GH Update Thursday 3/27/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/27/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante, Lulu, Nikolas, Britt and several police officers were at Wyndemere. The police had been keeping an eye on airports, bus stations, etc. and there hadn't been any sign of Obrecht and Ben. Lulu pointed out that they could be anywhere by now. Dante tried to comfort her by saying Obrecht couldn't have gotten far in the few hours since she kidnapped Ben. Dante asked the other cops for an update, and he learned that Obrecht hadn't contacted Britt, and the waitstaff hadn't seen anything. Dante told Britt to do the right thing for once and tell them where Obrecht took Ben. Britt swore she didn't know. Nikolas interjected that Britt owed Lulu the truth after stealing her baby and almost letting Nik raise his own nephew as a stepson. Lulu tried a softer approach. She acknowledged that Britt had been a loving mother to Ben and begged her to help them find him. A tearful Britt insisted that she wanted to help, but she couldn't. Dante didn't believe her. He thought Britt told Obrecht to kidnap Ben, in order to prevent Dante and Lulu from taking him. He arrested Britt said he hoped she'd be more cooperative after spending some time in a cell. Britt swore that she didn't have anything to do with the kidnapping. She pointed out that she was downstairs with Nik when her mother kidnapped Ben, so she couldn't have put her up to it. Britt begged Nik to vouch for her, but he told her she was on her own. Dante began to read Britt her rights and she interrupted and told him he couldn't tie her to the kidnapping. Dante replied that he was charging her with embryo theft. Britt pleaded with Nik, but he told her not to call him to bail her out, this time.

Everyone at the PCPD was working hard on Ben's kidnapping case. When Nathan arrived, Anna filled him in and ranted about the stupidity of GH making Obrecht Chief of Staff. Anna then chewed Nathan out for being unreachable all night. Nathan explained that he turned his phone off last night because he got some bad news – Nina died from pneumonia. Anna softened and told Nathan she was sorry. Nathan admitted he'd assumed that Nina would recover. He felt guilty for not being there for her. Nathan's sadness shifted to rage. He yelled that Silas murdered her, and he vowed to get justice for her. Nathan's strong feelings about Nina's death convinced Anna that they had a personal connection. Anna told Nathan that she sometimes worked on cases that she had personal ties to and she assured him that his job wouldn't be affected if he confided in her. Nathan admitted that he wanted to tell someone the truth. He was about to confess that Nina was his sister, when Dante brought Britt in. Britt hoped Anna would help her out. She reminded Anna that Obrecht was capable of kidnapping Ben all by herself. Anna replied that Britt was capable of protecting her mother. Britt swore she wasn't doing that this time and that she had no idea where Obrecht took Britt's son. Dante snapped that Ben was his and Lulu's. “Right,” Britt said, quietly.

Dante took Britt to an interrogation room. He revealed that Obrecht said she was taking Ben so that Britt wouldn't lose him. Obrecht felt that Britt had suffered enough, because of Obrecht's actions. Britt was incredulous that her mother would kidnap Ben to make up for hurting Britt when she never cared about hurting her, before. Britt asked what she could do to prove that she wasn't working with Obrecht, and Dante asked her to call her mother, pretend she'd eluded the police and ask to meet with her. Britt made the call and left a message for Obrecht. She told her mother she was grateful she took Ben. Britt asked Obrecht to tell her where they could meet so the three of them could be a family. Dante admitted that Britt had been convincing. Britt explained that she sincerely wanted Ben to be found safe and returned to the people who loved him, even if that meant she'd never see him again. Dante asked if she wanted him to be sympathetic to her. Britt reminded Dante that she gave birth to Ben. Dante snapped that she stole their embryos. Britt countered that the theft didn't change the fact that she carried Ben. She insisted that she loved Ben as her own and always would, and she wanted to know where he was. Just when Britt was convinced that her mother wouldn't call back, the phone rang.

Nathan was at his desk. His eyes filled with tears as he looked at and old photo of himself and Nina.

