GH Update Monday 3/17/14

General Hospital Update Monday 3/17/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While at Kelly's, Shawn gets a surprise visit form TJ's mom. She tells him she needs to see her son and is concerned about him. He odes not sound happy to see her nor willing to let her see her son. He tells her that TJ does not need to see her and she need not worry about his lie living with Shawn. He's happy and Shawn takes care of him and is the only parent Shawn knows. She tells Shawn she is not just there to visit. She intends to take her son home with her permanently.

TJ goes to visit Molly at her mom's house. And it appears Alexis has a  "plan ".

Sonny goes to see Michael outside of AJ's hospital room while AJ remains unconscious. He asks his son how his bio dad is. Michael is worried. And he reveals to Sonny that AJ appointed him power of attorney. It's up to Michael to decide whether to keep him alive or turn off his life support if he does not awaken.

Silas is with Sam. He tells her that Det. Nathan West is on the war path to have him charged with the attempted murder of his estranged (and unconscious) wife, Nina. He informs Sam that Nina's mother is in town and being all too accommodating to Nathan telling him all about Nina's whereabouts.

Nathan is Nina's younger brother and son to her mother, Madeline. When she comes to visit her son, he reminds her that they agreed not to be seen in public together nor reveal to anyone that they are mother and son. She expresses her  "motherly " concern for her son. He reminds her that their plan is to make Silas Clay pay for what he did to Nina. He reflects that he misses his sister every day. She reminds him that although Nina was so much older than her brother, she adored him. She was there when he took his first step, when he started school. And Silas Clay has taken that all away from them.

Silas informs Sam that when he met with Nina's mother, who refused to tell him her daughter's whereabouts. So he refused to sign papers she wanted him to sign relinquishing all of Nina's inheritance.

Alexis can tell that Molly and TJ were ready to have sex in the house after she stopped them from doing so at the Metro Court. They protest to her that she has to realize that she can't prevent them from making their own decision. At that point, she tells her daughter ok. She  "wins ". Hearing that, Molly demands to know what her mom means by that.

At Kelly's, TJ's mom reminds Shawn that he is not providing a safe environment for her son. She knows he is in business with one of the most dangerous mobsters in the country.

At the hospital, after learning that Michael has been awarded power of attorney over AJ, he asks his son why AJ is giving him that responsibility. Michael explained that he and AJ were working together at ELQ and AJ wanted Michael to handle all of the legal matters. Patrick Drake has informed him that he and Monica will have to make a decision to either treat AJ's aneurism with surgery that could be very dangerous or else AJ will be in a vegetative state permanently.

In Patrick's hospital office, he talks to Elizabeth who tells him he knows that Robin must have had a good reason to leave him and Emma, or else she would not have done it. She bets Robin left to save  "someone " or probably lots of someones. He admits that he is in a terrible state of mind and emotionally shutting down. She may be the woman he loves. He had the going away party for her, but he must admit that he hates his wife for what she did.

Sonny urges Michael to know that this is a very difficult decision to be put on his shoulders. Did AJ ask him if he wanted this responsibility.? Michael says he does not blame it on AJ. How was anyone to know that  "someone " would have shot his dad in cold blood and that this would actually be happening. Sonny asks Michael if he's come to any decision. Michael admits that he is not certain what decision he should make and asks Sonny what he would do.

At Nathan's apartment, his mother reveals that she believes that being a  "policeman " is beneath him. They also reveal that his name is James Reeves. Nathan West is a false name. She reminds her son that with their family's wealth, she believes he could be doing something more  "up scale " to contribute to society. And she asks if he's really certain that Silas has not caught on that he's using a false name. She reminds her son that Silas is a ruthless and cunning man and he needs to watch his back. "James" assures his mom that he has covered all his tracks.

After Molly and TJ are adamant in telling Alexis that she cannot control them and prevent them from having sex, she tells them she won't fight them any more. And she does a  "180 ". She tells them that she has had a change of heart. They may go and have sex in the bedroom. She will  "allow " it. She will be right in the living room  "waiting " and she must be there at a time like this. And instantly, as soon as they hear that, the whole idea is no longer desirable to them and they are uncomfortable.

