GH Update Thursday 3/20/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/20/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Davis home, Molly, Sam and Alexis were all dressed up and ready to go to the engagement party. Alexis confessed that she felt like she needed a drink. Molly mentioned that they could leave as soon as TJ and Silas got there. Sam was surprised when Alexis revealed that she had a date, too. Sam answered the door. It was Julian. Sam shot her mother a disapproving look and let him in. Julian told them they all looked stunning. Sam forced a smile for Julian, then quietly asked Molly if she knew about this. Molly admitted she had a hunch. Alexis told her daughters that it was rude to whisper. Sam apologized and explained that she was just a little thrown. Julian confessed that he'd been surprised about the invitation, too, but he was pleased Sam and Alexis gave him another chance. Julian told Sam he initially assumed she put in a good word for him, but Sam said she wasn't behind this. Alexis remembered that she invited Julian because Sonny asked her to get close to him and find out if he was working with Ric.

Silas and TJ arrived. Silas thought Sam looked great and he confided in her that he wished they weren't wasting the dress on the party. Julian approached TJ to say hello and admitted that this was awkward. “Double dating with the guy who threatened me?” TJ asked. Julian clarified that he didn't threaten TJ, he encouraged him to cooperate with the police. Alexis walked up just as Julian explained that he was frustrated because the whole town seemed intent on protecting Sonny. Julian still thought TJ should talk to the police, but he acknowledged that it was TJ's decision to make.

Ric went to Elizabeth's to pick her up. He told her she looked incredible and handed her a rose. Liz went to put it in water, and Ric picked up the origami heart Cameron made for Emma. When Liz returned, she saw Ric with the heart and told him that Cam took his advice and decided to fight for the woman he loved. Ric admired Cam's tenacity. He spotted some writing on the heart and was about to unfold when Cam raced in and took it from him. Cam explained that he'd made the heart out of scrap paper he found at the hospital. Cam was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to see Emma get the heart, so Ric asked Liz if Cam could go with them. He pointed out that there'd be less kids for Audrey to watch that way, and they could use Cam as an excuse to leave early if necessary. Cam pleaded for Liz to listen to Ric. Liz agreed to let Cam go, but she told them that she didn't like them ganging up on her. Cam apologized. He and Ric high fived, then he ran upstairs to get changed. Ric apologized if he overstepped. Liz assured him it was okay. She appreciated Ric building Cam's confidence, but she was worried that Cam would get his heart broken. Ric didn't think she should worry about that. “Just because she has her sights set on a Cassadine, that's not etched in stone,” Ric said with a small smile. It was clear that he wasn't just referring to Emma.

Dante and Lulu were on the pier waiting for the ferry. They admired the night sky, and Lulu saw a shooting star. Dante was curious what she wished for, and she admitted she'd wished for something she couldn't have. Sonny and Olivia arrived. Dante was surprised they were going to the party, and Sonny explained that Spencer invited them. Sonny was looking forward to seeing his nephew, and Olivia noted that he wasn't the only kid she was looking forward to seeing; she and Sonny hadn't met Ben yet. Olivia regretted what she said, because she didn't want to hurt Lulu. Lulu assured her that she was glad that Olivia and Sonny were grandparents, but she admitted she still hadn't gotten used to Britt and Dante having a son. Luke and Tracy arrived. Lulu congratulated them on their engagement, and Tracy showed off her ring. Olivia mentioned having a toast to Luke and Tracy, at the party, but they didn't want to steal Nikolas and Britt's thunder. Lulu admitted she was surprised that Luke was going to the party, since he didn't socialize with Nik. Luke explained that he and Nik had made peace and he thought the party would be a way to get Tracy's mind off of AJ being in a coma. Sonny shifted nervously, and Olivia made a snide comment about AJ killing her cousin. Dante cut the tension by pointing out that the boat was there. After they left, the Davis family and their dates arrived. Alexis mentioned that she heard TJ's mom was in town. TJ told her how Shawn talked Jordan out of making TJ move back to Maryland with her. Jordan had decided to move to Port Charles and TJ wasn't sure it was going to be a good thing, since she had no job or place to live. TJ frowned when Julian announced that he was hiring. Everyone except Alexis and Julian got on the ferry. Julian admitted that he'd been hesitant about this at first, but now he was looking forward to the party. Alexis was, too. Ric, Liz and Cam arrived.

At Wyndemere, Britt brushed Ben's hair with the silver baby brush. She remembered that Liz stole it and used it to run the DNA test that proved Dante was Ben's father. Britt also remembered writing and burning the confession she wrote to get over her guilt for not telling Lulu that Ben was really hers.

