GH Update Friday 4/4/14

General Hospital Update Friday 4/4/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Shawn confronts Jordan about working for the Jeromes. He wants to know why she wants to work for his enemy.

At Metro Court, Nathan, Sam and Silas enter Suite 617 for their setup to catch Ava. Silas says that it's pretty swanky, and Sam says that the cops went all out for Nakamura if he were testifying. Nathan tells them they have to set up. Silas hopes that Ava is worked up enough to take the bait.

Ava is rushing out of the gallery when she bumps into Morgan. Why the hurry, asks Morgan.

Felix is about to enter Kelly's, when Lucas approaches him.

At GH, Britt receives a call from her mother. She's shocked that she would call her there. Obrecht says she knew that they couldn't trace her call there.

Lulu returns to the police station, where she asks if there's any news on Ben. He tells her they've had a few tips, but he's upset that she took off with Obrecht on the loose. Nikolas arrives and Lulu is surprised to see him. He tells her that he's been helping with the phones. Dante wants to know where she went and she tells him that she went to see Elizabeth. She just needed to talk to someone who knew everything, and she's lucky that she was home. She says that Elizabeth actually made her feel a lot better. She tells Dante and Nikolas that Elizabeth told her that en would come home safe. Dante wants to know why she feels that way.

At GH, Obrecht tells Britt that she knows that she's working so she'll keep it short. She tells Britt that it's time to collect her son.

Back at the police station, Dante and Nikolas both wonder why Elizabeth thinks that Ben will be okay. He's happy that she thinks that but still doesn't understand why.. Nikolas says that Elizabeth usually has good instincts. Dante tells her that Anna gave the go ahead to put Britt under surveillance. He has to go to the courthouse to get a judge to sign off on it. Before he leaves, he tells her not to give up hope. Nikolas tells her the same thing, but Lulu admits to her brother how scared she is that she'll never hold her son again.

At GH, Britt is shocked that her mother wants her to pick up Ben. Are you serious, says Britt. Of course, says her mother. I took care of your problems by hiring that über-competent lawyer to get you released. You could say thank you, urges Obrecht so Britt thanks her. She thinks that her mother is taking a risk calling her, but Obrecht tells her that it was the best option. She tells her that police probably have her phone tapped, so calling her at the hospital was the better option. Britt says that she thought of everything, and Obrecht reminds her that she's a criminal mastermind. Who would forget, says Britt. So are you coming to pick up Ben or not, she asks.

At Kelly's, Lucas asks Felix if they can talk, but Felix tries to brush him off. He thinks that Lucas and Brad are together. Lucas tells him otherwise.

Back at GH, Brad looks longingly at a picture of Lucas.

In Nakamura's suite at the Metro Court, Nathan, Silas and Sam talk about Ava.

Nathan tells them that Ava was listening when he went to confront Julian at the gallery. Silas says that Ava loves inside information, Sam says that now all they have to do is wait.

Ava's trying to get rid of Morgan outside of the gallery, but he's not going anywhere. He sees her shaking, and wants to know what's wrong.

Back at Metro Court, Nathan tells Sam and Silas that all the recording devices have been setup. Sam wonders why they need a need a live person, and not just pillows. Nathan tells support an arrest for attempted murder. He goes over the plan with them about using a uniformed officer. Just then, Nathan gets a phone call telling him that the uniform can't make it. It's because of the ongoing search for Dante ad Lulu's baby. He tells Silas and Sam they have a problem.

At the gallery, Ava makes up excuses for her and Morgan not to be seen together. Morgan doesn't buy it, especially when she mentions Julian. He tells her that he saw Julian leave.

At Kelly's, Jordan follows Shawn into kitchen. She wants to confront Shawn about the Jerome's. He says that when she doesn't deny something, it 's usually the truth. Jordan tells him, defiantly, that not everything is about him. He asks her again why she went to work for the Jerome's. She says that she needed a job, and needles him about working for Mr. C. Shawn tells her that Kelly's isn't a front for organized crime.

At GH, Brad tries unsuccessfully to reach Lucas.

