GH Update Friday 3/28/14

General Hospital Update Friday 3/28/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is sitting alone in the living room. He's playing with Britt's engagement ring, and thinking of their breakup. He is so lost in thought that he doesn't hear Sam come in. He apologizes, for not hearing her, and asks her what she's doing here. Sam tells him that she' s here to check up on him. She says that things were getting strange when she and Silas left. Nikolas agrees, then Sam mentions Lulu unraveling thinking that Ben was her son, and not Britt's. Sam is surprised when he tells her that Lulu wasn't unraveling, she was telling the truth.  When Sam asks how, Nikolas tells her that Britt and her mother stole Dante and Lulu's embryos, and Ben is their son. And now her mother has run off with him.

At the police station, in the interrogation room, Britt's cell phone rings. It's her mother, but before she can answer, Dante gives her instructions on what she can and cannot say. 

In the bullpen, an officer brings Nathan a folder. a folder that has information on Dr. Clay. As he reads it, he says "I don't believe it." The officer asks if there's something wrong, and Nathan says, "It's just not what I expected." 

At GH, Silas steps off an elevator, and literally bumps into Ava. He tells her to watch where she's going. Ava comments that he's in a mood, and Silas tells her that the can' t do this today. Ava says "Lucky you." She 's not there to see him, she's there to see AJ Quartermaine. He's surprised that she even cares. Ava is tired of people questioning her compassion. He taunts her about ever experiencing compassion, and wonders why AJ. She tells him that she's there to support their daughter.

Kiki finds Michael in the chapel. He was supposed to have gone home to get some rest. Michael tells her that it's fault that AJ won't wake up. 

Carly is talking to AJ about her suspicions about who shot him. She's convinced that it was Sonny, but he's not talking, and neither are you. Just then, AJ wakes up, and the monitors go off. Carly stands over him, and asks "AJ, oh my god! You're awake."

Sonny is at home, frantically trying to reach Carly. He wants to know AJ's condition, and if they're on the same page. He slams down the phone down, and says "Son of a bitch!" A frantic Olivia hears this and asks if that was about their grandbaby. Sonny says that he was trying to reach Carly. "This AJ thing has gone on long enough, and it will devastate his son. Olivia freaks out on Sonny, and says what about our grandbaby and our son. What about Dante! Things get emotional when Sonny says that he's reached out to his people .What more does she want him to do? Olivia fires back that maybe if he weren't so focused on AJ, he'd figure something out. Sonny is stunned, and she says that Michael has family, he has Carly, Morgan, and the Quartermaines all over the place.  Sonny asks her to stop this, but Olivia can't help herself. Sonny asks her if she wants him to worry about one son more than other or to love one more.  If I could find Dante's son, I would, and if I could wave a magic wand, and make AJ mercifully dead, he would do that, too. He says that he's powerless.  Olivia breaks down, and says that she didn't mean that. Olivia calms down, and Sonny tries to comfort, telling her that he knows that she's scared. Olivia admits it, then Sonny tells her that he has to go to the hospital. She says that he's going to see Michael, and he will keep her updated. She says that she will do the same.

Lulu arrives at the police station, where Nathan offers his sympathy about Ben. Lulu says it's been crazy. First, they find out that they have a son, and then he 's gone. Nathan tells her looking for him. Lulu apologizes for being rude, but she's looking for Dante. Nathan tells her that he's in the interrogation room. As he leaves, he tells her to hang in there.

At GH, Ava defends herself to Silas, by saying that Kiki is close to Michael. They have been dating for quite some time, and he would know that if he spent more time with her, instead of just giving her a key. Silas says that she's last person he would ask for parenting advice. Ava is happy to report that she and Kiki had a breakthrough. Kiki doesn't believe that she killed the pharmacist or put his wife in a coma for twenty years. Silas tells her that there's no coma anymore. Nina has died. Ava is stunned and asks how and when. Silas says that he  just found out. Ava offers him her sympathies, he says that he doesn't want them He wants whomever did this to pay.

