GH Update Thursday 4/3/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/3/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the gallery, Julian showed Ava the planted article that said the pharmacist, Nakamura, was still alive. Ava looked panicked and demanded to know who told Julian that Nakamura was alive. Nathan suddenly barged in and announced that he was there to confront Julian about the “crap” he'd printed. Julian pretended to be annoyed and Nathan pretended to be angry with Julian for Ava's benefit. Nathan insisted that they talk, alone, and Julian asked Ava to leave. Ava went to her office, and Julian whispered to Nathan that Ava would circle back around and eavesdrop on them. Just as Julian predicted, Ava returned a second later and hid around the corner to listen in. Julian and Nathan staged a confrontation.

Nathan demanded to know how Julian found out Nakamura was still alive, and Julian refused to say. Nathan said that Nakamura was willing to come back to Port Charles and talk to Nathan, in exchange for immunity. Nathan said that Silas and Ava were his main suspects, and he accused Julian of printing the story to help Ava cover her tracks. Julian laughed and said that he thought Ava had turned against him, so he'd be happy if she went to prison. Nathan said in that case, Julian could help. Nathan told Julian that Nakamura was on his way to Port Charles, and Julian could help Nakamura stay alive by printing a fake address of the place where Nakamura would be staying, to throw off anyone who wanted to harm him. Julian refused to tarnish the newspaper's reputation by printing false information, so Nathan enticed him by offering him an exclusive interview with Nakamura. Julian insisted that Nathan tell him the real location where Nakamura would be staying. Nathan refused at first, then he said Nakamura would be staying in Room 617 at the Metro Court.

After Nathan left, Julian called out to Ava. Ava pretended to be coming out of her office. She calmly asked if Julian was in trouble and he told her everything was fine. Julian said he had to take care of something at the paper. He added that he and Ava could finish the conversation tonight. After Julian left, Ava let her fear show.

At Kelly's, an elated Jordan told TJ and Shawn that she got a job. She revealed that Ava hired her and mentioned that she met Ava's brother. Jordan was caught off guard by the displeased reaction from TJ and Shawn, so they told her about Julian being a mob boss who went after TJ. Jordan had only heard vague details about this, so she demanded that Shawn tell her everything. Shawn explained that TJ mistakenly got in the middle of a shootout and one of Julian's men used TJ as a human shield. Jordan was shocked. TJ told her it was TJ's fault and she shouldn't blame Shawn. Shawn offered to give Jordan a ride to the gallery, because he didn't want her to be alone when she told the Jeromes that she quit. Jordan said she wasn't going to quit, because she needed the job. Shawn offered to hire her at the diner, but Jordan turned him down, because she wanted to work full time and because she didn't want to quit on Ava after Ava gave her a chance. Jordan asked if Ava was involved in the shootout. When Shawn said he didn't think Ava was a threat, Jordan insisted that there wasn't a problem, then. Jordan felt that Shawn put TJ in more danger than Jordan would by working at the gallery. TJ said Shawn protected him, and Jordan said she was trying to do the same. Jordan told Shawn that if she took the job, she could keep an eye on the Jeromes and if she became friendly with Julian, he'd be less likely to hurt TJ. Shawn warned Jordan that it was a bad idea to get mixed up in this, but Jordan reminded him that she was fearless. TJ said he had to go meet Molly. Jordan stopped him and told him she was doing this for him. “Yeah sure,” TJ said, as he walked out. Once TJ left, Shawn urged Jordan to be honest with him. Jordan claimed she didn't know what Shawn meant, and he accused her of knowing who the Jeromes were, all along.

Elsewhere at the diner, Sam told Silas to relax, because she was sure Ava would fall into the trap Julian and Nathan helped set for her. Silas asked if Sam thought they could trust her father. Sam thought Julian seemed sincere, since he printed the faked article, but she couldn't be sure, because she barely knew him. Silas was concerned that Julian would have a change of heart about siding against his blood. Sam pointed out that she was Julian's blood too. She noted that Julian wanted to build a relationship with her and helping Silas was the way to make that happen. Nathan arrived and told them that Julian really came through. Nathan wasn't sure if Ava was listening in on the staged confrontation, but he said if she was, she had all the information she needed to make her next move. “We'll be ready for her,” Sam said.

