GH Update Wednesday 4/16/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/16/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

In Tracy's office, Ned is worried that Luke is once again after his family's money. He tells Luke that he wants him to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, and then he will give Tracy and Luke their blessing. Luke refuses and accuses Ned of being the money grubber who's worried about being left out of the will. Tracy, after being quiet, tells Ned to leave, so she can talk to Luke. Tracy tells Luke she wants him to sign the agreement to prove he's not after her money again. Acting insulted by her lack of trust, Luke still refuses and suggests that maybe they should call the whole thing off and not get married at all.

As Sonny is alone in his house, he is haunted by his subconscious and what he did to AJ, so he keeps seeing his ghost who taunts him about being unable to keep the secret of his death. Sonny gets angry and throws his drink against the wall almost hitting Olivia as she walks in. Although he declares that it was an accident, she knows something is troubling him and asks him to trust her enough to confide in her. Sonny tells Olivia that the police think AJ's killer is the same person who tried to kill him at the Quartermaine mansion on the same day. When Olivia asks if Sonny has been taking his meds, he blows up at her and yells, "You are not my mother, back off". Hurt, Olivia tells him she thought they were in this together, that they trusted each other. She agrees that maybe she's not the right person to help him, but she definitely thinks he should get some help. Once she leaves, Sonny anxiously calls Ava for help, because he's losing it, and she's the only person he can talk to about what ails him.

Patrick and Sabrina wait for Dr. Chu to arrive. She's been held up at a difficult delivery. Sabrina suggests that Patrick not listen to Carlos' jibes. He's just trying to get a rise out of him. Patrick assures her that he will be there for her and his child from now on. Once Dr. Chu gets there, she performs an ultrasound and says everything looks good. She asks if they want to know the baby's sex now. After they agree to find out, the doctor announces that it's a boy. Both Patrick and Sabrina enter a state of bliss, unable to hear another word out of the doctor's mouth. They just keep giggling and saying, "Wow."

Shawn tells Duke that Jordan got a job at the Jerome Gallery, and he's afraid she's going back to her life of crime. Apparently, when living in Baltimore, she was involved in selling drugs, and spent two years in prison. Shawn and Jordan kept that information from TJ. Duke tells Shawn that when he went to see Sonny, he seemed to be wrestling with guilt over AJ's death. They agree not to make a move on Julian until they can discuss the situation with Sonny.

Ava warns Carlos that the police better not connect them to the Q mansion robbery. Carlos assures her that they will be unable to identify him as the "burglar" since the gun is not registered to him and contains no fingerprints, since he wore gloves. When Carlos confronts her about whether she shot AJ, she feels hurt at his insinuation that she's lying to him. She again asserts that she did not kill AJ but doesn't divulge who did.

Dante and Anna tell Michael that Carlos is involved with trying to kill AJ. Michael flies off the handle as they bring Carlos in after Louie, the gun dealer, identifies him as the person who he sold the gun to. Anna tells him to let them do their job and stay cool. Carlos refuses to answer any questions and just wants a lawyer, but Dante advises him to cooperate and maybe they can cut a deal if he gives up his bosses. In the meantime, Ava calls Diane to represent Carlos and make sure he doesn't give the Jeromes up.

At the Jerome Gallery, Jordan tells Julian that she would be of asset to his drug-selling operation, but he is afraid to admit he does any such thing. He thinks that she is wearing a wire and is working with the police to entrap him. Jordan opens her shirt to prove she isn't wearing a wire and says if he wants to get serious about his business, he should call her and leaves.

Julian tells Ava as Carlos is being carted off by Anna and Dante that he will find out what her involvement with AJ's death is with or without her.

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