GH Update Friday 3/14/14

General Hospital Update Friday 3/14/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

A mystery person is skulking round the hospital, watching people.

Silas and Sam are back in Port Charles. He arrives at his office while on the phone with Sam. They tell each other how much they hate being apart. When Silas asks how Sam is doing, she says that she's managing. Sam asks Silas the same question, and he realizes that she means about Nina. He says that he waited all these years to see Nina, only to find out she's not even there. He tells her that he's a little irritated, and she feels the same way. She tells him that she's going to get to the bottom of this. He says that he believes in her, and they hang up. Silas gets settled in his office, while Sam knocks on a familiar looking door. Nathan and his abs answer, and he's surprised to see Sam there.

Shawn arrives at Kelly's and says good morning the to waitress on duty. Her name is Stacy, and she complains about how busy she's been. He thanks her for coming in early. Shawn asks if there were any messages, and Stacy says that he doesn't pay her enough for that. She does tell him that a woman stopped by looking for him. Shawn asks if she got a name from her, and Stacy asks if he's given her a raise. It's an amusing little piece of Shawn's other life, until Sonny walks in. Shawn and Sonny go into the back, and Shawn tells Sonny he doesn't have any information on Ric or Julian. Sonny, who's obviously in a state, says he doesn't he care about that right now. Shawn asks him if he's okay, and Sonny says, far from it.

AT GH, Tracy badgers Patrick for answers on AJ's condition. Monica intervenes, and Patrick tells them that he can only release the information to AJ's family. He asks Michael and Monica to join him, and they go to his office for privacy.

Ava slithers her way into AJ's room, and stands over him. "Well, AJ, looks like it's just me and you." She starts talking about the night he was shot and Sonny's reaction. She tells him how Sonny wanted him to bleed out on her penthouse floor. She chuckles at the thought of Sonny being an optimist. She tells him that she tried to get Sonny to finish the job. She says that he may have shot him in the heat of the moment, but once he hit the floor, he remembered his promise to Michael. She tells AJ that Sonny has a code that he lives by. Ava leans in closely to AJ's side, and says "The thing is AJ, I never made such a promise."

At Kelly's, Shawn pours himself and Sonny a drink. Sonny is torn up over his last visit with Michael. Shawn asks how Michael is doing, and Sonny says not good. He tells Shawn that AJ had an aneurysm and his chances aren't good. He tells Shawn that Michael was all torn up that he never told AJ. Shawn reminds him that AJ is Michael's biological father, whether Sonny likes it or not . Sonny feels bad that Michael turned around and told him, instead. Sonny talks about his dilemma, because of his promise to Michael not to hurt AJ. If AJ dies then Michael will feel guilty for not being able to do enough to save him. And if he lives, Michael will know that Sonny broke his promise to him. Either way, Sonny is screwed, and Michael will be hurt.

At GH, Patrick waits, while Monica and Michael say goodbye to their entourage. Michael asks Morgan if he minds waiting out here, and Morgan says "No it's my job. I'm your brother." Michael asks Morgan to call Carly with an update. Morgan says he will. Tracy tells Monica to forget about everything else, and concentrate on AJ. Monica tells her that even though they don't like each other, for good reason, Tracy is always there for her when the chips are down. Michael turns to Kiki to ask her if she's okay, too. Kiki, is still freaked out by her encounter with Luke earlier. Luke has been glaring at Michael and Morgan. Kiki gives Michael a kiss, and tells him that she'll be fine. Luke tells Michael that he and Kiki will hold down the fort. Kiki looks at him warily, and Michael finally joins Patrick and Monica.

At Maxie's old apartment, a half-naked Nathan apologizes for the state he's in. He tells Sam that he was just working out. She asks him if she can help, and he says that he was just working on his abs, only ten more crunches to go. Nathan laughs, and asks her what she's doing there. She tells him that he has to back off Silas once and for all.

Back at GH, Silas is looking over paperwork, when a woman, who looks like Donna Mills, stands in the doorway, and says "Hello Silas." She closes the door, and says "A gentleman stands when a lady enters the room." Silas says, "When I see a lady then I'll stand." She clearly doesn't like the remark or Silas. Silas reasons with, "It all amounts to the same thing. You never thought I was good enough for Nina." They bicker back and forth, until Silas calls her "the mother-in-law from hell". Aw, so this is Nina's mother.

At Maxie's place, Nathan asks Sam why he should back off Dr. Clay. "Because he's innocent!" declares Sam. "I believe you." says Nathan. Of course, he doesn't really. Sam goes off on him, saying that Silas didn't kill the pharmacist nor poison his wife. Nathan says that he evidence points to him. Sam says that the evidence was planted by Ava. Why aren't we investigating her?

