GH Update Friday 2/28/14

General Hospital Update Friday 2/28/14


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Robin turns up at GH, where she finds Elizabeth at the nurses' station. She's looking over poster for this year's Nurse's Ball. Elizabeth jokes that Robin is at the hospital more now than when she worked there. Robin says that she's there for a check-up, and Elizabeth asks if anything is wrong. Robin tells her everything is fine, then changes the subject. She asks her if she's talked to Nikolas yet. Elizabeth groans, and Robin thinks maybe she shouldn't have brought it up. Elizabeth says no, she did , but it didn't matter, cause Nikolas is marrying Britt anyway.

Britt and Nikolas are at Kelly's, where Ben is learning to eat French fries. They gush at how big he's getting. Nikolas reminds her of a time, when she didn't even think she could be a mother.

Sonny arrives at his office, and is surprised to find his daughter-in-law waiting for him. Lulu apologies for showing up unannounced, but Sonny says she is always welcome. After all, she's family. He realizes that this place is special to her, because she worked for Connie. Lulu says that she was an amazing woman, and that she learned a lot from her. He tells her that she looks happy, and she admits that she is. They talk about Dante, and their reconciliation, and he's glad that things worked out. He thanks her for making his son happy, and she says that he didn't give up on her. Sonny says that that's the way Dante is, once he loves someone. She then mentions Dante's other big news, that he's a father again.

Dante and Anna have arrived at the Quartermaines, in response to the break in. AJ asks them if Tracy told them what happened. Dante says that Tracy told them that it was an attempted burglary, but AJ insists that someone wanted to kill him.

Ava returns home from New York, and pours herself a drink. Carlos comes out of nowhere, and scares her. He apologizes, but wants to tell her what happened at the Quartermaines. Yes, Ava would very much like to know what happened while she was gone.

In New York, at Delia's pub, she receives unsettling news about Nakamura. She tells a shocked Silas and Sam that Nakamura is dead. Silas says that he doesn't know what excuses Delia has heard before, but someone can't tell you that they're dead. Delia says that it wasn't Nakamura, and in unison, Sam and Silas ask "Who?" Delia says it was some man, and in walks Detective West, who says "That would be me!" Silas sighs, as Sam says "Detective West." Delia turns around and says 'Hi handsome. First of all who the hell are you and what are you doing with Nakamura's phone?" Nathan asks Silas if he's going to introduce him, and Silas flatly says no. Nathan introduces himself to Delia, and Delia says that he's a long way from home. West says that he heard Dr. Clay was back in New York, so he decided to come too. Silas quips that he couldn't go one day without stalking him. West says the funny thing is that when he to got to Clay's hotel room, NYPD was already there. He tells them that Nakamura downed a whole bottle of heart medication that he's been taking for years. Sam says that Nakamura killed himself, in disbelief. Nathan doesn't believe it either, but Delia says you never know what's going on in someone's head. Nathan thinks this is all too familiar, and says to Silas that he has experience in this.

Ava pours herself another drink, as Carlos explains what happened and why AJ isn't dead. He says he followed her instructions not to harm AJ, while his son was there. He tells her that after Michael left, he had AJ in his sites and was about to kill him, when someone knocked him out. He tells her that he doesn't know who, but he managed to escape without being identified. Ava says that she hopes so for both their sakes. He tells her that they did get his gun, and Ava asks how that happened. He tells her that he dropped it when he got knocked out, and the other guy got it before he could. Of course, Ava isn't happy, but he tells her that it's untraceable. Ava just hopes that nothing can be traced back to her.

AJ is having a hard time convincing Anna and Dante that someone tried to kill him. Anna shows him the gun that Luke and Tracy gave him. She says that they'll take it back to the station, and run it for prints. She tells him that Tracy said the man was wearing gloves. He confirms this, and adds that the man was wearing a mask, too. AJ says that he couldn't even see his face, so if he was a burglar, why would he want to kill him? Anna asks him if he has any idea about who the shooter might be.

