GH Update Tuesday 4/1/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/1/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

This episode marked General Hospital's 51st Anniversary. The show started on an empty hospital set. A voice paged several notable people from the past – Jessie Brewer, Audrey Hardy, Alan Quartermaine, Jeff, Rick and Lesley Webber, Amy Vining, Tony Jones, and Noah Drake. Monica exited the elevator. In a voice over, she said that as a doctor, she dealt with death ever day and had learned to detach from it, but it was still just as hard for her to say goodbye to a loved one. She went into AJ's hospital room, where his body still was. Monica picked up her son's hand and sobbed that she had to say goodbye to him alone. Emily appeared. She comforted Monica and assured her that she wasn't alone. Monica didn't think AJ should look so peaceful, considering the way he died. She was angry that her husband and all of her children – AJ, Jason, Dawn and Emily were dead. Monica noted that everyone she ever loved was dead. She wanted to die and be with them. Emily replied that Monica's loved ones had never left her. Monica wanted to give up, because she had no fight left in her. Emily countered that Monica was a Quartermaine and Quartermaines fight. Emily vowed to make sure Monica didn't give up, just like Monica had done for Emily when Emily had cancer.

Monica cried that all of her children died violently. Emily reminded Monica that she'd found true love and had been happy with Nikolas at the time of her death. Monica noted that AJ's life, in contrast, had been filled with turmoil. She wished he could have found peace. AJ's spirit appeared and he assured his mother that he was at peace now. Monica touched AJ's face and told him she'd wanted to make him happy. AJ told her that she couldn't make anyone happy. He assured her she'd done more for him than anyone else had, when she gave him a second chance at life. Monica wished that she'd never had AJ come home, because if he hadn't, he would have still been alive. AJ disagreed. He told her that he got to build a relationship with Michael and sometime Michael even called him “dad.” AJ hugged Monica and told her he'd forever be grateful. AJ told Emily he'd need her help, because he was a little nervous about seeing some of the people on the other side, especially Alan. Emily told him that the past didn't matter. Monica decided to go too, and she and her kids had a good natured argument about it. AJ told Monica that she couldn't leave the Quartermaine legacy to Tracy, because Tracy would burn it to the ground. Monica countered that no one would be there to see it. Emily stopped yelling and said that Monica didn't need that. Monica disagreed. She confided that she hated going home, because it was so quiet now that there was no family, left. AJ told her she had Danny and Michael, and they needed her to remind them that they were Quartermaines. Emily chimed in that surely Monica didn't want to give Tracy the satisfaction of getting Monica's house. Monica relented and agreed to stay. Emily hugged Monica. Monica turned to AJ and asked who did this to him. AJ told her it was a long story, but when she found out the truth, she'd be proud of him. Monica told AJ she was always proud of him, because he always got up after getting knocked down. AJ told Monica that he got that from her and that he wouldn't be able to rest if she didn't stop saying she failed him. They hugged and Monica said “Until we meet again.” AJ assured Monica that wouldn't be for a long time. “When my turn does come, you tell Alan to look out” Monica said with a sad smile. AJ said thank you to Monica, then they shared an emotional goodbye.

AJ and Emily left the room. They stopped and looked at photos on the wall of people who worked at GH over the years. Alan, Edward, and Lila were waiting for them in the hospital atrium. The family walked up the stairs and into the light.

In another part of the hospital, Sonny asked Carly how Michael was. “How do you think? AJ died.” Carly snapped. She revealed that AJ had woken up long enough to blame Sonny for shooting him. Sonny suggested that AJ might have been lying or confused, but Carly believed AJ was telling the truth and she urged Sonny to confess. Sonny took her into the chapel so they could talk in private, then he said “I'm the one who killed that son of a bitch.” Sonny asked Carly to promise she wouldn't tell Michael. Carly refused to promise until she figured out what she wanted to do. Sonny didn't understand. He told her that AJ was like a cancer on their lives, and he asked her if she remembered AJ killing their unborn baby.

There was a flashback to Sarah Joy Brown's Carly falling down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion, then a flashback to the scene at the hospital where Sonny told her that the baby died. Back in the present, Sonny was now sitting with Sarah J Brown's Carly. “Of course, I remember,” she replied. She added that losing their son was one of the worst moments of her life. Sonny noted that the baby was conceived on a night that they shouldn't have been together. There was a flashback to that night. In the present, Carly said she hated Sonny back then. Sonny added that he thought he hated Carly too, but it didn't matter, because they needed each other. Carly said she would have killed AJ at the Nurses' Ball if it weren't for Sonny, and she married Sonny because she wouldn't have gotten through everything without him. Sonny laughed and clarified that she married him because she didn't want to testify against him. They both agreed that they were surprised when they discovered they had real feelings for each other. There were flashbacks to Sonny and Carly admitting that they wanted to keep being married and to the wedding ceremony. In the present, Carly had tears in her eyes, and she told Sonny she'd thought they would live happily ever after, but it didn't work out that way. They reminisced about Sonny getting shot and his heart stopping. Carly said that when his heart stopped, hers did too. It was at that moment that Carly realized how much Sonny meant to her. She reminded Sonny that he said he came back to life for her. Sonny pointed out that as a reward, Carly set him up. Carly explained that she did that because she didn't want to lose him.

There was a flashback of Sonny in bed with Tamara Braun's Carly. He confronted her for informing on him to the FBI. Back in the present, Tamara Braun's Carly told him that she'd convinced herself that if she forced him out of the mob, she'd be able to keep him safe. “And if I thought it would work, I do it again in a heartbeat” she confessed. Sonny countered that he didn't think she would do it again, after how things worked out. Carly admitted that setting him up wasn't the answer, because that wouldn't keep him safe. She recalled that Sonny didn't understand that she'd been trying to help, and they got divorced.