Back at Kelly's, Lucas tell Felix why he broke up with Brad. He says that Felix and Brad knew each other long before he came to town, and it would've been awkward. He says that he came back, because of his sister. Felix tells him that Carly's a friend, and Lucas explains that he thought that he and Brad had made a connection. Felix says that he thought the same thing. Lucas says that all ended when he found out that Brad helped Britt and her mother steal his cousin's baby.

At the police station, Nikolas plays the big brother, and Lulu tells her not to give up hope. Her son will be returned to her. Lulu is doubtful, but Nikolas tells her that they all (Dante, Elizabeth and him) believe that she will. Lulu says now it's her turn to meddle in his life. She tells him that Elizabeth told her that he stopped by her house earlier. Nikolas says that he was appalled at he treated her. Lulu agrees. Nikolas says that all he did was drive her into Ric Lansing's arms. Lulu tells him that he didn't.

Dr, Obrecht is still waiting or an answer from a guilt-ridden Britt. Obrecht asks if she wants to had Ben over to Dante and Lulu. No, but Britt, says it's not that simple. Obrecht asks Britt if she loves her son, and she says yes. That's all Obrecht needs to hear. Obrecht tells her that's it's all settled, and Britt wonders how. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has to listen to all of this, unable to do anything. Obrecht is still waving a gun around. Obrecht tells her that she wasn't the "mutter" that she needed, and wants to make it up to her. Britt finally agrees, and asks where she is.

Morgan follows Ava into the gallery, asking her what's wrong. He says that he knows that she was concerned about Julian, but he's clearly not there. He tells her that they're partners. Ava doesn't know what to say. Morgan tells her that she's beautiful, and he can't help himself when he's around her. Ava is flattered, but then Morgan says that she can trust him, especially after everything she's done for him. He tells her that he'll get her a glass of water. As he crosses the room, he sees the paper on the floor, and picks it up. He sees the picture of Silas, so he turns around to ask her if this is why she's mad.

Back at Metro Court, Nathan informs Silas and Sam that the volunteer won't be able to make it. He says it's because the search for Obrecht, and his partner's son. Nathan says no, and Silas says that they won't catch an Ava without a Nakamura. Nathan and Silas wonder where they're going to find a volunteer. Of course, Sam says that she will!

Nikolas is still going on about Elizabeth and Ric, until Lulu tells him that Ric didn't spend the night spend at Casa Webber's. Nikolas tells her that he heard a noise, and thought it was Ric hiding. Lulu tells him that he's assuming things, because Elizabeth told her that Ric didn't spend the night. Nikolas tells her that Elizabeth barely let him in, and he heard a crashing sound. Lulu thinks he's jumping to conclusions. She believed Elizabeth when she told her that Ric wasn't there. Nikolas wonders who it was then.

Once again, Britt is shocked when her mother tells her that she's at Elizabeth's. Obrecht feels that Nurse Webber owes them for all the trouble she's caused them. Elizabeth scoffs at her, and Obrecht tells her to control her insolence or she'll have to dock her pay. Britt asks what's going on, but her mother tells her nothing. She tells Britt that she'll have Ben ready to go so don 't dawdle. Britt is staring at the phone, when Brad comes up and says "That was your mother, wasn't it? " An emotional Britt answers yes.

At Kelly's, Felix is stunned when he learns the full extent of Brad's crimes. He flashes back to Brad trying to tell him the truth. He tells Lucas that's what Brad was trying to tell him, before Lucas sent that picture.

Inside Kelly's, Jordan and Shawn are arguing about her past. Shawn asks her point blank if she thinks the Jerome's can get her back in business.

Back at the gallery, Morgan questions Ava about the Nakamura. He asks her if she had anything to do with his death, and she vehemently denies it. She puts the blame on Silas, but he knows that she's hiding something.

Silas isn't liking that Sam is putting herself in danger. Sam reminds him that she's a trained investigator, and he appreciates that. He doesn't want her to get hurt, because of him. He tells her that he already lost one woman he loved, he doesn't want to lose her, too. Nathan supports Sam, until Silas says he'll do it. Just as they all agree on the plan, Silas receives a page.

