GH Update Monday 4/14/14

General Hospital Update Monday 4/14/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Maxie's apartment, Britt talks to Nathan and Maxie's new friend. Levi tells them that karma always affects all people and the universe balances all of our actions with reactions and all that goes on in our lives.

At the hospital, Patrick runs into Sabrina who is now visibly showing. They seem happy to talk and see each other again. She tells him she heard about the death of AJ Quartermaine and offers her condolences to Patrick, realizing that his death is a tragedy in Patrick's life. He tells her that it's his fault that Michael lost his father.

At the police station, Michael is furiously ready to take action after finding out who the person is who killed his father. Anna and the cops tell Michael he needs to calm down although he tells them they have done nothing. They have already found the Falconeri baby. They have been investigating the death of Silas Clay's wife and what happened 20 years ago, but they don't seem to see AJ's murder as a priority.

While Lulu holds the baby, Dante informs her that Obrecht and her lawyer believe that they will owe her for something and be obliged to drop the charges for all they have done. She asks her husband how on earth anybody would believe they would not bring Obrecht to justice. He replies because Obrecht has told them that she can tell them about their "other child."

While Obrecht and Madeline are in jail together discovering they are sisters, they argue about whose child is willing to sell them out. Obrecht tells Madeline that even though she's had issues with her daughter, at least Britt did not have her own mother arrested as Nathan did to the woman he believes is his mother.

Levi tells Britt she needs to walk in the light instead of in the dark and believe that Nikolas will forgive her while Nathan needs to do the same with his own mother. Nathan demands that he not say another word about Nathan' mother. Nathan will never forgive Madeline for what happened to Nina. But Maxie's friend continues to counsel him about his anger and negativity, only making him more angry. Right then, Maxie enters and demands to know what is going on there.

At the hospital, Nikolas finds Elizabeth hoping she does not leave the hospital without telling him. She is walking around but tells him she needs a ride. He tells her he can give her more than a ride. He can stay with her at her home.

Sabrina tells Patrick she believes he did the very best that he could for AJ as Patrick has done with all of his patients. He needs to know that the surgery was very complicated. It was brain surgery and she heard many staff talking about how it's near to impossible to save someone's life with that. And the fact that he didn't die in surgery was pretty amazing. But Patrick tells her that he is worried. The committee might take action against him. He performed the surgery when he was upset, irrational and distracted after Robin left to go to Africa. Michael lost his father because of him. Yet she urges him to know that he cannot blame himself. It's the person with the gun who shot AJ who's responsible for what happened to him. Not Patrick. Carlos appears and overhears their conversation.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he can see she still has her arm in a sling and how is she going to be able to take care of her boys by herself. He believes he owes her for not listening to her for what she knew about Britt. But she keeps arguing that he owes her nothing. And she asks if he's sure he's not doing this to distract himself from the loss of Britt.

Maxie's friend Levi really provokes Nathan until Nathan wants to hurt him. Maxie wants to make certain that Levi is ok. Levi keeps talking about Nathan having too much negative energy. Alone with Nathan, Britt asks if he is ok. She tells him she realizes that Le vi is annoying. But he may have good intentions, she tells him. They somehow know that they should have some sort of "relationship" But not a romantic one. Each talks about their respective long lost loves.

Lulu continues to inquire to Dante what Obrecht could have meant about another baby they have. Could the baby known as Ben have a twin? He tells her that Obrecht has claimed that she has their "other" embryo.

At the police station, Anna informs Michael that she believes they can find the suspect who shot AJ. He asks if he believes the source can talk. She tells him she thinks the cops can get this "person" to give up the name of the person to whom he sold the gun.

Right then, Carlos appears, smiles and seems "confident" that he might be able to win Sabrina over. He tells her he is there for her Ob/Gyn appointment just in case Patrick "flakes out." Yet he can clearly see that Patrick is with her and ready to join her at her appointment.

Not far away, Britt arrives at the hospital and overhears Nikolas and Elizabeth agreeing for her to stay with him. It looks clear that he's moved on and very possibly ready to be more than friends with Elizabeth.

Levi tells Maxie he knows that Britt has had a terrible thing happening to her. Two terrible things. She not only lost her fianc. She lost her baby also. But Maxie tells him she knows there's nothing to mourn regarding that. The universe has not done anything terrible or unjustified to Britt. She informs him that Dante and Lulu lost their chance to have a baby. Britt is responsible for that. But now she has had to give them back the baby that is there.

Dante continues to explain to Lulu the conversation he's had with Obrecht and her alleged "plan" to find them their "other" baby.

Obrecht tells Madeline that she has the upper hand over her sister. The guard unlocks Obrecht's cell and informs her that Detective Falconeri would like to see her and discuss something with her upstairs. She is very smug. But before she can go any further, she comes face to face with the guy known as "Detective Nathan West." Little does he know that she is his mother. She urges him to please wait. She needs to talk to him.

