GH Update Tuesday 3/11/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/11/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Shawn chided TJ for a minor mistake he made at work. TJ explained that he'd been distracted by thoughts of his relationship with Molly. TJ mentioned that Molly wanted to move out of Alexis's house. Before Shawn and TJ could discuss this, Sonny called.

Sonny was in his office. He called and told Shawn that Duke gave Sonny an alibi for the night AJ got shot. Olivia walked in and overheard this. Sonny got off the phone and told Olivia that he knew his people would be suspects in the shooting, so he was making sure they all had alibis. Olivia assured Sonny that he wouldn't have to worry about that, because it was clear that Julian shot AJ. Olivia admitted that she didn't care who shot AJ and that she thought AJ got what he deserved. Sonny asked if she really meant that, and Olivia explained that she'd never wish harm on anyone, but she couldn't bring herself to feel bad for AJ after what he did to Connie. She confessed that she was glad Julian did it and that he got caught, because it meant Julian wouldn't be able to put the people she loved in danger anymore.

Olivia wondered why Julian would shoot AJ. Sonny reminded her that AJ went to Julian looking for a job. Olivia was curious why Julian would try to kill AJ instead of using him against Sonny. Sonny claimed he had no idea. According to Olivia, she loved Michael like a son, so she felt bad that about her reaction to AJ getting shot. She noted that Michael mistakenly assumed that AJ would be safe, because Sonny promised not to hurt him, then someone else hurt him. Sonny was angry, because he felt that AJ's return had lead to Michael getting hurt, just like Sonny had predicted. Sonny felt that AJ wasn't Michael's father; Sonny was, because he'd raised Michael.

Back at Kelly's, TJ told Shawn that Molly wanted to move in with her father. Shawn remembered that Sonny thought Ric was working with Julian. Shawn told TJ that he didn't think Molly's plan was a good idea, but he refused to say why. Shawn got a text and suddenly rushed out of the diner, ignoring TJ's pleas for Shawn to tell him what was going on. Shawn went to Sonny's office and told him he'd just found out that Ric was representing Julian. Sonny assumed that Ric was attempting to make things difficult for Sonny. He told Olivia that Ric had even tried to kill him, years ago. Sonny was convinced that Ric was financing Julian and representing Julian as a cover. Olivia had to get back to work. Before she left, she told Sonny that he should probably stay away from the hospital, since tensions were running high. Sonny planned to stay away, because he didn't want Michael to have to overhear Monica lashing out at Sonny and Carly, but Sonny wanted Michael to know he was there for him. Olivia assured Sonny that Michael knew. Olivia left, and Shawn and Sonny agreed that it would be best to keep Olivia in the dark about what really happened.

Ric went to the PCPD and spoke with Julian, who was in his holding cell. They made an agreement about something and shook hands. Anna walked in and noted that they were “thick as thieves.” Ric introduced himself and extended his hand to Anna, which she ignored. Anna had pulled Ric's file earlier and read about all of his brushes with the law and about the corrupt things that happened on his watch while he was the District Attorney. Anna asked if he'd left town and entered private practice because of that corruption. “That's not quite how it happened,” Ric calmly said. Ric told Anna that she had to let Julian go, because she had no proof that he was guilty. Anna believed that Julian's past crimes were evidence of his guilt in this crime. She mentioned that she was personally familiar with Julian's criminal history. Ric accused Anna of having a personal vendetta against Julian. Ric had heard that the mayor was eager to fire Anna, and he threatened to sue the police department, and Anna, and get Anna fired if she didn't release Julian. Anna was unfazed by Ric's threats. She told Ric that he should just get Julian to tell the police the name of Julian's alibi. Ric countered that there was no need for that, then he shifted the conversation back to the lawsuit. Anna was offended that Ric thought he could intimidate her. She refused to let Julian out unless she found evidence to corroborate his story. An officer walked in and told Anna she was needed somewhere else, so she left. Julian asked Ric what they were going to do now.

