GH Update Friday 3/21/14

General Hospital Update Friday 3/21/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Britt and Nikolas's engagement party is in full swing.

Sonny and Alexis are watching Ric talking with Julian and Lucas. They are now convinced that Ric and Julian are working together. They surmise that Julian is on guard, so Alexis is going to have to find a way to get information out of him.

Silas noticed the "scratchy" meeting between Ric and Sam. He's stunned to when Sam tells him that she slept with Ric when he was married to her mother. He downs his drink pretty quickly.

Lucas admires Tracy's engagement ring. He tells Tracy that he didn't think he had it in him. Tracy tells him that his uncle really is a good guy. Tracy says that she always held out hope for that he was, but it wasn't always easy. Lucas says that he's glad his uncle has changed his "unsavory" ways.

Luke is sitting nearby having a drink with Nikolas. Luke can't keep his eyes off of Britt. When Luke says that Britt is "one hot piece of ass," Nikolas nearly chokes on his drink. "What did you just say?" Luke tells him that he was just congratulating because Britt's one hot mama." When Nikolas tells him that he is wrong to speak that way about Britt. Luke calls him "Prince Prig" and tells him to get the royal stick out of his ass.

In the hallway, Dante and Olivia are wondering about Lulu. Dante thinks that he should find her, but Olivia doesn't think he should.

Lulu is up in Nikolas's room with Ben.

We see Dr. Obrecht going to talk with Molly and TJ. Brad tells Britt that he can't handle the guilt anymore. Britt tells him to take his own advice, and write it down. She tells him that it worked for her. She tells him that they have to accept what they did and move on. Brad doesn't know if he can.

Elizabeth has found the crumpled heart, and reads the letter on the back of it. She soon realizes what it is.......Britt's confession. Ben is Lulu's son, she says to herself.

Nikolas chastises Luke for speaking about Britt that way. Nikolas tells Luke that he'll never understand what Laura saw in him. Luke says that because he's a Cassadine. Nikolas says so. Nikolas says that he's a good son, and tries to be a good brother. Luke gets nasty, and says that he's only a "half" brother to Lulu. Nikolas doesn't understand why Luke suddenly has a problem with him. Luke tells him that he doesn't have a problem with him. He's just the last in a long line of psychopaths. Nikolas yells at him to get the hell out of here. Luke tells him that it's his party, and leaves. Tracy tells Lucas that they spoke too soon, and goes in search of Luke.

Silas tells Sam that she doesn't have to talk about her past with Ric. Sam thinks otherwise, and tells him they should talk, but not here. She tells him to grab a couple of drinks, and he says he thinks he may need the whole bottle. Silas manages to swipe one from the bar. Molly and TJ notice them leaving.

As Sam and Silas leave, Sonny and Alexis are arguing over whether or not she's going to spy on Julian for him. Sonny tells her that the more she talks, the more Julian and Ric talk, the less we hear. Alexis finally gives in, calls this a caper, and tells him to "watch and learn". Alexis fixes her dress, and walks over to where Ric and Julian are talking. Julian says that they probably shouldn't talk here. Somebody might overhear them, as they both look at Alexis.

Suddenly, Cameron and Emma walk into the room, holding hands. Cameron says "Uncle Ric!" so Ric goes over to them. He asks who the lovely young lady is. Cameron proudly introduces Emma as his girlfriend. Ric is impressed, and Cameron tells him that he was right. Emma loved the heart he made for her. A dejected Spencer arrives and sees this. Sonny tells Spencer that he looks spiffy. Sonny thanks him for inviting him and Olivia. He tells him that they're having a great time. Spencer says "I'm not." and takes off. Uncle Sonny goes after him.

Olivia has taken Dante aside, and Dante wants to know why she doesn't want him to look for Lulu. She tells Dante that she wants Lulu to have more time with Ben. She tells him that she admits telling Lulu that Ben looks like her. Dante is upset, until Olivia tells him that Lulu mentioned it first.

Lulu tells Ben that she thought she was imagining it, but then Olivia thinks so too. She thinks that Ben looks like her, too. Lulu tells herself to stop thinking that Ben is her son.

Brad asks Britt how he's supposed to live with it. Britt tells him that he has no choice. Neither of them do. She tells him that he knows what will happen. Lucas interrupts them, and hands Brad a drink. You look like you can use this. Britt leaves telling them to enjoy themselves. Lucas says that it doesn't look like anyone is enjoying things tonight. A nervous Brad down his drink, and tells him that they have to find someplace to be alone. Lucas looks worried as he follows Brad.

Sonny has caught up with Spencer who tells him to go away. He doesn't want anyone to see him like this. He is near tears. Sonny tells him that they're not just friends in the boxing ring. They're friends on the outside, too. He tells him that he can tell him anything, cause he's his Uncle Sonny. That's all Spencer needs to hear. Spencer tells Sonny that he lost the love of his, because that sneak Cameron stole her from him.