Sonny and Carly were in Franco's suite. Sonny said he'd tried his best to be honest with Carly, over the years that they'd been in each other's life. He wanted her to return the favor by telling him whether she was going to tell anyone that he shot AJ. Sonny added that Michael already lost one father. Carly ordered Sonny not to manipulate her by pretending he thought of AJ as Michael's father. Carly admitted she didn't think of AJ as Michael's father either, and she wasn't really upset that he was gone. However, Carly acknowledged that Michael loved AJ, and she wondered if she should honor that love by telling Michael the truth. Sonny asked if she wanted to rip Michael out of Sonny's life. Carly told Sonny that she couldn't worry about taking care of him. Her priority was figuring out what was best for Michael and how to preserve her relationship with her son; and if she concluded that Michael should hear the truth, she'd be honest with him. Sonny didn't think Carly would do that, but Carly assured him that she would. She told Sonny that if he wanted to convince her to keep his secret, he needed to be honest with her and tell her what Ava had to do with all this. Sonny asked what made Carly think Ava had anything to do with it, so she told him that AJ said Sonny shot him because of Ava. Sonny admitted that Ava witnessed the shooting. He explained that he was having Ava's place watched and when he found out AJ was there, he went to the apartment to find out what was going on. Sonny continued the recap and told Carly how he saw AJ strangling Ava, just like he did to Connie. Carly told Sonny that this meant the shooting was justified. Sonny clarified that AJ had let Ava go and she wasn't in danger when he shot AJ. “I didn't shoot him because I had to. I shot him because I wanted to,” Sonny confessed. Carly said she should have known Ava's alibi was fake. Sonny admitted that he was glad Ava was there, because she helped him cover up his role in the shooting, since Sonny had been too out of it to do it himself. Sonny wished that he could tell Michael about AJ strangling Ava and make Michael see that AJ was a pig. However, Sonny didn't want to do that, because he didn't want Michael to worry that he'd inherited those traits. Carly insisted that Michael was nothing like AJ. “Thank God for that,” Sonny said. Carly seemed overwhelmed. She took a deep breath and asked why AJ was strangling Ava. Sonny told her that AJ had been trying to convince the Jeromes to hire him. Carly didn't believe that AJ would have wanted to get his hands dirty by working for the mob. Sonny disagreed; he felt that AJ wanted to take everything away from Sonny, just like AJ took the woman Sonny loved. Carly told Sonny that AJ failed, but Sonny believed that AJ had succeeded. Sonny pointed out that he was about to lose his son. He wasn't sure if he should wait for the truth to come out or if he should go to Michael and confess. Both Carly and Sonny had tears in their eyes. Sonny asked Carly what she was going to do. He was relieved when Carly revealed that she wouldn't tell. Carly assured Sonny that he was Michael's father and she knew he'd do anything for Michael. “Except keep my word” Sonny said. Carly refused to pretend she was sorry AJ was dead. She felt that AJ wasted his life and squandered every chance he got. Carly added that that was why she'd vowed not to let AJ be the father of her child. Sonny thanked Carly, and she told him that she would choose him over and over again. Carly said Sonny and Michael had been through so much and Michael had never lost faith in Sonny. Sonny said Sonny needed that. Carly believed Michael needed it, too. Carly swore she wouldn't let AJ break the bond Michael and Sonny had. She told Sonny that they'd take the secret to their graves. They held hands, and Sonny thanked Carly. “God help us if Michael finds out the truth” Sonny said.

Lulu went to Elizabeth's house. When Liz didn't answer the door, Lulu called out to her and begged to be let in. Obrecht forced Liz to the door at gunpoint and told her to get rid of Lulu. Liz argued that Lulu was too stubborn for that, and she convinced Obrecht that it would be best to let Lulu in. Obrecht gestured toward the gun and warned Liz not to try anything. Liz let Lulu in. Lulu confided that she wasn't doing well. Obrecht overheard Lulu talking about Obrecht hiring Diane to represent Britt. Lulu grumbled that Diane had found a way to get Britt released. Lulu was scared that Obrecht would find a way to get Ben back to Britt without being caught, or worse, that Obrecht would snap and hurt Ben. Liz tried to assure Lulu that Obrecht wouldn't hurt Ben. When Lulu wasn't convinced, Liz blurted out that she knew for a fact that Ben was safe. Obrecht readied the gun. Liz clarified that the bond between a mother and child was physical, and Lulu would sense it if something happened to him, just as she'd been able to sense that he was her son. Lulu asked if Liz sensed it when Jake died. Liz confirmed that she did; she told Lulu how it felt and asked if Lulu had any of those feelings. Lulu felt scared, but she didn't feel the things that Liz had. Lulu thanked Liz and apologized for bringing the topic up again. Liz was just glad she could help. Lulu was grateful that Liz told her that Ben was Lulu's. Liz wasn't sure Nik felt the same way. Lulu thought Nik had been wrong to blow up at Liz, and she assured Liz that he didn't mean it. Liz knew. She told Lulu that Nik had stopped by to apologize. Lulu asked if things were okay between Liz and Nik, and Liz said that they were, until Nik heard someone else in the house. Lulu was curious who it was. Liz said that no one was there. She told Lulu that Nik heard a noise and mistakenly assumed that Ric spent the night. Lulu thanked Liz for letting her vent, then she left to go back to the station.