At Wyndemere, Sam apologizes to Nikolas for being so focused on something else. She had no idea that the baby had been kidnapped. Nikolas tells her that there is an APB out on Obrecht. He tells her that he hopes they find Obrecht before it's too late. Sam says that Dante and Lulu must be devastated, and Nikolas says that they are. He tells her that Dante took her into custody, but Britt claims she's not a part of it. Nikolas goes on a pity party. Sam tells him that it's not his fault. He  tells her how he went to Lulu before he proposed to Britt.  He tells Sam how he talked about  how he was ready to start a new life. How can I have been so wrong? he says. Sam tells him that he wasn't wrong, he was deceived worse  than Dante and Lulu. She tells him that he's hurt right now. He tells her that he'll be fine as long as he doesn't see that woman again.

At the police station, Britt tells Dante that she's willing to cooperate. Dante tells her not to convince him, but to convince her mother. She talks to Obrecht, and finds out that Ben is safe.

In the chapel, Kiki tries to comfort a guilt-ridden Michael. She tells him that there was no right or wrong decision. He disagrees and says that Monica wanted to try drug therapy. He tells her that the surgery put AJ in a coma. Kiki tells him that the person who shot AJ put him in a coma.

Sonny is on his way to the ICU when he runs into Monica. She asks him what he's doing there and he tells her that he's there to see his son. Wrong  answer. She tells him that Michael is AJ's son, and that he and Michael would do well to remember that. She tells him that if she has her way, Sonny will never get near either of them again.

Carly is shocked when AJ wakes up. He's disoriented, and asks where he is. She tells him that he's in the hospital, and that he had surgery, and was in a coma. I was shot, says AJ. Carly asks him if he remembers that and that he was awake once before. He struggles to say that he was trying to tell Michael something. Carly wants to go and get a doctor, but AJ grabs her arm and insists on telling her something.

Sonny tells Monica that he didn't come here to fight with her. Monica tells him that he shouldn't have come at all. Sonny tells her that Michael is torturing himself over AJ. Where else would I be? Monica scoffs at him, and says that he's never cared about Michael's feelings for AJ. In fact, she says, that he and Carly would never have let Michael have a relationship with AJ at all.

Carly tries to convince AJ that he needs a doctor. She tells him that he doesn't know how close he came to dying, and Michael needs to know that he's awake. AJ won't let her go, and insists that he has something to tell her. He struggles to tell her that she needs to know who did this to me.

In the chapel, Kiki tries to reassure Michael that he made the right decision. Michael explains to her about his relationship with AJ. He tells her that when he thinks of the word "father" he thinks of Sonny. He tells her that Sonny, Carly and AJ have been fighting over him all his life. He tells her that a lot of damage has been done, so when AJ came back, he chose not to take sides. He tells her that knows that AJ wanted more from him, Michael says that AJ wanted to be the one that he called "Dad." He wanted to feel close to him, and that's why he made him his medical proxy. He says that if he dies, that he made the wrong choice. Kiki tells him that he didn't intentionally hurt, and they talk about recent events, and  Michael wonders how AJ ended up at Ava's.

Ava is at GH, arguing with Silas about her guilt or innocence regarding Nina. Just as she says, Let's put all our cards on the table. Nathan shows up and says  "Sounds good to me."

Lulu watches Britt and Dante anxiously, as Britt speaks to her Mother. Lulu can't help herself, and barges in and tells Britt, "I hope you're cooperating, Britt. I want my son back." Obrecht hears her, and asks Britt who it is. Britt tells her no one, but Obrecht recognizes Lulu's voice. Obrecht realizes that Britt is in custody. Frantic, Dante pleads with Obrecht to give Ben back to them. Obrecht ignores him, and tells Britt they'll talk when she's not with the bulle (cops), and hangs up. Britt says, "Now what?" Lulu is devastated.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is still unloading on Sam. She feels bad for him, but she 's worried about Silas. Nikolas feels bad about bringing Spencer and everyone else into their relationship. Sam says that he will help him get through this. Nikolas is mortified about how he treated Elizabeth. 