Well, they should be, because Ava is hovering over AJ. She tells AJ that she doesn't really want to kill him, but he hasn't given her a whole lot of choices. She tells him, "Here I am, standing over you, vulnerable to your every whim, while you hover between life and death."

Sonny is torturing himself, because Michael told him that he was his father, but so was AJ. He's feeling guilty for shooting, because of Michael. He tells Shawn that the look Shawn saw in TJ's eyes, he never wants to see in Michael's. Shawn tells him that it's out of his hands, and in God's.

At GH, Tracy leaves Luke alone with Kiki, when she sees Kevin. Luke invites Kiki to go to the cafeteria with him, but she turns him down. He's still creeping her out, with his weird behavior. Luke keeps pushing to go with to get coffee for everyone. When he goes to grab her, Kiki yells "Let go of me." Morgan steps up to help, and Luke looks stunned.

Patrick, Monica and Michael have finally reached his office. Monica and Michael have barely sat down, when Monica asks about options for AJ. Patrick glances at a picture of him and Robin, before he answers Monica and Michael's questions. It is obvious that he hasn't recovered from his meltdown earlier. With Monica's help, he tells Michael that they could use drug therapy. When Michael asks why haven't they used this already, if it's that's simple. Patrick says that nothing is that simple. He says that drugs take time, and then Monica adds that while they're waiting, the aneurysm could burst, and it would kill him. Patrick agrees, and Michael asks about the other treatment. Patrick tells him "treating the aneurysm with surgery." Michael says hopefully, that would get rid of the aneurysm, right? Patrick says that there is a risk with both of them, but with surgery, there could be an even greater bleed. Monica steps in and says that he could stroke out, and be paralyzed or left in a vegetative state. Or he could die, says Michael. Patrick says that he could die either way. Michael turns to Monica, and asks "What should we do?"

Ava is still hovering over AJ, telling him that she's impressed that he made it this time. She tells him that she's heard the doctors, and they say that there's a good chance that he won't survive. She leans in close, and tells him that she can't take that chance.

At Kelly's, Shawn tells Sonny to get some sleep. Sonny says that every time he tries, he sees AJ's face before he shot him. He says, it's like he's haunting me. Shawn reminds him that he's hated AJ most of Michael's life. You promised your son, you wouldn't hurt him, even if he deserved it. So it only makes sense you're having trouble getting him out of your mind. Sonny tells him that AJ kept insisting that he didn't kill Connie. I keep wondering if there was something else that he needed to say.

In AJ's room, Ava tells AJ that soon all their problems will be over. She'll be off the hook for killing Connie, and Sonny will be off the hook for shooting you. And you won't have a care in the world. She leans in, and tells him that he doesn't have to worry about her. She's got all the loose ends tied up. She and Sonny both have their alibis. This is the only option that makes sense. She kisses him goodbye, on his cheek.

Patrick comes around, and perches himself on his desk. He tells Michael that he wishes he could tell him which option would have the best outcome. Michael asks him to tell him which has the best odds, but Patrick can't. Michael turns to his grandmother, and says "You're the doctor, what should we do?" Monica says that it's a high risk surgery, and there's no way to predict the outcome. Michael says, but Patrick is the best, and Monica agrees. Monica says that maybe the mother in her is being overly protective. "You don't want AJ to have the surgery?" Michael asks her. Monica says that if it were up to her, she would do the least invasive procedure. But it's not up to me. Michael says but she's doctor, and his mother, if it's not up to you then who? Monica tells a stunned Michael that it's him.

Tracy thanks Kevin for listening to her the other day. He jokes that it's a good thing that the extra Chinese food didn't go to waste. Tracy says that she's had better, and goes on to tell Kevin that she made a big deal out of nothing. A specific change in behavior isn't exactly nothing, says Kevin. Tracy tells him that Luke explained that he was just having a bad day, and apologized. Kevin is surprised, but Tracy says that it does happen. She tells Kevin that he is rapidly getting back to his old self, so he doesn't have to investigate Miscavige. Kevin says that he's glad that Luke is feeling better. Tracy cuts him off, and says that she wants to move on. Kevin tells her that she might not think it's important, but he spoke to Scott Baldwin, and something did happen at Miscavige. They both look over at Luke, who's talking to Morgan and Kiki.

