GH Update Thursday 3/13/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/13/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick, Anna and Emma shared a meal at Kelly's. Emma showed Anna a mini telescope she planned to use to see the same sky as Robin. Anna was taken aback when Emma mentioned that Robin hadn't called since leaving town. Patrick made up an excuse to send Emma away from the table. Anna didn't understand why Robin hadn't called Patrick and Emma. Patrick flatly stated that Robin was in a remote location and that they knew it was going to be tough. Emma came back to the table, because she couldn't find her drawing. Patrick told her to go ask Shawn for some crayons, and he stressed that she was not to leave the diner. Emma agreed, and she went into the back room. Anna noted that the day Emma ran away from Kelly's and Britt seemed like a lifetime ago. Patrick said a lot had changed. Anna pointed out that some things hadn't – Patrick was still raising Emma alone. She hoped Robin would return, soon and she assured Patrick that she would be here for him in the meantime. “Anna I appreciate it, but unless you have some special power to bring your daughter back, I would like you to keep your offers to yourself.” Patrick snapped. He told Anna that Robin was the only one who could fix them, but she was off fixing someone else. Anna looked hurt, and Patrick quickly apologized. Anna understood that Patrick was raw right now, but Patrick insisted that that was no excuse. He told Anna he was grateful for her support. Anna confessed that she didn't understand Robin's reasons for leaving, especially now that she saw how Robin's decision was affecting her family. Patrick told Anna they'd manage, and when they couldn't, they'd call her. Emma returned, and Anna left for work.

Monica, Michael and Kiki were in AJ's hospital room. Sabrina was AJ's nurse. AJ's condition hadn't changed, and Monica said he'd need surgery to repair the aneurysm. She wanted Patrick on the case, but she hadn't been able to reach him. Michael asked Sabrina if she'd be able to help them track Patrick down. Sabrina thought Patrick might be taking some personal time, because Robin moved to Africa, but she promised to let Patrick know that they were trying to reach him.

At GH, Luke planted several kisses on Tracy's cheek and neck. While Tracy appreciated the gesture, she didn't think it was the time or place. Luke suggested that they go home, but Tracy said they couldn't until she paid her respects to AJ and supported Monica and AJ. Tracy made it clear that she expected Luke to be cordial to Monica and apologize to her. Luke didn't want to apologize to Monica, because he was offended that she accused him of marrying Tracy for the money. Tracy pointed out that Luke had done that in the past, but Luke insisted that this time was different. Sabrina walked out of AJ's room. Luke gave her a once over and commented on her attractiveness. Tracy was taken aback, but Luke told her that the nurse had nothing on her. Tracy asked Luke if he didn't recognize Sabrina. Luke replied that he didn't, at first, because of her pregnancy.

Tracy asked Sabrina about AJ's condition. While they talked, Luke added that AJ was better off than he would have been if Tracy hadn't saved him. Sabrina was curious what Luke meant, so he told her about Tracy hitting AJ's would be killer over the head. Sabrina got a knowing look on her face, and she asked when this happened. Tracy told Sabrina the date, and Sabrina remembered that that was the date Carlos came into the hospital with a head wound and that he refused to be admitted and asked Sabrina to stitch it up herself. Sabrina suddenly excused herself and rushed off.

Monica walked out, on her way to go find Patrick. Tracy asked her to wait, and she signaled Luke, who launched into a contrite apology that was so thorough that it shocked Monica and Tracy. He ended it by promising to say a prayer for AJ. Monica accepted and she left. Tracy stared at Luke in shock and noted that Luke was always surprising her. She kissed him and went into AJ's room. Luke adopted a sly expression and chuckled. A second later, Kiki entered the hallway. “Well! If it isn't little miss squeaky freaky Kiki!” Luke said, as he approached her. Kiki was uncomfortable and attempted to keep her distance. Luke lavished praise on her for taking care of Michael. He added that caretakers needed TLC, too, then he pulled her into a long hug. Luke told Kiki she could always come to him if she needed anything, then squeezed her butt. Kiki was appalled and she yelled at Luke.

Michael thanked Tracy for coming, and she replied that Quartermaines came together in times of need. Tracy added that even Luke came to show his support. Tracy heard Kiki yelling, so she went to see what was going on. Luke claimed he was just comforting Kiki. Tracy was impressed with her fiance. Kiki questioned whether Tracy said “fiance,” and Tracy showed off her ring. Kiki wasn't sure what to say, so she rushed back into AJ's room. Tracy praised Luke for going above and beyond with Kiki. Luke replied that Kiki was a sweet kid.

Michael asked Kiki what was wrong.

At the loft, Lulu sat at the edge of the bed and cuddled Ben while Dante slept. Lulu smiled and told Ben she had a secret – she was his mommy. Lulu said no one could find out, or they'd keep her away from Ben. “Someone like me? Ben's real mom,” Britt said. Things suddenly changed and Britt was holding Ben. Dante was at Britt's side and Lulu was by herself. Lulu woke up with a gasp. Dante woke up, too and asked what was wrong. Lulu assured him that she was fine and told him it was a bad dream. When Dante asked what about, Lulu pretended not to remember, then she pointed out that he should be at work. Dante told her he had a little time. He playfully tossed Lulu on the bed and they began to kiss.