Emma tells Ric that Cameron made a beautiful heart out of paper. Julian is impressed (or pretends to be). He tells the kids that he owns an art gallery, and would like to see the heart. While the kids tell Julian that Spencer messed up the heart, Alexis sidles up behind him. Spencer tells Emma that he'll make her an even better one. He asks Ric where his mom is, and Ric tells him that him that she went looking for him. Ric tells him to go and talk to his cousin Molly, while he goes and look for Elizabeth.

Dr. Obrecht asks Britt what that "worm of a lab technician" had to say. Britt says that he had misgivings, and her mother asks what she did about it. Britt says that she handled it, and she's "pretty sure "that he won't say anything. Obrecht isn't as confident as her daughter is. Obrecht says she has to be more proactive. Britt asks her what she's going to do, but Obrecht doesn't say anything.

On the terrace, Lucas asks Brad if everything is alright. "Britt seemed kind of worried about you." he says. Brad says she should be, and when Lucas asks why, Brad tells him that he and Britt aren't just co-workers. He tells Lucas that they're partners-in-crime.

Dante tells Olivia that babies change everyday. One day he looks like him, and the next day he looks like Winston Churchill. Today he looks like Lulu. Olivia says that it's wishful thinking on their part. "What else could it be?" asks Dante.

In Nikolas's room, Lulu tells herself to knock it off, Ben isn't hers, and he never will be. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, and it's Tracy. She tells Lulu that she's looking for her father. He had another dust-up with Nikolas. Lulu says that she hasn't seen him. Tracy asks her what she's doing, and Lulu says that she 's trying to accept that Ben is Britt's son. Not hers.

In the library, Elizabeth is in shock after reading Britt's confession. Ric finds her, and tells her there's good news. He tells her that Cameron's origami heart won Emma over. Elizabeth holds up the flyer and says "This is the heart." Ric says that it got a little messed up, but Cameron still won the girl. A shaken Elizabeth says that's not it. She tells him that this paper has a letter on the back of it, and the letter is from Britt to Lulu. This letter will change everything.

In the stables, Silas says that they don't have to talk about this right now. We can just sit here for awhile. Sam just wants to get it over with. She thinks Silas deserves to know. Silas says that everyone has a right to have secrets, after everything he kept from her. She tells him that she just wants to say it out loud to someone she can trust. Silas says that she can trust him, so she tells him that she was in a bad place back then, and acting out. She says that she just wanted to punish herself. She was drunk and Ric was there. She had hit rock bottom, and they had sex.

Alexis joins Julian and says that she thought her ex-husband would never leave. Julian asks her where she's been all night, and she says avoiding Ric. Julian says that he thought things were good between, and she says the less she sees of Ric the better. Alexis awkwardly asks about him and Ric. Julian says that he's not in jail for shooting anybody, and that's good right? Alexis says that he and Ric seemed kind of chummy. We did, says , Julian. Alexis wonder what they could possibly be talking about

Sonny listens to the broken-hearted Spencer. He tells Sonny that the heart was cheesy, compared to the expensive Faberge egg, that came all the way from Russia. My ancestors saved it from the Bolsheviks. In his usual over the top way, he tells Sonny that Emma let someone break it. Sonny tells Spencer that maybe Emma didn't do it on purpose. Spencer says that he would've bought her all the happiness in the world. Sonny talks to Spencer, man to man. He carefully suggests that maybe Cameron didn't steal Emma. He thinks that Spencer drove her away.

Cameron and Emma are telling Molly and TJ how they became a couple. Emma tells them that both Cameron and Spencer wanted to be her boyfriend. Cameron is sweet, and Spencer turned out to be a bully. Molly says that's not very nice. Emma says that Spencer is almost as mean as Britt used to be.

Britt asks her mother what she plans to do about Brad. Obrecht tells her not to worry about it. "Mutter" will care of you. She tells Britt to go and take care of Nikolas, he looks out of sorts.

Brad tells Lucas what his connection is to Britt. He says in order for him to land the lab manager job he had to do a few favors for Britt. Lucas is stunned, He fixed a few lab results, that's the person Lucas is standing under the stars with. He tells him that he's done a lot of illegal things, just to have his own little kingdom at GH. Lucas asks him if anyone ever figured it out. Brad tells that Felix did, and he didn't want to have anything to do with him for the longest time. He tells Lucas that Felix challenged to do the right thing. He overheard that the baby was not Britt's, but Dante and Lulu's. He says that he told them the truth. Lucas realizes that he was the person at the christening. Brad says that manning up and telling the truth didn't cost him a thing. Lucas asks him what he means, and Brad tells him that there's something else that he knows that will cost him everything. So you did more than just fix lab reports for Britt. Oh yea, I did much more than that for Britt.

