GH Update Friday 3/7/14

General Hospital Update Friday 3/7/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaines, Luke is reading the paper, while Tracy scrutinizes the ring. Luke jokingly tells her she might find out it's a 24 carat rhinestones. Tracy is one step ahead of him, and tells him that she had it appraised, and it's the real deal. Luke thinks he's proven himself, but stubborn Tracy says the jeweler did. He asks for some sugar, and she gives him one. Just then, an exhausted Monica turns up, and makes a caustic remark about their PDA. Luke makes a particular nasty remark back, and when Tracy gives him the look, he "She started it." Tracy tells him to grow up and finish it. Monica apologizes saying she's been driving all night looking for AJ. 

At GH, Michael sits vigil with AJ, promising him that he's not going anywhere. He tells him that he's been trying to track down Monica, but her phone keeps going to voicemail. He tells his father that he will find the bastard who did this to him.

Sonny is in his office reliving the shooting, when Shawn comes in with news. Sonny asks him if they're going to have any trouble with the cops, and Shawn says not for you.

In her office, Anna is telling someone that they need a rush on the ballistic because they only have 36 hours to hold Julian. She wants all the evidence to be firm so they can arrest Julian for shooting AJ. She hangs up when an officer knocks on the door. He tells her that he's brought the person of interest she wanted to see. It happens to be Morgan.

Shawn tells Sonny about Morgan being brought in for questioning. Sonny wonders why, but Shawn doesn't know. Sonny isn't worried about that right now. He tells Shawn that they have bigger fish to fry. Shawn asks him if he needs lawyer for this one. Sonny just sighs heavily.

Ric has shown up at Alexis's, at her request, and makes a remark about resolving their issues with Molly amicably. Alexis says what problems with Molly. Surprised, Ric wants to know why he's there. She tells him it's about Julian Jerome.

When the guard at the jail opens the door, Julian asks him if he's being released, the guard says no. He tells the guard to leave him alone, and the guard says, "I guess you don't want to your visitor." Julian asks if it's his lawyer, and is surprised when Carlos shows up and says no.

Sonny says that he doesn't want Alexis anywhere near this because of attorney/client privilege. She can't know that he shot AJ. Shawn asks what their next move is, and Sonny says that they may not need one if AJ dies without regaining consciousness. Sonny sighs again, and Shawn asks him if he wants him to do anything about it.

Monica recounts her horrific journey looking for AJ to Tracy.  Luke makes a crack about AJ being passed out at the Pig and Whistle. He said it's popular with winos. Monica sighs but that doesn't stop Luke. He tells her to try the Outback or his jazz club. Tracy is confused, and says that both the Outback, and his jazz club went the way of the dodo bird. Luke seems surprised, but Monica is confused. Tracy tells her to ignore Luke, and is sure that AJ will turn up safe and sound. Luke adds that he's probably in the ER or the drunk tank. Monica doesn't notice the change in Luke, but Tracy certainly does. Monica is just worried because Michael told her about the break-in, and she knows that AJ is drinking again. Luke continues with his unusually callous remarks, which surprise even Tracy. Tracy tries to comfort Monica, but Luke spoils the moment by announcing their engagement.

Ric pretends not to know who Julian is, while talking to Alexis. He says that he heard about him from Sonny.  Alexis wonders how the visit with Sonny went, and Ric jokes about the not-so-warm welcome he received. Alexis asks him what Sonny said about Julian. Ric tells her that Sonny thinks that Julian is after his territory, and she knows how his brother doesn't take kindly to fair market competition.  She asks if Sonny talked about any non business things, and he lets her know that Julian is Sam's father. Surprised, Alexis asks if Sonny told him that, but he admits that Molly told him about Julian and Sam. He teases her about being consistent in her bad choices of men, all of whom she was pregnant by. Alexis finally has enough of his criticism, and tells him that he's not there to discuss her dysfunctional past. Ric wonders why then, and she surprised him by asking him to be Julian's lawyer.

Morgan holds his own with Anna, and asks if he's under arrest. He asks Anna why he's there, and Anna asks him why he thinks he's there. Morgan jokes saying "Tea and crumpets?" He tells Anna that if he didn't do anything wrong, then he would like to get back to his brother. He says that he sure that she's heard about Michael's biological father being shot. Anna tells him that she has and they're investigating it right now Again Morgan asks, what this has to do with him. She doesn't think that he shot AJ, does she? Anna says no, but he might know who did.