While Sonny and Michael  "deliberate " over what is to be done with AJ, Sonny tells his son he knows that Michael is probably saner and more level-headed than anyone else in his family. So he asks Michael what his gut is telling him.

Elizabeth is concerned that Patrick is not ok when she sees he smashed the glass of a framed picture of Robin. He appears to be ready to break down crying when he tells her he is not doing a good job with Emma. He went off on his daughter and smashed an egg that Spencer gave her. He is afraid he is in no emotional state to be around Emma or anyone. She tells him that she knows he can get through this and she wants to be there for him. But he has his doubts.

In the other room, Sonny tells Michael he would do anything for him. He loves his son. Michael then tells his dad that he is ready to go and tell Patrick of his decision. He then admits to Sonny he hates to have to ask him for this. But while he's gone, he needs to ask Sonny to  "stay by " AJ to make sure he's safe. Sonny agrees and is obviously  "relieved " that Michael is gone for a while so that he can  "face " AJ  "privately " without the facade he has to put on for Michael. And isn't it great that Michael might make a decision that could result in AJ dying? That way nobody will ever know that Sonny shot him.

At Kelly's, TJ's mom tells Shawn she intends to be the kind of mother that Thomas Junior needs and deserves. She protests that she has made efforts to get her life back on track. She knows she sunk into a hole where she could not be the right mother for him. But now she's gotten there. But he remembers when she could not raise her son and needed him to do what she could not do. He's been there for that boy and kept him safe. Safe from knowing who she really is. He informs her that he has never once bad-mouthed her to TJ. He knows he could have and maybe should have. She reminds him that he  "killed " her husband.

After Alexis  "grants permission " for Molly and TJ to go in her room and have sex, they hesitate. She asks what is wrong. She's going to stop preventing them from having sex. They have her blessing. They can go and have their sex in her room. She will be in the room and will cook dinner after they are done. She asks if they might know how long they will be. They do not respond. She asks if maybe they could give her a  "ball park figure ". At that point, they admit they cannot go through with this. And TJ leaves. Alone with her mom, Molly angrily confronts her and tells her she  "did this on purpose ". Alexis, again, asks her daughter what is wrong. She is no longer fighting them. She is at peace with their decision.

Sam tells Silas she won't sit back and let  "Nathan " terrorize him and mess up his life. She knows that Nathan has some sort of secret. She can get to the bottom of this. She is a P. I. She knows how to get to the bottom of things like this. She can call Spinelli and hack into Nathan's computer, put a tracer on his car and beat him at his own game. But Silas is at wit's end telling her she should not have to do this although she protests that she is ok with it, willing and able to help him and do whatever it takes. He tells her he did not go though all they've been through in the last year, with Danny's cancer and saving his life and all that has happened in their lives so that their lives can be imprisoned like this. He tells her they had a chance at something really special. But they no longer have that. All they do is talk about Nina and this case. And they are consumed with that. He wanted something better than this. He just wants her. And at that point, they end up removing their clothes and having sex on his office table.

Nathan/James tells his mom that he is wracking his brain trying and failing to find a way to nail Silas for putting his sister in the coma. But he can't find anything that can  "stick ". She asks if the will that Nina wrote for Silas to inherit their family's fortune in the event of her death more than enough. That and the fact that he was cheating on Nina with Ava. Wasn't that enough to establish motive to want Nina out of the picture. He tells his mom that that is still not enough to convince the commissioner. She asks what about the fact that Silas, himself, wrote the prescription that put Nina in the coma. He tells her that the pharmacist that filled the prescription was killed. And his boss needs more evidence than that. She tells her son that she has faith that he will put Silas behind bars and Silas will get everything he deserves.

Silas and Sam are going at it on the desk in Silas' office.

