GH Update Tuesday 3/4/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/4/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn went to Sonny's office to give him an update. Shawn hadn't been able to figure out whether Julian was working for Sonny's brother Ric, but he'd been watching Julian and Ava's place and he saw AJ there. Sonny told Shawn about the attempt on AJ's life. Sonny also recalled finding AJ and Ava in Sonny's office. Shawn wondered if AJ and Ava were plotting to take back ELQ. Sonny didn't think so. Sonny told Shawn about finding Ava and AJ in Sonny's office. Sonny didn't believe AJ and Ava's story that AJ had come there to ask Julian for a job. Sonny thought AJ was there because of Connie. He decided to go to Ava's and find out what she and AJ were up to. Shawn offered to go too, just in case AJ caused trouble. Sonny assured Shawn that this wouldn't be necessary, because Sonny intended to honor his promise not to hurt AJ. Shawn convinced Sonny to leave his gun behind, so he wouldn't be tempted to shoot AJ.

Obrecht stormed into Anna's office and announced that she knew what Anna did to Faison. Obrecht vowed to make Anna pay. Anna told Obrecht to get out of the office and out of the building “or I will remove you along with some of your teeth.” Unfazed, Obrecht countered that she'd tell everyone what Anna and Robert did to Faison. Anna insisted that she arrested him, so Obrecht showed her the file that she got from Victor. Anna flipped through it and asked how Obrecht got this classified information. Obrecht would only say that she had friends in the WSB. Obrecht demanded answers about Faison. “Go outside and make an appointment for me sometime in the next decade” Anna hissed. Obrecht insisted on discussing it now. Her file proved that Faison never made it back to Steinmauer and he'd last been seen on Spoon Island in the custody of Robert and Anna. Obrecht threatened Anna in an attempt to force her to talk, but Anna replied that she welcomed Obrecht giving her a reason to defend herself. Anna claimed she and Robert took Faison to a prison that was more secure than Steinmauer. Obrecht asked which prison, and Anna said that Obrecht wasn't cleared to have the information. Obrecht didn't believe Anna, and she accused her of murdering Obrecht's daughter's father. Hurt and angry, Obrecht imagined what it must have been like for Faison in his final moments. Obrecht's words affected Anna and she wiped away tears, but Obrecht didn't notice. Obrecht tearfully ordered Anna to admit it. “So what if I did?” Anna spat. Anna gave Obrecht several plausible scenarios about Faison's fate – some where Anna and Robert killed him and others where they didn't. Obrecht looked pained and which is it – was Faison alive or not? Anna snarled that Faison deserved worse than death for letting her and Robert think Robin was dead, then playing games with them to give them hope that she was alive. Anna thought this should sound familiar to Obrecht. She asked Obrecht how it felt not knowing the truth from a lie, being at the mercy of the whim of someone who despised you. “How does it feel now the shoe is on the other foot?” Anna asked. Obrecht vowed to make Anna pay. Obrecht conceded that Faison might be lost to her, but she took comfort in knowing that Anna lost Robin. Obrecht taunted Anna about Anna having to say goodbye to Robin again, perhaps forever, this time. Anna demanded to know what Obrecht knew about that. Obrecht smirked and said she (Obrecht) didn't have the clearance. Obrecht left and lingered outside Anna's office. She smiled with satisfaction when she heard Anna scream. Back inside, Anna swept everything off of her desk then sobbed.

Victor went to Robin's house and told her that their plane, and Jason, were waiting. Patrick glared while Victor spoke. Victor maintained that he was sympathetic to Robin's plight, since he'd also been forced to make tough choices. Patrick was skeptical, and he pointed out that Victor might have faked the evidence that Jason was alive as a way to lure Robin away from her family and force her to work for the Cassadines. Robin was confident that the evidence was real, but Patrick thought she was being exploited. He accused Victor of taking advantage of Robin's loyalty to Jason and her guilt for not being there when Jason was murdered. Victor thought Robin deserved more credit than that. He asked Robin to back him up, but Robin ordered Victor not to use him to manipulate her husband. Victor insisted that he wasn't doing that. Victor added that a lesser man would have given up his wife without a fight. He maintained that it didn't matter what Patrick believed. According to Victor, what mattered was that Robin believed that Jason was strong enough to survive. Victor had the impression that Robin was going with him, and he asked if he'd been mistaken. Patrick admitted that Victor was right – Robin was going with Victor, because she would do anything for the people she loved. Patrick loved that about her. Victor understood; he felt that Robin was brilliant and that she inherited Robert's “stout heart.”

Victor was ready to leave, so he asked Robin to wrap things up. Robin went upstairs to say goodbye to Emma. Patrick told Victor that he expected him to keep Robin safe. “If she is not returned to Emma and me healthy, happy, and whole, I will hunt you down and I will not stop until I find you, get you, and tear you apart,” Patrick warned. Victor assured Patrick that he understood. Robin returned, and Patrick told Victor to get out of his house. Victor went outside to wait. Robin started to tear up, and Patrick told her not to cry, because if she did, he wouldn't be able to let her go. Robin told him she was so sorry. She hated that she was hurting him and Emma and that she was saying goodbye. Patrick pointed out that at least they got a goodbye this time, but both he and Robin admitted that it didn't make things any easier. Robin cradled Patrick's face and told him she wouldn't be complete until she came home. Patrick admitted he was afraid he would forget how to love her. Robin promised to come back, but Patrick told her not to. He explained that he couldn't handle another promise that didn't hold up. Robin nodded. She dried her tears and Patrick's then they kissed. Robin left. Patrick picked up a family portrait, then he remembered significant moments in his and Robin's life – their first meeting, becoming friends, falling in love, Emma's birth, the wedding, the lab explosion, Robin's funeral and return, etc.

