GH Update Monday 3/31/14

General Hospital Update Monday 3/31/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital lobby, Tracy confronts Kiki telling her she believes Luke when he told her that Kiki made a pass at him. In response to that, Kiki appears shocked and possibly grossed out by the mere thought of that. She remembers Luke clearly coming on to her and now knows that he's convinced Tracy it's the other way around.

While Obrecht holds Elizabeth and baby Ben hostage at Elizabeth's home, Nikolas knocks on the door and tells her they need to talk.

While Julian is on the phone with Alexis while at the art gallery, Luke comes by and tells him he needs to get off the phone. He clarifies that he is Julian's boss. He tells him although he does not want to prevent his employee from” nailing beautiful women”, he has more important things for him to do. He announces he thinks he has the perfect plan to completely shut down Sonny Corinthos and put him out of business.

Sonny is talking to Ava about their “secret” regarding AJ. He wants her to stay calm. But she asks how she can stay calm when Silas is on the warpath to have her charged with the attempted murder of Nina.

Det. Nathan West (James Reeves, Nina's brother) talks to Silas and Sam at the hospital. At this point, he appears ready to at least hear them out and consider Ava a suspect. But he tells them even if he believes them, Ava did a damn good job covering her tracks. Sam tells him that she thinks she has a plan of how they can beat Ava at her own game.

Sonny and Ava talk privately about how one or both of them could be implicated for shooting AJ, unless, of course, they find a “solution”. Knowing the only “solution” to prevent that from happening, Sonny asks her if she killed AJ. He finds it interesting and asks her, however, if she really did kill Silas' wife. She does not answer and evades that question.

Monica rushes into AJ's hospital room and frantically struggles to revive her son and save his life when it looks like he is ready to die. But she fails. Michael rushes in frantic and asks what is going on. She informs her grandson that this is their final, desperate attempt to prevent AJ from dying. But it's obviously not successful

Luke announces to Julian that he knows how to beat Sonny at his own game and run him out of business. He tells him while Sonny is importing coffee, they have a much more lucrative product from Columbia -- cocaine.

While Nikolas knocks on Elizabeth's door, calls to her telling her they need to talk and he won't take no for an answer, Obrecht tells her she will take the baby upstairs. Elizabeth may talk to Nikolas but no “funny stuff”. Alone and unseen by Obrecht, Elizabeth opens the door to let Nikolas inside.

At the hospital, Sam tells Silas and Nathan/James that her plan is that because Ava is really good at covering her tracks, that is what they can use against her. She wants to find out from Nakamura what happened. Silas tells her there's one “small problem” with that plan. Nakamura is dead. She tells him that they will have to “bring him back”.

After Monica and the medical staff do everything the can but fail to save AJ, she announces to Michael that his father is dead.

After Elizabeth goes to talk to Nikolas, he tells her (while Obrecht overhears unseen) he asks her if she's heard the news that Brit's crazy mother has kidnapped baby Ben.

Sam tells Silas and Nathan/James that she has a plan. Nathan/James admits he's impressed by her “skill” when she tells them that they can find out what types of secrets Ava may have regarding Nakamura and other things. And they can find that out by going through Julian.

At the gallery, Luke gets ready to snort a line of coke. Julian observes and remarks that he knows that they can probably “beat” Sonny in this one industry because he knows that Sonny won't touch drugs or remotely allow the sale of them. But Julian tells Luke that maybe he (himself) is also against drugs. Hearing that, Luke remarks that he does not pay Julian for his “conscience” and could care less whether Julian approves of this or not. Luke tells him it's time to sample the product. Julian does not want to join him in that. But Luke asks him what kind of businessmen they are to put any product on the market without testing it. Luke wants Julian to sample it with him but Julian won't do that. Luke tells Julian he may suit himself.

Michael cannot accept that his father is dead and nothing can be done about it. Carly and Monica both urge him to know that he has no choice but to accept the death of his dad. They call the time of death. Michael cries and urges his dad to wake up. Monica stands by his son and accepts his death. Carly tells her son maybe they should give Monica a little bit of time with AJ. And she takes him outside the door. She tells Michael that right before AJ died, she informed him of something very interesting.

Tracy affirms to Kiki that she believes that Kiki is a slut and very capable of making a pass at Luke. She knows that Kiki jumped in the sack with one brother and then another. She tells Kiki she's just like her slutty mother. Kiki tells Tracy she doesn't know what she is talking about. The Ruth of the matter is that Tracy's fiancÚ made a pass at her.

Sam calls Julian while he's in the gallery watching Luke consume cocaine.

Madeline Reeves goes to the police station to talk to “Detective West”. Knowing they are seen and overheard, he addresses her as “Mrs. Reeves” and asks her to go into the private room to talk. When they are alone, he tells his mom she should not be there. She tells her son she knows but she knew how upset he was to find out his sister died so she had to make certain he was ok. She kept it from him for a while because she didn't know how to tell him. She is sorry. He tells her he's sorry too and knows she's grieving. They both sound sensitive and sincere about getting justice for Nina. She tells her son she wants to make certain that Silas pays. At that point, he admits to his mom, for the first time, that he now believes that Silas may not be the culprit. They may be falsely accusing him.

Nikolas attempts to apologize to Elizabeth for yelling at her the other night. She tells him that he made it clear he believes she did something terrible when he threw her out of his house. And she tells him he needs to be with his sister. He tells her that Lulu does not need him as much as he believes she might. He seems to know that there is “something” that is making her hesitate to let him in her house. They've been best friends their entire life. Is she so angry at him an incapable/unwilling to forgive him? She evades that question. He tells her that he was planning a life with Brit and both of their kids when he had no idea whom Brit really was. He felt he'd been made a fool of as was so humiliated and angry with Brit that he took it out on Elizabeth.

