GH Update Monday 3/24/14

General Hospital Update Monday 3/24/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Britt and Nikolas' engagement party, Sam and Silas run into Sonny and she asks Sonny if he's seen her mother. Sonny then remembers his conversation with Alexis where he urged her to attempt to get the truth out of Julian as to whether he and Rick Lansing are working together and against Sonny. He realizes he has not seen either of Sam's “parents'” but know he better not tell Sam the reason why he suspects he has not.

Outside, Obrecht catches Brad talking to Lucas. She tells him it's really “sweet” that he is with his friend. But he won't be able to kiss him nor talk to anyone ever again. He asks why that is. She replies he can't without a tongue when she reveals a sharp blade she intends to use on him. And she tells him if he reveals to anyone the secret about her daughter's baby, he will regret it.

Alexis then goes and talks to Spencer assuming that he might be talking to Rick but sees he's talking to Sonny.

Julian talks to Luke privately, revealing that they two of them (not Julian and Rick) are in on a business deal. And we see the “secret” of the new Luke Spencer.

Back at the party, Tracy cannot find Luke and asks Lucas if he might have seen his uncle. He admits he has not but wonders why or how Luke could have suddenly disappeared.

When Obrecht points the sharp knife at Brad's throat, she reveals she has learned all the tricks of the trade and has inherited this weapon from her friend, Helena Cassadine.

Elizabeth is ready to reveal the truth about Britt knowing what she did, knowing Dante was her baby's father and the fact that she stole the embryos from Lulu which prevents Lulu from ever having a baby again. But before she can reveal that, Lulu affirms to Elizabeth that she is not going to be angry nor vilify Britt. She is not happy with the fact that Ben is Dante's son with Britt. She knows that Elizabeth does not like nor trust Britt. But she realizes Britt has a very sick and nasty mother who may have put her up to doing unethical things so she forgives Britt's “mistakes”. She does not believe that Britt had any clue that Dante was the bio father of her baby even if Elizabeth suspects otherwise. But Elizabeth tells her she has proof. It's right here in a letter where she can prove all that she suspects about Britt.

Obrecht is ready to carry out her death threat to Brad.

When Alexis finds Rick, he asks her why she thought he'd be meeting with Julian. She asks if he is not Julian's lawyer. But he wonders why she is concerned about that. He does not trust her and suspects that she might be setting him up. She asks why he would suspect that by referring a client to him. She asks what he might have secretly with Julian.

Olivia is with Sonny and tells him she knows they are both happy to find out they have a grandson who is Dante's. But she is concerned about what this is doing to Lulu. He tells her he is not worried but he reveals he has something on his brain regarding Julian.

Luke and Julian talk privately about how he would like to help Julian and his organization take down Sonny. He expresses that he is disappointed in Julian's inability to successfully nail Sonny. Luke reveals that he will make certain that Sonny will never find out that he (himself) is Julian's' silent partner.. They both reveal that neither trusts the other. Luke tells Julian that he needs a legitimate respected country like ELQ to invade. And he reveals wanting the voting shares of ELQ so that he can commit corrupt business activity is the sole reason he proposed to Tracy.

On the ledge outside, Obrecht reveals to Brad that she remembers a young woman named Catherine Bell engaged to Stephan Cassadine. And because Catherine Bell did not do what they expected, she suffered an untimely and tragic death. She fell but did not die. Helena administered drugs to her for experimental purposes for which she relied upon Obrecht's medical expertise. This Catherine made a full recovery at that time. But the next time no drugs could save her. She did die because she apparently was “pushed”.

In the private room, Elizabeth reveals to Lulu that she discovered a letter that Britt wrote but may have never intended to give to Lulu. It reveals not only did she know that Dante was Ben's father. Britt intentionally stole the last embryo's left to make a baby, which were Lulu's with Dante, which has ruined their last chance to have a baby together. She has known all along that Ben is Dante and Lulu's and has been lying to everyone about that.

Nikolas greets and welcomes Sam and Silas. Silas informs him that Sam gave him a tour of the grounds and he was very impressed by the stables. But Nikolas wonders what was so special about the stables.

Outside, Obrecht is ready to push Brad off the deck. She tells him that this is the last chance she will have to have a relationship with her daughter and a happy ending. And there is nothing she won't do to prevent that from happening. And she is not afraid to kill him. Right then, she pushes him and he yells and falls. She smiles.

Inside, Lucas informs Tracy that he does not trust Obrecht. She is a known criminal yet is chief of staff. Brad and all the medical staff have to answer to her. Tracy seems to agree that Obrecht is not to be trusted even if she is the mother of the bride. Lucas also wonders where Brad is and goes looking for him. Tracy is wondering where Luke is.

Luke privately reveals to Julian that he may be more ruthless than he is. He does not care if Julian is having “distraction” and sentimental feelings about finding his long lost “kiddies”. He talks about how Kiki has not inherited her “genes” from him. He lays down the law to Julian that he won't accept his incompetence in doing what Luke needs him to do in carrying out their plan.