Sonny is desperate to know AJ's condition and what his chances are for survival. Shawn tells him that his hospital contact that AJ was listed as critical when he came out of surgery, but they have him doped up and on a ventilator. Sonny asks if AJ said anything before surgery. Shawn says that if he had then the Commissioner would be on them already. Shawn does have some good news, and says that his police department snitch says they have someone in custody regarding the shooting. Sonny asks who, and Shawn says Julian Jerome.

The guard tells Julian that he and Carlos have 20 minutes. Carlos assumes that Julian wants him to do something about the aftermath of the shooting.  He asks Julian if he needs a lawyer, and Julian tells him that's been taken care of.  Julian tells him that he needs Carlos to figure out who shot AJ.

Michael is still sitting with his father, when Elizabeth comes in to check on him. She comforts him by telling him she believes that AJ knows that Michael is there, and can him talking to him. Michael asks Elizabeth what she thinks AJ's chances are. She tells him that AJ has been through worse, and survived.  Elizabeth says that even though most people, including AJ, think he's weak, he's really a fighter. Michael thinks so too, because he doesn't want to lose the man he just beginning to know. Carly shows up, and overhears this, and hugs her son.

Ric wonders why Alexis doesn't represent Julian herself, and Alexis says "Why do you think?" He says well, because you represent Sonny, and their interests conflict. He still can't understand why, because there isn't much overlap between publishing, and coffee importing. Alexis says "You'd be surprised." Ric suddenly goes off on her for her poor choice in men, which Alexis doesn't appreciate. She asks him if he's going to take the case or not. Of course, he can't tell her that he and Julian are working together. He asks what the charges are, and says sarcastically "Did he take a hit out on one of Sonny's friends?"  No, says Alexis, it's actually one of Sonny's enemies.   

Carly ask Michael if he's okay, he tells her that he's just worried about AJ. Elizabeth updates Carly on AJ's condition, and tells her that they're working round the clock to make sure he recovers. She tells Carly that Michael has been here ,too, and she's sure that it helps AJ. Carly tells Michael that he's a good kid. Elizabeth tells her that "her boy" needs to take care of himself, too. Carly tells Michael that he looks like crap, and he just sums it up to having a bad day. When both Carly and Elizabeth push him to take a break, Michael gives in, and takes note of this historic moment of his mother and Elizabeth agreeing on something. Elizabeth agrees to sit with AJ until they come back. Carly thanks her on the way out.

Morgan is still being questioned by Anna. He says he wouldn't know anything because he doesn't live at Ava's anymore. When Anna brings up his relationship with Ava, Morgan is surprised that she knows about it. Anna says she knows about a lot of things. He tells her that she should brush up on her gossip. Morgan tells her that he and Ava broke up, when he stopped working for her brother. He says that he lives with his Dad now. Anna asks him why he went to Ava's  apartment, and he says to look for her. Anna asks him why, and he tells her that that's personal.  He gets snippy and says, if she must know, he missed Ava. He tells her that he's not exactly a Wikipedia about the Jeromes. Anna thanks him for coming, and Morgan says "Is that it?" Anna says unless he has information about Ava. Morgan says that Ava has nothing to do with this. Anna then informs him that Ava has been missing since the shooting.

Shawn tells Sonny that Anna showed up herself, with Dante's new partner, Detective West. He says that they found Julian standing over AJ, with the gun in his hand. Sonny says that Ava predicted that it would happen that way. Shawn says that it couldn't have gone better, but Sonny says that it's too soon to tell at this point.  Shawn says that they just have to tie up some loose ends. He says that Ava is in New York creating her alibi, and now they just have to come up with one for Sonny. This will leave Julian holding the bag. They both chuckle at the thought.

At the station, Julian is telling Carlos his side of the event of AJ's shooting. he also mentions that it was Anna herself who showed up. Carlos asks again if he did it, and Julian gets annoyed, saying he didn't do it. They're holding him on suspicion, but Julian has his own suspicions of who did pull the trigger. He tells Carlos that he might know who did it, too. Carlos pretends surprise, when Julian mentions Ava.

