GH Update Monday 3/3/14

General Hospital Update Monday 3/3/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, a patient's wife thanks Dr. Obrecht for allowing her husband to receive experimental treatment for lung cancer, not paid by their insurance. Obrecht points out that the man wouldn't have needed such help if he didn't pollute his body with cigarette smoke. Victor Cassadine approaches Obrecht and indicates that he is attracted to her and has her on the brain.

Anna is alone in her office observing a picture of herself and her daughter. And she remembers Robin telling her that she needs her mom, her dad and her uncle to trust her judgment and to know that they raised her to do the right thing. Anna protest that she understands but needs to know what that has to do with Robin having to suddenly leave without a trace and not tell anyone anything about it. Right then, Duke enters and is ready to take her out to lunch. But he sees she is crying and asks her what is wrong. She informs him that Robin is leaving Port Charles.

When Robin returns home from work, her daughter and husband throw a surprise party for her. It appears to make her only feel guilty for having to leave.

Sonny honestly admits to Dante that although his son needs to know that he would like very much to murder AJ, he did not do it. He further concludes to his son that when the cops find out who took that bastard out, he needs to know who to think and to give a big bonus and debt of gratitude to that person.

Ava opens her door to see AJ. He tells her he knows that she (not himself) killed Connie.

While Emma tells her mom how she will miss her and Patrick smiles, Anna is talking to Duke about how it's very mysterious how or why Robin would choose to suddenly leave so shortly after she's been reunited with her family. They both know that there is some sort of secret that Robin is keeping.

Victor Cassadine tells Obrecht that he had to come by and say goodbye one last time to her. And he has something to give her. It looks like he has a WSB file. He reveals that Helena and Stavros are now at their mercy.

Silas goes to the hospital to visit his wife, Nina Clay although nobody at the facility has seen or heard from him in many years. She is listed as Nina Reeves. Silas asks the attendant if he can see his wife right now. She gets on her computer and it says their instructions is to not let him in to see Nina. She tells Silas she cannot let him see his wife.

Sonny tells Dante that he has not had anything to do with AJ in a long time and like he said, he has promised Michael that he would not hurt his son's dad. Dante is still a bit cautious.

AJ tells Ava he knows that he has been believing ever since Connie was killed that he killed her. He knows he intended to. But somebody else did it. And he now knows that that person is her (Ava).

Patrick and Emma have a cake with Bon Voyage written and presents for Robin. Emma has a “laugh” gift for her her mom when she needs to laugh and when she gets sad. And they tell her there are more presents to give her. The most important one, they tell her is a picture that she can always have of her family. Robin holds her daughter and assures her she will never forget her family. Emma and Patrick will always be in her heart, she assures them.

Anna tells Duke that she remembers Robin reminding her that throughout the years she grew up, she had to have both of her parents leave and go on extended trips around the world and know that they would be back soon. She had to believe that they would be ok and that she could be ok while they were gone. So, Anna tells Duke, she realizes she has to do the same thing for her daughter. Right then, Dante enters and she asks if anyone has found any leads about who might have shot AJ. He admits that the only lead he's heard is that it was Sonny.

When Sonny is alone in his office, Michael comes by and asks his dad if he might have had anything to do with the attack on AJ.

AJ is unharmed and goes to see Ava. She tells him that she knows that he has subconscious beliefs that let him off the hook so that he does not have to know the truth. He tells her he knows that she is one piece of work. He knows she is not protecting him from the murder charges. She is only protecting herself.

Victor Cassadine tells Obrecht that he can give her the document she wants under one condition. She asks what that is. He replies that she comes with him.

At the facility where Silas' estranged wife is staying in Scarsdale, NY, he finds out that Nina's family is preventing him from seeing her. But when the front desk receptionist is busy and away from her desk, Sam enters and is ready to help him in a scheme to sneak in and find out some information about who is framing him for the attempted murder of Nina. Together they go into the office but Sam discovers in order for them to get onto the elevator, they need a key card. Right then, some guards are ready to escort them out. But they distract the guards and knock them out.

Victor Cassadine tells Obrecht he wants her to be the center of his universe. So he needs to know what she says to that.

At the going away party, Robin tells Emma she has something for her daughter also. She has a necklace with a visual device to look at the stars. She tells Emma when she needs to find her mommy, she will always know that she is nearby. She assures her daughter she will never leave her and loves her to the moon and back.

