GH Update Tuesday 4/8/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/8/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Franco left Carly a message asking where she was, just as she entered his suite. He explained that he'd ordered all her favorites from room service and now they were cold. Carly was apologetic, and she told Franco that she'd been with Michael, who was having a hard time over AJ's death. Franco understood, but he wondered why Carly hadn't called. He believed Carly was avoiding him. Carly told Franco that she thought he'd know where she was. Franco countered that she'd recently disappeared during her kidnapping. He thought that Carly was keeping her distance because of the secret she and Sonny shared. Carly insisted that she and Sonny were just concerned about Michael, but Franco thought there was more to it. He reminded Carly that she woke up from a bad dream this morning and told him it had to do with Sonny. Then Sonny had barged in and asked Franco to leave his own home, so Carly and Sonny could talk in private. Franco didn't know why Carly put up with it. Carly said she and Sonny had put up with each other for a long time and that probably wouldn't change. Franco felt that Carly deserved better. Carly told Franco that he didn't have to defend her from Sonny. She said that Sonny despised Franco, but Sonny accepted that Franco was a part of Carly's life, so Franco didn't have to argue about that. Franco told Carly that he'd given her space, but he knew something was off about her and that it had to do with Sonny.

Carly maintained that everything was fine. Franco reminded Carly that they nearly died because Franco didn't trust Carly enough to be honest with her. Franco told Carly that he thought he'd finally gained her trust. Carly told him that she did trust him, but she couldn't tell him this. Franco urged Carly to unburden herself instead of letting the secret make things awkward between them. Carly got frustrated and explained that she was trying to protect Franco. She clarified that she didn't want him to get implicated if the police found out. Franco comforted her and asked if she felt better now that she'd told him the truth. Carly was confused and Franco told her that he'd put the pieces together and figured out that Sonny shot AJ. Carly tried to convince Franco that he was wrong, but he told her not to insult his intelligence. Carly admitted that Franco was right.

At the PCPD, Anna called Olivia, who was at the Floating Rib with Sonny, and told her that Dante had a lead on Ben's whereabouts. When Olivia hung up, she excitedly told Sonny that Dante was going to bring their grandson home. Olivia noticed that Sonny looked depressed and she asked what was wrong. Sonny remembered he and Carly agreeing to take the truth about AJ's death to their graves. Olivia wondered if Sonny thought she was being too optimistic about the lead. Sonny revealed that his mood had nothing to do with the baby, but he was reluctant to open up. Olivia insisted, so Sonny told her that he was worried about Michael. Sonny was concerned that Michael would feel like he caused AJ's death by signing off on AJ's surgery. Olivia was adamant that the only person responsible for AJ's death was his shooter. She was hopeful that Michael would find peace once the shooter was caught and arrested.

Olivia confessed that she thought the shooter was a hero, because that person got justice for Connie. However, Olivia wanted to put those feelings aside, for Michael's sake. She knew that Michael would want justice. Sonny agreed. He said Michael was relentless, like Carly, and wouldn't stop until the shooter was behind bars. Olivia said she and Sonny would help Michael cope until Michael was able to get justice for AJ. Sonny admitted he wasn't sure if he could do that. Olivia was sympathetic. She felt like a hypocrite comforting Michael, when she didn't feel bad that AJ was dead, and she assumed Sonny felt the same way. Sonny told Olivia that she wasn't a hypocrite. Olivia pointed out that she and Sonny had been upfront with Michael about their opinion of AJ and neither of them wanted Michael to go through this. Sonny explained that Michael had been in the middle of a war his whole life and now Sonny had done this to Michael instead of protecting him. Olivia insisted that Sonny had done the best he could. She told Sonny he wasn't a hypocrite; he'd kept his promise to Michael and he was the only father Michael had left.

