GH Update Monday 3/10/14

General Hospital Update Monday 3/10/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy tells Luke that she is really surprised and not in a good way by his sudden behavior. He is vicious and not like himself as she knows him. She asks what could have happened in that hospital where he and Scott Baldwin were locked up together.

Scott is alone in his hotel room remembering Lucy declaring her deep devotion to him and telling him if something ever happened to him, she doesn't know what she would do. He hears a knock on his door. He goes to answer it and calls for Lucy. But it's Franco instead to visit his “father”.

Lucy is “trying” to “be” with her husband by bringing food for herself and Kevin. He knows she is merely forcing herself to be distracted with something or somebody else on her mind. He tells her he wants her to “stop” and know that he is trying to make love to her. And she does not have that desire.

Sonny and Carly are both standing outside AJ's room while Michael is inside with his father and out of “ear's shot” of their conversation. She tells Sonny she knows the reason he's come by to express his “concern” to Michael for what happened to AJ. She tells Sonny she knows he shot AJ. She asks him if that is not true.

Franco enters his dad's hotel room knowing that Scott was expecting someone else. Scott tells his son he is surprised that he (Franco) is out of the hospital so soon. Franco does not appear worried. Scott asks him if there is something wrong with him or if he's in pain. Franco walks with a cane but assures Scott he's ok. He asks Scott if he (Scott) is ok, knowing that Heather kept him locked up and in a straight jacket. Franco tells Scott he knows that even if he's physically ok, he has something troubling on his mind. And he knows it's Lucy.

When Kevin asks Lucy if she does not have Scott on her mind when she denies it. He asks if it's not Scott, that who or what is it if she is not focused or in sync with her husband.

Luke returns to Tracy with Mimosas and champagne while Tracy is out. Kiki enters. He greets her in a “lustful” way. Kiki asks Luke if he' seen Michael.

Monica goes into AJ's room with Michael while Sonny and Carly are outside the room. Carly continues to demand that Sonny tells her the answer to whether or not he shot AJ. He replies what if he did.

Duke goes to see Anna at her office. She asks him if he knows some secret information about Sonny. He asks her why she suspects him and why she expects Sonny. She tells him that she needs to know and if he knows whether or not Sonny shot AJ Quartermaine.

Franco informs Scott that he was told that his father was in trouble and in the hospital. But when he went there, he could see that Scott was too engrossed in Lucy. In response to that, Scott indignantly tells his son that he does not have Lucy on the brain. Lucy is married. Franco tells his dad he understands what is going on in Scott's mind regarding the whole situation and would like to offer his “help”. Scott questions whether Franco is a “helpful guy”. But Franco tells his dad he would like for Scott to talk.

While Luke is in the house, Tracy goes to see Kevin and tells him that Luke is “not himself”. She is concerned. She realizes she is not good friends nor often nice to Monica. But even she knows never to kick her sister in law when she is down. Yet Luke had to insult and be really nasty to Monica regarding the fact that Monica's son was almost killed. In regard to hearing that, Kevin agrees that that does not sound like the Luke he knows just as Tracy is telling him.

Back at the Quartermaine house, Luke sounds “coy” and makes light of Kiki being incapable of finding Michael.

In AJ's hospital room, Monica talks to Michael while AJ remains unconscious. She tells her grandson that she feels it's all hear fault that she was not there for her son. He's been there to take care of his dad more than she has. She remarks that even Sonny and Carly have come to see AJ. In response to that, Michael is very surprised to learn that both of his parents are “congregating” outside AJ's hospital room.

Duke finds out, for the first time, that AJ has been shot and Anna as well as many other people believe that Sonny has shot him. She tells him that the two of them have been at each other's throats for a long time, both competing and fighting over Michael. So Sonny obviously has motives. So, Anna asks Duke again, if he can account for Sonny's whereabouts and if he'd like to share what he might know about Sonny and what he might have to do with AJ being shot.

Kiki informs Luke that she and Michael are having some issues. She has moved out of their mutual house. They have not broken up but are taking a step back. They disagree about Franco. In response to that, Luke tells her he thinks she's “making a very mature choice”. She looks at him and appears stunned at how Luke is behaving. He looks at her in a lustful manner and tells her “she cannot limit herself to one man”.

When Tracy goes to talk to Kevin about what type of drug could have been given to Luke or what type of medical issues he might have to be causing his present behavior

Duke tells Anna that when AJ was shot, he and Sonny were together working at the warehouse. But she does not appear to believe him. He evades the question and avoids her eye. And he reminds her that it may take a while for the judge and jury to render a guilty verdict toward Sonny so she needs to realize that her “conviction” of him is a bit pre-mature. But she reminds Duke that if he were to testify under oath and lie to protect Sonny, he is committing perjury. And she asks Duke if he really wants to go that far.

When Carly grills Sonny about whether he shot AJ, he “turns it around” telling her that she has not honored their son by disregarding what Michael and everyone warned her about seeing Franco. Because she trusted that man, his mother almost killed her. But she tells Sonny he is evading what she is asking him and her involvement with Franco has nothing to do with this. Right then, Michael overhears his parents' raised voices, comes out and asks them what they are arguing about. They do not know how to answer that question. He looks straight at Sonny and asks his dad if he knows who shot AJ.

