GH Update Thursday 4/10/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/10/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

As Sonny entered his home, he left Olivia a message asking her to let him know if Dante and Lulu needed anything. Ric was inside waiting for Sonny. Sonny asked how Ric got in, and he explained that he told the guard that Sonny was his brother. Ric revealed that Luke told him that Sonny wanted him dead. Sonny couldn't believe that Luke would say that. Ric asked if Sonny was saying Luke lied. Sonny admitted that he and Luke may have talked, but he told Ric that Ric had the wrong idea. Ric was adamant that he was not working with Julian to take Sonny down. Ric announced that he'd quit working for the legitimate side of Julian's business, too. He started to leave, but he stopped when Sonny asked why he quit. Ric clarified that he quit as a way to show Sonny that he wanted peace. Ric told Sonny that if Sonny killed him, Sonny would be taking out the wrong guy.

Julian was on the pier. He called Sam and asked if she'd been able to catch Ava in the act. Sam told him that they caught someone, but not Ava. Julian was glad it was over. He told Sam to call him if she needed anything, then he hung up. Luke appeared and asked if their problems were over. Julian said no, because Ava was still on her way. Luke said that with any luck, their problems with Sonny were about to be taken care of.

Britt was drowning her sorrows at The Floating Rib when a depressed Nathan walked in. He took the seat next to hers at the bar and struck up a conversation. Britt ordered another double vodka. Nathan noted that she chose a strong drink, and Britt said she needed it after the day she had. Nathan ordered the same drink, then another for Britt. He toasted to bad days. They got on the subject of which of them had a worse day, then Nathan told Britt that he was a cop, so he knew what she'd just been through. Britt groaned. Nathan asked if she wanted him to move, and Britt said no, but she was surprised he'd want to sit next to her after what she did to Dante. Nathan felt that all that mattered was that Ben was back with Dante and Lulu. Britt admitted she never had a right to Ben, but she still missed him. She told Nathan that she also lost her fiancé. Nathan pointed out that she did the right thing in the end. Britt couldn't take solace in that, because she couldn't stop thinking about Nikolas, Ben and how close she'd come to being happy. Nathan asked if it bothered her that her happiness was built on a lie. Britt admitted that it did. She told Nathan that she'd known from the day she met Nikolas that their relationship would end when the truth about Ben came out. Britt sighed that she lost Ben and Nik, thanks to the nurse from Hell. Nathan was curious about this, so Britt vented about the smug and devious nurse who'd been gunning for Britt from day one. Britt explained that Liz cheated on her husband with her brother in law Nik. Britt said that Liz had never gotten over the affair, so she tried to turn Nik against Britt, from the beginning. Britt said the worst part was that Liz had been right – Britt did hurt Nik badly. Nathan thought Britt was being too hard on herself, but Britt said that Nik took her in when no one else wanted anything to do with her and gave her his trust, and in return she lied to him constantly. Britt believed her actions to be unforgivable. Nathan said if it was any consolation, what Britt did was nothing compared to what Nathan's mother did to him. He confided in her about Madeline accidentally killing Nina in an attempt to kill her baby. Nathan felt both better and worse knowing that Madeline did it for the money and that she didn't actually mean to hurt Nina. Nathan reminisced about Nina, and Britt said that she was sure Nina wouldn't want him to hurt this way. Nathan was upset that his mother had lied to him and manipulated him for years. Britt said that sounded just like her mother. Britt took Nathan's mind off his problems by telling him how her mother used to give her empty boxes for Christmas to teach her to be accustomed to disappointment. They laughed and Nathan thanked Britt, then he apologized and assured her he wasn't trying to make light of her childhood. Britt was glad to be laughing about the things that usually made her miserable. They introduced themselves by first name and shook hands. Britt admitted she was glad Nathan was there. The bartender called last call. Nathan asked Britt if she wanted to get out of there. Britt said why not, and they left together.