Back in Sonny's office, he tells Lulu that Dante told him about Ben. He says that it must've been quite a shock, and Lulu says it was the best kind of shock She suddenly remembers that she has something for him. She gives him a gift bag, and he pull out a coffee mug, and jokes that he probably has a lot of mugs (she looks over at the Corinthos Coffee sign). The coffee mug says "World's Best Grandpa" which he loves. They were going to give it to him at Christmas, but then they lost the baby. She says that he and Olivia must be thrilled to be grandparents again. He says that they're very excited, but then he asks, how she's dealing with it.  

At Kelly's, Nikolas asks Britt about having an engagement party. He asks her if that's something she would like, and she says yes. She asks him what he's thinking, and says that the Metro Court is a little fancy. (He tells Ben that he can't play with something). Nikolas agrees, and says that he was thinking of having it at Wyndemere. Britt says that she's seen pictures of the parties at Wyndemere, and suddenly the Metro Court doesn't sound so fancy. Nikolas continues his pitch saying they can celebrate with all their family and friends Britt reminds him, that she has neither, but he tells her that after they're married, she will. Britt asks him, if that includes Elizabeth?

At GH, Robin apologizes to Elizabeth for pushing her to talk to Nikolas. They go somewhere more private to talk, where Elizabeth says that she's glad that she opened up to Nikolas. Robin says that someone told her earlier that she was bossy. She tells Robin that she wishes the outcome was different, but at least, she got it off her chest. Robin asks, "So you're not mad at me?" Elizabeth tells her no, and invites her a meeting to the Nurses' Ball. Robin says that she'd love to, but she has to go home and start packing. Elizabeth asks if she and Patrick are going somewhere, and Robin says Patrick isn't, but she is. Elizabeth is surprised when Robin tells her that she's going away tonight.

At the Quartermaines', Dante and Anna are still questioning AJ, when Anna receives a phone call from Patrick. She tells AJ that Dante will continue the questioning, but she has to leave. Dante asks if everything is okay, and she says it's personal matter. She tells them that she'll take the gun, and drop it off at the station. AJ complains that they aren't taking this seriously, when Anna leaves. Dante steps up and says, we can totally understand why someone would want to kill you, but it'll take time to figure out who. AJ says that he may not know who the intruder was, but he knows who wants him dead. Dante asks who, and AJ says, "Your father."

Sonny and Lulu are having a heart-to-heart about how she feels about Ben and Dante. He wants to know how she's feeling about it all.

At Kelly's, Nikolas tells Britt that Elizabeth will come around. Britt doesn't think so, because of the DNA test she did behind Britt' s back. Nikolas agrees that was wrong, but still believes that Britt didn't know whose sample her mother used to impregnate her. He tells her that Elizabeth knows she was wrong, and is ready to put this behind her. Britt asks if that's true, then why was she at the house yesterday.

Elizabeth is another one who's stunned by Robin's decision. She can't believe Robin would leave Patrick and Emma so soon after just getting back. Robin admits that everyone has been telling her that, but that she really does have to go. Elizabeth asks her why now? Robin tells that she can't go into details, but if Elizabeth knew the real reason, she would encourage her to go. Robin asks Elizabeth to trust her, and that he needs her to have her back, no questions, asked. Elizabeth says, of course, but that she's going to miss her. They share a hug, and tell each other they'll miss each other.

Meanwhile in New York, Detective West tells Delia, Sam and Silas that Nakamura overdosed. Silas says, sarcastically, that West couldn't wait to run over and tell them. Nathan says that he checked Nakamura's phone, and saw that he had at coffee date with Mrs. Coleridge. Delia immediately asks him not to involve Roger. Nathan says that he's not here to cause her trouble. Silas says that he was just eager to tell Sam about Nina. Nathan says that he only told Sam because Silas refused to talk to him. Nathan makes a caustic remark about people around Silas needing to end their lives. You're still here, Silas quips. Silas says that if he has something to say then say it. Nathan thinks that Nakamura was the key to Nina's murder, and that's why Silas killed him. Delia and Sam protest loudly, and Sam says that he's wrong. Nathan paints a scene where they lure him to the pub to finish him off. Delia says that they just wanted to get the truth out of him. Nathan insists that Silas killed Nakamura just like he killed Nina. Sam says that's not possible cause she's been with Silas the whole time. Delia says not the whole time. Silas was on the phone with a patient, when she first got here. Delia blurts out. Nathan asks for the name of the patient. Silas tells him that if he wants him to cooperate, to get a warrant. Hospital policy prevents him from naming a patient. Nathan tells him that they're running a tox screen right now, but Silas says that he's not the killer. Nathan asks him who is, and Silas names Ava Jerome.

