GH Update Thursday 3/6/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/6/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Molly wasn't at home, even though school let out several hours ago. The irritated Alexis was calling Molly's phone for the sixth time when Molly came strolling in. Alexis demanded to know where she'd been, and Molly sarcastically claimed that she was out having sex with TJ, then she revealed that she'd actually been at an S.A.T prep class. Alexis asked how she could be sure Molly was telling the truth, and Molly snarled that Alexis could call her teacher or install a GPS chip under Molly's skin. “Don't tempt me” Alexis replied. Molly was annoyed that Alexis didn't trust her. Alexis reminded Molly that Molly betrayed Alexis's trust. Molly pointed out that it happened once. Molly yelled that she was sorry she had to lie. Alexis argued that Molly didn't have to lie. Molly didn't think Alexis would have let her go. Alexis insisted that she would have talked to Molly about her plans. “Bull! Dad nailed it,” Molly countered. Alexis ordered Molly not to bring Ric into it. Molly accused of being “out of control prude” because she was afraid Molly would become a teenaged mother, just like Alexis was. Alexis conceded that her past was in the back of her mind, but she swore that she wasn't punishing Molly for Alexis's mistakes. Alexis assured Molly that she knew Molly was more mature than Alexis had been at that age. Alexis was just concerned that Molly was wrong about being ready for sex. Molly told Alexis that she and TJ had dated for years; they loved each other and discussed sex several times before deciding they were ready. Molly added that they had condoms and TJ got them a beautiful hotel room. Alexis made a note to talk with Olivia about renting a room to children. Molly countered that she and TJ were not children.

Molly pointed out that Alexis trusted Molly's judgment in every area of life except this one. That observation lead Molly to surmise that something else was causing Alexis to react this way. Alexis remembered Julian asking her if her reaction was less about Molly and TJ and more about Alexis and Julian. However, Alexis told Molly that Molly would one day understand that Alexis acting like this because she was Molly's mother and she loved her. “When you're ready to be honest with me, I'll be in with Danny. Fitting since you're treating me like I'm his age” Molly said, before going upstairs.

Shawn and TJ were in the back at Kelly's. TJ was frustrated because Alexis hadn't allowed Molly to call or see TJ since she caught them in the hotel room. Molly and TJ were on different schedules at school, so they didn't see each other then, either. TJ reminded Shawn that he promised to try and get Alexis to reconsider. Shawn told TJ that he did talk to Alexis, after he had a run in with Julian. Shawn felt bad, because he didn't think he got through to Alexis. TJ was grateful that Shawn tried. Shawn planned to talk to Alexis again. He hoped he'd have more success if he approached her when Julian wasn't around. TJ was curious if Alexis was dating Julian. Shawn didn't know, but he believed it would be hypocritical for Alexis to date a mob kingpin when she broke up with Shawn for working for Sonny. Shawn felt that Julian was more violent and ruthless than Sonny could ever be.

Anna brought Julian into her office. Julian swore he was innocent and told Anna that he didn't even know AJ. Julian had an alibi – he was at a meeting with business associate, whose name he couldn't reveal. Anna made a snide comment about and Julian told her she was funnier than he remembered. Anna snapped that Julian didn't know the first thing about her. Julian maintained that he couldn't name his alibi, because of the delicate nature of his business. Anna pointed out that Julian was supposed to be a legitimate media mogul. Julian argued if he named names, he'd be opening himself up to more unfair scrutiny. He insisted that Anna was wrong about him being a criminal. Anna told him to prove it and provide her with a name. She pointed out that if he didn't, she'd have no choice but to conclude that he was lying about his alibi. She added that Julian owned the gun that shot AJ and he was found standing over AJ. Julian wanted his phone call, so Anna said she'd go check on AJ and see if he was well enough to tell them what happened. Julian hoped AJ was able to talk, and Julian predicted that Ava shot AJ. Anna left, and Julian called Alexis. When Alexis arrived, she told Julian she was there against her better judgment. Julian brought her up to speed and told her that she should know from working with Sonny that he could be killed if he gave the police his associate's name. Alexis understood, but she insisted that Julian tell her who his alibi was. Julian refused to confide in Alexis, because she hadn't agreed to represent him, yet. Alexis didn't think she should take a leap of faith and agree to represent Julian if he couldn't trust her with his alibi's name.

