GH Update Friday 4/11/14

General Hospital Update Friday 4/11/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Ric is hovering over Elizabeth, asking her if she needs anything. She says that outside the memory foam, I'm good. Ric says that she was held hostage by a man woman, and you end up being shot. Elizabeth remembers being shot before. She says that it's just a scratch, and it's no big deal. Ric reminds her what it was like to be married to him. Survived that. "What bullet wound?" Elizabeth brushes it off. Ric figures out that there's something else on her mind. He asks her if it's Nikolas. She just sighs.

Nikolas is in his bedroom at Wyndemere, reliving his toast to Britt.

Britt and Nathan arrive at his apartment (with a bottle in his hand). "Open Sesame." says a drunken Britt. She's surprised by the decor, so Nathan explains he sublets, and none of this stuff is. Just the weights, and the vodka. Britt is grateful that he got the cab driver to stop at the liquor store. I don't know you pretty well, Dr. Westbourne, but you seem pretty drunk already. She says that don't we deserve it, after what our mothers put us through?

Back in jail, their mothers are arguing about telling Nathan abut his true parentage. Madeline, of course, refuses to hear about it. Obrecht thinks that he should, especially that part about knowing his sister.

Britt and Nathan are getting to know each other in Maxie's apartment.  Nathan tells her that it's not fancy, and Britt laments how quickly you can get used to living in the lap of luxury. Britt wants to party, but Nathan says that they have to keep quiet, cause his roommate might be sleeping. Britt assumed he was living alone, cause he said he subletted. Nathan tells her that she just got back from a long trip. She had to get out of town after losing her child. Britt doesn't make the connection.

Lulu and Dante are on their way home with Ben. Lulu is worried that he might have trouble adjusting to his new surroundings. Dante reassures her that everything will be fine. When he opens the door to the loft, Olivia jumps up with a big sign, saying Welcome Home, Bambino, and yells Surprise! Dante says See what 'd tell ya, as he and Lulu are all smiles.

Sonny isn't smiling because, he's trying to figure out what FauxLuke is up to. He doesn't understand why FauxLuke is trying to stir up trouble between him and Ric. FauxLuke reminds him that they go back a long time. FauxLuke talks his way around Sonny's veiled threat. Sonny tells him of Ric's visit warning him that FauxLuke was saying that Sonny was out to get him. Sonny demands that FauxLuke tell him what he said, so he admits it.

Back at GH, Ric questions Elizabeth about which visitor she would've preferred, him or Nikolas. He tells her that they looked pretty cozy. She admits that they had a moment, but it wasn't about her. It was about Britt.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas has changed, and finds Spencer waiting for him on his bed. He tells him that it's 2 am, but, of course, the poor kid can't sleep. He wants to know what happened with Britt and Ben.

Ben is celebrating with his parents and Grandma at the loft. Well, the adults are anyway, but little Ben sure seems to be aware that something is going on.

Back at Maxie's, Britt and Nathan continue to get drunk and very close.

At the jail, Madeline warns her sister to stay from "James". She tells her that her presence in Nathan's life would not be welcome by him. Obrecht is impervious to her sister's threats. She thinks that Nathan is just what Britt needs right now. A brother to lean on, and goes on to mention more practical needs, like a blood transfusion. Madeline recalls how Obrecht always though the worst was going to happen, as a child. She mocks her, which Obrecht takes in stride. There is one thing that Madeline hasn't considered, but Obrecht has. What if their children should meet, and are attracted to each other. Madeline still doesn't get it, so Obrecht says, what if they meet and have sex? Which it seems they are about to do back at Maxie's.

Back at the loft. Olivia holds her grandchild, before passing him off to Dante. Dante says that she's smothered him enough, and she fires back about cheering for the Red Sox. ( Ben is wearing his New York Yankees hat.) Before she leaves, says that she didn't know what name to put on the banner She asks them if they're going to keep the name Ben. They wonder about that, too.

Back at Sonny's, he lets FauxLuke have it. He wants to know why FauxLuke wants Ric that he was coming after him. FauxLuke tries to make excuses, but Sonny wants to know why he even brought it up. It's making him question FauxLuke's loyalty.

At GH, Ric wonders why Elizabeth would talk to Nikolas about Britt at all. She says that Nikolas is a friend, and even though she never wants to hear Britt's name again, she wants to support him. Ric wonders if Nikolas will be able to shake off Britt so easily.

