GH Update Wednesday 4/2/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/2/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

As Nathan returns home, he phones Dante to report that his search for Obrecht at Alden Place in Corinth proved fruitless. At the police station, Dante and Lulu despair about where their baby and the monster that took him are. Though Dante tries to remain confident that they will find Ben, Lulu is afraid that Obrecht is being protected by the WSB. As she tries to remain positive, Lulu is stunned when Britt is taken out of her cell and brought upstairs after a call from Diane.

Sitting at the breakfast table with Elizabeth, Obrecht points a gun at her and complains about the nutritional value of sweet and crunchy Fruit Loops as she enjoys a second bowl. Fortunately, Elizabeth's grandmother is watching her children during her "illness." Elizabeth is anxious for her siege to stop before people ask too many questions. Obrecht informs her captive that no one's interested in her now that AJ Quartermaine's death has taken over the front page of the "Port Charles Press" which reports his date of birth as 1969.

At Ava's gallery, Julian sits with his laptop and a copy of the same newspaper in front of him waiting for his sister to show up. When Ava arrives in a happy mood, Julian holds up the paper and wonders if that's the reason for her buoyancy. Ava denies that as well as his accusation that she's been cruising local playgrounds for another boyfriend. She's merely happy just to be alive as spring arrives, but Julian is not smiling and accuses Ava of being the person who shot AJ.

At Kelly's, Jordan sits having breakfast with Shawn and TJ. Referring to the newspaper in front of her, she shakes her head at the "poor man's" tragic demise, leaving his son without a father and his killer still at large. Sonny walks in and takes Shawn aside while Jordan badmouths TJ's guardian's line of work. Shawn thinks that AJ's death should have solved Sonny's problem until his boss informs him that Carly knows the truth, but they're not sure if she'll keep her mouth shut. Sonny determines to go find Carly and do some damage control.

Jordan is happy to be in Port Charles, so she can provide a positive influence for TJ, but she needs a job. She tells her son that he is everything to her, and she didn't have a choice before about giving him up, but now she wants to be his ideal mother and make up for lost time. She looks in the newspaper and finds a possibility for employment.

In bed with Franco, Carly wakes up from a nightmare reliving AJ's death-bed confession about Sonny shooting him. When she wakes up, Franco tries to comfort her, but she doesn't tell him what's truly bothering her, just the fact that she was right next to AJ when he died. She states that the hard part was what happened before he took his last breath. This intrigues Franco who pressures her to tell him, but Carly doesn't want to get into it and only asks for a morning cup of coffee. He asks her to trust him enough to confide in him, and she realizes she needs to talk to someone about what is tormenting her.

Staring at his picture, Elizabeth feels badly about AJ's inability to change his life, and now he's gone. Obrecht comments on how much his family will now save in legal and medical fees. Elizabeth is angry with her captor for not allowing her to be with AJ in his time of need, but Obrecht thinks she did her a favor, because the sight of her would have upset her ex-boyfriend after the way she dropped him when he was accused of Connie's murder.

When Sam and Silas knock on his apartment door, Nathan answers shirtless again, explaining that they caught him just out of the shower and are lucky he has his pants on. Once he dons a top, he lets the couple in so they can update him on their little plot to catch Ava red-handed. They report that Julian agreed to help them by running an article in the paper declaring that Nakamura is still alive. Nathan is impressed at their resourcefulness and ability to get it done.

While Ava continues jabbering about Julian wasting his time accusing her because she has an alibi, he opens up the paper with Silas' picture front and center, eager to present it to his sister, but they're interrupted by Jordan's entrance. She is there to apply for the advertised job of gallery manager. When Julian hears her name, he recognizes her as TJ's mother and is suspicious that she is trying to infiltrate their business on Sonny and Shawn's behalf. Even though her resume is skimpy, Ava feels sympathetic to her quest to make a life near her child and hires her. Excited, Jordan promises to be at work bright and early the next morning and leaves. When Ava doesn't put much credence in Julian's warning that Jordan is there to get intel about their operation for Sonny, he wonders if that is exactly what his sister wants.

Sitting together with TJ, Shawn cautions him not to believe everything his mother says. TJ demands to know what Jordan did to warrant Shawn's warning, but before he can answer, she walks in happily announcing her new job working for Ava Jerome. Shawn and TJ give each other worried looks.