Silas runs into Tracy and Kiki having their argument. He tells Tracy she better leave his daughter alone. Alone with her dad, Kiki admits that Tracy told her something absurd. He asks if she might want to share.

Sam goes to see Julian at his gallery. And once again, Luke makes “suggestive” comments at her, telling her if she was not “spoken for” by that lucky doctor, she'd have a “stalker” on her hands. Julian tells Luke that his daughter is “spoken for”. So it's a mute point. They dismiss Luke and both seem creeped out by him. Alone with Julian, Sam asks her dad what “that” was all about.

When Madeline hears her son tell her that he is beginning to doubt that Silas tried to kill Nina, she asks him what on earth he is talking about. He tells her that Silas has an alibi for when Nakamura was killed. She tells him that even if he did not kill the pharmacist and Ava might have done that, why couldn't Silas have killed Nina? She tells her son that she has concerns that maybe Silas is playing him. He tells her he knows otherwise.

Sonny admits his guilt for what he did to Michael, in his conversation with Ava. She tells him that she does not want him to blame himself for that. She urges him to know that AJ had that coming to him after what he did to Connie. He confides in her all that happened from the time he found out that AJ murdered his fiancÚ. He was torn between his son's loyalty and doing what he thought had to be done to AJ. He tells her that he knows he taught Michael many things when he was a child including honor. He told his son that without honor, you are not a man. So what did he do? He broke his word to his son. Ava urges Sonny to know that what Michael never knows won't hurt him.

Carly is ready to tell Michael exactly what is was that AJ told her before he died. but she knows she can't. So she tells her son that AJ's dying words were that he loves his son. She hugs Michael and urges her son to know that his father always loved him. And she loves him. But as soon as she is alone, she reveals that she is discontented and has a mission about not revealing the truth to her son.

Luke finds Tracy at the hospital. She suspects nothing about this “new person” her fiancÚ has turned into. She informs Luke that she ran into Kiki and confronted her. But she told Tracy it was Luke who made a pass at her. They both laugh but Tracy might know the reality of what happened.

Silas reveals to Kiki that he just found out Nina passed away. She tells him she is so sorry and asks if he wants her to be with him. He tells her thank you but he's ok and he knows she needs to be there for Michael. He holds his daughter in his arms.

Julian can't explain Luke's behavior but readily agrees to help Sam bring Ava down.

Madeline does not buy her son's theory that Silas may not be the guilty party. She tells him that he may not know the real Silas that she knew all those years ago. He was very young. But she knew what type of slimy dishonorable opportunist he was and how he would do anything to hurt Nina. He may have worked with his pregnant mistress on many things. But Nathan/James tells his mom that he still disagrees that Silas is the prime suspect.

Carly is shocked and surprised to see Sonny talking to Ava and demands to know what Ava is doing there. Ava tells her she is there for her daughter after Michael's dad died.

Elizabeth evades the conversation with Nikolas and tells him he has to go. He tells her he will but doesn't want to give upon their friendship. Obrecht listens in on their conversation although she cannot see them. He hears a noise and knows there is somebody there. And instantly he assumes it must be Rick. She obviously doesn't want him to believe that she's “dumped him” for Rick nor that she's seeing him. He tells her he will not judge and knows it's none of his business. But he is clearly very disappointed. She is right then ready to reveal something to him. But she tells him she just wants him to tell Lulu that she is there for her. As soon as she is gone, Obrecht tells Elizabeth she's glad Nikolas did not find out what she's doing. It's fine with her if he believes Elizabeth is a woman with “easy virtues”. She then asks Elizabeth to tell her about “this Rick”. Who is he?

Silas goes into the chapel and privately talks to deceased Nina, revealing that he did love and care for her and she was once very special to him, but he will always regret not giving her a better life. He promises to her that he will find who did this to her and he will get her justice.

Nathan/James urges him mom to know that the more and more he thinks about this and the more he investigates, it seems more like Ava is the guilty party and not Silas. And doesn't she want to get the person who really did take Nina from them to be brought to justice instead of wrongfully accusing someone ? Don't they owe that to Nina? Nathan/James tells Madeline that he has something in the works to discover the guilty party.

After Sam explains her scheme to Julian, he promises to get it done. Grateful, Sam hopes that Ava will fall right into their trap and finally pay for her sins.

When Carly finds Ava talking to Sonny, Ava “acts” surprised and shocked to find out that AJ died. How could that have happened? Ava asks. Carly replies she does not know. He just died. Carly asks if she can have a minute with Sonny alone. Ava tells her, of course. She tells them she hopes that AJ's suffering has ended and that Michael can begin to heal. Ava leaves Sonny and Carly alone to talk.

Luke thinks that Kiki is just blaming the victim. Luke tells Tracy they both know that they need to forget about Kiki. That little bitch is a liar. But Tracy may not be completely convinced of that.

Not far away, Kiki finds Monica alone sitting and crying. She holds Monica in her arms while Monica tells her that her son, AJ just died. Kiki hugs Monica as she expresses how sorry she is.

Michael sits with his dead father and promises that the person who whoever killed him is gonna pay.

Alone with Sonny, Carly reveals to her ex that before AJ died, he revealed to her that Sonny killed him.

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