When Rick protests to Alexis that he does not trust her and asks just what she believes he has going on with Julian, Sonny walks in and overhears their conversation.

Dante privately talks to Britt while she holds baby Ben, about his concerns about how Lulu feels left out and depressed because he has a baby that is not his wife's. Britt tells him she understands and wants Lulu to feel free to visit her son any time she wants. He tells her that he is afraid that it won't help Lulu and might be more painful for her more to see the baby. Britt admits she finds that odd. She just walked in to see Lulu with her baby.

Lulu talks to Elizabeth expressing she does not believe her that Britt is capable of any intentional misdeeds involving the conception of baby Ben. But Elizabeth tells her that she needs to read the letter and see the undisputed proof that Britt stole her (Lulu's) baby. Right then, Lulu reads the letter and appears “happy” initially to find out that Ben is hers' with Dante.

Obrecht finds Brad after he's fallen in a bail of hay and is alive and well although scared. She tells him she hopes she's made her point. The next time he reveals what he was about to reveal to his boyfriend, or to anyone else, she will not be so “generous”. And right then, Lucas spots them and asks what is going on.

When Sonny finds Rick and Alexis talking in a room, he tells Rick does not trust him. Rick tells Sonny his time off has given him much needed perspective. He has no intention to stab Sonny in the back. Sonny is not that important to him. Sonny similarly reveals that he does not think Rick is important enough to him to suspect. Rick reveals that he is working for Julian as his attorney. He has briefly represented Julian when Julian got charged of the shooting of AJ. He is also briefly representing Ava's art gallery. So if somebody is working with Julian to take Sonny down, it is not himself.

Luke continues to talk to Julian about how he is bound and determined to do whatever he needs to do to take Sonny Corinthos down with or without Julian's help. And right then, Tracy enters and asks her “fiance” what is going on there.

Sonny tells Rick he wants to believe him. But every time he has, for their mutual mother's benefit, Rick stabs him in the back. Rick tells Sonny he is done with this conversation. He goes and takes Spencer Cassadine aside and takes him to get some desert. Alone with Alexis, Sonny asks her why she failed to get the goods on him. She tells him she believes Rick when he says he is not working with Julian. Sonny does not believe her and tells her she messed up with what he asked her to do not only for him and his family but also for her own family, regarding Rick. But she tells him she has proof that Julian has another partner who is not Rick.

When Tracy catches Luke talking privately to Julian and asks him why he's talking to this man, Luke tells her he just wanted to find a private place to have an “after dinner cigar”. The two men put on the “front” to Tracy that they are untrusting of each other. Luke says that “little Nikki” gets all huffy if he has a cigar so he went up here and ran into this loser. But she reveals that she overhear their conversation where Luke told Julian he is “determined to get what he wants”. In response to that, Luke tells her that he was telling Julian that he better do right by Luke's sister's kid or he will answer to Luke.

When Lucas finds Brad in the hay bail with Obrecht laughing and threatening him, she tells him that Mr. Cooper had a dizzy spell. She will make certain he is ok because she is a doctor. But Lucas seems to know there is fowl play.

Dante goes up the stairs to find Lulu but Olivia finds her son telling him that maybe his wife needs a moment by herself right now because she's had a rough time.

Lulu smiles and hugs Elizabeth telling her that she knew she had a connection to baby Ben. And now she knows why. It's because she is his mother. And now she knows what she's going to do. She is going to go and get her son.

After Luke “makes his point” to Tracy, she tells him that he needs to stop talking to Julian and return to her because she's barely seen him all night. He tells her that he just has to grab his stuff and he will be all hers' for the rest of the night. He returns to Julian who claps and smirks telling Luke he should get an Oscar for the lie he told to Tracy. But next time, Julian would prefer that Luke leaves Julian's son out of this. They then leave the stable together. And right then, we see that Spencer has been spying and listening to their entire conversation. Tracy then finds Sonny on the phone and eavesdrops on his conversation although she tells him she could care less about his “mob politics”. He tells her that surprises him. He knows Tracy used to be up to her neck in mob politics with Anthony Zacchara and all the other dead people she got mixed up with. She tells him she knows that “somebody” is coming after him. She remarks that Sonny has lasted longer than most. He has some talents. Bug in the end he's nothing more than a charismatic thug with dimples. She tells him “some” people find him charming. But he does not. She then remarks that if he is looking for Julian Jerome,, she just saw Julian by the stables... with Luke. And as soon as Sonny hears that Julian was privately talking to Luke, he becomes suspicious.

Julian returns to his “date”, Alexis who asks where he was. Right then, Nikolas makes his announcement and thanks all of the guests for coming out and celebrating with Britt. He announces that that it was important for them both to gather their friends and families together, while they begin to share their lives together. We see both of their respective families and friends gathering around and smiling while she holds baby Ben and he thanks all of them. But right then, before anything can go any further, Lulu rushes down the stairs and furiously demands that Britt lets go of “him” right now. Everybody wonders what she is talking about and what is up. She yells that Britt better give her back her son, right now. Everybody appears shocked.

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