Britt assures Dante that she had nothing to do with bringing Diane on board. It was her mother who phoned the lawyer, asking her to get Britt released. Diane denies having known anything about Ben's kidnapping, since she was on a Greek island with Max until that morning. After Lulu hands her a newspaper, Diane reads all about it and declares that nothing connects Britt to the kidnapping. After Dante informs her that Britt is under arrest for stealing their embryos, she hears the story and finds it disgusting but knows that, under the law, that is not a crime and her client should be released immediately.

Obrecht accuses Elizabeth of not going back to AJ after he was acquitted, but she feels she still has the right to mourn him. She also feels badly for Michael's loss, but Obrecht thinks her grief is fake. Elizabeth angrily accuses Obrecht of having no compassion, but the older lady knows what it's like to do everything possible for the sake of her child. She is determined to return Britt's son to her, but Elizabeth keeps reminding her he is Lulu's child. Obrecht doesn't care about that. She only knows that her daughter carried him for 9 months, gave birth to him, fed him, and loved him. All Lulu did was provide an egg. Elizabeth replies that they stole two embryos. When Obrecht insists that she feels Britt's anguish at losing her son, Elizabeth again declares that Ben is not hers. Obrecht is determined to get Britt free and reunite her with her son, but Elizabeth thinks she's delusional and her plan will never work.

Nathan reads the article Julian planted reporting that the pharmacist did not die but is recovering from his near-fatal injection and is ready to testify in the case against Nina Clay's killer. He is impressed at how real it sounds and hopes it will lead to Ava falling into their trap. The article also reads that today, Nakamura will be taken to Port Charles under protective custody, so he can answer West's questions. The trio think that as soon as Ava reads that, she will want to finish the old man off. Silas and Sam do a double take when Nathan doubts that Ava really is the guilty party.

As she prepares to tell Franco the truth, Carly stresses how important it is that he not tell another soul until she decides what to do, because people can get hurt, especially Michael. After Franco agrees to take it to his grave, Carly declares that it's about Sonny. Suddenly, the subject of their discussion knocks on her door. Seeing Franco in her room, Sonny asks to see her alone, but her boyfriend won't leave and asks him to admit what he's done. To stop their arguing, Carly nicely asks Franco to give her time with Sonny alone, so he goes to hop on a treadmill. Although Carly assures Sonny she told Franco nothing, he needs to know if she plans to tell anyone.

When Britt starts to admit to what she did, Diane orders her to shut up and explains to Dante and Lulu that, since the embryos cannot be assigned a monetary value, they cannot be considered stolen. Therefore, it is not a crime in the state of New York to "misappropriate" them. Since Dante still refuses to release Britt, Diane immediately goes to a judge and gets a court order to do the job. Meanwhile, Britt and Lulu continue arguing about whose son Ben is. Unable to watch as Britt is set free, Lulu frantically runs out of the police station.

Obrecht feels confident that Diane can get the charges against her Britta dismissed, despite her written confession, and her son will be returned to her. When Elizabeth states that that will only happen over Dante and Lulu's dead bodies, Obrecht declares, "So be it." Elizabeth looks forward to the day when Britt is locked up for the rest of her life, but Obrecht threatens to eliminate her witness if she doesn't get her way. Noticing how Elizabeth looking like a paler shade of white, Obrecht assures her they'll cross that river when they get to it. Elizabeth wonders what will happen if Britt is able to escape with Ben and be a fugitive. Obrecht thinks that will be infinitely better than her living in Port Charles after both Patrick and Nikolas have rejected her. While Britt will live very well in a country without extradition treaties, Obrecht declares that her life in Port Charles will never be over, and she will survive this, too. Both turn to look at the door as Lulu knocks.

After accusing Julian of being paranoid, Ava asks to see the article he's been holding and watches her blanch. As Silas and Sam look exasperated, Nathan insists it's still an ongoing investigation, and until he actually catches Ava and gets a confession, he's not ruling anyone out. All he wants is justice for Nina Clay. After Sam gets a text from Julian that Ava is reading the article, and it's working, they head out for phase two.

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