At Elizabeth's, Obrecht says that Dante is probably trying to trace this call. She tells Elizabeth that they won't be able too. They wouldn't want anyone to spoil their party, right? She points her gun at Elizabeth, who's holding Ben.

Lulu freaks out on Britt, but knows that she's the one who blew it. Dante tries to calm her down, and promises that he will find Obrecht.

Obrecht thanks Elizabeth for keeping quiet, and Elizabeth says she had no choice. She was a holding a gun on her. Obrecht thinks she's being ungrateful, since she waited for her kids to go to school. Elizabeth tells her that she just did that because she couldn't handle it. Obrecht says harshly that she would've taken care of them. She complains of the lack of discipline and loyalty, in this country. Elizabeth wonders why loyalty, and Obrecht tells her that when she became Chief of Staff, she saved Elizabeth's job. She complains that Elizabeth owed her, and how does she repay her, she tells Lulu the truth about Ben. Elizabeth says that Lulu had a right to know. Obrecht scoffs and says she only did it  to breakup Britt and Nikolas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is still feeling horrible about the way he treated Elizabeth the night before. Sam says that Elizabeth won't hold a grudge, because they've known each other so long. Sam encourages him to go and apologize to her. Nikolas has doubts but Sam talks him to into it. Sam gets to up to leave, saying that she has to go check up on Silas. She tells Nikolas that Silas received some bad news.

AT GH, Silas tells Nathan that he's no mood today. He found out that his wife has passed away. Nathan says that he heard, and that he's sorry, but Silas doesn't buy it. He asks if he's there to arrest him. Nathan tells him that he has some questions about his alleged alibi on the night of Nakamura's death. He recounts  that Silas told him that he was on the phone with a patient, so he pulled his phone records. Ava says that he's been busy, and Nathan says he's just doing his job. He tells them that "someone" was on the phone for thirty minutes in his hotel room. Silas gets snarky with him, but Nathan tells him to relax. When he tells Silas that they followed up, and spoke to the patient, who backed him up, Silas gets angry because his patient is a very sick man. Nathan still isn't convinced of Silas's innocence. Silas thinks that Nathan should stop obsessing with him, and find the real killer. Nathan says that he wants justice, and to find Nina's killer. Silas says that he didn't kill Nina, but he can point him in the right direction. Nathan turns around and looks at Ava, who looks startled.

In the chapel, Michael doesn't understand what AJ was doing at Ava's, in the first place. Kiki says that Ava wasn't even in town, but then she remembers hearing that AJ wanted to work for her Uncle Julian. Michael wonders why, and Kiki says something about bringing down Sonny. Michael doesn't think he would do that. He felt bad enough for what happened to Connie. Even if your mother told my dad, told Sonny otherwise.

"I'm not here to cause any trouble." Sonny tells Monica. Monica thinks Sonny has been nothing but trouble since he came to town. She blames him for ruining Jason, and making him a killer. She also blames him for ruining AJ's. She tells him that all AJ ever wanted was to spend time with his son, but he and Carly made that impossible. She goes on to tell him that AJ wasn't a gangster who was coming after him. All AJ wanted was to be a part of his son's life, but you wouldn't have that. If she didn't know any better, she might think that Sonny shot her son. Sonny can barely look at her.

In AJ's room, Carly asks him what he wants to tell her. Gasping, AJ tells her that Sonny shot him.

Sam and Nikolas are finishing up their conversation at Wyndemere. She's told him about Silas being married, and he doesn't like that he led to her. He's still smarting about Britt, but Sam says that their situations aren't the same. She tells him that Nina was in a coma for twenty years. Nikolas scoffs and says that it still isn't right. Sam says that he shouldn't have yelled at Elizabeth, and tells him that good people make mistakes. He says that she must really like this guy. She says that she does, and he tells her to be careful. Nikolas asks her how she's holding up. She tells him that she's okay, but she's worried about Silas, cause he loved his wife. Sam says that she doesn't know how to get into with Silas, but Detective West's case just went from attempted murder to homicide. They have to find proof that Ava did it.