Back at the Quartermaines, Monica is surprised that Luke has proposed. Tracy thinks it's an inappropriate time for that announcement, but Luke says that he was just trying to lighten the mood. Unnerved by Luke's odd behavior, Tracy tries to apologize to Monica, and tells her that she should just concentrate on AJ. But Monica brushes off her support, and goes on the attack. She wonders why Tracy would consider marrying Luke again after the first two times were a disaster. Luke says it's none of her business. Tracy says this time it's different, which sends Monica off on a tirade against Luke. Luke responds in kind, but with a new callousness, calling her a slut. Tracy, shocked, tells him to stop. 

Morgan tells Anna that Ava has been in New York, and even shows her the text that he got. Anna says that the text is kind of small print Anna wonders how his father feels about him keeping in touch with Ava. Morgan tells her that it's not a secret. Anna says that the text isn't real proof that Ava was in New York.  Morgan says that Ava is innocent, and that she isn't the only one that lives in that apartment. Have they talked to Julian?

Carlos asks why Ava would shoot AJ, and Julian says it happened at her house. Carlo argues that it was his gun, but Julian said that she had access to it. Carlos says that Ava hasn't had anything to do with AJ since she was trying to squeeze her way into ELQ. When Carlos asks him if he knows of any business, Julian gets angry, and says he doesn't know. That's what he needs Carlos to figure out.

Ric asks Alexis to be more specific cause Sonny has more enemies than Molly has charitable causes. She tells him that Julian was accused of killing AJ Quartermaine. She starts to tell him about how AJ came back to town, but then he tells her that he was at the hospital when they brought AJ in. He gets testy when Alexis asks him why he was at the hospital. She keeps asking him if he was sick, until he admits that he was there to see his other ex-wife.

Elizabeth is still sitting with AJ, as she promised Michael. She keeps massaging his hand, as she talks to him. Elizabeth apologizes to AJ for not sticking by him through everything. She says that she wasn't strong enough to handle being with him. She says that he's not alone, and that she's here now, and begs him not give up.

Down the hall, in the waiting room, Michael updates Carly on AJ's condition. She tells him that his family practically owns the hospital. She makes him take a cup of coffee. She asks him what the doctors say, and he says that they just don't know. He then tells her that she doesn't have to pretend to care about AJ. She tells him that he cares about him, so of course, she wants him to pull through.  Carly tells Michael that she loves him, and will do anything to make sure whoever shot AJ doesn't get a second chance. She asks him if they know who did it.

Duke arrives at Sonny's office, at Shawn's request. Shawn steps in and says Duke was at the warehouse working alone last night. Duke tells Sonny that everything is back the way it should be. He says he can write up a report, but that's not why Sonny wants to see him. Sonny has a huge favor to ask of him. He wants Duke to say that he was working with him.

Michael tells Carly that he hasn't talked to the police. He just knows what Morgan has told him, which surprises Carly. He tells her that AJ was found at Ava's. He tells her that Morgan stopped by to see Ava, and that the police were there. Carly wonders what AJ would be doing at Ava's, when Michael tells her about the break-in at the Quartermaines. He says that Tracy thought it was a robbery gone wrong, but AJ said that the intruder tried to kill him. Michael says that he never got a chance to talk to AJ, and tells her that AJ thought Sonny sent someone to kill him. When Carly asks, he says that Sonny had nothing to with it. Michael is surprised when she says the they should let the police handle things.  Michael asks her since when does she trust the police Carly admits that she doesn't, but they have to let them do their job. He needs to be there for AJ. She asks where Monica is, and he tells her that he's been phoning her all night. She hasn't answered.

Tracy referees between Luke and Monica, by telling Luke to back off, and have a little compassion. Luke doesn't seem to care about AJ, only his own feelings. Luke is upset over Monica trying to talk Tracy out of marrying him. Tracy tells Luke off, and tries to apologize to her sister-in-law, but Michael has finally gotten a hold of her. Monica asks if he's found AJ, and Michael tells her to sit down.

Carly has gone back to AJ's room, where she asks how Elizabeth is doing. Elizabeth says that it helps having a job to do. Carly says that Michael appreciates everything she's doing for AJ. Elizabeth says that last 24 hours has been surreal. First Ric shows up, than AJ is shot. Carly is shocked to hear that Ric Lansing is back!