At Wyndemere, Spencer demands to know where Britt is, and why she isn't answering any of his calls. He goes and on about how worried he is, and even fired Alfred for not telling him anything. Nikolas is surprised, but Spencer says that Alfred is still here. He complains that Alfred doesn't respect his authority, but Nikolas reminds him that he doesn't have any. Spencer is not deceived, and continues to worry about Britt and Ben. Finally, Nikolas tells him that Britt and Ben have moved out. For how long, he asks, hopefully. For good, Nikolas tells him.

Back at Maxie's, Nathan breaks off kissing Britt, saying that they're drunk. He admits that he thought of the possibility of having sex with her. He says that they're both really hurt, and it's not right to take advantage of each other. Opportunity is lost, when Maxie comes out to check out the noise.  Both she and Britt are surprised to see each other.    

In the jail, Madeline thinks her sister and her suggestions are crazy. She refuses to think about it, and thinks they have bigger fish to fry, like going to prison. Obrecht tells her sister that they have different fates, and she won't be going to prison.

At Sonny's, FauxLuke blames everything on Ric. He assures Sonny that he's on his side. 

At GH, Ric tells Elizabeth how worried he was when he heard she was shot. She jokes that he was fine without her before, but he tells her how committed he is to her now. He tells her that he is not giving up on her. He tells her that by the time he's finished, she'll forget all about Nikolas Cassadine. 

Nikolas explains to Spencer that Ben is really Dante and Lulu's baby. Spencer says that he was going to have a new baby brother and step-Mother, and wonders why they still can't have that family. Nikolas tells him hat Britt did something that wasn't very nice. Spencer asks him if that means he doesn't love her anymore.

Britt is surprised to learn that Maxie is Nathan's roommate. Nathan is equally surprised that Britt was her OB/GYN. She tells him that Britt did the implant for the surrogacy, among other things. Nathan wonders what other things, so Maxie tells him that Britt helped her keep the secret of her baby's paternity. She rambles on to say that the worst part was that Lulu was left without a baby.  Britt is surprised that Maxie hasn't heard the news yet. She decides to tell her, herself.

Lulu and Dante consider the possibility of changing Ben's name. Dante reminds her that Spinelli changed Connie's name to Georgie, after the custody battle. Dante says that Spinelli did the right thing, because it was a painful reminder of what happened.  He says that it wasn't really their place name Connie. Just like it wasn't Britt did, Lulu says. When they realize it's okay, Lulu asks who he is then? Dante says "Isn't he a Rocco?"

Madeline wants to know what Obrecht is talking about. Obrecht says it depends on your point of view. Madeline asks what's the point of view of the police. She asks if the charges are serious. Obrecht tells her that she kidnapped a child, and threatened it's parents. Obrecht flashes  back to the scene, where Elizabeth gets shot, in the chaos. She tells Madeline that she took two nincompoops hostage, when the woman got shot. She blames Elizabeth for getting in the way. She also tells her that she threw a lab manager over a parapet, but she doesn't think she'll be charged. Madeline doesn't think she'll get out of the charges, but Obrecht tells her that she has a plan. Madeline is astonished and wonders why anyone would allow her to go free. Obrecht tells her foresight, and planning, dear schweister. They will have to release her, with the ace she has up her sleeve. Obrecht goes back to her exercises.

Lulu is still questioning the choice of Rocco as a name for their son. Dante reminds her that's what they called the baby during Maxie's pregnancy. They both laugh when Rocco/Ben seems to answer to it.

Maxie is thrilled to hear that Lulu finally has her own baby. She's ignoring Britt, who's obviously in pain. She says that everything worked out, just like Levi said it would. Always recycle, quips Nathan, drunkenly, waving a glass at her. Who's Levi, asked Britt. Maxie excitedly tells her that Levi says that universe despises inequality, and everything evens out. Both Nathan and Britt go Oh, not really understanding or caring at the moment. Maxie wants to go and see Dante and Lulu, until Nathan reminds her what time it is. She says that can wait to see them, and has to "embrace". She happily goes back to bed, leaving Britt and Nathan to do whatever.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is trying to explain why he can't marry Britt to his son. He looks at Britt's 's ring, and tells Spencer that it has nothing to do with whatever or not he loves her. Spencer asks if he did something bad, if he would send him away, too. Nikolas assures him that that would ever happen. Spencer isn't so sure, because Cameron says that he's not very nice.  Nikolas explains that it's different, because Spencer is his son, and he loves him, no matter what. Spencer asks are you sure, and Nikolas tells him that he's his best man forever.  He takes Spencer in his arms, and gives him a high five. Spencer gives him a big hug.