Obrecht emerged from her hiding place and warned Liz that she was playing with fire. Liz countered that she didn't tell Lulu anything. Obrecht admitted this was true. Obrecht was pleased that Britt was free, and she telephoned her daughter.

At the PCPD, Dante worked on the investigation to find Ben. He spotted Britt filling out forms to get released and told her that this wasn't over. The contrite Britt assured Dante that she understood. Dante accused her of being involved in Ben's kidnapping, and Britt insisted that she had no idea where her mother took Ben. Dante said if that was true, Britt should call him as soon as Obrecht contacted her. He added that if she didn't, he'd arrest her for obstruction of justice. Dante told Britt to enjoy her freedom while it lasted. Britt glanced behind her and was startled to see that Nikolas was there. He demanded to know what Britt was doing out of her cell and he was outraged to learn that she'd been released because embryo theft wasn't a crime. Nik felt that it should be considered kidnapping. Britt told Nik that she wasn't defending her actions, but she hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Nik told Britt that she was so selfish that she mistook her lies and deceit as good intentions. He told her to stop playing the victim and to get the hell out of all of their lives. Britt was hurt, but she said okay. She added that her love for him was never a lie. Nik told her that the conversation was over. After Britt left, Nik asked about the investigation. Dante told him about the failed attempt to track Obrecht by phone after she called Britt. Nik asked if that meant Britt cooperated, and Dante said he wasn't sure if she was really cooperating or not. Nik asked if there really wasn't anything Britt could be charged with. Dante said not unless Scott got creative.

Dante told a police officer that Anna had given Dante the freedom to reassign the other cops. Dante asked the man to keep an eye out for Lulu. Nik asked about it and Dante told him how Lulu ran off after Britt was released. Dante was worried for Lulu's safety, because Obrecht was on the loose. Nik felt like he caused all this by bringing Britt into their lives. Dante pointed out that Britt stole the embryos before she met Nik and that the truth never would have come out if Nik and Britt hadn't gotten involved. Dante felt that he should be thanking Nik, and he assured Nik that none of this was Nik's fault. Nik wanted to take part in the search for Ben, so Dante let him help answer phones.

Lulu arrived and asked if there was any news on Ben. Dante told her that she couldn't just take off like that while Obrecht was on the loose. Nik added that Dante was right. Lulu explained that she'd gone to Liz's because she needed someone to talk to. Nik Lulu was glad she'd done it, since Liz made her realize Ben was safe. “It was like she knew for a fact that our son was okay,” Lulu said to Dante, while Nik listened.

Britt went to the hospital and ran into Brad. Brad was startled that she was there and not in jail. Britt explained that she got released. Brad gently suggested that Britt should be at home after everything that happened. Britt told him she couldn't go home, because Nik never wanted to see her again, and Britt didn't blame him. Brad comforted Britt when she said that she came to work because she had nowhere else to go. Brad thought Nik might let Britt stay while she looked for another place, but Britt was convinced that wouldn't happen. She stressed that Nik hated her. Brad thought things might blow over in time, but Britt told him that there was no coming back from stealing Nik's sister's son. Britt predicted that the staff would have a field day about “Britch” getting what she deserved. Brad commiserated by telling her that Lucas broke up with him because he was upset that Brad played a part in taking Lucas's cousin's embryos. Britt felt bad about using an offer of a promotion to drag Brad into the scheme. Brad admitted that he could have refused to help her. He confessed that he went along with the plan both, because of the job offer and because Britt was the only friend he had in this town. Britt replied that Brad was her only friend too. Brad offered to let Britt stay at his apartment. Britt was touched, but she refused the offer, because she didn't want Brad to get caught in the middle of the drama when her mother eventually called. Britt was confident that the call would come, since Obrecht kidnapped Britt's son for Britt. Britt caught herself and said she had to stop calling Ben her son. Britt admitted that she stole Ben, but she bonded with him during the pregnancy and when he was born, she was overcome with love for him. “He was your son,” Brad said. Britt wasn't sure how to let go of her feelings and give Ben to Dante and Lulu. Brad asked Britt what she would do when Obrecht reached out – turn Obrecht in or take Ben and run? A woman came in and told Britt there was a call for her. Brad pointed out that Britt never answered the question. She told him she couldn't deal with this right now, and she went to the Nurses' Station to get the phone. Obrecht greeted her cheerfully.

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