GH Update Tuesday 3/25/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/25/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth was in Nik and Britt's bedroom holding the letter. Ric walked in and asked if she found Lulu. Liz revealed that she told Lulu the truth about Ben. Ric noted that Lulu was going to get her son back and it was thanks to Liz. Liz told him not to say that. While Liz was glad that Lulu was going to have her son, she was concerned, because she knew the fallout would be ugly. Ric assumed Liz meant it would be ugly for Nikolas. Liz changed the subject by asking where Cameron was. Ric explained that he left Cam in the kitchen eating snacks after Ric's run in with Alexis. Liz was curious about it, so Ric told her that Alexis mistakenly assumed he was mixed up in some shady dealings with Julian. He theorized that Sonny put Alexis up to it. Liz had gotten the impression that Ric wanted to mend fences with Sonny. Ric insisted that he did, but Sonny didn't believe him, because Sonny viewed everything through a “paranoid haze.” Liz asked Ric if he could blame Sonny. Ric grumbled that Sonny thought of Ric as the “spawn of Satan.” Liz reminded Ric that she could bring up all the reasons Sonny had not to trust Ric, but she decided not to, because dredging up the past would be painful to both her and Ric. She told him this pity party he was having wasn't his most attractive quality. Ric asked if she was admitting he had attractive qualities, and Liz conceded that he was good with her sons. Ric suggested that they get Cam and leave before the drama started. He suddenly sensed that Liz wanted to stay and be there to comfort Nik after he found out the truth. Liz accused Ric of thinking he knew her better than she knew herself.

In the Wyndemere sitting room, Tracy remembered that Sonny had been looking for Julian, so she told Sonny that that she saw Julian and Luke in the stables. Luke walked in, having overheard his name. Sonny asked Luke why he was spending time with someone like Julian. Luke lied and said he ran into Julian by chance, then talked to Julian about Lucas. Sonny asked to speak with Luke in private, so Tracy left the room. Sonny trusted Luke's instincts and he wanted to know if he'd picked up on anything during his talk with Julian. Luke asked what he meant, and Sonny explained that he thought Julian was working with Ric, because of the timing of Ric's arrival and because Ric was Julian's lawyer. Luke pointed out that all of those things were circumstantial. Sonny added that Julian's vendetta seemed to be fueled by a personal grudge. Sonny pointed out that he didn't have a history with Julian, but Ric had harbored a lifelong grudge against Sonny. Luke said that if Ric was trying to take Sonny out, Sonny should strike first. Sonny countered that Ric was his brother, and like Luke said earlier, Sonny didn't have any proof. Luke thought Sonny should trust his instincts and strike first, while he had the advantage. Sonny appreciated Luke's advice, but Sonny wasn't willing to dole out a death sentence until he knew for sure that Ric was guilty. Luke asked if this meant that bad blood was thicker than water, and Sonny said it was something like that. Luke hoped that if blood was spilled, it wouldn't be Sonny's blood.

Nikolas and Britt, who was holding Ben, stood in front of their guests in the living room. Nik made a toast thanking everyone for being so welcoming to him and Britt into their lives. Everyone was stunned when Lulu burst in and ordered Britt to hand over Lulu's son. Nik, Dante, Olivia and Lucas looked at Lulu with concern. They gently tried to convince her that Ben was Britt's child and they tried to take her outside to get some air. Lulu insisted that she was right and she refused to go anywhere. Lulu told Dante that Ben was their child, not Britt's. Obrecht sneered at Nik for letting Lulu make a scene. Obrecht decided to force Lulu to leave, but Lulu threatened to “break” Obrecht. Obrecht stated that Lulu had lost her child and her mind. Lulu snapped that she lost her child because Obrecht and Britt stole him. Obrecht took Ben from Britt. She announced that she wouldn't have her grandson exposed to this, and she tried to walk out of the room. Lulu blocked her path and hissed “don't you dare.” Lulu begged Nik not to let Obrecht leave, then Lulu tried to take the baby. Nik stepped in and stopped Lulu, then he let Obrecht take Ben out of the room. Nik comforted Britt, and Dante tried to calm Lulu by telling her that Ben didn't need to be there while they figured things out.

Ric urged Liz to be honest with herself and admit that she was hoping that the fallout would bring her and Nik closer together. Before Liz could respond, Obrecht brought Ben in. Obrecht and Liz traded barbs, then Obrecht told them to leave so she could put her grandson to bed. Liz revealed that she knew that Ben was Lulu's child. Obrecht confidently said that Liz was the only one who bought into Lulu's ravings. Liz showed Obrecht the letter and crowed that Britt had written a confession that implicated Obrecht. “You're going down, Frau Doktor. And so is your daughter,” Liz said with a smirk. She and Ric went downstairs. Ric stopped Liz as she approached the closed living room door. He explained that he was worried about Liz, and he thought she should steer clear of the turmoil that was going on inside. Liz was grateful to have someone looking out for her, but she thought she'd be fine, since this was about Lulu and not her.