After TJ's mom reminds Shawn that he  "killed " her husband and TJ's father, he emotionally tells her that Tommy was his best friend. It was an accident. Not a day goes by when he does not think about his deceased buddy and the regret he feels. She tells Shawn that the hardest thing for her to do after her life went down the drain was to let TJ live with him. But now that she sees that Shawn's life is now going down the drain, she knows her son would be in a better place if he lived with her. And right then, TJ enters through the door and is stunned to see his mom and Shawn talking.

Molly confronts her mom and tells her she bets she's really proud of herself for this little stunt she has pulled. Alexis protests that she is now giving Molly and TJ her blessing. She remembers that Molly was angry with her because she was interfering and considered living with her father and Rick wanted to take Molly from her. Molly reminds her mom that because she's angry with Rick for making her the  "bad guy ", she is now waging psychological warfare. Molly tells her mom she knows that she and TJ would never go through with it with her mom in the next room. Alexis then admits to her daughter that she was infuriated with her wanting to live with her father. And so she's changed her mind. She will respect Molly's decision although she does not approve and believes they are too young and should wait.

Sonny confronts unconscious AJ telling him that he is infuriated that Michael is forced to make this decision. He knows it's his fault as much as it's AJ's to do this to their son, since it was he who put AJ in this coma in the first place. But when he pulled the trigger, it felt right. He did to AJ what AJ did to Connie. The only difference is she died. AJ gets to live. Where is the justice in that? Sonny asks. Now AJ's making Michael take responsibility for his miserable life. He now hopes, for Michael's sake, that AJ lives. Even if that means, AJ gets to take him down. But he hopes to God that AJ dies so that he (Sonny) can keep his son.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Patrick if he needs to vent or to talk, she is there. Right then, they hear a knock on the door. It's Michael. They ask if he's made a decision with AJ. Michael replies yes. He has.

While Sonny confronts unconscious AJ, Michael tells Patrick and Elizabeth that he believes that surgery that could save his life is the best thing to do. He asks if they agree. Elizabeth tells Michael it's his decision. Michael tells Patrick he knows he's the best surgeon. Patrick tells Michael that he would not agree to do the surgery if he did not believe he could do it successfully. But he needs to warn Michael of the risks. So he will get started. As soon as Patrick and Elizabeth are alone, realizing that Michael has no clue the state of mind that Patrick has been in, she asks Patrick if he is really ok to do the surgery.

Alexis tells Molly she realizes she may have over-reacted by trying to prevent Molly from having sex at a young age. She realizes she is not thinking about Molly making a mistake. She's thinking about the mistake she, herself, made as a teenager. And Molly is not Alexis as a teenage. Molly then tells her mom that if she is mature and responsible, it's because she is fortunate enough to have a good mom and knows that her mom might not have been so fortunate. She tells her mom she loves her. Alexis tells her daughter she loves her more. She then tells her daughter she has one thing she needs to discuss with her. It's not about sex. It's about TJ. She assures Molly she has no reservations about TJ or the way he treats her daughter. But she has concerns about Shawn and the life he has working with Sonny. She knows that it could really complicate TJ's life. So she has her concerns.

TJ sees his mom talking to Shawn at Kelly's and runs to hug her. Jordan cries happily to see her son.

Madeline tells her son that she plans to stay in town.

Silas and Sam vow not to let that  "no good detective " win. They are bigger than he and his investigation.

James (Nathan) bonds with his mom. They reminisce about Nina and how they miss her. He promises Madeline that they will make Silas pay for what he's taken from them and from Nina.

Patrick rushes to prep for surgery. Elizabeth asks him if he's really up to this and if he might not want to wait. He tells her that AJ and Michael cannot wait for him. He's got to hustle and put his personal stuff aside to be the super surgeon and save lives.

Michael returns to his dad and announces that he informed Dr. Drake he's going to go with surgery. He cries on his dad's shoulder telling him he hopes he does not end up regretting this for the rest of his life and that this is the right thing to do. Sonny holds his son in his arms. Little does Michael know.

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