GH Update Wednesday 3/26/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/26/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu were ecstatic to go get their little boy from the bedroom upstairs, but his crib was empty. Dr. Obrecht emerged from the shadows, holding little Ben in front of her as a shield. She refused to hand over the child and threatened to hurt him with a large dagger if they didn't let her leave. Dante didn't believe she would hurt Ben, but Lulu cautioned for them to be careful, because Obrecht is capable of anything.

Britt tried to plead her case about keeping the truth about Ben hidden, because she didn't want to lose him, but Nikolas wouldn't have it. He told her he gave her plenty of opportunity to tell the truth, but she kept lying and hurting Lulu and Dante. Elizabeth was the only one who found out and told him the truth. Britt kept trying to explain how she didn't mean to hurt anyone and tried to make amends, but Nickolas ordered her to give her ring back and threw her out of the house. As Nikolas was showing her to the door, Dante and Lulu told them that Obrecht had taken Ben.

Lucas took Brad to the side and asked him to come clean about what his involvement with the baby was. Brad admitted he was involved and knew everything from the beginning. Originally he just kept quiet for the promotion, but later he was threatened by Dr. Obrecht not to reveal the truth or she would cut out his tongue. Lucas was not sympathetic and told Brad that he never wanted to see him again, because he had continually lied to him and hurt his family.

Madeline entered the Metro Court and found Carly behind the bar. She asked for a drink. Carly told her the bar was closed, but Madeline convinced her to have one drink and they talked about their children getting hurt. Finally, they clinked glasses to if someone hurts their child, they hurt them.

Although Sam accused Nathan of staging a break-in at Silas' place, Silas told Nathan that he thought Madeline broke into his apartment because she showed up to see him with a document that would take away any rights to Nina's money. Surprised, Nathan asked for a copy of the document and went to go see his mother to find out what she was hiding. When Nathan confronted and questioned her, Madeline sadly told him that his beloved older sister Nina was dead.

Ric told Elizabeth that he wanted her to be with him and that Nikolas was all wrong for her. Although she thought they would eventually forgive each other, Ric disagreed, because of the way Nikolas talked to her horribly at the party. After they reminisced about their first kiss, Ric kissed her. Ric wanted her to be with him then, but Elizabeth she said that she couldn't and didn't appreciate him judging Nikolas. Nikolas would forgive her and they have known each other a long time and been through a lot. They will get through this.

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