Ava is at her penthouse, still drinking, still pissed with Carlos. He says that he got out of the Quartermaines without being identified. Ava hopes so. Carlos apologizes again for messing up Ava's plan. Ava says that it happens to the best of them. She offers him a martini, and he drinks it. He asks her if she still wants AJ dead.

Back at the Quartermaines, things get heated when AJ accuses Sonny of trying to kill him. Dante says that's a serious allegation, and reminds him that Sonny made a promise to Michael that he wouldn't harm AJ. Dante has no use for AJ himself especially, when AJ says that Sonny tried to kill him the night Connie died. Dante says that Connie didn't just die, AJ killed her. AJ says that maybe Sonny went back on his word, but Dante doesn't believe it. He says that's the only explanation, and starts to say, unless there's another one. What other explanation? Dante asks.

Ava says that she doesn't want to kill AJ. She tells Carlos that she's kind of fond of him, for all the trouble he causes the Quartermaines. She was hoping that she wouldn't have to make this decision, and was trying to protect him. She doesn't want him to remember that he's innocent so AJ Quartermaine has to die, she tells Carlos.

Dante asks AJ what other possibility is there. AJ clams up, and says they both know who's responsible. He tells Dante to go and get a known killer off the streets. He tells him to go, and question his father.

Sonny is showing his sensitive side to Lulu. He wants to know how she's really feeling. She admits (almost in tears) that while she's happy for Dante, and everyone she loves, part of her wishes that Ben was her and Dante's child. Instead, it's Dante and Britt, who she barely knows, but that's going to change soon. Sonny asks her why, and she tells him that Britt is engaged to Nikolas. She tells him that not is she going to be her sister-in-law, but her stepson's mother. How's that for awkward? Very awkward, Sonny agrees. Lulu tells him that there's nothing she can do, but accept that Ben is Dante's son, not hers.

Britt tells Nikolas that she's not being jealous, just that his Uncle Victor told her that Elizabeth was there, and he sent her up to their bedroom. Nikolas tells her that nothing inappropriate happened. Britt says she knows, but was just wondering if Elizabeth was there to bad mouth her again. What did she want to talk about? Nikolas flashes back to Elizabeth telling him that she loved him. Britt snaps him out of it by asking what she wanted

Back at GH, Elizabeth and Robin are saying goodbye. Elizabeth tells her to keep in touch, joking that she dropped the ball the last time. Robin says she'll try, Just then, Anna shows up, so Elizabeth leaves for her meeting. Anna is upset that she's the last one to find out about Robin leaving. Robin tells her that she know how difficult it would be, and she didn't know how to tell her. Anna also doesn't understand why she has to leave, when she just got home. Robin asks her to have faith in her that she's doing the right thing. Anna still doesn't understand why she has to leave. She reminds her that she didn't always know where Anna and Robert when she was a child. She did have faith that they would come back to her. She asks her if it's the right thing to leave Emma, Patrick and her, as she wipes the tears from her face. Robin asks her if Anna has ever known that sometimes

Elizabeth has turned up at Kelly's, where Britt asks her to join them. Nikolas tries to distract Britt, but when she asks Elizabeth, she doesn't say no. Britt tells Elizabeth that Nikolas told her that was at the house yesterday. No she can hear from the

Sonny pushes Lulu to tell him how she really feels about the Ben situation  Lulu says that Britt being involved wasn't how she saw things happening. Sonny tells her that he doesn't know Britt well, but what he does know about her, he doesn't like. He tells her that with who Britt's parents are, he doesn't want her to be a role model for Ben. He says that Lulu is the better role model. Lulu reminds him that Ben isn't her son, and he reminds her that Michael isn't his son. He loves him more than anything, and would fight for him. He tells her that he hopes that one day she will love Ben as her own. She confesses that part of her already does.