Lulu sat at Dante's desk looking at a picture of Ben. She decided that it was un-Spencer-like to sit around and wait for Dante to rescue her son, so she started toward the door. Anna noticed her and asked where she was going. Lulu revealed that she was going to Elizabeth's, because Ben needed her. Anna was sympathetic to Lulu's instinct to run to Ben, but Anna had promised Dante she wouldn't let Lulu go to the house. Dante had been worried that having Lulu there would distract him. Lulu didn't think Anna knew how it felt, because Robin had been kidnapped as an adult, but Ben was just a baby. Anna told Lulu about the time Robin had been kidnapped as a little girl. Anna had been filled with fear and anger at the kidnappers, but she got through it by having faith that Robin would be okay. Lulu asked how Anna felt when she got Robin back. Anna talked about the mix of joy and love she felt. She called it the sweetest moment of her life. Lulu was afraid that she wouldn't be so lucky, but Anna encouraged her to stay positive. They hugged.

Britt, Dante and some other police officers went to Elizabeth's house. The police held back, while Britt called out to her mother. Britt tricked Obrecht into thinking she was alone and there to pick up Ben. Inside the house, Nikolas convinced Obrecht that shooting Elizabeth would only draw attention to the house and hinder Britt's getaway. Obrecht agreed not to shoot Liz, for Britt's sake. She told Liz to go get the baby, and she warned her that if she messed up, Nik would die. Liz went upstairs, and Obrecht told Nik to go open the door.

Back outside, Britt worried that Obrecht suspected something, but Dante assured Britt that she was doing fine. The cops hid when the door opened. Britt demanded to know why Obrecht had a gun on Nik. Obrecht said she had no choice, because Nik came around asking questions. Britt apologized to Nik, but he told her that he'd long since stopped believing her apologies. Obrecht asked Britt if she'd been followed, and Britt insisted that she hadn't been. Nik was appalled that Britt was going to steal Dante and Lulu's baby again and put him in danger by making him live as a fugitive. Britt insisted that she never set out to hurt the Falconeris, but Nik believed that she was being insincere. Britt said she'd made a difficult decision and was doing what was best for the baby. Nik was disgusted that Britt could think it was best for Ben to be kept away from his parents. “I thought I really knew you” Nik said to Britt, who looked hurt.

Liz brought Ben downstairs. Britt was elated and told Liz to give her her baby. “Not so fast,” Obrecht said. Obrecht motioned toward a duffel bag and had Nik give it to Britt. Obrecht revealed that the bag contained everything Britt and Ben would need to leave the country and establish a new life. Obrecht began to cry and she said she didn't know if when or if she'd ever see Britt again, so she wanted to make sure Britt would be alright. Britt began to cry too. Obrecht made Liz hand Ben over. Britt smiled as she took Ben into her arms. “See, I told you I would fix everything” Obrecht said.

Britt was wearing a wire. The cops burst in after they heard Britt say she was happy to have Ben in her arms again. Obrecht called Britt a fool for not realizing she'd been followed. Britt admitted that she'd helped the police set Obrecht up. “After everything I did for you?” Obrecht asked. Britt cried that she and Obrecht had to accept that Ben wasn't Britt's baby. Dante ordered Obrecht to drop the gun, and Britt pleaded with her mother to listen. Obrecht pretended she was going to put the gun down, but she suddenly picked it back up. Nik grabbed Obrecht's arm, but it was too late – Obrecht shot Liz in the shoulder. The police subdued Obrecht and Nik scooped Liz up and put her on the couch. He put pressure on the wound and ordered Britt to help her. Britt gave Ben to Dante then she ran over to Liz. Britt spoke to Liz in a reassuring tone while she put pressure on the wound. She told Nik to go get a towel. “You'll be okay. I won't lose you” Nik said to Liz as he raced off. When he returned, Britt was frantic; Liz had lost a lot of blood and she was dying. Nik told Britt that he knew she hated Liz, but he begged her not to let Liz die. Nik was terrified when Liz lost consciousness.

In a suite at the Metro Court, Nathan demanded to know why Madeline poisoned Nina. Silas was stunned when Madeline cried that she wasn't trying to hurt Nina; she was trying to get rid of Nina's baby. Silas insisted that he would have known if Nina was pregnant, but Madeline spat that he was too focused on Ava to notice. According to Madeline, she had Silas followed and when she obtained proof of his affair, she showed it to Nina. At that moment, Nina revealed that she was pregnant. Nina had been planning to tell Silas the truth, but Madeline decided to end the pregnancy before that could happen. Silas thought the real reason Madeline poisoned Nina was because she couldn't stand the thought of Nina sharing her inheritance with Silas. Madeline sighed that Nina thought that Silas would end the affair once he found out about the baby and be a good father and loving husband. Silas insisted that he and Nina would have been happy. Madeline argued that Nina was never happy, but Silas yelled that Nina was never happier than when she was with him. He screamed that Madeline wanted to destroy the marriage, and Madeline countered that she couldn't have done a better job than Silas and Ava did. Silas felt that he and Nina should have been the ones to choose whether or not to stay married. Madeline admitted that Silas probably would have been able to convince Nina to stay with him. Sam surmised that Madeline had assumed that if Nina lost the baby, she'd lose Silas too. “You killed our baby to get me out of Nina's life? I wish I had it in me to kill you right now” Silas spat.

