GH Update Tuesday 3/18/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/18/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Julian and Ric met at Ava and Julian's gallery. Julian handed Ric some papers, then he asked Ric when they could move forward with the next phase of their partnership. Ava walked in and asked what they were up to. Ric introduced himself as Julian's lawyer. Ava was curious about why Julian needed a lawyer, now that he'd been cleared in AJ's shooting. Julian cryptically stated that he hired Ric to help out with some other business. Ava remembered Sonny telling her that Julian had a secret backer, then she urged Julian to be more specific. According to Julian, Ric was going to draw up some contracts for the gallery. Ava reminded her brother that they'd hired Diane to do that. Julian wasn't comfortable working with Diane, because she thought he had something to do with shooting Max. Julian said he wasn't sure Diane couldn't be trusted. “And he can?” Ava said, referring to Ric. Ric decided to leave, but Julian asked him to stay. Julian assured Ava that he trusted Ric. Ava wondered if Julian trusted Ric in spite of him being Sonny's brother, or because of it. Julian insisted that he didn't take that into account at all. Ava ignored him, and told Ric that she was aware of the bad blood between him and Sonny. Ava assumed that was why Julian enlisted Ric in Julian's war with Sonny. Julian reminded Ava that this was supposed to be her war, too. Ric insisted that the bad blood between him and Sonny was in the past. Ava pointed out that Ric was working for Sonny's enemy, and Ric explained that he'd be working for the legitimate side of the Jerome business. Ava made it clear that she didn't believe that was the extent of Julian and Ric's relationship.

Ric left so Julian and Ava could talk. Ava wanted to know why Julian was suddenly so interested in the gallery. Julian claimed he was trying to protect it, just in case Sonny went after their legitimate holdings, they way they'd gone after Sonny's. Julian added that they needed the gallery as a front, because Ava had failed to take over ELQ. Ava accused him of bringing up her failure as a way to deflect. She asked if Ric had anything to do with his secret backer. Julian asked who told her he was being bankrolled. Ava claimed it was a hunch, but Julian replied that Alexis was right – Ava had searched his computer. Ava insisted that she deserved to know who he answered to. Julian maintained that he didn't answer to anyone and that this was none of her business. Ava countered that they were partners and siblings. Julian insisted that there was no secret backer, but Ava accused him of lying.

Britt had a nightmare that Lulu found out that Britt stole Ben from her. She woke up with a gasp, which woke Nikolas. Nik noted that Britt had been having a lot of nightmares lately, and he encouraged her to confide in him. Britt lied and said she was anxious because she hadn't finished the party preparations. Nik assured her that Lulu would take care of it. He also had a surprise for her – he'd gotten her a dress since she hadn't had time to go shopping. Britt was touched, because she never had anyone take care of her before. Nik promised that that was about to change. They kissed, then Britt went to work. Nik heard someone clapping and turned and saw Emily sitting on the bed wearing a white party dress. He wondered why he was seeing her. Emily explained that she knew tonight was his engagement party, and she wanted to wish him well. She asked if Britt made him happy and if he loved her. Nik assured Emily that he was happy and in love with Britt. “Britt is the first woman that's made me feel that way since...” Nik said. “The first since me, or the first since Elizabeth?,” Emily asked. Emily reminded Nik that Liz confessed her love for him, something that Nik had wanted since he returned to town. Nik countered that he'd moved on after Liz turned him down. Emily urged Nik to make sure he chose the right woman before he walked down the aisle. She said that she couldn't rest in peace until he told her the truth. Nik admitted that he did love Liz, so Emily asked why he was marrying Britt. Nik explained that he'd always love Liz, in a way, but he'd put those feelings aside. “Like the love we had?” Emily asked. Nik stressed that no one would ever replace Emily; she'd always be a part of him and being loved by her was the best thing that ever happened to him. Emily assured Nik that she wanted him to find love again; she just wanted him to be honest about who he loved. “I love Britt. She's my future,” Nik stated in a confident tone. Emily explained that she just wanted what was best for Nik. She touched his face and told him to let himself smile sometimes. Nik took her hand and they started to cry, because it was time for Emily to go. Emily urged Nik to be careful tonight, because Wyndemere engagement parties had a habit of ending in tragedy.

At GH, Elizabeth scowled at her invitation to Britt and Nik's engagement party. Felix arrived, and Liz offered to help him stuff envelopes for the Nurses' Ball as a distraction, but Felix said that had already been taken care of. They were making fun of the invitation to the engagement party when Brad walked up. He smiled and greeted Felix. Felix tersely said hi, then he pointedly turned his focus to the computer monitor. Brad slunk off. Liz asked what that was about, and Felix told her that he and Brad were through, because Brad was sleeping with another man. Liz was shocked that Brad cheated. Felix clarified that Brad didn't exactly cheat. Felix admitted that he'd pushed Brad away for months, and by the time Felix realized he wanted Brad, Brad had moved on. Liz admitted she knew the feeling. Felix realized she was talking about things with her and Nik, so he told Liz that Nik was a fool to choose Britt over her. Liz wasn't looking forward to sucking it up and going to the engagement party, especially with her ex husband. Felix pointed out that Liz could have taken him (Felix). Felix smiled knowingly, because he knew she invited Ric in an attempt to make Nik jealous. Liz got a phone call from Cameron's school. She was alarmed to hear that Cam was missing.

