GH Update Monday 4/7/14

General Hospital Update Monday 4/7/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Silas is at the hospital looking at the paper, Ava finds him and tells him she needs to talk to him. It's urgent. If he has not yet seen the paper, it appears that Nakamura is alive and somebody might be trying to kill him. Silas is very surprised that Ava would be there instead of at Nakamura's house, as the plan intended.

An unidentified woman enters the hotel room where Sam is under the covers. And she intends to inject “somebody” (whom she believes might be Nakamura) with a lethal injection of “something”. Yet it's not Ava. It's Madeline Reeves. Outside the door, her son James (whom everybody in Port Charles knows as Det. Nathan West) catches her red-handed before she can do the dirty deed. He's startled to find out that his own mother intended to murder Nakamura to shut him up.

Not far away, at the hospital, Nikolas goes to find Elizabeth. And he tells her that he needs to know whether or not she did in fact have Ric Lansing staying at her home, as he assumed, and she did not deny she did, when he heard “someone” in her home... He inquires because Lulu just informed him that Elizabeth told her she was absolutely not seeing Ric and he was not staying with her.

At the police station, Britt informs Dante and Lulu that her mother called her not long ago and informed her that she (Obrecht) has Ben. She informs them that her mother had all of her plans in order for her daughter to leave with the baby, travel overseas and never be found. Hearing that, they are very surprised to find out that Britt did not take her mom up on her offer.

When Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth, Obrecht comes out and holds a gun on Elizabeth. She tells them both that they will not prevent her daughter from keeping her baby. Nikolas urges Obrecht to take him instead of Elizabeth. She demands they both get into the house and do as she says.

Ric goes to see Julian and informs him that he knows that Sonny believes that Julian is on the warpath and has a partner working with him to help him take Sonny down. He has this mistaken idea that the person in question is Ric. Ric informs Julian that he does not want any part of that. And his solution for that is to resign and no longer work for Julian.

Outside of Kelly's Luke talks to Tracy, hiding what he is secretly doing. He tells her that they both know that he operates “outside the constraints of the law”

At the hospital, Ava tells Silas if he wants to save himself from spending the rest of his life behind bars, she suggests he goes to shut Nakamura up. He asks her why on earth he'd want to shut Nakamura up. She replies by sounding very “earnest” that she knows that he murdered Nina and she wants to help him not have to go to prison after Nakamura gives him up.

When Sam catches Madeline Reeves trying to inject her with a lethal dose, she is ready to have her arrested. She asks “Nathan” if it is not high time for the cops to “lock up this bitch”. In response to that, he then confesses that “this bitch” is his mother.

Ava indicates to Silas that she really truly believes it was he who killed Nina and that everybody knows it couldn't be her. He asks why she'd believe that. He then figures out that she got the idea that in order to be with her (which he allegedly wanted), his wife would have to die. And he reveals to her, for the first time, that he regretted his affair with Ava. He was afraid he drove his wife to suicide. And when he found out that his wife did not attempt to kill herself, then only person who could have killed her was Ava. At that point, Ava sounds very serious when she reveals that she swears, on Kiki's life that she absolutely did not kill Nina. He is almost convinced but asks who did. She appears to wonder the same thing.

It is revealed not only to Sam, but also to Nathan (James) that the person who probably killed Nina was his and Nina's mutual mother.

Obrecht holds a gun on both Elizabeth and Nikolas and tells them they will not prevent her daughter from going overseas with her baby. Dante and Lulu will never again see the child they believe is theirs'.

At Kelly's, Luke seems too laid back for Tracy wanting to eat when she does not. He tells her that he has procured her a birthday gift to shame all others. She reminds him that her birthday was yesterday and not today. She reminds him that his grandson is still missing so why is today more important to him than any other. She asks what is the gift and where it is. He tells her revealing that would take the fun out of it. He then reveals that he inquired her gift from Julian Jerome.

At the gallery, Julian tells Ric he's sorry to hear that Ric is “unhappy” working for him. Ric tells him it's not a case of that. It's mainly for his daughter. He wants to be able to look Molly in the eye and be able to tell her that only ONE of her parents is “in bed with the mob”. Alexis enters and tells the two men she hopes she was not “interrupting”.

As soon as Tracy hears Luke telling her that he found her a birthday gift from Julian Jerome, she asks if he is not aware of what kind of a man Julian is. He tells her she is really overreacting. He just bought some art. That's all he did. But she asks if he is not aware that any monetary transaction he makes with a mobster is supporting the life that he has and keeps his business going. But Luke does not know why she has a problem with that.

After Alexis enters to see Julian after Ric has revealed that he is going to stop doing business with Julian, and Ric leaves, Julian asks Alexis if she does not want to continue what they were ready to do the last night they were together.

At Elizabeth's, Obrecht vows to Nikolas that he has rejected her daughter and he won't let Britt suffer because of him. She tells him that her daughter will succeed where she failed in learning never to beg for a man who does not want her.

At the police station, Lulu is bound and determined to find Ben with or without the help of anyone. But Dante tells her he can't let her leave.

