his mother, and she understood why Nathan was in such a bad mood.

Nathan decided to pack his bags and stay at the station until he found a place to live, so Maxie wouldn't have to deal with his bad vibes anymore. Levi looked pleased, but Maxie asked Nathan to stay. Levi protested, but Maxie countered that Nathan was dealing with a lot and he was all alone. She also pointed out that Levi had said when you help others, you help yourself. Nathan said he didn't need charity, but Maxie told him this wasn't charity. She said Nathan was going through a lot, and he shouldn't have to stay at the station. She added that neither she or Levi were employed, so they couldn't afford to turn down Nathan's half of the rent. Maxie asked Nathan if he'd stay. Nathan flippantly asked if Levi was worried about his negative energy. Levi grumbled that Nathan's aura was seriously dingy. Maxie suggested that Nathan work on being more positive. Nathan and Maxie shook hands. Nathan announced that he was going to take a shower to wash off the toxic vibes.

At Wyndemere, Spencer berated the Cassadine head of security for not installing surveillance cameras in the stables. Spencer had hoped to prove he overheard Luke plotting against Sonny. Nikolas walked in and dismissed the head of security, then he scolded Spencer for being rude. Nik told Spencer that he'd have to apologize to the man later. Nik tried to convince Spencer that he misunderstood Luke, but Spencer was adamant that Luke was out to get his uncle Sonny. Nik let the matter drop and told Spencer that they had house guests on the way. Spencer excitedly asked if it was Uncle Victor. Nik said no. before Nik could say anything else, Elizabeth and Cameron arrived. Spencer was annoyed about Cam moving in. Cam tried to call a truce, but Spencer rudely rebuffed him. Nik ordered Spencer to apologize, but Spencer wouldn't behave. Nik pointed out that Spencer and Cam used to get along, and he asked what changed. Spencer snapped that Cam stole his girlfriend. Nik countered that Emma was too young for both of them. Nik asked Liz and Cam to step out of the room, and once they left, he told Spencer that being a Cassadine didn't entitle him to be disrespectful to people. Nik added that if Spencer would lose privileges if he didn't didn't make Cam, Aiden and Liz feel at home. Nik made Spencer shake hands with Cam and show him to his room. As Spencer and Cam walked out, Spencer grumbled that the place had been a lot more fun when Britt lived there. Spencer and Cam went upstairs, and Spencer told Cam that he hadn't given up on Emma.

Liz wondered if the living arrangement was a mistake. She said Spencer made it clear that he felt that Liz was taking Britt's place. Liz said Spencer missed Britt and she thought Nik did, too. Nik insisted that he didn't want anything to do with Britt. He was livid about her lies and the way he kept falling for them. Liz believed Nik felt that way because he “loved” Britt. She added that Britt still loved Nik. Nik wondered when Liz started caring about Britt's feelings. Liz clarified that she didn't, but she kept getting caught in Britt's cross hairs. Liz told Nik how Britt accused her of swooping in on Nik. Liz . was not in love with Britt anymore. Liz told Nik she was grateful that he asked her to move in, after she embarrassed herself by bringing up their feelings for each other. Nik assured Liz she had nothing to be embarrassed about. Liz told Nik he was right all along; it was for the best that they were friends, right? “Right” Nik said. Nik thought Liz might be over thinking things; he told her that he would have offered any of his friends a place to recuperate.

At ELQ, Luke told Tracy that he couldn't marry her if she didn't trust him. Tracy was shocked when Luke said that they should call off the wedding. He walked away. Tracy followed and told him he didn't get to say that, then just walk off. She felt that they should discuss this, but Luke said there was nothing to discuss. Luke told Tracy it was his fault for trying to rush things. Luke explained that he'd hoped to prove to Tracy that he was committed to her, but it was now clear to him that Tracy was still suspicious that Luke was only after her money. Tracy insisted that wasn't fair. Luke assured her he didn't hold any grudges, but as much as it pained him to say it, he thought they should call off the engagement.

Sounding disappointed, Luke told Tracy that she should give him the ring back, to make things official. Tracy was startled that Luke wanted the ring back, and Luke said he was going to return it for a refund, since he was money-hungry. Tracy pointed out that she didn't call him a gold digger. Luke said her son did, and Tracy said she couldn't blame Ned, because of the past. Luke explained that he wanted to move forward, but Tracy was focused on their history. Luke insisted that he wanted to marry Tracy, but he wouldn't, unless she told Ned that she wasn't going to make Luke sign a prenup. Luke said they'd always be friends, but the relationship would be over. Tracy was adamant that they'd taken too long to get to this point for Luke to walk away from her. She said she loved Luke. Tracy hesitated, then she said she trusted Luke, too. Luke challenged Tracy to prove it, and she agreed to take the prenup off the table. Luke was thrilled. They hugged and Tracy decided to go tell Ned to stop all the “nonsense.” On Tracy's way out of ELQ, she paused to look at her father's picture. Tracy knew Edward would disapprove of her choice, so she told him that she loved Luke; he'd changed, and she'd trust him with her life, so she was also willing to trust him with his money. Luke made sure Tracy was gone, then he lit a cigar, smiled triumphantly, and called her a sucker.