Alexis was at home. She was frustrated because Molly wasn't returning her phone calls. When Molly got home, Alexis told her that Ric mentioned Molly's desire to move in with him. Molly felt like Alexis was overreacting. She didn't think it should be a big deal that she wanted to move in with her father. Molly added that Ric would be able to understand that she wasn't a little girl. Alexis insisted that she knew Molly wasn't a little girl, but she still felt that Molly was too young to be having sex. Molly snapped that maybe Ric would see it differently when she moved in with him. “You will move in with Ric over my dead body!” Alexis yelled. Molly countered that she could live with Ric if she wanted, because Ric had shared custody. Alexis noted that Ric never took advantage of that during the years that he was in LA. Molly argued that Ric hadn't wanted to pull her away from her life in NY, and what mattered was that Ric was there, now. Alexis reminded Molly that Ric had done bad things and worked with people like Faith Roscoe and the Zaccharas. Molly pointed out that both Ric and Alexis represented mobsters. Alexis responded by forbidding Molly to move in with Ric. “Oh my God. You suck!” Molly snarled, then she stormed off. Ric dropped by. Alexis was irritated, but she told him to come inside, then she told him that Molly wasn't moving in with him. She demanded to know what he was thinking, and Ric explained that he was just trying to help by giving Molly and Alexis a chance to get some space. Alexis accused him of trying to take advantage of the rift, but Ric replied that it wasn't his fault they were fighting. Ric felt that Alexis was trying to prevent Molly from growing up. Alexis told Ric that the next time he wanted to question her judgment, he should go to her, not give Molly everything she wanted and force Alexis to play bad cop. Ric apologized for not talking to Alexis before telling Molly she could move in with him. He clarified that he was there to let Alexis know that he took Julian's case. He brought Alexis up to speed and explained that Anna was holding Julian for the full 48 hours unless she found something to clear his name. After Ric left, Alexis decided to clear the air with Molly, so she called her. Alexis was upset when she realized that Molly was gone.

Molly surprised TJ at the diner. TJ was happy to see her, but he wondered if they should take things easy until Molly moved in with her dad. Molly sighed that Alexis was refusing to let her go, and Molly was convinced that Ric would cave and let Alexis have her way. TJ asked why Alexis was putting up such a fight. Molly told him that Alexis claimed she was uncomfortable with Ric's unsavory connections, but Molly thought that the real reason was that Alexis knew Ric would let TJ and Molly sleep together.

At GH, Michael thanked Kiki for coming, but he told her she didn't have to stay. Meanwhile, Monica prayed at AJ's bedside. She was delighted when he opened his eyes, and she stepped into the hallway and alerted Michael. Kiki went to find a doctor, while Monica and Michael returned to AJ's room. AJ was agitated, so they tried to calm him. The doctor arrived and took out the breathing tube. He urged everyone to keep AJ relaxed. Michael told AJ what happened to him, and AJ remembered Sonny shooting him. Michael asked AJ Julian shot him, and he weakly said no. Shocked, Michael tried to press AJ for more information, but Monica reminded him that they were supposed to keep AJ calm. AJ suddenly had an aneurysm.

Carly carefully balanced several cups of coffee as she walked into the hospital. Felix helped her out and asked what brought her by. Carly explained that she was there to support Michael while he sat vigil at AJ's bedside. Carly sensed that there was something off about Felix and he told her about Brad sleeping with someone else. Felix was conflicted, because he and Brad never agreed to be exclusive, but Felix felt that sex was a special thing to be shared with someone you cared about. Felix wondered if he was being too old fashioned, but Carly encouraged him to stand by his convictions and hold out for someone who felt the way he did. “If Brad wants to pick up some random guy at a bar and not wait for the prize you are, that's his problem” Carly said. Carly was curious who the “himbo” Brad hooked up with was. Felix told her it was Lucas Jones, and he joked that it sounded like name of a low rent porn star. Felix was stunned when Carly revealed that Lucas was her brother. Felix clarified that none of this was Lucas's fault, because Lucas didn't know that Felix and Brad were about to start something. Carly felt bad for Felix, but she pointed out that Brad didn't think he and Felix were supposed to be exclusive. Carly thought Felix should talk to Brad and see if they could work things out. Felix agreed that she was right. They hugged, and Carly left to take the coffee to Kiki. She ran into Anna, who told her that AJ was awake. As they walked toward AJ's room, they heard Michael frantically yelling for his dad. Monica gently told Michael that he had to leave so the doctors could work on AJ. Michael didn't want to go, but Kiki guided him out of the room. Carly comforted Michael while Anna asked Kiki what happened. Kiki told her that AJ said Julian didn't shoot him. Later, once Carly was alone, she called Sonny and told him what AJ said.