Anna returned and made the assumption that Alexis was Julian's lawyer, but Alexis replied that Julian wasn't her client. Alexis asked for a moment alone with Julian. Anna left. Julian admitted he was surprised Alexis wouldn't take him on. He asked if it was because of what they were to each other. Alexis clarified that she felt that it would be a conflict of interest to represent him while she was employed by Sonny. She recommended Diane, but Julian didn't want to work with her because she represented Ava and was dating Sonny's bodyguard. Julian took Alexis's hand and asked her to reconsider, but she pulled away and told him she wasn't an option. Alexis advised Julian to hire her ex husband, Ric. She admitted that Ric was Sonny's half brother, but she assured Julian that Ric and Sonny hated each other. Alexis confessed that Ric wasn't her favorite person, but she thought he was an excellent attorney and he'd be able to get Julian off the hook. Alexis admitted that she wanted that outcome as much as Julian did. Julian asked for Ric's number. Alexis warned Julian that he'd have to tell Ric who his alibi was.

Sonny was in his office when Ava called from NYC looking for an update. Sonny hadn't heard anything yet. He was worried that AJ would survive and talk. “If AJ doesn't kick it soon, we're both screwed,” Sonny said. Morgan suddenly raced in with news of AJ's shooting. Morgan had gone to Ava's and the police told him what happened. Sonny pretended to be shocked by the news. Morgan asked Sonny if he had anything to do with AJ's shooting. Sonny reminded Morgan that he'd promised Michael he wouldn't hurt AJ. Morgan apologized and said he should have known Sonny wouldn't let down Michael, of all people. Morgan clarified that he didn't mean Sonny had let Morgan down. Sonny, who was on edge, insisted that he understood, and Morgan explained that he was a little shaken up over what he saw at Ava's. Morgan felt better when Ava texted him and told him she was still in NYC. He wondered if Michael had been notified. Sonny was sure Michael knew. He encouraged Morgan to go to the hospital and support Michael, so Morgan left. Sonny called Shawn; he told him he was in trouble and needed his help. When Shawn arrived, Sonny confessed to using Julian's gun to shoot AJ. Sonny explained that he saw AJ strangling Ava and he had a flashback to AJ strangling Connie. Sonny felt that he should have shot AJ back then, because men who hurt women deserved to die. Shawn asked if Sonny shot AJ to make him let go of Ava, and Sonny admitted that AJ let go of Ava before Sonny shot him. Sonny asked Shawn to be his alibi. Shawn explained that couldn't, because several people saw him at Kelly's, but he promised to get another alibi for Sonny. Shawn pointed out that they had a bigger problem – if AJ survived, he could tell the cops Sonny shot him. Sonny didn't care about the cops or going to prison, but he was terrified that Michael would find out. He was distraught over breaking his promise to his son, and he felt that he'd messed up in the worst possible way. Sonny believed that Michael would be destroyed and would never forgive him if the truth came out. According to Sonny, losing Michael would be worse than going to prison. “Michael can never know what happened to AJ” Sonny whispered. Sonny admitted that it had felt good to shoot AJ and pay him back for killing Connie. Sonny considered AJ a coward, because AJ had maintained that he didn't kill Connie, even when Sonny pointed a gun at him.

At GH, a medical team, including Felix, worked to save AJ's life. Elizabeth and Ric watched as the team used the defibrillator on AJ. A panicked Michael arrived and tried to find the words to ask if AJ was still alive. Ric told Michael that he was. Ric greeted his nephew, but Michael ignored him and raced into the cubicle to see AJ. The doctors weren't having any luck getting AJ's heart restarted. Felix wondered if they should pronounce him dead, but Michael begged them not to give up on his father. Felix gently told Michael he couldn't be in there, but Michael refused to leave. Michael was relieved when the doctors were able to get AJ's heart beating again. Michael asked Felix who shot AJ. Felix told Michael that AJ wasn't stable yet, then Felix closed the curtain so Michael couldn't see inside. Morgan arrived, and he comforted Michael when he started crying. Michael asked how Morgan knew he was there. Morgan told him that the shooting happened at Ava's place, and Michael wondered why AJ would have been there. Morgan quickly told Michael that Ava and Sonny weren't involved. Michael didn't understand why Morgan brought up Sonny. Morgan explained that he thought Michael would want to know that Sonny was shocked when Morgan told him about the shooting. Michael assured Morgan that he never suspected Sonny, because he was confident that Sonny would keep his promise.