Silas and Sam were at the Crighton-Clark Facility in Scarsdale, NY, where Silas's comatose wife Nina lived. Sam waited downstairs while Silas went to Nina's room. Silas called Sam on the phone, because he was apprehensive about seeing Nina for the first time in twenty years. Sam reassured him, then Silas opened the door to Nina's room. Before he could step inside, the receptionist, Joan, appeared and blocked his path. Joan snapped that no one got into the room without authorization. “I don't need authorization. She's my wife,” Silas shot back, then forced his way into the room and discovered that it was empty. Silas demanded to know what was going on. Sam arrived and she and Silas evaded Joan's questions about how they got onto the restricted floor. Joan ordered them to leave, but they refused to go until they got answers. Joan pointed out that Silas and Sam broke several laws when they broke into the facility. Silas threatened to launch a legal battle filled with tons of bad publicity for the facility if he wasn't told where Nina had been relocated to. Joan hinted that there was a chance that Nina hadn't been moved. Silas asked if she meant that his wife was dead. The woman refused to answer. Sam tried to appeal to Joan's sense of decency, but the security guards arrived and Joan asked them to throw Sam and Silas out. Sam wanted to go, but Silas felt he'd had come too far, so he refused to leave without answers. Joan asked security if he called the police – he hadn't but the director was on their way.

Joan warned Silas that if the police came she and the guards would tell them how Silas and Sam assaulted the guards, stole a key card, and broke in. She gave Silas and Sam the option of leaving now, instead of going to jail. Sam leaned against door 307 while Silas and Joan talked. Silas was willing to go to jail, but Sam convinced him to leave. Just after they left, Victor and Robin arrived at Crighton-Clark. Victor showed Robin around and told her it was a state of the art research facility. Robin insisted on seeing Jason before she got started, so Victor took her upstairs. He spoke with Joan, who greeted him as “Director Cassadine” then he showed Robin into Room 307. Robin peered into a glass chamber and was delighted to see Jason inside.

Silas wasn't happy about leaving. He'd hoped to see Nina and get closure. Sam assured Silas that they weren't out of options and that they would find his wife.

At Ava's, Ava held AJ at gunpoint. AJ asked if she was going to kill him in cold blood, like she did to Connie. Ava explained that Connie's murder happened in the heat of the moment, but AJ's death had been a long time coming. AJ tried to get Ava to reconsider, but she told him to make peace with what was about to happen. AJ wanted to know why Ava killed Connie. Ava claimed it was AJ's fault, then she explained that she killed Connie to prevent her from telling anyone Ava ran into “Derek's” office yelling the name “Julian.” Ava regretted that AJ had figured out the truth, because it meant she'd have to kill him, too.

AJ pleaded with Ava, but she told him to die like a man. “I'm so sorry. I actually kind of like you,” Ava told the terrified AJ. AJ begged her to think about what this would do to Michael and Kiki. Ava replied that Kiki would never find out. She added that she was more worried about what Sonny would do to her if he found out the truth. Ava told AJ that it was better this way, then she pulled the trigger. The gun jammed, and AJ lunged for her, took the gun away and threw it on the floor. They struggled, and AJ grabbed Ava by the neck and pinned her against the wall. He railed at her for letting him think he was a murder and told her that he lost everything because of her. Sonny arrived. The door was open a crack, and he saw AJ strangling Ava. When Sonny walked in, he had a flashback to going home and finding AJ with his hands around Connie's neck. He picked up the gun and ordered AJ to get his hands off of Ava. AJ let Ava go, then he tried to explain, but Sonny was too focused on berating AJ to listen. He accused AJ of getting off on hurting women. AJ swore that this wasn't what it looked like; he wasn't going to kill Ava. Sonny accused AJ of killing the woman Sonny loved. AJ insisted that he didn't. Ava weakly told Sonny that AJ tried to kill her. AJ tried to persuade Sonny to put the gun down, then he said “I didn't kill Connie. It was -” but before AJ could finish the sentence, Sonny yelled that he was done listening, then he shot AJ in the chest. AJ collapsed.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica admired a painting she'd just hung. Michael walked in, and she told him that she was at Lesley's with Gail and Audrey when Lesley gave her the painting out of the blue. Michael recognized the painting, and Monica grimaced when he told her Heather painted it. She decided to foist it off on Tracy. Michael told Monica about the break in that happened earlier in the day and AJ's belief that someone wanted him dead. Michael told Monica that AJ thought it was Sonny, but Michael didn't think so, because Sonny had promised Michael he wouldn't hurt AJ. Monica didn't think a gangster's word was worth much, but Michael was convinced that Sonny wasn't responsible. Monica hated that Michael was caught in the middle of Sonny and AJ's feud. Michael sighed that he'd tried his best to make peace, but Leslie told him that wasn't his job. Michael wished he could figure out a way for Sonny and AJ to let go of the animosity. Monica thought she and Michael needed to face facts – there would be no peace as long as Sonny and AJ were walking the earth. Monica wasn't blind to AJ's faults, but she didn't think he killed Connie. Michael didn't either, but he understood why someone who saw the security footage would get the wrong idea. Monica knew that the video had made Sonny even more convinced that AJ was guilty. Michael assured Monica that Sonny wouldn't hurt AJ. Monica stared at a picture of AJ and Jason. Monica stated that drinking brought out the worst in AJ. She was afraid that AJ and Sonny would cross paths while AJ was drunk. Michael decided to make sure that didn't happen, so he called AJ.

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