At GH, Ava's defending herself to Silas, who thinks her alibi was bought and paid for. Ava scoffs at him and says that she's going to see their daughter. As she walks away, Silas pleads with Detective West to stop focusing on him and look into Ava Jerome. West tells him that Ava's alibi checks out and says that means that one or both of them are lying. Silas thinks that he's lost his objectivity, and Detective West quotes Anna about keeping an open mind. Silas questions that. as well. Nathan says that just for the sake of argument, that he will consider other possibilities. Silas makes a snide remark, but Nathan ignores him, and says that he's his lead suspect cause that's where the evidence led. He says that if he didn't kill Nakamura, and his death is connected to Nina's, then Silas couldn't have killed Nina. Silas says, that's what he's been saying all along. Someone set him up.

In the chapel, Kiki says that AJ was furious with Connie for printing that article. Michael tells her that all her know is that Ava had been a wreck ever since. Kiki says that she didn't mean that AJ wasn't remorseful. She reminds him that AJ had been drinking, and was just sounding off, according to her mom. And your Mom has never lied before, says Michael. Why would she lie about this, asks Kiki. Michael gives her a long list of reasons. Kiki says okay we both have a lot of baggage, and they agree not to talk about that now. She tells that him that she's on his side. He thanks her and says that he wants to be alone. She asks him if he wants some company, but Michael says no, and leaves.

Sonny is trying to plead his case to Monica, to no avail. She knows all about his alibi, and promise to Michael, but she doesn't care. She orders him to leave "her" hospital.

In AJ's room, Carly doesn't believe AJ's claim because Sonny has an alibi. AJ says that Sonny's lying. Carly is in denial saying that Sonny wouldn't do this because of Michael. AJ tells a shocked Carly that he did it because of Ava.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas picks up the engagement ring, and recalls his outburst at Elizabeth. He drops the ring. and heads out.

Obrecht taunts Elizabeth about Nikolas. Elizabeth says things didn't work out for her either. Britt's in custody, so what's the plan? Obrecht tells her not to worry.

At the police station, Dante tries to calm Lulu. She's beside herself, and he tries to tell her that it's not her fault because she's scared. He tells her that all of this is Britt and her mother's fault. Britt makes the mistake of trying to apologize to Lulu, and Lulu goes off on her. Britt tells her that she's lost everything, but Lulu doesn't care.

At GH, Nathan tells Silas that he's not off the hook as a suspect. Sam shows up, and asks what's going on. Silas tells her that the detective has a problem believing that Ava is guilty.

Ava is recalling her earlier conversation with Silas about Kiki believing in her.  She tells herself that people make mistakes, and that she didn't mean to kill Connie. Just as she says that out loud, Sonny rushes up, and startles her. Fortunately, he doesn't hear her because, he's still rattled from his run in with Monica. Ava says that they shouldn't be seen together, but Sonny tells her that Monica banned him from the ICU. He asks if she's heard any news, and Ava says no. Ava says that's probably a good thing for them. Sonny wonders why us, and Ava says that if Sonny hadn't been there, that AJ would've killed her. Sonny doesn't understand why, and Ava says that he was angry. sonny thinks that there's more to the story, and Ava says you can ask him when he wakes up. She says the best thing that can happen is for AJ to die before he can implicate them.

In AJ's room, where AJ struggles to tell Carly about Ava. Suddenly, he starts coding, and the monitors go off. Michael and Monica both show up and they are desperate to save AJ.

At Elizabeth's, Obrecht is on the phone thanking someone for helping Britt. Elizabeth says she's rather confident, and Obrecht tells her to never underestimate her. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and Obrecht warns her to be quiet. But the caller doesn't give up, and knocks on the door persistently. Nikolas tells her that he needs to talk to her.

At GH, Nathan is updating Sam on his progress. Silas is upset that he's still a suspect. Nathan says that Ava has covered her tracks really well, Sam says that she has a plan to catch Ava.

Sonny tells Ava that Michael will be in a world of hurt. Ava still thinks that AJ's death will be the best thing for both of them.

There is chaos in AJ's room as Monica and the hospital staff try to save AJ. Michael is begging him not to die. Carly watches helplessly.

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