Levi tells Maxie that he can prove to her that everything happens for a reason. She has to let the universe do the work for you. In time the universe balances everything out. You cannot rush things. She tells him that maybe things blew up in her face because she lied to Dante and Lulu that the baby she was carrying was there. He tells her that she needs to have faith. And he tells her that her "angry roommate" will some day learn if and when he is ready.

When Obrecht notices her "son", he is impatient and angry and tells her he doesn't want to talk to her. She can't keep Dante waiting. He goes and confronts Madeline and angrily tells the woman he believes is his mom that there is no excuse or justification for what she did not Nina. She urges her son to know that she has done a terrible thing. He admits that he drowned his sorrow last night by a woman who has similar issues. And this woman just happens to be the daughter of Obrecht. Maybe Madeline can make friends with Obrecht like he did with Obrecht's daughter.

When Britt makes herself known to Nikolas and Elizabeth, Elizabeth tells her she is grateful for Britt making efforts to save her life. Had she not been there, the gunshot would have been a lot worse. Nikolas tells them his thoughts are that were it not for Britt and her psycho mother, Elizabeth would not have been shot in the first place.

Carlos continues to "remind" Sabrina and Patrick that Patrick will not be there for Sabrina. He will let her down. And in time, she will discover that he (Carlos) is the man for her.

At the police station, Michael apologizes to Anna for his angry outburst. But he tells her that he is infuriated to know that AJ's killer is out there free. She tells him she understands. She then runs into Obrecht and remarks that Obrecht is a baby stealer. Obrecht smugly tells Anna she knows that Anna murdered Cesar Faison. Anna asks her what on earth she is talking about. Obrecht tells Anna she knows all about it and has the upper hand on Anna. She's not worried about the cops being able or willing to do anything to her. They wouldn't dare given what she knows.

Carlos confronts Patrick and tells her that he can be there for her. She tells him she appreciates his concern, but Patrick is there for her and the baby. Carlos argues that she needs to know that Patrick has never made her nor the baby a priority, but she reminds him that the bottom line is Patrick is the baby's father. He leaves. Patrick promises Sabrina he promises he will not let her down again.

Anna finds Dante and Lulu and asks why on earth they want to talk to Obrecht and find out about her plan. He tells her he just wants to hear what she has to say. He takes Lulu into the private room and they ask why Obrecht told them that she has their other embryo. If that's true, where do they find it. She asks why they think she would help them with their negligence of the baby who should be her daughter's. They protest that their baby is safe and well taken care of and with his real grandmother. They ask her how they can find their alleged embryo. She tells them she has no incentive to help them with that unless both she and her daughter are granted full immunity.

At the hospital, Britt protests to Nikolas that he needs to know that she did the right thing. She brought Dante's and Lulu's baby back to them. Doesn't that mean anything to him? He does not reply.

When Nathan/James goes to talk to his "mom" (Madeline), she admits that she is concerned about what he might have done in his anger. She's concerned about his talking to or listening to that "Obrecht." He tells her it's really none of her business whom he talks to. She asks what he did last night. Did he drink or do anything he might regret? He replies he "spent the night" with a woman who just happens to be Obrecht's daughter. Hearing that, Madeline tells her "son" he needs to know that he cannot "spend the night" with Obrecht's daughter. She tells her "son" she knows he's an adult and can "sleep with" whomever he wants, but not that woman. He asks why she has an objection with that. Madeline replies because Obrecht's daughter is his sister.

At her apartment, Maxie "assumes" that "Nathan" and Britt have slept together. But Levi seems to know that did not happen. They did not have sex and there is "some reason" why the universe "would not let that happen."

Patrick promises to Sabrina that he won't let her down. He will be there for her and for the baby. It's not out of obligation. It's because he wants to.

Nikolas continues to confront Britt about how she needs to know that although she "gave back" Dante and Lulu's baby, what about all of the time they lost with him? He tells Britt that he is considering having a relationship with Elizabeth. She means a lot to him and a major reason is she has woken him up to what kind of a person Britt is. He leaves the two women alone. And Britt confronts Elizabeth for "taking her man."

When Madeline reveals to Nathan that Britt is his sister, he asks her what on earth she is talking about. She reveals that her maiden name is not West. She is not his mother. She cries and tells her son that it's true. He asks her if she is not his mom then who is? She replies Lisle Obrecht is his mother.

Upstairs, Obrecht tells Dante and Lulu that they know what it's like to have a child and to have one taken from them. So that is why she needs to get justice for Britt's father.

Michael is in the elevator, distracted and looking at AJ's death certificate. Behind him, Carlos is looking over his shoulder and reading the document containing the cause of death.

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