Julian followed Luke into the bar. Julian noticed Nathan and he was concerned that Nathan, being a cop, would see him with Luke. Luke assured him that people would just think Luke was buying art. Luke remembered that he'd told Tracy he bought her some art for her birthday. Julian reminded Luke that Luke hadn't chosen which piece he wanted to give her. Luke didn't care about Tracy's gift; he told Julian to choose any old crap that he could pass off as art for her. Julian was curious to know how Luke fixed the Sonny problem. Luke told Julian how he fanned the flames between Sonny and Ric. Luke predicted that Sonny would be so focused on Ric that he wouldn't notice that he was being targeted by someone else. Julian didn't think the plan would work, because Ric had just quit working for Julian. Luke thought that people would assume Ric only pretended to stop working with Julian. Julian conceded that Luke's plan could work. Julian felt that if Luke wanted things to work out, Luke should keep Julian in the loop. Julian wondered if Luke really wanted things to work or if he was just playing a game. “My plans for Port Charles are deadly serious” Luke said. Luke had a drug shipment coming in tonight, and he told Julian to go down to the pier and supervise. Luke wanted to use ELQ to launder the drug money. Julian did as he was told and left for the pier. Sonny called Luke and asked him to come over. Luke pointed out that it was 1 AM, but Sonny said it couldn't wait.

In the holding cells, Madeline was dismayed when Obrecht realized that Nathan was Obrecht's son James. Obrecht wept with joy over having seen her son again. Madeline snapped that James was Madeline's son, but Obrecht countered that Obrecht gave birth to him. Madeline argued that Obrecht gave Nathan to her and didn't look back. Obrecht insisted that giving up Nathan was the hardest choice she ever made. Madeline felt that Madeline had done the hard work raising James. She snapped that Obrecht would have dumped him in an orphanage had Madeline not intervened. “We both know I had no choice” Obrecht said. Madeline argued that Obrecht could have chosen not to run off with Faison. According to Madeline, Obrecht abandoned James, so Madeline raised him out of the goodness of her heart. Obrecht scoffed. The way Obrecht saw it, Madeline took James because she owed Obrecht after what happened in Basel.

According to Obrecht, Madeline had left Obrecht holding the bag in Basel, then fled to the United States. “And I was the one with my face plastered all over the front page,” Obrecht spat. Madeline wasn't interested in hearing Obrecht's version of history. Obrecht argued that Madeline was the one rewriting history; she'd changed her name from Magda Westbourne to Madeline West, then married a wealthy man. Obrecht surmised that none of Madeline's socialite friends knew the truth about Madeline and James. Madeline insisted that James was her son. She advised Obrecht to forget about him and focus on her daughter. Obrecht said she couldn't forget about him now that she'd seen him. She felt that her son, with his dark hair and blue eyes, was the spitting image of her. Obrecht felt bad when she remembered that she'd berated Nathan for bothering Silas at the hospital. Obrecht wanted to know why he wasn't using the name he was born with, and she had a feeling that it had something to do with the reason Madeline had been arrested. Madeline explained that Nathan was James's middle name. She added that he was using her maiden name as a tribute to her. Obrecht urged Madeline to tell her why Nathan was so angry with her. Madeline said Silas drove her to do what she did. Skeptical, Obrecht said that Silas was an excellent doctor, and Madeline countered that Obrecht was a great scientist, but that didn't mean she was a nice person. Obrecht remembered that Nathan was investigating Silas for killing his wife, then she realized that was Nina. Obrecht connected the dots. “You killed your own daughter. And you think you are a good mother to my son?” Obrecht said. Madeline wiped away tears as she insisted that she'd been a better mother than Obrecht would have been. Obrecht vowed to tell Nathan the truth and let him decide who he wanted as a mother. Madeline was adamant that Obrecht couldn't do that. Obrecht maintained that it wasn't fair for Nathan not to know who he really was. She added that he had a sister that he'd never met.

Silas brought Danny into Sam's room. Sam was surprised he was still awake. She offered to take Danny into the kitchen for a snack, but Silas wanted to spend some time with the toddler. He told Sam that if it weren't for Madeline, he might have had a little guy of his own. Sam returned with a sippy cup and smiled as she watched Silas feed Danny. She told him he would have made a good father. Silas had been thinking about what might have been and wondering if the baby would have brought him and Nina together. He clarified that he was happy to be there with Sam, and she assured him that she understood, because she knew how much he loved Nina. Silas thought Sam was amazing, because he found it easy to confide in her about his feelings. Sam said she sometimes looked at Danny and wished Jason could have known him. Sam told Silas that when you lose someone you love, a part of them becomes a part of you and you carry them with you. Silas couldn't help but wonder what the child would have been like. He sighed that he'd never get the answers, because of Madeline.