Julian, Alexis, Sam and Silas decided to leave. Brad was eager to go too, but to his chagrin, Lucas refused to leave his cousin. Lulu told Dante that he shouldn't have let Obrecht take their son. Dante tried to convince Lulu that they should go home, but Lulu refused to leave without her son. Dante firmly told Lulu that Ben wasn't hers. Lulu she said she had proof that he was. Nik gently told Lulu that he was sorry for what she was going through, but he saw Britt give birth. Lulu revealed that Britt impregnated herself with her and Dante's embryos. It was clear that Brad was nervous as he watched everything unfold. Dante reminded Lulu that Brad showed them proof that the embryos had been destroyed. Lulu countered that Brad was Britt's lackey. Olivia told Brad and Britt that they'd better start talking. Nik asked Lulu about her proof and she said she had Britt's written confession. Nik asked Britt what Lulu was talking about. Britt was certain that she'd burned her confession, so she pretended not to know what Lulu was referring to. Lulu screamed that Britt was lying, and Britt argued that Lulu was hysterical.

Back in the living room, Britt demanded to know where the letter was. Lulu said she left it. Britt confidently announced that the letter didn't exist, just as Liz walked in with it. Britt looked crushed and she asked where Liz got the letter. “Guess the Easter bunny made an early visit” Liz quipped as she handed Britt's confession to Nik. Tracy walked in while Nik was reading the letter. After Nik finished reading the letter, Dante asked for it, and Nik handed it over. Nik asked Britt if she wrote it. Britt was silent, so Liz chimed in that Nik might have to wait awhile, and Nik went off on Liz. He accused her of enjoying this. Liz was taken aback and she argued that she didn't write the letter, but Nik countered that she wasn't sad that it existed. Nik told Liz not to deny that she'd been gunning for Britt ever since she learned that Nik and Britt were dating. Liz replied that she disliked Britt long before that. Nik called Liz a hypocrite for judging everyone else when she'd lied and upended the lives of several people, out of cowardice. Liz asked if she was supposed to ignore the fact that someone else was raising Lulu's baby. Nik argued that she didn't have to orchestrate a public scene. He asked if she expected him to be grateful and tell her that she was right all along. thank her for helping him see the truth, then he told her it wasn't going to happen. Liz swore she didn't want anything and that she'd only told the truth. Nik told Liz to get out of his house. Liz was stunned that Nik was throwing her out when Britt was the one who'd been lying to her. “Go!” Nik bellowed.

Ric told Liz that they should go. Nik made a snide comment about Ric coming to the rescue. He told Ric not to pass any panic rooms on the way home, then he snarled at Liz for judging him and Britt while she was with Ric. Ric and Liz left. Brad approached Britt and suggested they go get some air. Nik spotted Brad and threatened to snap his neck if Brad didn't leave. Brad and Lucas left the room. Lucas ushered Brad into a private area of the house. Brad acted like everything was okay and suggested that go get some dinner, but Lucas told Brad he wasn't going anywhere. Lucas told Brad to tell him what he had to do with it.

Dante ordered Britt to tell them whether or not Ben was her child. Britt didn't answer, and Nik told her to answer the question. Britt cried that she loved Ben. “That's not what I'm asking you!” Nik said. Britt admitted that Ben was Lulu's. Dante and Lulu hugged. Dante went off Britt watching them suffer and pretending to sympathize with their pain. Britt cried that she did sympathize. Dante admitted he'd felt guilty for being so happy about having a child while believing that Lulu wouldn't ever get that. Dante yelled that he almost lost his wife over Britt's lies.

Lulu and Dante were overjoyed to learn that they had a son. They hugged and kissed, then they went to get Ben. Britt tried to run after them, but Nik held her back, while Tracy and Olivia stood in front of the door. Britt was hysterical. She begged Nik to let her go, and she wailed that she couldn't let them take her baby. Nik told her that Ben wasn't hers.

Back upstairs, Obrecht held Ben and grumbled that Britt was a guilt-ridden pantywaist. Obrecht felt that everything would have been fine if Britt had done as she was told. At first, Obrecht believed they'd all be in trouble, then she suddenly came up with a plan to fix things.

Dante and Lulu went upstairs to the crib and found out that Ben was missing.

Sonny and Luke tried to go back to the party, and they found Olivia and Tracy standing outside the living room. Britt's yelling could be heard through the closed door. Sonny wondered what was going on, and Olivia promised to fill him in on their way to the launch.