Ric is stunned as he reads the letter, while Elizabeth goes on and on about what a liar Britt is. Ric says that the mother was definitely involved, and wonders how Cameron got a hold of it. An excited Elizabeth doesn't remember at first, but Ric's probing triggers her memory. She recalls walking into the conference room at GH with Cameron, and Britt was already there. She remembers that the Nurse's Ball fliers were on the table, and that Britt had an envelope in her hands. She must've taken the wrong one. Elizabeth ignores Ric, as she realizes that Nikolas doesn't know. She's almost talking to herself, when she says that she warned him that Britt would hurt him. She never expected this, and wants to run and tell Nikolas. Ric stops her and asks her if she really has to run and tell Nikolas?

Dante and Olivia are still talking about Lulu having a hard time with accepting Ben as Britt's baby. Dante doesn't want to hear anymore about the resemblance between Ben and Lulu.

Tracy tells Lulu how sorry she is that things worked out the way they have. Lulu tells her not to worry, and go back to looking for Luke. Tracy says that she's there for her, and always will be. She reminds her that she's out to be her step-mother again. Lulu is happy about that, and Tracy says she can't imagine what she's going through. Lulu breaks down in tears saying it's so hard, and that she thinks she deserves this.

Ric tries to talk Elizabeth out of showing Nikolas the letter. Elizabeth says that Britt's lying to him, and that she stole his sister's baby. Ric play's devil's advocate, and says that Elizabeth is just going to run into the middle of his engagement party and announce that his fiancÚ is a baby thief. Elizabeth says that's what she is, but Ric wants to know Elizabeth's reasons for doing so. Is she doing the right thing or trying to breakup Nikolas and Britt.

Sam and Silas are in the stables, where she tells him about her past. Apparently, Sam has told Silas about Baby Lila and how she was stillborn. She also tells that before she knew Alexis was her mother, she hated her. When she was pregnant, she was at risk for a placental abruption so she was supposed to avoid stress. She tells him that Kristina got sick, and Alexis got desperate, and she had a meltdown in front of her. She goes on to say how her blood pressure spiked, but Silas says that he already knows how it works. She tells him about her tumultuous relationship with Alexis, and how she convinced Jason to break up with her. She says that she was in a freefall, so Alexis asked her to move in with her and Ric. She tells him about her relationship with Ric, and his obsession with his half-brother. Silas asks who the half brother is, and she tells him that it's Sonny.

Sonny is showing his softer side to his nephew. He gets Spencer to realize that he was wrong, and gives him some wise advice on women. He tells Spencer that he'll do better next time. Spencer says that there won't be a next time. She's the only girl for me, he says, holding his face in his hands. He leans into Sonny, who reluctantly gives him a hug.

Ross, the driver, has come to take Emma home. Cameron says he wishes that Emma didn't have to leave. So does Emma, but her daddy gave her a curfew. Grown ups! sighs Cameron. TJ and Molly can't help but smile.

Seated nearby, Alexis questions Julian about Ric. He tells her they were talking about gallery business. At a party? she asks. He realizes that she doesn't buy that. He tells her that he and Ric were talking about Lucas.

Lucas asks Brad if this has something to do with Britt's baby. Brad is startled that he would ask that. Lucas well that's your little kingdom. He asks Brad if he had something to do with stealing Dante's sperm. Before Brad can tell him the whole story, Dr. Obrecht shows up. She calls Brad an SOB, in German. "What are you two doing out here?"

Nikolas wants to make a toast, and wants someone to go and get Ben. Britt says that she'll get him, she's his mother.

Dante and Olivia are worried about Lulu. Dante doesn't like that she hides her pain from him.

Lulu tells Tracy her fears that this is payback for the baby she aborted. Tracy reminds her that her that she couldn't carry to term, even if she had. Lulu tells her that Britt said that, too, but Lulu thinks it's karma. Tracy tells her that she was young and made an agonizing decision. Tracy tells her that she's not being punished, and in tears, Lulu asks if this isn't my fault then who's is it? Just then Britt walks in to collect Ben.

Lucas asks Obrecht what the hell her problem is. Obrecht asks if he's Lulu's cousin, and he says he is. She tells him that she was looking for him. Lucas asks if there's anything wrong, and Obrecht tells him that she seems distressed about the baby. Lucas tells her that we all know whose fault that is. Brad tries to stop him but Lucas won't back down. He says that thanks to her, Lulu's husband is Ben's father.