While talking to Anna, Dante tells her that he realizes that Sonny has motives to kill AJ. He admits that he knows that AJ is really messing up Michael's life, making his son feel guilty and obligated to take care of his father. And it drives Sonny crazy. Sonny assures him he did not kill AJ. Anna asks Dante if he believes Sonny. He admits to his boss that this would not be the first time his father lied to him.

Sonny then tells Michael he realizes that Michael has loyalty to AJ and he's not going to disrespect that. But Michael needs to know that AJ is dangerous and unstable. He killed Connie and he left Jason in a coma. But Michael protests that he does not believe that AJ has killed Connie and is wrongfully accused.

AJ then tells Ava he knows that she killed Connie and went to painstaking measures to set him up for it. She tells him she did not and she can prove it.

After Emma is gone to look at the stars and Patrick and Robin are alone, he admits to his wife he hasn't a clue what a proper good-bye would be.

At the hospital, Obrecht admits to Victor Cassadine that she cannot go away with him. She has her chief of staff position here. She has her daughter and grandson. She asks if he will not help her get the goods on Anna Devane for what happened to Cesar Faison unless she agrees to his terms.

Anna admits that she is suspicious of Duke and the fact that his “new boss” is Sonny.

Michael continues to affirm to Sonny that he believes that AJ is innocent of all charges. Sonny makes efforts to be “calm and respectful” to his son, telling him he knows he wants to believe in AJ. Michael tells his dad he believes in AJ's innocence but less confident that Sonny did not kill him.

While talking to Ava, AJ remembers that he was passed out drunk on the couch and she told Michael to go make some coffee. So although her finger prints were not on the gun and it seems she could not have put his finger prints on it, while he was passed out and blacked out, she could have. And it's entirely possible (and probably the case, in fact) that she found the gun and planted it on him.

Meanwhile, Sam helps Silas drag the passed-out guards out of the facility so that they can find out what they need.

Victor Cassadine agrees to depart. Obrecht sees him off but is not “interested” in him the way he wants.

Duke tells a suspicious and untrusting Anna that he does not mean to betray her. He cares about AJ Quartermaine and would not be joining forces with anyone who would harm him. And he does not mean to put her in this position. She angrily tells him that regardless of that, he did.

Sonny asks Michael if AJ did not murder Connie, then who does he believe did? Michael tells his dad that he has reason to believe that Ava set AJ up. Sonny tells his son that he trusts Ava more than he trusts AJ. Michael asks him why. Sonny replies because Ava is making efforts to get into his good graces and has incentive to be honest. Michael tells his dad he knows that Morgan loves Ava and if Sonny wants to be her friend, he won't argue with that. But he does not trust that woman.

AJ tells Ava he thinks his theory all adds up. She planted the gun on him and destroyed the footage that proved that she killed Connie. She asks why she'd do that. He tells her there's an obvious reason she'd have incentive to kill Connie. It's because Connie proved that Kiki is not a Quartermaine. Connie messed up Ava's plans for ELQ just like she did for him. AJ concludes he doesn't really know nor care to find out what exactly her motives are. All he knows is he has to go and give a statement to the police. He gets up to leave. But she calls to him and tells him he is not going anywhere. And at that point, she points a gun at him.

Robin admits that she was so afraid for so long that she'd never see him again. So, she concludes, they should both be grateful for every single second they have left.

Sam and Silas talk on their phones while he enters the hallway outside the room where Nina is staying. He admits that he has not seen his estranged wife in 20 years. She tells him she will be downstairs if he needs her and wishes him luck. He then opens the door looking stunned before he even has a chance to see what he will see.

Robin cries and tells Patrick there are so many things she wants to say and she does not know where to start. He tells her to pick one. But before they can continue their conversation, Victor Cassadine enters and smugly tells Robin it's time.

When Anna is alone in her office, Obrecht comes by and firmly tells her she knows that Anna has murdered Cesar Faison.

After Michael leaves and Sonny is alone in his office, Shawn comes by. And he tips Sonny off by telling him that they do not have any conclusive information on whether or not AJ killed Connie. But he knows somebody who knows the answer to that question. Sonny asks who that would be. Shawn replies Ava Jerome.

When Ava pulls the gun on AJ, he tells her that gives him all the confirmation he needs that he did not kill Connie. She did.

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