Sonny was at home. He remembered yelling at Olivia and telling her that she wasn't his mother. Ava was outside Sonny's. She was annoyed because Diane hadn't been returning her calls. She left Diane another message and told her to go to the PCPD and tell Carlos that everything would blow over if he kept quiet. Ava came in. She noted that Sonny had sounded awful on the phone, and she asked him to please tell her Carly hadn't changed her mind about keeping the secret. Sonny assured Ava that Carly was going to stay quiet. Sonny told Ava that his problem was personal. He confided in her about blowing up at Olivia. Sonny admitted that Olivia wasn't the problem; it was AJ. Sonny told Ava that AJ kept goading him. Sonny didn't want to drag Olivia into this by telling her the truth, which meant that Ava was the only person he could talk to. Sonny and Ava shared a drink. Ava assured Sonny that they were in this together, but she told him he could confide in Carly, too. Sonny told Ava that he trusted Carly with his life, but he couldn't talk to her because Carly was upset that Sonny killed AJ. Ava thought it was hypocritical for Carly to judge Sonny for killing someone Carly hated and wanted dead, herself. Sonny explained that Carly was concerned about Michael. Sonny thought that if he confided in Carly, she'd think he was going crazy, and she'd tell the truth in an attempt to save him. Ava asked if this meant she (Ava) was Sonny's new confidant. Sonny didn't know what Ava was, but he confessed that he felt like he was losing his mind; he saw AJ everywhere. Sonny whispered that AJ was making him do things he wouldn't normally want to do, like go to the cops and confess. Ava said they both knew Sonny wasn't going to confess. Sonny agreed. Ava urged Sonny to stay strong and silent. She added that the cops didn't even suspect Sonny, because they were busy trying to pin the crime on someone else. Sonny was curious about this, so Ava told him that the police thought Carlos broke into the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny asked why he'd do that, and Ava said she didn't know. She added that Carlos was Julian's right hand man, not hers. Sonny replied that they both knew the charges wouldn't stick, because Carlos didn't kill AJ.

Ava and Sonny stepped outside the house. Ava told Sonny that he killed AJ to protect her and she'd take away his pain if she could. Sonny noted that AJ wasn't there, now. Ava asked if it was because of her, and Sonny theorized it was because she was the only one who knew the truth. Ava touched Sonny's shoulder. Back inside, Sonny's phone rang. It was Spencer, who left a message saying he had to speak with Sonny about a matter of life and death.

At the PCPD, Dante and Anna had Carlos in an interrogation room. Dante said the police would be able to help Carlos if he cooperated. Anna told Carlos that the gun dealer identified Carlos as the man who purchased the gun that was later used to try to shoot AJ. Anna was sure that if Carlos was the gunman, he was acting under the orders of one of the Jeromes. Carlos refused to talk until his lawyer got there. He drank from a water bottle while he waited. Dante and Anna noted that Diane hadn't arrived, and they theorized that the Jeromes had decided not to hire a lawyer for him. Dante and Anna told Carlos that he should just talk, since the gun dealer already identified him. Carlos admitted he bought the gun, but he claimed it was stolen months before the attempt on AJ's life. Anna laughed with disbelief and told Carlos that he should stop relying on the Jeromes to protect him and look out for himself. Anna urged Carlos to talk, but Carlos still refused to say anything without his lawyer. Dante and Anna gave up and started walking out. Carlos insisted that they couldn't hold him there, but Anna replied that they could.

Once Dante and Anna left the room, Dante suggested that they bring Luke and Tracy in to try and identify Carlos by his voice. “No need” Anna said, as she held up Carlos's empty water bottle. The police had found blood on a piece of the vase Tracy had hit Carlos over the head with. Anna said they could compare the DNA on the water bottle to the DNA in the blood. Anna was confident that Carlos was acting on behalf of one of the Jeromes. She wondered which one of them wanted AJ dead. Anna decided to let Carlos wait until the DNA results were back. She asked Dante to tell her why he and Lulu met with Obrecht. Dante revealed that Obrecht wanted them to drop the charges. Anna asked if he was going to. Dante told her about the embryo. Anna pointed out that if Dante tried to get the deal for Obrecht, he'd be asking a lot of Liz, Nik, and Scotty Baldwin. Dante added that he'd be asking a lot of Anna, too. Anna wished she could lock Obrecht up and throw away the key, but she admitted that she wasn't sure what she'd do if she was in Dante's shoes. Anna assured Dante that she supported him no matter what choice he made.

Back in the interrogation room, Carlos was growing impatient. He wondered why Ava hadn't gotten his lawyer.

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