Sam was at Silas's place helping him clean up after the break in. She found a pair of boxers with a silly saying on them and teased him until he playfully took them away. Silas went into another room while Sam went to answer the door. It was Madeline, who looked at Sam with disdain. “You must be Silas's slut du jour. And I thought Ava Jerome was bad,” she said as she invited herself into the apartment. “You must be the mother in law from Hell” Sam replied. Madeline noted that it was clear that Sam knew Silas was married. Sam called Madeline a cliché, and Madeline countered that she had a right to be hostile after what Silas did to Nina. Sam pointed out that Madeline had been nasty before Nina's coma. Madeline insisted that she was protecting her child, but Sam believed Madeline had been protecting her money. Nina didn't think someone who dressed like Sam would know anything about family or money. Sam told Madeline that Sam used to be a thief and a con, so Madeline wouldn't be able to get anything past her. Madeline seemed impressed and she told Sam that Sam was a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, with Madeline being the 10.

Silas walked out and made a snide comment about not being able to get rid of Madeline. He asked if she was there to trash the place again in an attempt to intimidate him into signing the papers relinquishing his claim on Nina's inheritance. Madeline insisted that she didn't break in, but she told Silas that if he really thought she was guilty, he could end all this by signing the paperwork. Silas told her he'd sign the papers if she told him where Nina was. Sam told Madeline that Silas was very worried about Nina. Madeline countered that Silas hadn't been acting worried for the last two decades. Sam replied that Silas gave up, because Madeline wouldn't allow him to visit. Madeline asked what changed, and she was surprised when Sam said that Nathan convinced Silas to visit. Sam told Madeline that she had to tell Silas where Nina was if she wanted him to sign the papers. Madeline's voice broke as she revealed that Nina was dead. Silas was crushed, but Madeline thought he was putting on an act for her benefit. Sam wondered if Madeline was lying to hurt Silas, so Madeline showed Silas Nina's death certificate. Silas noted that Nina died three weeks ago. He demanded to know why Madeline didn't tell him this when she tracked him down two days ago. Madeline snarled that she didn't want him to know he could get his hands on Nina's money. Silas felt that as Nina's beneficiary, he should have been told the moment she passed away. They argued; Silas insisted that he genuinely loved Nina and never cared about her money, while Madeline maintained that Silas only married Nina because she could put him through medical school, then he and Ava decided to kill her. Madeline bitterly told Silas that the money was all his, now. Silas snatched the paperwork from her hands, then he signed away Nina's fortune. “There goes your theory about Silas wanting Nina's money,” Sam said. Madeline felt that Silas only signed the paper because he didn't need Nina's money anymore. She added that Silas had murder in his DNA, because his brother was a serial killer. Sam replied that his brother tried to kill Sam, and when she looked at Silas, she saw a good man. She asked if it ever occurred to Madeline that Ava might have poisoned Nina then framed Silas. “He blames the other woman and you believe him?” Madeline asked in a condescending tone. Silas told Madeline to leave. Madeline told Sam that she'd changed her mind – Sam wasn't a 6; she was barely a 3. Madeline left. Silas admitted that he wasn't prepared for Nina's death. He reminisced about the day he met Nina and how lively and beautiful she was. “She was one of the good ones, Sam. And I didn't treat her right.” Sam comforted him with a hug.

Madeline went to the Metro Court and called Nathan. She asked “James” if he was okay and he snapped that his sister had been dead for weeks and Madeline didn't tell him. Madeline felt bad for hurting Nathan. She explained that she didn't say anything because she wasn't sure how to tell him. Nathan said he had to go and he hung up. An officer brought Nathan some information that Nathan had requested about Silas. Nathan was surprised by what he read.

Sonny was at the Metro Court looking at a newspaper. The front page story was about AJ's shooter being on the loose. Carly walked over and said that AJ was still in a coma and there'd been no change. Sonny felt bad for Michael, but he thought it was good news for everyone else. Carly wondered what AJ would say if he woke up. Sonny insisted that he'd kept his promise to Michael and that he didn't have anything to do with shooting AJ. Carly ignored Sonny's denials and stressed that Michael would be destroyed if AJ woke up and blamed Sonny. A frantic Olivia ran in and told Sonny that their grandson had been kidnapped. Carly felt bad that Britt's child had been kidnapped a second time, so Olivia told her that Ben was Lulu's. Sonny left to make a phone call. Olivia and Carly felt terrible for Lulu. Carly knew what it was like to have your child be kidnapped. When Sonny returned, he and Olivia decided to go to Spoon Island. Carly asked them to tell Lulu she was praying for her. When Olivia walked away, Carly told Sonny that their conversation about AJ wasn't over.