Nathan asked Madeline how she planned to do it. Madeline had learned that taking too many antidepressants could cause a miscarriage. She explained that she'd stumbled upon this fact while reading about the medication that Nina had to take to get through a day with Silas. Silas yelled that Madeline never knew Nina. He accused Madeline of blaming him because Nina wasn't the socialite Madeline wanted her to be. Nathan asked how Nakamura fit into this. Madeline claimed she didn't know, but Silas revealed that Madeline knew Nakamura, because she used to pick up Nina's prescription. Silas felt that Madeline visited the pharmacy as a way to intrude into his and Nina's lives, but Madeline insisted that she'd been spending time with Nina because Silas was busy with Ava.

Silas accused Madeline of stealing a scrip from Silas's pad, forging his signature, then paying Nakamura to fill the prescription and keep his mouth shut. Silas recalled that when he found Nina, he hadn't seen signs of a struggle. He wondered if Madeline had lied and tricked Nina into taking the shot or if she berated Nina, as usual, then offered to give her a shot to help her calm down. Nathan didn't understand how Madeline could take advantage of Nina's trust in her. Madeline sobbed that she never meant to hurt Nina. Madeline had been suicidal over causing Nina's coma.

Madeline told Nathan he'd been too young to understand how much pain Silas caused Nina. She explained that she was just trying to help Nina by making sure she wasn't tied to Silas forever. Madeline cried that she loved Nina and had made a terrible mistake. When Madeline's plan backfired, she became focused on protecting Nathan. Nathan pointed out that she pushed him to go after Silas for something Madeline did. He accused her of teaming up with Nakamura. Madeline denied it. She said that whatever she did, she did for their family. She told Nathan that she'd suffered over what she'd done to Nina and she begged him to tell her that he understood. Nathan arrested Madeline for the murder of Nakamura and Nina. They left.

Silas told Sam he wasn't violent, but there was a moment where he wanted to strangle Madeline to death. “She killed them both,” he said, quietly. He added that she supposedly did it because of him. Sam told Silas that he'd been right when he said Madeline did it for the money. Silas admitted that was part of it, but he also blamed himself. He told Sam that he lost Nina and the baby because he'd been a bad husband. Sam was adamant that this wasn't Silas' fault. Silas sank down to the floor, and he recalled how much Nina loved her little brother James. Madeline would use James as bait and Nina would put up with it because she wanted to spend time with the boy. Silas used to watch them together and think about what a good parent she'd be. Sam knelt down and comforted him. She told Silas he could heal now that the truth was out, and she assured him that Madeline would pay.

Nathan took his mother to the police station. Madeline begged him to say something, and he ordered her to keep walking. They ran into Anna, and he told her that Madeline killed Nina, and he had the entire confession on tape. Anna was confused, since Nathan had suspected Ava. Nathan said it was a long story that would have to wait until tomorrow. He asked Anna to take Madeline to a cell. She did, then she called Olivia and said she had very good news.

Lulu looked at the picture of Ben and told him that his daddy would bring him home. Just when Lulu couldn't take it anymore and was about to go to Liz's house, Dante walked in carrying Ben.

A guard put Obrecht into a holding cell and called her a “baby stealer.” Obrecht utters that her day just keeps going from bad to worse. Madeline was across the room sobbing, and Obrecht ordered her to be quiet, because she hates self-pity. Madeline got up to tell Obrecht off. The two women recognized each other and stared at each other in shock, as they spoke their names, Liesl and Magda.

Nathan went home and slumped in a chair. There was a noise, then Maxie walked out of her bedroom.

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