Lulu smiled as she looked at pictures of Dante with Ben on her phone. Dante joined her and Lulu remarked that Ben was handsome like his dad. She asked when they'd get the baby next, and Dante said he hoped to pick him up after work. Lulu was impressed by how civil Dante and Britt were being. She thought their son was lucky to have Dante and Britt. Lulu mentioned that she was thinking about going over to Wyndemere and offering to help Nik and Britt plan their engagement party. Dante pointed out that she might also get to hang out with Ben.

Nikolas and Britt were in their living room. Nik wanted to talk about their engagement party, but Britt didn't think anyone would want to come. Nik assured her that she had more friends than she thought. He added that some people were starting to RSVP, so it was time for them to plan the party. Britt had other plans in mind and she kissed Nikolas. Things started heating up, when a panicked Spencer burst into the room. Nik asked Spencer why he wasn't in school. Spencer yelled that there was no time for that, then he announced that Ben wasn't in the nursery. Britt and Nik assured Spencer that Ben was fine and with his nanny. Spencer was frustrated that no one told him anything, including Emma. Spencer became overwrought about something Emma had done, and Nik pointed out that he was being very dramatic. Britt teased that Nik didn't get it, because he'd never been madly in love. Nik countered that he was madly in love now. Spencer clarified that Emma hadn't called him, even though he gave her Victor's egg. Nik explained that Emma was probably having a rough time, because her mother left. Britt quietly added that Patrick must be taking it hard, too. Spencer was determined to find a way to make Emma happy again. He bumped into Lulu and quickly said hi, as he raced out of the living room.

Lulu told Nik and Britt that she was there to help out with the party planning. She quickly added that she was also willing to watch Ben while they planned instead, then she asked where he was. Britt said Ben was with the nanny. Britt mentioned that she was just about to give the nanny a break. Lulu offered to go instead, but Britt said that was okay. She kissed Nik, then left the room. Nik was concerned about Lulu, because she'd had a lot of upheaval in her life including Ben's paternity. Lulu assured Nik that she loved Ben. She confided in Nik about dreaming that Ben was her son. As Britt approached the room, she overheard the conversation, so she stopped and eavesdropped. Lulu feared that Nik thought she was crazy. Nik surmised that Lulu felt guilty and embarrassed. He assured her that it made sense for her to dream that Dante's child belonged to her, too. He also pointed out that it was logical for her to dream about something she wanted so badly. Lulu noted that Ben was the closest she'd ever get to having a child with Dante; her dream of her and Dante having a child of their own would never come true.

Britt entered the room. Lulu asked about Ben, and Britt said he was napping. Britt announced that she just realized she had to go to the hospital. She asked if she could trust them to plan the party. Nik teased her about throwing a disco themed party and they kissed. Britt told Lulu to feel free to check in on Ben.

Ava was at home. She called Carlos, who was in a GH exam room, and asked why he didn't check in with her last night. Carlos explained that he didn't get a chance to, because Julian had been all over him. Julian was convinced that Ava shot AJ and that Carlos was helping her cover it up. Ava asked Carlos if he'd told Julian anything about her and AJ, and Carlos said that there was nothing to tell. “You said you had nothing to do with shooting AJ, right?” Carlos clarified. Ava said she didn't, but she stressed that Julian could never know that she asked Carlos to kill AJ. Carlos understood that if Julian found out, it would be disastrous for Carlos and Ava. Ava asked Carlos if she could trust him. Morgan walked in, and Ava ended the call. Ava was alarmed, because it would be bad if Julian saw Morgan there. Morgan assured Ava that he'd watched Julian leave. Morgan had been worried about Ava, and he was concerned that she was involved in AJ's shooting. Ava thought Morgan should already know that she had nothing to do with it. Morgan sensed that she was hiding something. Ava admitted that she did have something to tell him. Morgan asked if she shot AJ. Ava asked if that's what he thought of her, then she assured him that she had nothing to do with what happened to AJ. Morgan replied that he didn't think she did, but he felt that he had to ask. He wondered what she'd been planning to say, and Ava said she'd missed him. They kissed. Morgan confessed that he'd been really worried about her when he heard about the shooting. He wasn't sure what he'd do if she'd been hurt.