Dante and AJ are still arguing over whether or not Sonny tried to have him killed. AJ makes a remark about Sonny not needing to have cops on his payroll when his son is already there. Dante ignores that remark, and says that if AJ remembers anything useful about the burglary to let him know. Dante leaves to go talk to Sonny. AJ thinks about whether or not his memory is coming back.

Back at Ava's penthouse, Carlos asks her what she wants to do about AJ. She tells him that they will have wait for another time. She needs another alibi, and when he asks her about visiting Delia, she tells him that things in New York are too complicated. She tells Carlos to lay low until she figures things out. He tells her that he doesn't need the cops on his tail as well as Sonny. When she shuts the door, she talks to herself and says she knows how to cover her tracks.

Silas and Nathan are arguing about Silas's accusation that Ava killed Nakamura. Sam intervenes and tells Nathan that Ava was in New York today to visit her mother. Delia tells him that Ava rarely comes to see her. Silas praises Sam's ability to put the pieces together.

Like Ava, AJ continues drinking, and thinks out loud about the hitman. He flashes back to the night Connie was killed, and finally remembers that he's innocent. 

Back in New York, Nathan says that he will talk to Ava. Sam insists on Silas being innocent. Nathan says why would an innocent man lie about having a wife, and not go and visit Nina. Silas tells him that he was barred from seeing Nina by her parents. He says that he tried for years and years, and then he just stopped. He conceded to her parents wealth and power. Nathan says that nothing would've stopped him. Silas asks if he's going to charge him, ad Nathan says no but he's going to work with the NYPD on the Nakamura case. Nathan takes his leave and Delia apologizes for blurting out about Silas's whereabouts. They both tell her not to worry about it. Delia asks Silas if he offed Nakamura, and he says what do you think? He then turns to ask Sam the same thing.

Back in Port Charles, Anna has a hard time dealing with Robin's news. Anna realizes that she can't change Robin's mind, and says that she was always just a stubborn little girl. Robin jokes that she wonders where she got that from. Anna demands to know if Patrick and Emma have been threatened in any way, and Robin says no. This is her choice as a doctor. They share an emotional goodbye.

Nikolas tells Britt that Elizabeth just came by to congratulate them on their engagement. Elizabeth tells her that she saw Britt accept Nik's proposal at Dane and Lulu's Britt wasn't aware she was there, and Elizabeth says "Well, I was." Elizabeth congratulates them, and Britt accepts, but she remains suspicious.

Dante has shown up at Sonny's office, and is surprised to find Lulu there. She tells him that she dropped off belated Christmas present. Sonny shows him the mug, and jokingly says that he will fight tooth and nail with Luke for World's Best Grandpa. Dante asks to speak to Sonny alone, so Lulu leaves. Dante tells him that AJ accused him of trying to shoot him. He asks him if he did it.

AJ is shocked when he realizes that he didn't kill Connie. He remembers Ava arriving, and says that Ava killed Connie. We see Ava sitting in her penthouse, drinking yet another martini.

In New York, Sam tells Silas that she believes in his innocence. Delia agrees and says that Nathan is easy on the eyes, but doesn't know a lot. Silas says that Nathan was right about one thing. He has to try and see Nina.

In Port Charles, Robin and Anna are still sharing a tearful goodbye. Robin can't tell Anna much, and says that they've always found their way back to each other, haven't we? (We flash back to the famous scene of Robin and Anna being reunited after Faison kidnapped her as a child.) Robin tells Anna that it's not really goodbye, just see you later.

Britt says that she has to take Ben to Lesley's before her shift. She pointedly tells Nikolas that an engagement party at Wyndemere sounds like a great idea. After she leaves, Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for not telling Britt about her confession. They talk about the engagement party. Nikolas tells her that no matter what, that he will always be her friend, and part of his family. After all, they're the only remaining members of The Four Musketeers. They remember that time fondly, and Nikolas tells her that she's stuck with him.

Britt runs into Lulu on the patio, and tells her that she heard Ben and Dante had a good time the other day. The situation is very awkward, and Britt takes off as soon as she can.

Sonny jokes about someone trying to kill AJ, but he says it isn't him. Dante says that they have to take this seriously, and Sonny says that if they do find out who did, to thank the bastard for him.

In her penthouse, Ava is still drinking, when there's a knock on her door. With drink in hand, she answers it, only to find AJ.

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