GH Update Wednesday 3/12/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/12/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis phones Molly, begging her to come home but receives no answer. Julian goes to see Alexis with gardenias, which is her favorite flower, to tell her that AJ woke up and cleared him of the shooting accusation. He thanks her for believing in him and tells her she's beautiful. Alexis thanks him for the flowers but tells Julian he needs to leave, because she has to deal with Molly since things have gotten worse between them. Julian leaves telling her someday she will see they belong together.

Ava returns from NY and Carlos is at her apartment waiting for her. He claims he knows what she did to AJ, but she acts clueless. Ava claims that she was in NY and didn't shoot AJ. Carlos tells her Julian was implicated in AJ's shooting but believes she was the shooter. Julian wants Carlos to prove Ava's culpability, but he didn't tell him that Ava asked Carlos to kill AJ. Julian surprises them by walking in. Ava tells Julian she had car trouble and asks Carlos for a ride to the hospital. Julian tells her to take a cab and she leaves. Julian asks Carlos if he had any luck getting anything out of her. Carlos tells him no, but Julian is skeptical. He thinks Carlos is not telling the whole truth about Ava and AJ. Julian points out that Carlos works for him, not Ava. He's convinced that Ava is working against him. Once their relationship blows up, he doesn't want Carlos to land on the wrong side. Julian warns Carlos he will have no trouble cutting his losses.

Elizabeth and Nikolas run into each other at Kelly's. She's upset about what happened to AJ. He understands that someone she really cares about is fighting for his life then asks if she is coming to his engagement party. Nikolas pleads with her that he wants her there, because they have been friends for so long. Elizabeth tells him that she can't, it would be too weird and humiliating, and besides she doesn't have a date. Ric walks in and says he would love to take her. Elizabeth accepts, much to Nikolas' dismay and disproval. Elizabeth tells Nikolas to accept her choice as he asked her to accept Britt. Nikolas doesn't know who is worse for her, AJ or Rick. After Nik leaves, Ric asks Elizabeth why she accepted? Ric speculates that it was to stick it to Nikolas. Elizabeth asks what if it is? Ric doesn't mind and they agree he will pick her up. Elizabeth goes back to the hospital after she receives her food and Ric stays and meets Shawn, who introduces himself and says he works for Sonny and wants to know the real reason he is in PC. Shawn tells him he will find out eventually.

When Shawn walks into Sonny's office, Sonny tells him that Julian was released because AJ woke up and confirmed it was not him, then he had a stroke and went under again. Shawn warns Sonny that he could still ID him as the shooter, so they need to concoct a plan.

Kiki shows Michael support at the hospital when he fears AJ will never wake up. Kiki tells him that AJ is strong and not to give up. Michael thanks her. After Kiki leaves the room to get coffee, he holds his father's hand and begs him to come back to him like he did before. He promises that once AJ wakes up again, he won't ask so many questions. He'll just have to listen to how much he loves him. Michael is not ready to lose him and asks him to squeeze his hand if he can hear him. Sonny walks in as Michael promises AJ that they will find the bastard who did this to him. Michael explains about AJ's brain aneurysm and his inability to finger the shooter. Michael tells Sonny he loves him and appreciates his support. After Sonny leaves, Michael suggests to AJ that when he gets better, he will see how he brought people together. Maybe he and Sonny can finally make their peace.

Kiki runs into Silas and confides how worried she is about Michael. Silas tells her about the pharmacist and his theory that Ava not only tried to kill Nina, but killed Nakamura as well. Kiki disagrees and tries to tell him maybe someone else is setting him up, because her mother is not a murderer. Ava walks over and tells Silas and Kiki she had nothing to do with that poor man's death. She was just in NY visiting her kooky mother. She then asks about AJ and acts sympathetic when Kiki says he had a setback. Kiki goes back to Michael, leaving Silas and Ava alone. Silas asks why she was really in NY but doesn't believe her answers. Ava tells him she's not framing him, because she loved him once and wanted him to love her again, so she wouldn't hurt him.

Sam goes to see Alexis and they each tell each other what has been happening since Sam went to New York. Sam thinks Ava killed Nakamura, not Silas, because she was in the city at the same time. Alexis realizes that Ava couldn't have shot AJ if she was out of town. Sam is overwhelmed that Ric is back and that Molly wants to move in with her father, because she hates Alexis after being caught trying to have sex with TJ. Sam tells her mother that Silas was unable to see his wife, because she disappeared. She thinks it's time for Ava to cough up some answers so she and Silas can have some peace.

At the hospital, Dr. Obrecht berates her daughter for spending too much time with a new patient. Britt showed her mother her engagement ring. Liesl went on to say it was a showy, obvious display of love, and she can't muster a sign of enthusiasm, because it would be foolish. She is sure Britt's liaison with the prince can only end badly once he learns the truth. Even though she feels horrible about what she's doing, Britt pleads with her to keep her secret that Lulu is Ben's mother, because she is happy like never before. Britt showed her mother compassion regarding Cesar and her unhappiness, but Obrecht stops her because she knows nothing about her father, who is now missing and could be dead. Britt commiserates with her mother and grabs her hands. Liesl tearfully admits she has been a harsh mother and blamed Britt for issues that weren't her fault. She now sees that life doesn't have to be a disappointment. Finally seeing her daughter as an intelligent, strong doctor, she tells Britt she makes her proud. Truly wishing for her daughter's happiness, Obrecht agrees to keep her secret and they hug. Liesl wishes her daughter all the happiness in the world and repeats the sentiment when Nikolas shows up. Nikolas is surprised and agrees to have Liesl at their engagement party as long as Faison is not there. He informs his fiancée that Elizabeth is also coming and bringing her ex-husband Ric.

Ava catches up with Sonny as he's leaving the hospital and wonders what they will do when AJ tells the whole story.

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