Morgan told Ava that Anna had him come to the station, then she tried to get him to implicate Ava in AJ's shooting. Irritated, Ava wondered when the cops would realize that she wasn't involved. Morgan didn't think Anna cared. He was under the impression that the Anna wanted to use the shooting to take Ava down, whether she was involved or not. Morgan added that the cops asked about Sonny, too. Morgan was confident that Sonny was innocent, because of Sonny's promise to Michael. He wondered who shot AJ and why they did it at Ava's penthouse. Anna called out to Ava Morgan hid, while Ava opened the door. Ava did not let Anna and Dante in. The cops asked about Ava's trip to NYC, and she said she was doing gallery work, visiting her mom and shopping. Dante asked if she killed the retired pharmacist while she was in NYC, and Ava told them that if they kept listening to Nathan's rantings, they'd never find out what happened to Silas's wife. Anna mentioned that they needed proof of Ava's whereabouts. Ava told them they could ask Sam, Silas, her mother and the gallery employees. Anna asked Ava about the gunman who broke into AJ's home on February 26th. Ava lied and said she didn't know anything about it, and she pointed out that she was already in NYC by then. The cops didn't have any other questions. Ava pretended that she was eager to help the cops in any way and that she hoped they caught the shooter. Anna and Dante left. Morgan was curious about the pharmacist Dante mentioned. Ava replied that it was Silas's drama, that had nothing to do with her. Ava reluctantly encouraged Morgan to leave, because Julian could return and find him. Morgan mentioned that he had to go check on Michael, anyway. Ava asked how AJ was doing, and Morgan filled her in. he added that it seemed that the only way the shooter would be found was if AJ woke up and told everyone who did it. Morgan left. A dark look passed over Ava's face.

Sabrina went into Carlos's exam room, where he was waiting to have his stitches removed. Sabrina asked him if he shot AJ. Carlos wondered why she asked him this, so she explained, and ordered him to tell her the truth. Carlos insisted that Sabrina was making a big leap from him having a head wound to him being guilty of attempted murder. Sabrina countered that he was in the mob, so it wasn't that far of a stretch. She added that AJ was found shot in Carlos's boss's apartment. Sabrina made it clear that she would not endanger her child by letting Carlos stay with her, if he was involved in the shooting. Carlos swore on Sabrina's baby's soul and his love for both her and the baby that he had nothing to do with AJ's shooting. He was relieved when Sabrina believed him.

Back at Kelly's, Emma showed Patrick a picture she drew for Cameron, then she pulled out the Faberge egg Spencer gave her. Patrick wondered if Spencer was allowed to have given it away, and Emma told him that Spencer's uncle Victor said it was okay. Patrick tensed at the mention of Victor's name. Emma was startled when Patrick suddenly ordered her to give him the egg. She asked why, and Patrick told her she wasn't supposed to have it. Emma countered that Victor said it was okay, and Patrick snapped that Victor was a bad man, and Emma couldn't accept gifts from him. Patrick demanded Emma to give him the egg, again. Emma, who was scared and on the verge of tears, insisted that it was hers. Patrick ripped the egg from her hands and hurled it across the diner, and it shattered. “There. Are you happy now? Nobody gets it!” He bellowed. Patrick saw the look on Emma's face and immediately regretted what he'd done. Emma wailed that she hated Patrick. He apologized and tried to comfort her, but she didn't want to talk to him. Another patron walked over and gently offered to help clean up the glass. Patrick snapped that they were fine, and the woman backed off. Patrick confessed to Emma that what just happened wasn't about her; it was about him. He admitted that he shouldn't have grabbed the egg from Emma or thrown it. Emma added that Patrick shouldn't have yelled at her, because Robin said yelling was wrong. Patrick agreed. Emma cried that she didn't have her mom or her egg. Patrick promised to get her another egg, but Emma said she wanted her mom. Patrick's eyes filled with tears and he admitted he did, too, as he picked Emma up and hugged her. Patrick asked what he could do to make it up to Emma, and she asked for a puppy. Patrick promised that they'd talk about it. He told her to get ready for school, then he stepped away to answer his phone. It was Monica. Spencer and his driver arrived. Emma asked how he found her, and Spencer said he had his ways. Emma told Spencer that something bad happened, and Spencer replied that he'd heard. Spencer confided that he knew what it was like not to have a mom, and he told Emma that he had a way to cheer her up. “Would you do me the honor of being my guest at a party on my private island?” Spencer asked.

Dante and Anna went to Kelly's after Spencer, Emma and Patrick left. They were sure that Ava was lying. Anna had such a long list of alibis that Anna suggested that she might have really been in NYC. Dante said if that was true, then the Jeromes were innocent, and so was Sonny, because he was with Duke. “If we can believe either of them” Anna added. Dante thought they were out of suspects, but Anna could think of one more person of interest. Carlos happened to be in the diner. He overheard Anna say that they had to identify the gunman who broke into the Quartermaine mansion.

Luke and Tracy entered AJ's room and told Michael and Kiki that Patrick agreed to consult on AJ's case. Michael was pleased. No one except Kiki noticed Luke leering at her. Everyone went to the nurses' station to talk to Patrick and Monica. Patrick looked at AJ's records. Tracy asked if Patrick was going to operate on AJ. Patrick said he would, if necessary. Annoyed, Tracy pointed out that surgery was the only way to fix an aneurysm. Monica asked Tracy to back off, but Tracy made another snide comment to Patrick. Morgan arrived and Michael admitted he was glad to see him. Tracy demanded to know if Patrick could help AJ or not.

Ava slipped into AJ's room.

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