GH Update Wednesday 4/9/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/9/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Carly finally confirms to Franco that Sonny shot and killed AJ. Happy that he finally has something on Sonny, Franco wants to go to the cops immediately, but Carly asks if she can trust him to keep her secret for her and for Michael. Once Franco agrees, Carly also tells him of Ava's involvement and how AJ told Carly that Sonny shot him because of Ava. Carly wants to find out the whole story, because she is convinced Ava is hiding something. Carly also believes Sonny doesn't know the whole story.

Elizabeth is brought into GH after being shot by a stray bullet as Nikolas wrestled the gun from Dr. Obrecht at her house. Her doctor informs Nikolas, who's been waiting in the hall for news, that Elizabeth is lucky that the bullet didn't hit any major organs. She is going to be in pain but all right. Nikolas thanks Britt for helping Elizabeth but becomes angry when she apologizes. Refusing to accept her apology, Nikolas tells Britt that everything bad that's happened is her fault, including Elizabeth getting shot. He wants her to leave him alone and asks her to leave. Nikolas wants to see Elizabeth, but her doctor will only allow family in. Nikolas finally convinces the doctor to let him visit for 5 minutes, because he is on the board. Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth about everything, but she says there is nothing to forgive. Of course, she forgives him, and is glad he is there.

Nathan goes home depressed after arresting Madeline for killing Nina and is surprised to see Maxie in the apartment. They get reacquainted and Maxie can tell he needs to talk. Sitting down in front of him, she offers to listen to his problems. Suddenly, an Australian guy emerges from the shower clad only in a towel. Holding a bottle of shampoo, he declares that he used the last of it. Nathan is upset that Maxie didn't tell him they weren't alone and that her guest stole his shampoo.  Maxie introduces Nathan to Levi, a man she met in the Philippines while volunteering for Disaster Relief. Levi also lends a sympathetic ear and Nathan tells them everything. Nathan finally reveals to Maxie and Levi that he just arrested his mother for killing his sister and unborn baby. Levi tells Nathan to go see his mother and forgive her because having all that anger is unhealthy. Nathan says going to see Madeline is a great idea, because  he has a lot to say to her, but forgiveness is not going to be a part of it. Nathan grabs his keys and stuff and angrily heads out the door.

Sonny and Olivia are in the Floating Rib when she gets the call that Ben is safe and with Dante. After they both rejoice at having their grandson back, Olivia leaves Sonny there to continue his brooding and goes shopping for baby paraphernalia to help Dante and Lulu when they take their baby home. When Ava walks in, Sonny tells her they need to talk. Sonny tells her that AJ told Carly before he died that Sonny shot him because of Ava. Sonny tries to assure his partner in crime that she has nothing to worry about, because Carly promised to keep the secret in order to protect Michael from having to lose another father. Ava is skeptical, but Sonny keeps telling her not to worry and leaves the restaurant.

Dante brings Ben to the PCPD and happily puts him into Lulu's waiting arms. They rejoice at being reunited, but the moment is marred when Britt walks in and asks to say goodbye to Ben. Dante says no, but Lulu agrees in order to get rid of Britt. Britt takes Ben in her arms and informs him that she won't be seeing him anymore, because his parents will be taking care of him now. Tearfully, Britt tells the baby that she will always love him. Once outside the station, she weeps uncontrollably.

An officer angrily pushes Dr. Obrecht into her cell calling her a "baby stealer." She declares that her day just keeps going from bad to worse. Seeing Madeline is in the cell across from her crying, she orders her to stop. They look at each other and state it's been a long time. Obrecht scoffs at Madeline and asks if that is any way to talk to your big sister. Obrecht calls her Magda and congratulates her on her total makeover, including losing her accent. Madeline talks about having left Switzerland not knowing that her sister also wanted to get out. Nathan comes in to see Madeline, demanding to know why she killed his sister and her unborn child. Although Madeline gives him no answers, he demands to know why his father disinherited him and his wife and left everything to Nina. He wants to know why she claims she did everything for him, but she doesn't answer, so he angrily leaves. When she hears Nathan calling Madeline "Mother," Obrecht sees the light and asks if that was James. Madeline says yes but he is none of her business. Obrecht disagrees stating because he is her son.

Britt and Nathan walk into the Floating Rib and sit next to each other, not knowing that they are siblings and begin to drown their sorrows in alcohol.

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