Julian accompanied Alexis back to the Lake House. Julian noted that the situation at Wyndemere had been messy. Alexis found a note from Molly saying she was at Kelly's with TJ. Julian started flirting with Alexis, since they had the place to themselves. Alexis mentioned that she was surprised he wanted to spend time with her he'd disappeared earlier. Julian was apologetic about having had to take that important phone call. He felt honored that Alexis invited him to the family event and he believed she deserved better than to have been left alone at the party. Alexis felt that Julian deserved better too. She confessed that she had an ulterior motive for extending the invitation. Julian asked why she invited him, and Alexis went on a tangent about Molly seeing Ric as a hero. Julian wondered what this had to do with him, so Alexis asked him if he and Ric knew each other from before. Julian asked if she was accusing him of lying to her this whole time, but Alexis told him to tell her whether or not Ric was calling the shots in Julian's war against Sonny. Julian wondered why Alexis thought someone was giving Julian orders, but Alexis pressed him to just tell her whether Ric came back to destroy Sonny. Julian leaned in close to Alexis and told her to go to hell. Julian asked why Alexis took advantage of his feelings for her. Alexis said she was a concerned parent, and Julian said she could have just asked him. Alexis pointed out that he'd lied to her and pretended to be Derek Wells. Julian said he hated lying to Alexis, and he'd been honest to her ever since the truth came out. Julian walked up to Alexis until he was just inches away. He said he thought they had something, but now he learned that he was just nothing but a means to an end to her. Alexis said that wasn't true, and Julian told her to prove it. Alexis asked if he wanted her to put herself out there for a man who had a history of violence. Julian pointed out that she did it with Sonny, Shawn, and others. Alexis said maybe she wanted to change. Julian kept approaching Alexis and she stepped back. He asked why Alexis kept coming around him, then. “Because,” Alexis said, as she walked away. Julian followed. He theorized that Alexis didn't want the others the way she wanted him and that she kept pushing him away because she was afraid that if she let him in, there'd be no turning back.

Julian whispered in Alexis's ear that he thought she was different, but she was just like the others – afraid to take what she wanted. Alexis pulled him into a kiss, then she suddenly stopped herself. Julian chuckled and said the rebuff was right on time He told her that he was leaving and she'd have to find someone else to play this game with from now on. Alexis followed him to the door. She kissed him and started undressing him. Julian took Alexis's dress off of her, then they had sex.

Outside of Silas's apartment, Silas teased Sam about the way the parties she invited him to were always filled with drama. He realized Sam wasn't paying attention and she admitted she was thinking about Lulu. “Real or not, if you think you're being kept from your child, there's nothing worse,” Sam said. Silas invited Sam in for a drink. Sam thought she should go home to Danny, but Silas told her that Rafe texted and said everything was fine. Silas convinced her to stay for a drink and possible “gratuitous nudity.” Sam noticed that Silas's door was open. They went inside and found the place ransacked. Silas called 911. He was shocked when Sam suddenly pulled out a gun. Sam told him that Wyndemere tended to get out of hand at times. The dispatcher told Silas that the cops were already on the scene, but Silas told them they were wrong. Silas turned his attention back to Sam and told her that she didn't have the gun while they were having sex in the stables. Sam told him that she did have the gun, but Silas was too distracted to notice. Silas thought they should leave, just in case the intruder was still inside, but Sam told him she didn't run. They heard someone and Sam ordered them to freeze. It was Nathan.

According to Nathan, he was there because a neighbor heard a noise. CSU had come, gathered evidence and left. Sam wondered why Nathan didn't call Silas, and Nathan said he tried. Silas checked his phone and he didn't have any messages. Nathan asked Silas if he had any idea who did this. Sam accused Nathan of breaking in and trashing the place in an attempt to find evidence against Silas. She insisted that Silas was incapable of hurting Nina, and Nathan countered that Silas hurt Nina by having an affair. Sam argued that there was a difference between cheating on someone and causing them bodily harm. Nathan didn't see how any of this meant that he (Nathan) broke in. Sam believed Nathan was desperate to put Silas away. She wondered if he'd watched the place and waited for Silas to leave then staged a break in to give him probable cause to let himself in. Nathan insisted that he investigated crimes; he didn't commit them. Sam countered that there were dirty cops. Nathan insisted that he wasn't one of them. He said he cared about his job and he cared about getting justice for Nina. Sam told him he was looking in the wrong place. Nathan wondered what Silas thought, since he'd been so quiet. Silas announced that he knew who did this, and it wasn't Nathan.

Ric took Liz and Cameron home. While Liz was putting Cam to bed, Ric looked at the pictures on the mantel – there was one of Liz with Cam and Aiden and a separate photo of Jake. Once Cam was in bed, Liz came back downstairs. She thanked Ric for being there for her, and she told him she'd be okay, so he didn't have to stay. Ric asked if she was sure, because Nik had said some very hurtful things. Liz said she understood that Nik was lashing out because his world had been turned upside down. Ric added that the person Nik loved had just been taken away. “By me,” Liz said. Ric told her it wasn't her fault, but Nikolas didn't see it that way. Ric added that Nik wouldn't let it go for a long time, if he ever did. Ric thought that Liz should let Nik go.

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