Downstairs, Nikolas sighed when he saw Spencer primping in anticipation of Emma's arrival. The Cassadine driver brought Emma in. Nikolas went upstairs, and Spencer was delighted to be alone with Emma. He brought her a tray of hors d'oeuvres and told her she was really important to him; that's why he gave her the Faberge egg. Emma sheepishly confessed that Patrick broke the egg. Spencer was furious. “My ancestors saved it from the Bolsheviks!,” Spencer snapped. Emma said she was sorry and told Spencer to stop yelling at her. She tried running out of the room, just as Cam walked in. He gave her the heart, which she loved, but Spencer sneered that it was a piece of paper. Spencer demanded to know why Cam was there. Cam pointed out that Nik was Cam's uncle. Spencer snatched the heart out of Emma's hands and stomped on it, then he took Emma's hand and tried to get her to leave with him. Emma pulled away. She called Spencer mean and told him that she didn't want to be around someone like that, no matter how much money they had. Spencer countered that he liked Emma and she was his date. Emma said not anymore. She took Cam's hand and they walked out.

Nik's jaw dropped when he saw Britt in her dress. He called her the most breathtaking thing he'd ever seen and they kissed. Britt admitted she was nervous about the party. Nik encouraged her to think of it as practice for the wedding and he assured he he'd be with her the whole time. Nik promised Britt a perfect night.

Brad and Lucas arrived and admired the house. Lucas noted that he'd been to Wyndemere as a kid, but he'd forgotten how big it was. Brad stated that Britt hit the jackpot – she had a prince, the house and Ben. This prompted Lucas to mention that Lulu was having a hard time dealing with Britt and Dante sharing a son. Lucas wished he could help Lulu, but he sighed that there was no way to make Ben her son. Brad looked guilty and he apologized. Lucas pointed out that it wasn't Brad's fault; it was Ellie's for destroying the embryos. Lucas kept bashing Ellie and Brad was about to confess when Obrecht walked in. Lucas quietly asked who the “dragon lady” was and Obrecht overheard him and introduced herself. She asked Lucas to give her a moment alone with Brad. To Brad's chagrin, Lucas walked away. Obrecht had overheard Brad getting ready to confess, and she confronted him about it. Brad admitted he was having a hard time keeping the secret, especially after Lucas told him that Lulu was having a hard time. Obrecht pointed out that Brad, Obrecht and Britt had broken the law and would go to jail if Brad told the truth. Brad grumbled that he had to keep quiet to save himself, but Obrecht told him she only wanted him to worry about her and Britt. “One word out of you and you're finished” she warned. Brad assumed she meant he'd be finished at the hospital, but Obrecht clarified that he'd be finished “everywhere else,” too.

Nik and Britt greeted Luke and Tracy. Lulu had told Nik about Luke and Tracy's engagement, so he congratulated them. Luke turned on the charm when he saw Britt and introduced himself. Britt reminded him that they'd met before, but Luke didn't remember. Nik went to talk to Lulu, and Luke continued to flirt with Britt.

Nik thanked Lulu for putting the party together. Lulu told him he deserved the best and said she was glad he found it with Britt.

Britt introduced herself to Sonny and Olivia. She assumed they had reservations about her, but Sonny told her that her honesty went a long way. Dante walked over. Olivia said that however they got into the situation, they were all family, now. Olivia and Sonny wanted to meet their grandson, and Dante added that he'd like to see Ben, too. Britt invited them to go upstairs to see the baby. Dante went to Lulu and asked if she'd like to go see Ben. Lulu told him to go up without her, since she'd spent a lot of time with Ben. After Dante left, Lucas came over and asked Lulu how she was doing. Lulu knew he was concerned because she'd cried on his shoulder that morning. She assured him that she was fine and that she considered Ben to be a blessing. Lulu was surprised Lucas was at the party, and he explained that his date brought him. Lucas glanced over at Brad, and Lulu realized they were dating. She told Lucas that Brad was the one who told them that their embryos had been destroyed. Brad joined them and greeted Lulu.

Upstairs, Dante, Sonny and Sonny cooed at Ben. Sonny told Dante he did a good job, and Dante pointed out that he didn't have much of a choice. Dante asked his mom if Ben looked like Dante did as a baby. Olivia said Ben had Dante's chin, but she thought he looked a lot like Lulu. Sonny saw it, too. Dante asked them not to mention it to Lulu. He said she'd been amazing about Ben, but she was having a tough time with it. Dante told his parents that Lulu was embarrassed because she'd dreamed that Ben was hers.