Carly and Sonny both admitted that they hadn't been able to get the other out of their heart. “We were inevitable” Carly said, with a smile. Sonny noted that he had a lot of women, but none of them would ever be Carly. Both Carly and Sonny felt that they had a lot in common – they were both opinionated, headstrong, loyal, passionate people. Sonny told Carly that no one could deliver the truth to him like she could and no one could catch him like she could. They remembered the time AJ tricked them into believing Michael died. Sonny revealed that he remembered that moment every time he saw AJ. Carly recalled that she had a nervous break down when she thought Michael was dead. She turned back into Laura Wright's Carly. Carly remembered that during that time, she'd held onto the hope that she and Sonny would get back together. They noted that they almost made it back to each other – they'd come full circle when Sonny proposed for the fourth time, so that Carly wouldn't testify against him. Carly remembered being so angry when she found out Sonny tricked her, then the hostage crisis happened. Sonny recalled telling Carly that she was his whole life, his wife, partner and the mother of his children; he loved her and always would. In the present, he told Carly that he still felt the same way, now. “We might not be right for each other, but we're right for each other,” Sonny said. He wondered if that made sense to Carly, and she told him it did.

Carly smiled as she blinked back tears, and she told Sonny she'd always have his back, even if their love story was over. They noted that they did have a few relapses, like sleeping together while they were grieving over Michael's coma. Carly said there was nothing that they wouldn't do for their children. Sonny seized the opportunity to ask if this meant she wouldn't tell anyone that he killed AJ. Carly was conflicted and she wondered if she should tell Michael the truth. Sonny insisted that she shouldn't do that, and he asked her to promise she wouldn't. A nurse came in and told Carly that Michael was looking for her. Carly got up to leave, but Sonny urged her to make the promise. Carly snapped that she couldn't. She said she needed time to process this and she was going to be with her son. She left, and Sonny went up to the altar to pray.

Mac, Felicia, Kevin and Lucy were at the Floating Rib. Felicia was outraged because Mayor Lomax closed the Port Charles Bridge to get back at a political opponent. Mac made the offhand comment that Felicia should run for Mayor. Felicia wondered if she really could be mayor. Kevin assured her that she had his vote, but Lucy didn't respond. She was lost in thought, remembering Scott telling her that she had to choose between him and Kevin. Kevin asked what had Lucy distracted and she said she was thinking of the Nurses's Ball. Kevin promised Lucy that he'd make it a priority to help her plan, this year, instead of getting side tracked by his patients, like he did in the past. Lucy looked guilty, and Mac and Felicia exchanged a knowing look when Kevin thanked Lucy for sticking with him. Mac changed the subject by announcing that he was going to do his Mr. Marbles act at the Ball again this year. The others tried to gently convince him not to by reminding him about the way he'd used his ventriloquist act to verbally attack Frisco, last year. Mac countered that he was fighting for the woman he loved. Felicia assured Mac that he was the man for her. Kevin was glad things worked out. Lucy squirmed with discomfort when Kevin added that all their friends were stable and blissfully married, just like him and Lucy. While the guys went up to the bar, Felicia took advantage of the private moment and asked Lucy what was going on with her. Lucy asked Felicia not to judge, then she told her about the ultimatum. Scott had been texting Lucy all day, because he wanted her to meet him at Kelly's after he finished having dinner with Bobbie. Lucy didn't think she could choose between Kevin and Scott. Felicia felt that Kevin had a right to know if Lucy wasn't committed to their marriage. Lucy admitted that she loved both men. Kevin and Mac returned. Mac teased Felicia about coming up with campaign slogans and they kissed. Kevin reiterated that he'd be there for Lucy and help her plan the Ball. Lucy suddenly said she felt ill. Kevin was going to drive her home, but she told him to stay and hang out, then she rushed out of the bar.

Scott was at Kelly's waiting for Bobbie. He thought about the ultimatum he gave Lucy. Bobbie arrived and asked to cancel their plans. Scott sensed something was wrong, and Bobbie burst into tears. She confided that Noah broke up with her over the phone. Noah had told Bobbie that he'd reconnected with an old flame, Audrey's niece Annie Logan, and they'd been sleeping together behind Bobbie's back. Scott didn't think Anne set out to hurt Bobbie. He felt that Annie probably didn't know she had intense feelings for Noah. Bobbie demanded to know why Scott was defending the home-wrecker. “Because I'm a home-wrecker!” Scott confessed. Scott regretted his admission and tried to take it back, but it was too late and Bobbie figured out he was sleeping with Lucy. Bobbie was surprised because Lucy loved Kevin. Scott replied that she loved Scott, too. Bobbie was adamant that this had to stop. Scott agreed and he told her about the ultimatum. At that moment, Lucy ran into the diner. She and Scott went outside, then later a dejected Scott returned. Bobbie asked what happened. Scott had a flashback: It was clear that this was difficult for Lucy. She told Scott him that she loved him as a friend, and as their daughter's father, but she loved Kevin and needed to make her marriage work. Scott said okay and began to walk away, but Lucy grabbed him and insisted that they had to talk about this. She said Scott was her best friend and she'd die without their relationship. Scott told her that being friends wouldn't work, because he'd always want more. Lucy gave him a peck on the lips and told him that things could have worked out differently under other circumstances, then she left.

Lucy returned to the bar and told Kevin that she felt better, now that she'd made some decisions. Kevin assumed she was talking about the Ball, and he said he told her everything would work out. Lucy smiled and said she was right where she belonged. She, Felicia and Mac shared a smile.

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