Britt wants to know what Lulu and Tracy are doing with Ben. Tracy steps up and says that they were looking for Luke. She says that they just wanted to stop and check on the baby. Is that okay, Tracy asks Britt. Britt says that Luke doesn't seem to be here, so she's taking Ben to the party. She suggests that they both join them After she's gone, Lulu thanks Tracy for covering for her. The last thing that she needs is Britt thinking that she's obsessed with her child. Tracy doesn't care about Britt. She just wants Lulu not to blame herself. Tracy asks her how she's doing, and Lulu says terrible but she will get it together for the party. Tracy tells her again not to blame herself, and she will over come this. She gives Lulu a hug.

Ric closes the door to the library, where Elizabeth insists that she's doing this for Dante and Lulu. She tells Ric that he has no idea what they've been through. Ric says that it's all there in the letter. She says that Lulu's last chance to have a baby was stolen. Ric tries to tell her to just take a second and think, but Elizabeth stops him and says What if it were Molly? Ric says Exactly and points out that shouldn't Lulu be the first to know? Elizabeth finally calms down, and says "I hate it when you're right." Ric says Thank you. She agrees to tell Lulu first and when Nikolas finds out, he can kick Britt to the curb.

In the stables, Sam says that she took a good look at herself, and changed her ways. She tells him that she's not that person anymore, and hasn't been for a long, long time. She tells Silas that she hopes that he knows that. Sam is a little emotional, so Silas tries to lighten the mood. He tells her that he's not one to judge cause he slept with Ava when he was married to Nina. Sam laughs and says you can't even compare the two. He makes a crack that if he had known all the "good stuff" when they were fighting over Rafe, he could wiped the floor with her. She tells him that was terrible, and he admits he is. But then so is Sam in the best possible way. Sam asks him if he wants to go back to the party and he says "What's the rush?." Sam says "No rush", and they start making out.

Elizabeth wants to find Lulu to show her the letter. Ric wants to go with her, but Elizabeth says she has to do it herself, and thanks him. As soon as she leaves, Ric receives a call.

Sonny has made it all better for Spencer, and he's ready to back to the party. Unfortunately, they see (and hear) Cameron saying goodbye to Emma. Cameron thanks her for picking him, Emma says it was a no brainer, and Cameron kisses her. Spencer changes his mind, and Sonny reminds him that it will get better. Spencer thanks him, and asks him give his excuses to Nikolas and Britt. Sonny says he will, and Spencer thanks him, before taking off. Sonny is amused.

Alexis is surprised that Julian would talk to Ric about something so personal. He's saved by the bell, literally, cause he also receives a phone call. Alexis gets clumsy, and gets his cell phone wet. She manages to show Sonny the messages. Julian says that he going to go and clean up. He tells her not to go anywhere. Where am I going to go? she asks. We're stuck on this creepy island. Julian says Hmmm, untrustingly.

Sonny asks her what that was about. Alexis says that Julian received a text asking for a face-to-face meeting. There wasn't a name but the number showed up. She says that it's someone on the island, because he said he would be back. Sonny thinks it's not a coincidence that Ric is nowhere to be found. Alexis says she knows the island like the back of her hand and will find him. Sonny says good, cause he needs to know if Ric is involved. Alexis says "Relax, she'll take care of it. "before she takes off.

Sonny goes up to Nikolas to tell him about Spencer's heartbreak. Nikolas thinks he should go and talk to him, but Sonny tells him that Spencer asked him to "make excuses" to Nikolas and his "lovely" fiancÚ. They both chuckle, and Sonny says that he talked to him, and he seems to be better. Nikolas thanks him, and Sonny tells him that Spencer's a good kid. Sonny says he's going to be a good big brother to his grandson. Awkward!

Britt is just outside talking to Ben, wondering if her mother got Brad to keep quiet.

Lucas gives up on fighting with Obrecht to look for Lulu. He kisses Brad goodbye, while Brad is rightfully nervous being left with his boss. She threatens him after Lucas leaves.

Tracy asks Lulu if she's coming back to the party. Lulu says she needs to get herself together first. Lulu thanks Tracy, who runs into Elizabeth after she leaves.

She's looking for Lulu, so Tracy tells her that she's in Nikolas and Britt's room. She barges in, much to Lulu's surprise, and says that there's something she has to tell her.

Britt arrives with Ben, and Nikolas asks if he was fussy when she woke him up. She tells him that she found Lulu and Tracy in there watching over him.

Olivia starts to say that Lulu looks like Ben, but Dante stops her.

Sam and Silas say hi to Sonny as they return from the stables. He asks if they're enjoying the party, and Silas mumbles "Good party." Sam asks Sonny if he knows where Alexis is.

Alexis is spying on Ric, who has his back to her. He tells the person he's talking to that they make a good team. Ric is walking away with Cameron. Alexis is surprised to see Cameron, and Ric is surprised to see Alexis. Ric asks if there's something wrong. Alexis just sighs.

Julian checks his messages, telling him to meet someone at the stables. When he arrives and announces himself, Luke is the person he's meeting.

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