At the police station, Nikolas is still going on and on about Elizabeth and Ric. Lulu keeps telling him that Ric wasn't there. Nikolas wonders why Elizabeth wouldn't tell him that herself. Lulu reminds him of the way he treated her and mentions their complicated relationship. Lulu tells him not to overreact about Ric. Nikolas is still certain that someone else was in the house.

Obrecht tells Ben that soon he will be his mother. Elizabeth can't believe she's just going to hand Ben over to Britt. Obrecht says that Britt carried him, and gave birth to him. She tells her that Britt loves Ben, and deserves him. Elizabeth says that Ben is Dante and Lulu's son, and Britt stole him. Obrecht says that Ben is loved, but Elizabeth insists that Ben doesn't belong to her. Obrecht says he's in their possession. Elizabeth wishes that Britt would turn her in.

At the police station, Nikolas can't stop thinking about what happened at Elizabeth's. He ends up taking off.

At GH, Britt drags Brad into an exam room. Brad asks Britt why they're in there. Britt says that she needs somewhere to think. She tells him that her mother offered her a new life with Ben.. Brad asks her what she's gonna do. Britt sighs and he asks again if she's going to do turn her mother in or take the baby and run? Britt doesn't know because it wasn't real before, and now it is. Her mother is very good at what she does, and has everything in place. Yes, Brad says, Criminality. She and Brad go over the pros and cons of the right thing to do. Brad asks again what she's going to do.. Britt says she loves her son.

Back at the police station, Dante returns with good news. They have the warrant and can put Britt under surveillance 24/7. When her mother contacts her, they'll know about it. Lulu gives him a hug.

Elizabeth and Obrecht are still arguing at her house, when the doorbell rings. Obrecht thinks it's Britt, and tells her to answer the door. Obrecht stands out of the way. as she does. She's surprised to see Nikolas. Nikolas tries to look around to see who's there.

At Kelly's, Felix is thrown by Lucas's revelation. Lucas goes off on Brad, and his involvement in Dante and Lulu's pain. Lucas isn't very forgiving, but surprisingly, Felix is.

Back at GH, Britt asks Brad if he thinks that she's a terrible person. Brad says that after everything he's done, he's not one to judge. He understands why she wants to hold on to whatever she can. Britt thanks him for standing by her, and Brad jokes that he didn't have a choice. She thanks him for being her friend, and he tells her that he hopes that she gets what she wants. They say goodbye, as she leaves.

Back at Metro Court, Silas has to leave because of a patient. Sam says that she'll be Nakamura against Silas's wishes. Nathan doesn't like it ether, but he wants to get justice for Nina. Silas asks Sam to be careful, and she says she's always careful. He doesn't feel good about it, but he has to leave. He warns Nathan that nothing better happen to her. He tells her how he feels about her, as he leaves. She says that she feels the same, and they kiss goodbye.

Morgan is still trying to get answers from Ava. She isn't very forthcoming, and says it's none of his business. She says that f he loves her, he'll let her go. He's not very happy, but he lets her go. Once outside, Ava breathes a sigh of relief.

At the police station, Dante tells Lulu of his plans to find Ben and Britt. Britt shows up at the station.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he heard someone when he was here earlier. Lulu told him that Ric didn't spend the night, so who was it. Obrecht comes out of hiding with a gun in her hand, and says, "That would be me."

Silas calls Sam from the hospital to check up on her.

Nathan and Sam go over the plan one more time. before her cell phone rings. It' s Silas, and she asks how his patient was. He tells her that she's fine, and they chat until Nathan tell her to hang up.

At Kelly's, Jordan tells Shawn that, that part of her life is over Shawn watches her leave. She passes by Lucas, who's listening to Brad's  message telling him that he misses him.

Felix has returned to GH, and runs into Brad. He tells him that he saw Lucas, and knows what he did. Felix says that even with the best of intentions, sometimes relationships just don't work out.

Morgan is still at the gallery, and picks up the paper again. He looks at the article about Silas.

Silas stares at the phone, and says enough, let Sam do her job. Silas is shocked when Ava shows up, and says that she needs to talk to him.

Sam hides under the covers, when they hear someone coming in. Someone in a red dress, approaches Sam with a needle in her hand. Nathan jumps out and says freeze. Surprise, it's not Ava, but Nina's mother, Madeline Reeves.

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