GH Update Wednesday 3/5/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/5/14


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Anna calls Robert in Wisconsin to warn him that Obrecht knows Faison didn't return to the prison in Switzerland and thinks they did something to him. She is interrupted by Nathan who suspects that Silas has killed again. Anna realizes her detective is just speculating but asks what happened. Nathan fills her in on Nakamura's murder which looks like a suicide. Apparently, the pharmacist OD'd on his own medication, just like Nina Clay, and Silas wanted to get rid of the pivotal witness in the case against him. Anna agrees that it's no coincidence that Silas and Sam were staying at the same hotel as Nakamura. Nathan tells his boss of their scheme involving Ava's mother luring him to Kelly's Bar in Manhattan through a dating website, but there was a period of time when Silas was supposedly on the phone with a patient, which could have given him the opportunity to kill Nakamura. When Anna states that doesn't make him guilty, Nathan says that Silas won't name the patient but is trying to deflect blame on his former mistress.

At Kelly's Bar in NYC, Silas recalls not finding his wife Nina at the clinic in Scarsdale, NY. He doesn't even know if she's still alive. Sam brings him a drink and wishes she could help him find her, but he fears she's dead, since her room had been wiped clean. Sam tries to encourage Silas to believe Nina's still alive and wonders why her family is so set on keeping her away from an empty room.  Silas calls rich people crazy and paranoid and suspects they don't want him to know if she's dead so he can't inherit her money. Sam comes up with the idea that maybe Nina was just moved to a different place, because they're getting too close to the truth. Sam promises to get to the bottom of the mystery. From just outside the door, someone watches Sam and Silas talking.

In the shadows at the docks, Julian speaks to a mystery partner who, he thinks, wants to take down Sonny. He urges the person to check in with his/her ex, while he returns to Ava who he's afraid will start asking questions if he's gone too long. He's glad they didn't let his untrustworthy sister in on the mystery person's existence.

As Ava sits on the floor recovering from AJ's chokehold, Sonny shoots AJ in the chest as he swears he didn't kill Connie. AJ slowly sinks to the floor face down and passes out. Ava slowly gets up, gasping for breath, unable to believe that Sonny shot AJ. Sonny bends down to check AJ's pulse and stares into space as Ava wonders if he's dead. Sonny finally answers that the SOB is still breathing. The realization of what he's done finally hits him, because he broke his promise to Michael. Sonny tries to rationalize how he snapped when he saw AJ strangling her like he did Connie and wants to know why he was there attacking her. She refuses to discuss that but suggests Sonny finish AJ off, so he won't be able to ID them if he survives.

Worried after the break-in at the Quartermaine Mansion when someone tried to kill his father, Michael calls AJ and leaves yet another message asking him to call and let him know he's okay. Then he questions Tracy who hasn't seen him and tells her that his grandmother is searching bars for her alcoholic son. Tracy thinks he and Monica are the only two people who believe AJ didn't kill Connie. After retelling the story of how she stopped the intruder from shooting AJ, Tracy suggests Michael check with his other father who wants AJ dead. Michael defends Sonny, because he just gave him his word again that he wouldn't harm AJ, then he goes back out to continue looking for him. When they're alone, Luke apologizes for lying to Tracy -- he wasn't looking for Sonny but didn't want to air his business in front of Michael. Frightened, Tracy asks what's going on.

Felix asks Elizabeth why Robin had to leave so soon after making her way back home and if it had to do with Sabrina, but Liz can't say for sure. After Felix states he feels bad for people who can't escape their past, Ric appears and says hello to Elizabeth. She goes even paler than normal, if that's possible. She introduces Ric as her ex-husband to Felix who leaves them to talk. Ric compliments Elizabeth on looking as beautiful as ever. She is surprised he's back in Port Charles due to his warring with Sonny, but Ric claims he wants to see his daughter and Elizabeth again. After asking about her boys, Ric asks Elizabeth out to dinner.

Even though Ava keeps urging Sonny to finish AJ off, so he won't tell Michael, he won't do it but wonders why she is pushing so hard for AJ to die. Ava recalls AJ accusing her of having killed Connie, but she doesn't tell Sonny. She just keeps insisting that they have to stop AJ from telling the police what they've done to him.

Tracy worries that Luke went to find Sonny and hasn't returned. Michael wonders if he went on another road trip and suggests Tracy check her bank accounts, but she has faith that Luke wouldn't lie to her or disappear again, so she calls him. From right behind her, she hears Luke answer and lays into him about worrying her so much, but he still claims he went to see Sonny. When Michael says he was just with his dad who said nothing about seeing Luke, Tracy pointedly asks him where he was. Luke explains that he went to Sonny's house, but no one was there. Michael thanks him for trying to help AJ but is sure that Sonny doesn't want him dead.

Sonny refuses to execute AJ, claiming he only shot him because he lost it, but he's still happy to watch him bleed to death, only he wants to get the heck out of dodge before the cops show up, since someone must have reported the sound of a gunshot. Seeing with his point, Ava takes Sonny's gun, wipes off the prints, and places it near AJ's hand on the floor. She asks Sonny to trust her to have his back.

They go to the dock where they talk about Sonny saving Ava's life from AJ chocking her. Sonny again demands to know why AJ was hurting her. Ava concocts a story about AJ wanting a job with Julian to take Sonny down. When she refused to help him, he flipped out, knocked the gun out of her hand, and started strangling her, promising to show her the way he did Connie. Sonny is glad he showed up to stop him but warns that the police will be after them. Ava is confident that another suspect will fall into the PCPD's lap, Julian, while she has a convenient alibi in NY. Besides, the gun is Julian's, and Anna wants badly to put him away. While Sonny is sure Shawn will cover for him, Ava decides to return to NY to strengthen her alibi and pretend she was not in Port Charles today. She just hopes Julian doesn't have an alibi for his whereabouts when AJ was shot.

After Nathan admits that Ava was in NYC visiting her mother at the time of Nakamura's death, Anna worries that Nathan is so set on finding Silas guilty of his wife's attempted murder that he's overlooking other suspects. Nathan believes that Silas had the motive, being Nina's sole heir. When Anna suggests that Ava also had a motive as the jealous mistress, Nathan accuses her of wanting to pin it on Ava, because of her history with the Jeromes. Anna doesn't deny her feelings about the crime family, then takes a phone call about shots being reported fired in Ava's penthouse and goes to investigate.

Julian returns to Ava's apartment and is shocked to find AJ bleeding on the floor with his gun next to him. Realizing that AJ is still breathing, Julian wonders what is going on. When he hears a noise in the next room, he thinks the murderer is still there and picks up the gun to defend himself. Suddenly, the front door flies open. Julian points his gun at them as Nathan and Anna shout "Police" and yell for him to drop his weapon. Julian meekly does so and tries to explain he had nothing to do with AJ's shooting as Nathan calls 911 for AJ. Julian has a hard time explaining how his own gun got into his hands. As Anna goes to cuff him, Julian points out his sister Ava owns the place, and she could have done it, but he has no proof. When Anna asks him who he was meeting with tonight, Julian won't answer.

As Ric tries to sweet talk Elizabeth into rekindling their relationship, Felix shouts that someone with a gunshot wound is coming in. As Elizabeth dons plastic gloves, she recognizes AJ on the stretcher. Felix stops her from going into the cubicle to help AJ and suggests she call the family and warn them that it doesn't look good. Elizabeth reaches Michael with the news that AJ's been shot. Meanwhile, alarms start beeping and Felix shouts that they need a crash cart stat!

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