Duke asks Anna if she believes he's lying. She tells him it's impossible not to question that. Sonny is a criminal. Duke's working for and befriending Sonny puts “them” in an impossible situation. It requires Duke to lie for Sonny and break the law with him. Duke tells her that what he is doing with Sonny has nothing to do with Sonny. It's solely about bringing Julian Jerome to justice. She tells him she understands that but cannot condone him working for Sonny. Everything that is done with Sonny's work ends up hurting innocent people. He tells her he knows that is her opinion but has she even considered other suspects or is this just a witch-hunt for Sonny. She tells him there is another suspect. He asks her whom. She hesitates to answer.

Sonny tells Michael he really doesn't know who could have shot AJ. He knows that Julian Jerome is in custody. He tells his son he knows this is difficult for him. But he assures Michael he is there for him. Carly listens and observes silently not knowing what to say.

When Lucy goes to see Scott again, he tells her that this is a very complicated situation. He thinks the best thing for her to do is leave and never come back again. When she is there right before his eyes, he wants to take her in his arms and into his bed. But then she will have to leave and force him to share her with Kevin. He also informs her that many people can clearly tell he has his strong feelings for her including Franco. It's very obvious. Franco and others are correct that this situation is ripping him apart. He does not want to have to share her and be her “back door” guy. He wants her all to himself. He's lying to say otherwise.

As Tracy talks to Kevin, she tells him that when she went to see Luke and Scott was in the hospital with him, she saw Lucy rush to see Scott. She knows that Kevin might have something going on regarding his marriage.

Luke tells Kiki that Michael is presently at the hospital. She need not “get her panties in a twist”. It's Michael's father. One of them. Not Sonny. The drunken idiot, AJ. He got shot. Hearing that, Kiki is shocked and tells Luke she has to rush to be there for Michael and AJ. But Luke appears to find that very funny and amusing.

After Sonny tells Michael he's heard that Julian Jerome is the prime suspect for shooting AJ and knowing his son will inquire as to why Julian would shoot his bio dad, he leaves Carly alone with their son to answer that question in his place. Carly hugs her son, tells him she is truly sorry for what happened to AJ and apologizes for his overhearing her argument with Sonny. And right then, Kiki enters. She hugs Michael and tells him she just heard what happened to his dad. She wants him to know that even though they are having their issues, she is there for him and for AJ. Yet Michael tells her he can see that there is something else going on with her. She then admits to Michael that she just had a “very weird conversation” with Luke Spencer. Hearing that, Michael asks her what on earth could be up with that.

Luke is alone in the living room on his laptop shopping for an expensive watch for himself. Tracy walks in. And Luke appears to have “transformed”. He tells her he is terribly sorry for his bad behavior and he was shopping for some very expensive jewelry to give her.

Lucy talks to Scott who gives her the “ultimatum” that she must make a choice between him and Kevin. She tells him she realizes this is not fair to either of them, so she will go home, sleep on it, think about it and come up with a decision as to whether she chooses him or Scott. As she goes out the door, Kevin suddenly appears at the door.

Anna gets ready to leave Duke's and Sonny's office and tells her boyfriend that she knows that he is bluffing. He needs to wake up and see that it's obvious that Julian Jerome had no motive to shoot AJ. He didn't do it. And she's not going to falsely accuse or imprison him for something he did not do. Sonny, on the other hand, has infinite motive to shoot AJ. She's not going to cover for Sonny nor for anybody who covers for him. Right then, Sonny returns to his office, greets the commissioner and asks what he missed. She replies that she and Duke were just discussing his (Sonny's) whereabouts. And Duke has confirmed that Sonny was working with him alone in the warehouse the previous night. She departs but Sonny can sense the “tension” in the air and knows that she does not believe a word he says nor that he did not shoot AJ no matter what Duke could have told her.


Kevin finds Lucy unexpectedly at Scott's hotel room and asks her why she is there. She answers (awkwardly) that she just went to visit Scott to make sure he's ok. Kevin tells her he realizes she has been able to clearly see whether Scott is ok for a long time so he asks her what she has found out regarding that. And, again, Lucy awkwardly evades the question, revealing she and Scott were discussing (and obsessing about) something completely different. She then asks her husband what he is doing there. He replies he came by to see Scott. The reason was he needed to find out more information about what Scott might remember about what happened to both himself and Luke when they were drugged in the psychiatric facility by Heather.

When Luke returns to Tracy, he tells her he apologizes and knows he was out of line with the way he talked to Monica. But he knows how she and AJ both annoy Tracy. So his “protective instinct” went a little overboard. She asks if he only means “a little”? He tells her the last person he wants to hurt is her. So he wants to know if she can forgive him. Tracy replies of course she can forgive him. He has been through a hideous ordeal and it's understandable. He asks her where she was. She replies she was running an unimportant errand.

At the hospital, Carly runs into Franco. She rushes to hug him and asks how he is. He tells her he's ok and asks how she and Michael are holding up after what happened to AJ.

In AJ's hospital room, Kiki talks to Michael who tells her that he and Morgan were together talking and bonding again like brothers the way that used to but have not in a long time. She tells him that's great and asks how AJ is. He tells her his dad is stable but the doctors are not certain he's going to make it. Kiki tells him he needs to have faith in his dad.

Before Anna leaves Duke alone to talk to Sonny, she tells them that Julian is a suspect but so is Sonny. So Sonny cannot leave town. She departs. Alone with Duke, Sonny confirms that Duke has covered for him. Duke tells Sonny he did but knows why Sonny needs an alibi which is a lie. It must be because Sonny shot AJ. He asks Sonny to admit that that is true and be honest to him.

Monica talks to unconscious AJ , crying and pleading for her son to awaken. AJ opens his eyes.

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