At GH, Ric tries to cheer up Elizabeth, by telling her if she had let him stay over, none of his would've happened.  How do you know that she wouldn't have shot you? she asks. He tells her that he would've been too preoccupied, and she wouldn't have gotten in. Elizabeth laughs as Ric continues with his monologue. He says that spending time with him is a much safer route for her, than Nikolas. Ric says it's a gimme.

Back at Sonny's, he's not sure that FauxLuke's information is a gimme. Sonny's is considering the possibility, when Olivia comes back home. She greets FauxLuke, who says that he's just "shooting the breeze" with the man here. The man asks Olivia "How's our boy?" Olivia is thrilled to report that Dante and Lulu and Ben are adorable. She tells them that they've got t go and spend time with their grandson. Sonny says he will, but FauxLuke seems totally disinterested. When Olivia tells him that it will warm his heart to see his grandson, FauxLuke tells her "not this heart". Olivia and Sonny look stunned.

Britt tries to leave Maxie's apartment, but Nathan doesn't think that she should be alone. Britt says according to Levi, she should be, but Nathan talks her into staying. He says that she needs a friend, and they forget about the sex part.

Back at the jail, a guard hands Obrecht a cell phone, and says "You have one phone call." She takes the phone, and tells Madeline to "watch and learn. The Liesl scale is about to g off the charts. Madeline is in awe, while Obrecht makes her one call to Dante. He wants to know how she got his number, and she tells him about the guard. He wants to know why the guard let her use his phone, and she says that it's because she wants to make a statement. He tells her to make her statement, and he'll read it the morning. She tells him that she'll only make it to him. He tells her hat he doesn't care what she has to say. She says, he will. Lulu wonders what it's all about, but Dante's go a bad feeling. He leaves to check it out.

At Wyndemere, Spencer and Nikolas support each other. Spencer tells him that Emma dumped him, because of Cameron's stupid paper heart. Nikolas apologizes for not being there, but Spencer understands, and tells him Uncle Sonny helped him out. Nikolas isn't thrilled, but Spencer tells him that Uncle Sonny is "good people". He tells Nikolas that's why he's worried about him.  Spencer tells him that Uncle Luke is out to get him. Nikolas is stunned.

Sonny and Olivia can't believe FauxLuke's attitude towards their grandson. FauxLuke says he doesn't feel the same way Olivia does. He says that he's always staring death in the face. He tries to get Sonny to agree, but he doesn't.  Olivia has had enough of FauxLuke's morbidity. Olivia tells him to keep his attitude away from their grandchild. FauxLuke laughs. Sonny walks him out. FauxLuke asks if they're cool, and Sonny says yea. He's just worried about this Ric situation. FauxLuke leaves with a warning for Sonny to watch his back.

When Nikolas asks him about Luke and Sonny, Spencer tells him that Uncle Luke doesn't like Uncle Sonny.  Nikolas tells him that they've been friends for years. Spencer says that after Emma broke his hear, he went to the stables to clear his head.  He heard Uncle Luke say this about Sonny, but Nikolas doesn't believe him. Spencer says that if he doesn't want to know, don't ask, so Nikolas apologizes. Spencer again tells him that he heard Uncle Luke say it to some man. Spencer didn't recognize the man, but he didn't like Uncle Sonny either. Nikolas can't believe it, but Spencer is convinced that Uncle Sonny is in big trouble, and doesn't know it.

At GH, Elizabeth thanks Ric for keeping her company. He kisses her on the forehead, before he leaves.

Nathan says he'll take the couch, and she can have his bed. But she'd rather have the couch. When alone, she takes out her phone, and looks at a picture of her and Ben

Lulu is putting Ben, now Rocco, down to sleep. She tells him that Daddy will be home soon.

Dante arrives at the jail and tells Obrecht that she has five minutes. Obrecht tells Dante that she has information to set her free. Dante tells her that has his son back, what else would he want? Madeline 's jaw drops when she hears her sister ask Dante, "How about your other child?"

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