Brad ran into Britt. He wondered why she looked so depressed on the day of her engagement party to a prince. Britt confessed that she didn't deserve it. She spotted a flier for the Nurses' Ball and crumpled it. According to Britt, the Ball is where it all started going wrong and her lies started to consume her life. Britt explained that when she stole Lulu's child, it didn't seem real to her (Britt) because Lulu was missing at the time. Britt felt terrible that she'd taken away Lulu's only chance to have a baby. Brad pointed out that at least Lulu got to see Ben now that everyone knew Dante was his father. Britt kept telling herself that, but she had a feeling that just made it harder on Lulu. Britt was conflicted – the thought of giving Ben back to Lulu made her feel sick, but the thought of keeping him away from her made her feel the same way. Britt didn't see how she could get married to Nik, knowing she had his sister's baby. Brad was alarmed when he realized Britt was thinking of confessing. He pointed out that if Britt told the truth, she and Brad would go to jail, and she'd lose Nik, Ben, and her medical license. Britt didn't think Nik would go to the police, but Brad didn't think Nik would let them get away with stealing his sister's kid. Brad confided that he'd been bullied as a kid. His therapist had work through his feelings by writing a letter to the people who hurt him. Brad clarified that you weren't supposed to give the letter to the person it was written to. Brad thought Britt would be able to let go of her guilt if she wrote a letter to Lulu. “Because if you don't find a way to forgive yourself, you're going to lose everything, Brad said.

Lulu was at Kelly's looking at pictures of Dante with Ben. Her eyes filled with tears when she overheard a couple celebrating because the woman had just found out she was pregnant. Just then, Lucas arrived. Lulu brushed her feelings aside and asked Lucas what was going on. Lucas wanted advice about Julian. The cousins talked about Julian's bad reaction to finding out his son was gay and his promise to work on overcoming his bigoted views. Lulu was delighted when Lucas revealed that he was seeing someone. Lucas was thinking about inviting Julian to go to dinner with him and Brad. Lulu pointed out that it was very early in the relationship for Lucas to introduce the guy he was seeing to his family. She surmised that Lucas wanted to test Julian and see his reaction, before deciding whether or not to get to know him.

Lulu confided in Lucas about being drawn to Ben and her dreams that Ben was her son with Dante. She felt crazy, but Lucas thought her feelings were understandable. Lulu vowed to find a way to accept that Ben was Britt's little boy and not hers. She wiped away tears, and Lucas comforted her. Lulu apologized for sounding ridiculous and convinced Lucas that he should go make plans with his new guy. Lucas left. On his way out of Kelly's he saw Cam sitting on a bench drawing a picture. Lucas said hello as he walked by. Ric happened to walk by a second later, and he saw Cam, too. Ric reintroduced himself and Cam said that Liz told him Ric was in town. When Ric found out Cam was there alone, he called Liz.

Back at GH, Liz was about to call the police when she got Ric's call. She left to meet him. Lucas arrived and invited Brad to dinner. Brad couldn't go, because he was going to the engagement party. He asked Lucas to be his date. Later, Felix spotted Brad and Lucas having a tender moment, and he turned around and walked away before they saw him.

Britt took Brad's advice and she wrote a letter to Lulu. Britt admitted that there was no excuse for taking Lulu's baby, but she explained that she did it because she'd been rejected over and over again. Britt confessed that she and her mother deceived Lulu and stole her two embryos. The first wasn't viable, but the second one grew into Ben. Britt thought she could live with her lie, but motherhood changed her. Britt said she was marrying into Lulu's family, to a man she wasn't sure she deserved. Britt hoped that if the truth came out, Lulu and Nik would be able to forgive and understand, even though Britt's actions had been unforgivable and beyond comprehension.

Ric took Cam into Kelly's and bought him a meal, then asked why he skipped school. Cam explained that he was upset because Spencer was taking Emma to Nik's party. Liz walked in and overheard Ric telling Cam that he knew what it was like when someone you like had feelings for someone else. Ric told Cam that he couldn't give up, then Ric glanced back and noticed Liz. He smiled and told Cam that you never know how things are going to work out in the end. Liz scolded Cam for ditching school and he apologized. Liz thanked Ric for helping out. Ric reiterated that Cameron should fight for the woman he loved. Liz hugged Cameron.

Alexis was at home reading a newspaper article about Ric representing Julian. She remembered Julian telling her that one day she wouldn't be able to resist what she and Julian had. Sonny arrived and asked for her help. Alexis observed that Sonny was exhausted. He explained that he hadn't slept, because he'd been at the hospital with Michael all night. Sonny felt that AJ had put a burden on Michael by making Michael his power of attorney. Michael had authorized Patrick to operate on AJ, and the procedure was happening right now. Alexis sensed that Sonny was here for legal advice. She hinted that she thought he shot AJ, and she reminded him that anything he said would be kept confidential. Sonny remembered shooting AJ, but told Alexis that he'd kept his promise to Michael and that he wasn't the shooter. Sonny told Alexis that Ric was Julian's lawyer. He was taken aback when Alexis revealed that she asked Ric to represent Julian. Sonny told Alexis his theory that Ric was secretly bankrolling Julian's war on Sonny. Alexis asked where Ric would have gotten that kind of money, and Sonny pointed out that they didn't know what Ric had been up to in the five years since they'd last seen him. Sonny always had the feeling that the war was personal, and he didn't understand how that could be until Ric showed up. Alexis asked if Sonny had proof of what he was saying, and he told her that's where she came in.

Sonny assumed that Julian and Alexis were seeing each other. Flustered, Alexis denied it and told Sonny that she'd rebuffed Julian. Sonny advised Alexis to call Julian and invite him to the engagement party, then get him to confide in her about his relationship with Ric. Alexis didn't want to invite Julian to a family celebration. She also didn't feel comfortable entrapping him. Sonny countered that this is what he was paying Alexis for. “You're my client, not my pimp” Alexis replied. Sonny pointed out that, for Molly's sake, it was best to know if Ric was up to his old tricks. Alexis was convinced, so she called Julian and asked him to come over.

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