Sam put Danny to bed after he fell asleep. She thought Danny was crazy about Silas, and Silas pointed out that he and Danny spent a lot of time together at the hospital. Sam hoped that their connection would last. Silas told her he was happy to have her and Danny in his life. They kissed, but Silas pulled back. He sat on the floor and said after today if felt like anything could happen, and he didn't want to tempt fate. Sam sat next to him and leaned against him. She told him he was right – anything could happen. Sam noted that Silas was living with the daughter Ava had kept from him for 20 years. Silas smiled; he enjoyed having Kiki around. Sam pointed out that they got both bad and good news today – Silas had been proven innocent. Silas felt that it was all thanks to Sam for setting up the sting and for believing in him. They moved from the floor to the bed and had sex. Later, Sam asked Silas if he was okay. Silas said he was much better than okay. He was still digesting everything they learned today, but he was relieved that it was over, that Madeline was in jail, and that he and Sam could finally move on.

Nikolas was in Elizabeth's hospital room. He conceded that she'd been right about Britt, and Liz reminded him that he apologized and she accepted. Nik confessed that he was worried she'd only accepted his apology to get rid of him. Liz assured him that she really accepted his apology, then he placed his hand over hers. Liz noted that Nik must be in a lot of pain right now. Nik appreciated that Liz cared. He tried to convince her that he was fine, but Liz told him that she knew him well enough to know he was hurting. Nik admitted that the past couple of days had been rough, but Britt was the last thing on his mind, now. He was focused the good news, like Ben being with his parents and the doctor saying Liz was going to be okay. Liz encouraged Nik to let himself think about Britt. Nik insisted that he was the least affected by the fallout, but Liz disagreed. Liz also believed that Nik was still in love with Britt. Nik was adamant that he didn't love Britt anymore. He was furious with her because lied to him and hurt his sister. Liz was concerned that Nik was suppressing his feelings out of loyalty to everyone else. Nik felt that he hadn't been loyal enough. He felt bad for not listening to Liz and for letting everyone down. Liz assured him that everyone would forgive him. Nik knew Spencer would be hurt when Nik broke the news about Britt. Liz acknowledged that Nik, Spencer and Britt had all been happy. Nik pointed out that the happiness had been based on a lie. Liz told him that people sometimes love people who weren't good for them. “The head and the heart hardly ever agree,” she said with a chuckle. Nik was confused; he asked Liz she was pushing him toward Britt, when before, she'd constantly warned him that Britt would hurt him. Liz admitted that it seemed as if she'd done a 180. She explained that she wanted Nik to be honest about how he felt, so there wouldn't be any more misunderstandings. Nik didn't want any more misunderstandings, either. Liz assured him she wouldn't judge him for loving Britt, then she encouraged him to admit it. Before Nik could respond, Ric ran in frantically yelling Liz's name. He'd heard on the radio that she got shot. Ric wedged himself in between Nik and Liz and took Liz's hand. He asked what he could get for Liz – flowers, chocolates, champagne? Nik grumbled that this wasn't a celebration, but Ric disagreed. He pointed out that Liz had survived Nik's maniac of a fiancée and her maniac mother. Liz said she was fine, but Ric insisted that she wasn't fine after being shot. He was sorry he didn't get there sooner. Liz looked at Nik and said that everyone took good care of her.

Ric asked what he could do for Liz. Just then a nurse walked in and said it was too late for visitors. Ric asked if they could bend the rules since he just got there. The nurse agreed to let Liz have one visitor, and she told Nik and Ric that one of them would have to leave. Liz told Nik that she appreciated him staying with her, but he should go home to Spencer. Nik promised to come back tomorrow. He lingered in the doorway watching for a second, then he left. Ric told Liz that he was so shocked that she'd been shot that he nearly drove into the lake.

Luke went to Sonny's and asked what he needed. Sonny asked Luke what kind of games he was playing.

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