Alexis is also surprised that he went to see Elizabeth. She gives him a brief history of the last five years of Elizabeth's life. She says that Elizabeth has had enough heartache, and tries to warn him off her. Ric says that whatever happen between him and Elizabeth is their business. She asks him if he's going to represent Julian or not. He wonders why he doesn't use his own attorneys, and Alexis says for some reason, he trusts her. Ric makes a snarky remark that he thinks he knows why, but Alexis just says she's the best attorney for the Port Charles legal system. Ric brings up her past with Julian, which they bicker about. She ends it by saying that Julian is Sam's father, and that's all he needs to know. Ric asks how strong his case is. Alexis says that Julian has an alibi, he won't give the name to her. Maybe he'll give it to you.

Carlos is trying to get out of helping Julian, but Julian insists. He knows that Ava has always had soft spot for Carlos, and maybe he can get the truth out of her.

Anna tells Morgan that they're exploring several suspects. Anna continues to question Morgan about why AJ would be at the penthouse. He tells her that Julian didn't like him, so he didn't tell him anything. He says all he knows is that Ava didn't do it. She then asks him about Sonny,  He tells her that he told him about AJ earlier. She asks him what Sonny was doing earlier, and he tells her that she'll have to ask him She says she will, and he asks if he can leave. She lets him go.

Duke isn't sure that he can do what Sonny asks. Shawn and Sonny both put pressure on Duke. Duke wonders if he should know why Sonny needs an alibi. Shawn and Sonny tell him so it won't seem rehearsed when the police talk to him. Sonny asks Shawn to leave, so he can talk to Duke alone. Sonny says that he knows that he's asked a lot of him. Duke says that Sonny asked him to lie and Anna caught him. They've barely recovered from that, and now he wants him to lie in a police matter. Sonny  reminds him that they will take down a common enemy. Duke is in a dilemma, and Sonny tells him to think about it. Sonny leaves also.

Elizabeth and Carly have different opinions about Ric. Carly tries to warn her off Ric, but then Elizabeth brings up Franco. It's a draw.   Carly tells Elizabeth that in a crazy way she cares about her because of Jason, and what she did for Josslyn. Elizabeth thanks her. Carly asks her to be careful cause she got off easy with AJ, and it might be worse with Ric.

Ric and Alexis stop bickering, and he finally agrees to meet with Julian. On his way out the door, he tells Alexis that Molly asked him to live with him, and he said yes. Alexis tries to catch him, but it's too late.

Carlos tells Julian that he doesn't know if he can trick Ava. She trusts him, which Julian doesn't like. He reminds Carlos who the boss is, and who signs his pay checks. Julian reminds Carlos what happens when people "lose sight of their loyalty to him". There will be consequences.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy asks Monica if AJ is okay. A stressed Monica say she doesn't know, and Tracy asks if Michael found AJ. Luke continues to make uncalled for remarks about AJ, and Monica. Monica ignores him, and tells Tracy that AJ is in the ICU because he was shot. Monica says that she has to go to the hospital. Luke continues the mean streak he's had all night. Tracy asks him what the hell is wrong with him. Luke says that he didn't like Monica trying to talk her out of marrying him. He makes some more unLuke like remarks, which cause Tracy to ask "What did they do to you in Miscavige?"

Alexis leaves an urgent message for Molly to call her. At the same time, the guard tells Julian he has another visitor. Of course, it's Ric, whom he obviously already knows.

Anna goes looking for Sonny at his office, and is surprised to find Duke instead. Duke reminds her that he works there, and tells her that he's only doing coffee business.  Anna asks if Sonny is in, and Duke tells her that he's gone on an errand. Anna sighs, and Duke asks her if there's anything he can help her with. Anna says no, unless he an tell her where Sonny was last night. Ah, the aforementioned dilemma.

Sonny's errand is to check up on Michael and AJ. Carly blasts him for not telling her that his "psycho" brother was in town. He tells her that he's taking care of it. She asks him again why he didn't give her the heads up. He ignores her, as they look in on Michael and AJ. He asks how he is, and Carly says that he's Michael trying to fix things he can't fix. Sonny says that he's a good kid. Carly asks what he's doing there. Sonny says to check up on Mike, what other reason would he have? Carly says half-jokingly that she could think of another reason. She asks him if he shot AJ.

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