GH Update Wednesday 3/19/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/19/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis was putting on lipstick as Molly walked into their home. Alexis asked her why she wasn't in school. Molly reminded her that she had a half day and was going to Kelly's to see TJ because his mother came to town. Alexis gave advice to make friends with her and Molly offered advice as well; do not use that lip shade. Molly asked why she was suddenly experimenting with makeup. Julian knocked on the door and as Molly answered the door and saw him, it became obvious. Molly left Julian and Alexis alone. Alexis asked Julian to be her date for Britt and Nikolas's engagement party, but he was skeptical as to why she wanted to be seen with him in public. Alexis said she could ask Ric and started to send him a message on her phone. Julian took the phone away from her to stop her, insisting she cannot get involved with Ric. When Alexis asked why, Julian pointed out that she needs to be with him. Alexis informed Julian that the party was at 7:00 p.m., so he promised to pick her up at 6:30.

Patrick after AJ's surgery gave the bad news to Tracy, Monica, and Michael that he was in a coma after complications occurred. There was too much swelling in the brain to allow the surgical team to repair the aneurysm. Upset, Monica asked Patrick if he'd made a mistake and wasn't prepared for the operation. Patrick abruptly left before anyone could ask any more questions. Tracy went to get him back. Promising to return if he needs him, Morgan left his brother's side. Monica and Michael went into his room and Michael blamed himself for making a bad decision.

Luke cornered Kiki by the vending machines and made more lewd advances. Kiki tried to defend herself, telling Luke he was lucky she hadn't told Michael, because he'd tear him limb from limb if he knew what Tracy's fiancÚ was doing to her. Kiki agreed not to speak of his advances and told Luke to keep her hands to himself. Luke told her that everyone likes a side of hot sauce as Tracy walked over and asked what was going on. Hearing the bad news about AJ, Kiki ran off to be with Michael. Luke told Tracy that Kiki has been hitting on him.

Sonny went to talk to Ava at her gallery about AJ. Ava tried to get Sonny to agree to finish him off because he could wake up and identify them. Sonny told her that he shot AJ, and she had nothing to do with that. Ava told him that she is an accessory and up to her neck in the mess. Morgan walked in asking what was going on. Ava told him they were talking about Julian. Sonny chimed in by telling him Alexis will find out if Ric is funding Julian's operation. Morgan was asked why he was there and he said that he wanted to give Ava an update on AJ. Morgan told them there were complications with the surgery and that AJ had brain swelling and was in a coma. Ava said that it sounds like brain damage.

Jordan told TJ that she wanted him back home with her in Maryland. TJ refused, since he wants to finish out his senior year then attend PCU. TJ insisted his place was there and Shawn was family, and he wanted to be with Molly. Molly walked in and Shawn introduces them. Jordan continued telling TJ that was not safe for him to stay there, because of Shawn's involvement with organized crime. Shawn asks Jordan to talk privately. In the kitchen, Shawn blackmailed Jordan by saying if she didn't let TJ stay in town, he would tell TJ what really made her give him to Shawn two years before. Jordan and Shawn went back out to TJ and Molly and said TJ could stay. Jordan wanted to be near her son, so she decided that she was moving to Port Charles. Molly and TJ look stunned.

Elizabeth picked Cameron up from school and brought him to work with her at the hospital. She sat him in the conference until she was done with Nurse's Ball planning. Britt was in there writing a confession letter on the back of one of the Nurses' Ball flyers, stating that she was not her baby's mother; Lulu was. Britt placed the flyer in an envelope, hid it behind her back, then put it down, picked it up again, and took it with her to Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Cameron used the flyer with Britt's confession to make a work of art for Emma, because he was jealous of her relationship with Spencer and wanted to win her over. Lulu walked in as Britt was going to burn it in the fireplace. She offered greetings and love and also to remove the letter for her. Britt told her she was going to burn junk mail to start a fire, because it was chilly in there. After Lulu left to go dress for the party, Britt burned the letter, feeling purged of her guilt.

After leaving Cameron, Elizabeth went to find news on AJ and ran into Patrick. Patrick told her that AJ's condition was his fault, because he was distracted by his grief over losing Robin. Elizabeth tried to calm him down and comfort him, repeating it wasn't his fault. She then went to get Cameron. Cameron showed Elizabeth an origami heart that he made out of a flyer with writing on it for Emma, which he thought was trash. Elizabeth agreed that she could give it to Emma at the engagement party.

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