Monica watched the doctor examine AJ, then she went to talk to Michael. She explained that an aneurysm meant bleeding on the brain and that she wasn't sure if AJ would be okay.

Anna had Ric meet her at the PCPD holding cells. Ric arrived ready for a fight, but Anna filled him in and told him that Julian was free to go. Julian wondered if Anna would listen to him, next time. Anna told him it was unlikely.

Brad was having a meal at Kelly's when Lucas walked in. Lucas said hello and walked past Brad, but Brad offered to let Lucas sit with him and Lucas accepted. Lucas admitted he'd missed Kelly's. It didn't hit him until now that he'd been homesick for Port Charles while he was living in Seattle. Lucas confessed that he liked the anonymity of Seattle; no one there knew about his uncle Luke's exploits or that his sister Carly had been married to a mobster. Brad was curious if Julian and Sonny's feud and Sonny's connection to Carly had made things awkward for Lucas. Lucas explained that he hadn't had a chance to try and get to know Julian, because Julian was being held for questioning about an attempted murder. Lucas had heard Julian's side of the story, and he didn't believe it. Lucas wondered what he'd say to his nephew Michael if AJ died. Brad pointed out that Lucas shouldn't blame himself for Julian's actions. Lucas felt foolish for looking past Julian's long criminal history and agreeing to get to know him. Brad rubbed Lucas's hand to comfort him, then Brad quickly moved his hand away. Lucas apologized for the meltdown; he admitted that he wasn't that attached to Julian and he mostly didn't like him, so he hadn't lost anything by not getting to know him. Brad wasn't so sure Lucas should dismiss Julian's claims. Brad didn't think a seasoned mobster would be caught with a body and a gun with fingerprints on it. He thought Julian's story was too ludicrous to be made up. Brad asked Lucas if he'd be willing to give Julian a chance, if it turned out that Julian didn't commit this particular crime. Lucas wasn't sure. He asked Brad if Brad would want to get to know his criminal biological father. Brad confessed that he was glad that he didn't have to make that decision.

Lucas decided to change the subject. He hadn't seen Brad in a long time, so he asked if Brad had been holed up at his boyfriend's. Brad confided that he and Felix were over, because of Lucas's texts. Lucas felt bad and clarified that he never would have sent them if he'd known Felix would see them. Brad countered that Lucas shouldn't have sent them at all, since Lucas knew that Brad was interested in pursuing something with Felix. Lucas admitted Brad was right, and he apologized. Brad conceded that this was his fault for hooking up with Lucas when he was interested in Felix. Lucas suggested that he and Brad should try dating, since they had a lot in common and enjoyed spending time with each other, and he suggested that they should try dating. Brad didn't want Lucas to feel like he was a silver medal to Felix's gold. Lucas laughed, because he thought that was over-dramatic. Lucas noted that Lucas and Brad barely knew each other; it wasn't like they were in a love triangle with Felix and Brad chose Felix over Lucas. Lucas wanted to get to know Brad better and he sensed that Lucas felt the same way. They shared a light kiss, just as Felix walked in. Felix turned to leave, but Brad spotted him. To Lucas's dismay, Brad walked away from him and over to Felix and tried to convince Felix to stay. Felix introduced himself to Lucas and noted that he barely recognized him with his clothes on. Felix asked if they were dating, and Lucas explained that they were just discussing it. “Far be it from me to get in the middle” Felix said, then he left the diner. Brad raced after him and asked him to wait. Felix said that it seemed like Brad and Lucas had more in common than Brad and Felix did, and he hoped it worked out for them. Felix left. Once he was alone, he let his disappointment show.

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