Ava asks Silas if he's ever wondered what might have happened if they had not gone their separate ways. He tells her wondering about the past never does anyone any good. She tells him if nothing else they have found the truth. It's better late than never. And he admits he cannot do anything until he finds out who killed Nina. She looks at him and sounds very sensitive when she tells him good luck. He says thank you and departs. And when she is alone, Morgan appears.

Sam tells Madeline that she knows that she is the one who got Nakamura to fill the prescription and to put Nina in the coma all those years ago. Nathan (James) asks her why and how she could do it. How could she drug her own daughter?

Alexis tells Julian that she does not want Molly to find out about them quite yet. He remarks that Molly is no stranger to the life he leads. She remarks that he must know that so is Molly's boyfriend. She tells him that Molly's feelings take precedence. She odes not want her daughter to know that her mother slept with him. He tells her he understands that but would like to know if the one night the two of them spent together was a one night stand or if it meant more than that.

Silas returns to the place where Sam and Nathan have caught Madeline revealing a startling revelation. Sam informs Silas that she also found out another startling revelation which Nathan admits is that he is Madeline's son.

At the hospital, Morgan finds Ava and tells her he would like a straight answer from her as to whether or not she is still in love with Silas.

Luke asks Tracy if she'd like him to come and work with her at ELQ. She asks him why on earth he'd want that. A “flashback” is shown of Luke telling Julian that he needs controlling interest in ELQ, which is the only way he can stage his dastardly plan. And the only way to get control of ELQ is to marry Tracy. Tracy is not aware of that but she knows that Luke has an agenda and ulterior motive, knowing and reminding him that he has never worked in an office in his life. He then admits to her that she is right. He does have an ulterior motive.

At the police station when Lulu says she will go and find Ben by herself. Dante does not want her to do that. She tells him she will go with or without him. He tells her he does not want her to go alone. Hearing that, Britt tells her that she will go with her and try to “reason” with her mother in order to get her to give Ben up. They both say no way to that.

When Obrecht holds a gun on Nikolas and Elizabeth and tells them she won't let them prevent her from carrying out her dastardly plan with her daughter, Nikolas tells her that even now that he is done with Britt, he still believes she is many times a more honorable person than her mother is. Hearing that, we see that Obrecht is not so loyal and protective to her daughter, after all, as soon as she hears that someone respects Britt more than they respect her. She appears infuriated. She then concludes that managing two hostages is too complicated. So why not shoot and kill Nikolas? Elizabeth urges her not to reminding her that her daughter loves Nikolas and won't forgive her mother for doing that.

At the station, Dante admits to Britt that he realizes in order to beat Obrecht at her own game, he will need her help. They then agree that he and Britt will go together to find them. Lulu agrees but urges her husband to be careful. He tells her he will. And he will bring their son back.

Tracy tells Luke she does find it a bit of a shock that he would want to work for ELQ, he tells her he understands that. But he meant what he said. He really does want to be Mr. Tracy Quartermaine.

Alexis affirms to Julian that she does intend to have more than a one night stand with him. But she does feel she's being a hypocrite knowing that she broke up with Shawn because of the life he chose. So she needs to realize that being with him is no different. He tells her that maybe what she found about Shawn was not so much what he did for a living but that he was not the right guy for her. Julian admits that maybe he (himself) is not either. But they won't' know until they try. He wants to try. But if she does not, then maybe they need to go their separate ways.

Nathan then confesses to Sam and to Silas, for the first time, that he has falsified his identify and his name by having the alias Nathan West. He took on his mother's maiden name and became a cop. And his very important mission for doing all that was to find his sister's killer.

When Morgan asks Ava about her feelings for Silas, she tells him that both he and Silas are important in her life...and for different reasons. She hopes that he can understand that. He tells her he's not sure if he can.

Tracy tells Luke she will need some time to consider his brainstorm. In the mean time, she has to get to the office. He tells her she just proved his point. The time she spends at the office is time she could be spending with him. He tells her she may go and attend to her business. In the meantime, he will settle their tab, reminding her that he is half owner of this place. As soon as she is gone, Luke goes up to Ric and asks if he enjoyed the party at Nikolas' home and also asks Ric if he is not aware that his brother (Sonny) wants him dead. Ric does not respond. But Luke tells Ric he is just saying that Ric might want to watch his back.

Alexis and Julian are trying to figure out if they should continue seeing each other or what they should do. She agrees and he kisses her. And they are ready to remove their clothes and go at it in the gallery.

After Morgan asks Ava if she still has feelings for Silas, she asks him if he does not still have feelings for Kiki, but he cannot discuss nor want to remember that.

After Silas finds out that his mother tried to kill his sister, he demands to know why . She cries and tells her son she was not trying to get rid of Nina. She was trying to get rid of her baby.

Dante is ready to save Ben from Obrecht. He goes with Britt to Elizabeth's house. Obrecht is ready to kill Nikolas or Elizabeth, whichever one she chooses. Britt knocks on the door and tells her mother she is there for her son.

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