Luke tells Morgan that he was just asking Kiki to go and get coffee with him. Morgan tells Luke that maybe he should hold off on that. He tells Luke that he thinks everyone has had enough caffeine for the night. Luke tells him that caffeine is always good, and he could use a hand. Morgan tells him to ask Tracy. I'm sure, she'd be happy to help. Morgan tells him that he has to talk to Kiki alone, and walks away with her. Morgan asks Kiki what's wrong, because she's obviously freaked out. Kiki tells Morgan that Luke made a pass at her.

In Silas's office, he tells Madeline that he's busy. He wants to know why she's here. Madeline says that she knows that he went to Westchester. Nina wasn't there, says Silas, "Where is she?" She tells him that it's none of his concern, but he disagrees. Madeline says that he has a new life in Port Charles, and a new girlfriend. She calls Sam a spitfire for helping him to get into the clinic. Silas says that he just wanted to see Nina. Madeline challenges him by saying things are so good for him in Port Charles, why would he want to see Nina now. Silas stands up, and "Ok! Madeline, you wanted me to stand up, I'm standing. Now tell me what the hell happened to my wife?"

At Maxie's, Nathan comes out of the shower wearing just a towel. He's surprised that Sam is still there, and she says that she's still waiting for an answer. He asks her if she ever quits, and she says not when there's an innocent man involved. She insists that Ava is a viable suspect. Nathan asks her if she wants him to take her seriously, and Sam says she does. He tells her to give him the evidence, which she does. She tells him that Ava was in New York when Nakamura died, and she's convinced that Ava is the one who put Nina in a coma. We both know that she had a motive. Yea, says Nathan. She was pregnant by a married man, and wanted his wife out of the way. Nathan tells her it's a great theory, and they argue over the pros and cons of Ava being a suspect. Sam asks him why it's so hard for him to believe that Ava could be a killer. She's in the mafia. Why wouldn't she be able to do this?

Ava is still talking to AJ about why she has to kill him. Ava goes to her purse, and pulls out a pair of black leather gloves. She says that if Connie had only finished spelling her name, Ava, instead of her initials, which are also his initials. She suddenly grabs the breathing tube, and squeezes it for dear life. Of course, machines go off, and even more surprising, AJ suddenly wakes up, and grabs Ava's arm, making her gasp.

While this is happening, Monica explains to Michael how AJ gave him power of attorney and medical proxy. She tells him that AJ was so proud to be working with him that he wanted their new relationship to be represented somehow. Michael doesn't understand why AJ did this, and never told him. Monica tells "him because he loves you, and he trusts you".

Elsewhere at GH, Kiki tells Morgan about her unsettling encounter with Luke at the Quartermaines. She also tells him about her earlier encounter, which makes Morgan want to punch Luke out. Morgan says that Michael has to handle this, but Kiki tells him that Michael doesn't know. She says that he can't tell Michael, because he has enough on his plate. Morgan can't believe the change in Luke, and says maybe you never really know some people. Kiki says that she can't do anything, because Luke and Tracy are engaged. Morgan tells her not to worry about it. He'll take care of it.

Luke is sitting by himself, on his cell phone. He doesn't notice Tracy talking to Kevin nearby. Kevin tells Tracy what Scott told him happened at Miscavige. He tells her that Scott made such a fuss that they had to sedate him. Tracy says "That's it!? They gave him a sedative" Kevin tells her that before Scott passed out, he says he heard one of Heather's goons, say "It's time." "Time for what?" Tracy asks. Kevin tells her that Scott didn't know.

Back at Maxie's old place, Nathan hasn't changed his mind about Silas. He says that Ava has an alibi, but Silas doesn't. Nathan says, he will check it out, but Sam isn't exactly satisfied. Before she leaves, he startles her by asking her why she would stand by a man like that. Sam asks why he would even say that. Nathan says that Clay has never been to visit his wife once. Sam tells him that they went to visit Nina the other night. Nathan says I guess there's a first time for everything. He asks how it went, and she tell him that Nina wasn't there. Why is it that you're not surprised to hear this? Sam asks.

At GH, Silas and his mother-in-law are arguing about Nina. Silas says that he lives with his transgressions every day. He never knew about the will until recently. He tells Madeline that he loves Nina , and never cared about her money. Madeline flings a legal document in front of him, and says "Sign these."

Back at Kelly's, Shawn tells Sonny he has to get it together. They both know that AJ killed Connie. It doesn't matter what AJ was trying to tell him. Shawn buys the lie Ava told them about AJ looking for a job. Shawn calls AJ a coward, and says that he tried to kill Ava, because she kicked him to the curb. Who else could it be? Sonny thanks Shawn for listening, and tells Shawn that he appreciates his friendship. Shawn tells him he should go and get some sleep. Sonny says he's just gonna go and get some work done.