Back in the foyer, Nik and Britt greeted Molly, TJ, Sam and Silas. Sam told her cousin Nik that he was looking handsome, as usual, and she asked if he was nervous. Nik wasn't. He was about to say something else, but he was shocked when he saw Alexis walk in with Julian. Alexis noted that Nik was going to be off the market again. Nik assured her it was for the last time. “God willing” Alexis replied, then she added that she was only teasing. Alexis thought Britt must be a keeper, since she was willing to live in a mausoleum. Julian, on the other hand, thought the place was perfect. The guests dispersed and Nik noted that he was surprised the party was drama-free. Britt asked him not to jinx it. Ric, Liz and Cam arrived, and Nik sent Cam into the sitting room to play with the other kids. Nik introduced Ric and Britt, and Britt noted that Liz and Ric were a cute couple. Nik and Britt went to mingle with the other guests, and Liz rolled her eyes. Ric kept saying how happy Nik and Britt looked, prompting Liz to ask what his point was. Ric thought that Liz should let Nik go and give Ric another chance. He felt they'd been good together and could be again. Before Liz could respond, Sonny and Olivia came downstairs and entered the foyer. Sonny was dismayed to see Ric.

Ric and Liz went into the living room. Ric tried to pick up the conversation where it left off, but Liz avoided the subject by going to check on Cam.

Silas went to get Sam a drink. Ric made his way over and tried to strike up a friendly chat with Sam, but she coolly asked if they could skip the small talk and leave the past in the past. Just then, Silas returned. Ric had gotten the hint that Sam didn't want to talk, so he left. Silas asked what was going on between them. Sam confessed that she had sex with Ric while he was married to Alexis.

Sonny walked over to Alexis and Julian. Alexis was surprised Sonny was there, and Julian thought Sonny seemed surprised that Julian was there. Sonny clarified that he wasn't surprised, because Alexis had terrible taste in men, except for Sonny. Lucas spotted Julian, so he came over to say hello. Julian was glad to get a chance to spend some time with his son, so he asked Alexis and Sonny to excuse them. Julian and Lucas went over and talked to Ric. Alexis told Sonny that she wouldn't be able to get Julian to confide in her about Ric being his partner if Ric was at the party. Sonny saw that Ric and Julian were now alone and he wondered if they were plotting against him.

Tracy noted the way Luke had turned on the charm with Britt. Luke smiled and said he couldn't control his tongue around beautiful women. Tracy felt that Luke should be careful not to give Britt the wrong idea, like Kiki did, and cause her to hit on him, the way Kiki had. Later, while Luke was off with Nik, Tracy showed Lucas her ring. He was impressed by Luke's choice, and Tracy added that his uncle was full of surprises. Lucas thought Luke really was a good guy underneath. Tracy told Lucas she thought Luke was finally showing his true colors.

Obrecht took Britt aside and told her that Brad was beginning to crack and they had to keep an eye on him before he ruined everything, including Britt's happiness. Britt went over to Brad and asked if he was enjoying himself. Brad admitted that he wasn't having a very good time, because Lucas kept bringing up Lulu and it made Brad feel guilty. Britt urged him to take his own advice and write it down, then let go of the guilt. She assured him that the technique worked for her.

While Dante went to get Olivia and Lulu refills, the women chatted about Ben. Lulu thought Ben was just like a little Dante, but Olivia confessed that she thought Ben looked like someone else. Lulu wondered if Olivia thought Ben looked like her (Lulu). Lulu had noticed it too, but she'd thought she was imagining it. Later, Dante returned and noticed that Lulu wasn't there. She'd gone upstairs to see Ben.

Nik and Luke shared a drink, and Nik admitted he was happy Luke came, since there weren't many Spencers there. Lesley was in Europe visiting Laura. Luke knew that Laura must hate missing the party. Nik reiterated that it meant a lot to him that Luke came. Luke explained that wanted Nik to be happy, because Nik was Laura's son. Nik assured Luke that he was happy. Luke spotted Britt chatting with TJ, and he noted that Nik had made a great choice. Nik was taken aback when Luke said that Britt was “a hot piece of ass.”

Elizabeth went into the sitting room looking for Cam. The kids were gone, but Cam's heart was still crumpled up on the floor. Liz felt bad for Cam, and she smoothed the heart out, then she unfolded it, and read Britt's confession about Ben.

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