AJ needed surgery, and Michael approached the gurney as AJ was being wheeled to the operating room. Michael told AJ he was sorry, and he asked who did this to him. The barely conscious AJ didn't open his eyes, but he murmured Michael's name. Michael told AJ he loved him and he assured his father that he'd survive this. Then the doctors took AJ to the OR.

Liz and Ric sat down. Ric didn't remember Liz being close to AJ, so he was curious to know why she was so upset. Liz admitted that she used to just think of AJ as Emily's troubled older brother. She explained that when AJ returned, she was in a bad place; she'd just gotten out of a toxic relationship, and Jason died before she had a chance amends with him. According to Liz, she and AJ connected because they were both seeking redemption. Ric asked if they were still close, and Liz told him that she and AJ broke things off after AJ started drinking again. Liz told Ric about Connie's death. Liz remembered recently seeing AJ in the park; he'd been drunk and he'd claimed that someone else was there the night Connie died. Liz wasn't sure whether AJ was guilty or not. She felt bad that she hadn't been there for him when she bumped into him at the park.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy asked Luke where he'd been. Luke asked Tracy to sit down. Tracy wondered why Luke was calling her “Tracy” instead of “Spanky,” and Luke reacted with confusion. Tracy urged him to just tell her what was going on. Luke revealed that he'd been out tracking something down, then he pulled a ring box out of his pocket. He opened the box and revealed an engagement ring with some sort of black stone. Tracy was stunned and she told Luke this was insane, but he told her to stop talking, then he got down on one knee and proposed. “Together till death do us part, or until one of us kills the other,” Luke said. He told Tracy he loved her, then asked her for an answer. Tracy said no, because they already got married before, and it was a farce. Luke admitted that he'd married Tracy once for her money, but he insisted that he'd fell in love with her and wanted to marry her for the right reason this time. Tracy wondered why he was suddenly proposing. Luke replied that he'd been thinking about this since before Heather kidnapped him. While he was at Miscavige, he'd thought a lot about being with Tracy and able to hold her, touch her and do the “thing” he did. Tracy ordered him to stop. She looked uncomfortable and walked to the other side of the room and nervously munched on a bowl of snacks. Luke followed. He told Tracy that they'd been lucky to find each other twice and he didn't want to be without her. When Tracy rescued Luke on Cassadine Island, all his feelings for her came flooding up. Tracy scoffed and said Luke was suffering from the effects of polonium poisoning. Luke insisted that he'd recovered from that, but he hadn't recovered from Tracy. “I want to be with you. I want to prove to you, every day of our lives, that I love you,” Luke said. He took Tracy's hand and begged her to say yes. “Alright I will” Tracy said abruptly. Luke asked if that was a yes. Tracy put on the ring. She softened, smiled and said yes. Luke promised that she wouldn't be sorry. They kissed.

After Alexis left home, TJ surprised Molly by coming over. They hugged and Molly warned TJ that Alexis would be angry. TJ knew, but he couldn't bear to be separated from Molly anymore. TJ asked where “the enforcer” was, and Molly told him that Alexis said something important came up and ran out in a hurry. TJ told Molly he was sorry that their special evening turned into a nightmare. Molly told TJ it wasn't his fault – it was Alexis and Rafe's. Although TJ was irritated with Rafe, he wasn't surprised to find out that he was the one who alerted Alexis. TJ and Molly didn't understand why Alexis had objections to them having safe sex. Molly decided to move in with Ric, since he was on Molly and TJ's side. TJ warned Molly that Alexis would have a fit. Molly didn't care. She called Ric and asked if she could live with him.

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