At the same time, Ava is struggling with AJ, who's fighting for his life.

Shawn tells him to let him know if he needs any help with the Julian thing. Once again, Sonny thanks him for his friendship, and Shawn responds in kind. He also tells him how much his friendship means to him. He tells him that Sonny is the reason he's still in Port Charles. He tells Sonny that he helped him rebuild his life. Sonny tells him that he doesn't know where he'd be without him. Shawn tells him not to worry about that, cause he'll always be there for him. They share a "bro" hug, before Sonny leaves.

Back at Maxie's, Nathan tries to brush off Sam's accusation He says that detectives are trained not to show emotion. Sam demands answer from Nathan about Nina's whereabouts. Nathan tries to get rid of her, and Sam wonders why he's suddenly so quiet about this case. She tells him that maybe he's the one she should investigate, and he tells her to investigate whoever she wants. He fires back that she's sleeping with a murderer. "Allegedly."  Sam. Nathan warns that Silas tried to kill his wife, and did kill Nakamura. If you get to close to the truth, you could be next." Sam says that she'll take her chances, on her way out.

In Silas's office, he asks Madeline what the documents are. She tells him just a straight forward, standard agreement. Silas asks her to sit, while they wait for his attorney to read them over. He says maybe she can just bottom line it for him. She tells him that it's a document that says he's revoking all rights to Nina's money. Silas tells her that he'll gladly sign it, but first she has to tell him where Nina is. She tells him that she can't do that. He literally throws the documents at her, and they land on the floor. As she picks them up, he tells her that she's out of luck. She tells him that this has been going on for 20 years. "Don't you want to unburden your guilty conscious, and get on with your life? I think you do. And I think you'll sign them." She leaves his office, while Silas sits back in his chair, looking at the papers.

In Patrick's office, a stunned Michael tries to take it all in. He asks Patrick if he has to make the decision right away. Patrick says that his father's condition is very serious. He knows what a big decision this it to make, but don't take too long making it.

In AJ's room, he 's struggling for air, and grabs Ava's arm. AJ looks right at Ava, which frightens her, and she backs away . She slips out of his room, unseen, and hides round the corner.

Meanwhile, Kevin tells Tracy the rest of Scott's story. He says that next thing Scott remembers was Anna Devane, and another police officer standing over them. So Scott doesn't know what happened to Luke, says Tracy. Not a clue, says Kevin. Tracy is in denial about Luke, and says Luke is fine now, and he hasn't said anything to her. Kevin reminds her that most people don't talk about their traumas. Tracy tells him that she saved Luke from polonium poisoning. I've seen the man weak. Then maybe he doesn't remember. Tracy dismisses his concerns about Miscavige.

Kiki tries to talk Morgan out of talking to Luke, but he doesn't listen. Morgan tells Luke to keep away from Kiki. Morgan tells Luke that Kiki told him about what happened. He tells him that he knows he mad a pass at her. Luke calls him a punk ,and asks him what he's gonna do about it. Morgan says he'll tell his fiancée. Tracy comes over, and says tell me what? Tracy tells him that if he has something to tell her, then spit it out. Morgan changes his mind, and tells her that he just wanted to congratulate them on their engagement. He and Kiki walk away.

At Kelly's, Stacy tells Shawn that the woman who was looking for him earlier has returned. She points to her, and Shaw doesn't look happy. The attractive woman says, Hello Shawn.

Ava meets Sonny at Kelly's patio, and tells him that they're not out of the woods yet. She tells him that AJ may survive after all.

Monica and Michael have returned to AJ's room to find chaos. Monica demands to know what happened, and a nurse tells her that his ventilator went off. Monica asks about his breathing. She tells her that his condition is unchanged. Monica asks to speak to the attending and wants to see AJ's chart. Monica goes off with the nurse, but tells Michael that she'll be back. She tells him that he'll have to make a decision by then. He goes in the room to be with AJ, and holds his hand. He tells him that he knows that he made him his medical proxy. He agonizes over what to do, and begs AJ to help him.

Patrick is in his office telling someone on the phone to have the OR on standby. He tells them that the Quartermaine family haven't made their decision yet. He picks up Robin's picture, and is upset.

Sam arrives at Silas's office, and starts to apologize for barging in. Silas comes over to her, and kisses her passionately. Rough day, she asks, when they come up for air. He tells her that he' s just glad to see her. She tells him that he's gonna be even happier cause she's been on the case. She tells him that she thinks they have a new suspect. He asks who, and she tells him that she thinks Detective West has something to hide.

Detective West is about to leave for work when he receives another visitor. Madeline says "Hello, Nathan." He seems happy to see her.

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