Ava was outside AJ's hospital room. She remembered telling Sonny that they had to finish AJ off. She opened the door and was about to walk inside when Kiki walked up and asked her what she was doing. Ava lied and said she came by to check on Kiki and Michael. Ava asked for an update. AJ was off the ventilator, but Kiki had overheard some nurses saying they didn't think AJ would regain consciousness. Kiki had convinced Michael to go home and rest. Kiki confided that Michael felt that he'd chosen the wrong course of treatment for AJ and he was blaming himself for the coma. Kiki had tried and failed to convince Michael that the shooter was the only one to blame. Ava admitted that she felt guilty too. Kiki asked if she shot AJ. Ava acted offended by the question. She clarified that she felt bad because the shooting happened at her penthouse. Ava wondered if she would have been able to prevent the shooting if she wasn't in NY on a business trip when it happened. Ava told Kiki that she heard Silas trying to convince Kiki that Ava was involved in the death of a pharmacist while she was in NYC. “Were you?” Kiki asked. Ava was adamant that she didn't have anything to do with that or with what happened to Nina. Ava added that she wasn't framing Silas either, because even though he broke her heart, she'd moved on and didn't wish him ill. Kiki assured Ava that she believed her, because she didn't think Ava was capable of murder. Ava was relieved and they hugged. Ava was grateful that Kiki was on her side. Carly arrived. She saw Ava and Kiki hugging and assumed the worst about AJ. Kiki told her that there had been no change. Carly asked Kiki why Ava was there. Ava replied that she was concerned about AJ. “Since when?” Carly asked. Ava asked Carly why she was there, when no one hated AJ more than Carly did. Ava wondered where Carly was on the day AJ got shot. Carly replied that she was at GH recovering after her kidnapping. Ava continued to theorize that Carly shot AJ, which upset Kiki. Ava apologized to her daughter for letting Carly drag her down to her level. Carly spat that you couldn't get lower than sleeping with your ex son in law. Ava asked Kiki to keep her updated, then she left. Carly apologized for letting Ava get to her. Kiki was glad Michael wasn't there to see the fight. Since Carly was there with AJ, Kiki decided to go to Michael's to check on him.

Carly entered AJ's room and told him that Ava was right – Carly did hate AJ. According to Carly, the only good thing AJ ever did was accidentally get her pregnant. Carly told AJ that she never thought of him as Michael's dad because AJ wanted Michael to live for AJ and make up for AJ's mistakes. Carly said that wasn't Michael's job, just like it wasn't Michael's job to decide whether or not AJ should have surgery. Carly confided that she thought Sonny shot AJ, but she couldn't be sure, because Sonny and AJ weren't talking. Carly was shocked when AJ suddenly woke up.

Back at Wyndemere, Nik told Lulu that Obrecht loved Ben and wouldn't do anything to hurt him. He encouraged her to be optimistic, but Lulu didn't think she could. “What if our son slips through our fingers the way that our daughter did?, Lulu asked. She wondered if she and Dante just weren't meant to be parents. Lulu thought this might be karma for the abortion. Nik insisted that that wasn't true. He felt that if anyone was to blame, it was him. According to Nik, he ignored the warning signs because he was in love with Britt, when he should have been challenged her at every turn. Nik apologized for pushing Lulu to accept Britt. He wiped away tears, and Lulu told him it wasn't his fault. She added that he did those things because he was in love with Britt. “Not anymore,” Nik said. Sonny and Olivia arrived. When Olivia found out that Dante arrested Britt, she blurted out that she hoped Britt rotted in jail, then she apologized to Nik for what she said. Lulu was grateful when Sonny told her that he had people looking for Obrecht. Olivia sensed that Lulu was worried she wouldn't get Ben back, and Olivia assured her that Dante would find him. Nik remembered proposing to Britt.

Ava made a discreet phone call to Sonny and told him they were likely in the clear, because there was a good chance that AJ would never wake up.

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