GH Update Thursday 2/27/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/27/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Robin and Patrick were in the hospital elevator. Robin was there to fill her prescription before she left town. Patrick asked if Robin said goodbye to Nikolas. Robin had - Nik had been polite, as usual, even though he didn't understand her decision to leave. They got off the elevator and ran into Sabrina, who greeted them then told Patrick that she missed him at her appointment. Patrick felt bad that he forgot, and he explained that something came up. Robin left for her appointment, and Sabrina sensed something was wrong, so she asked if everything was okay. Patrick said no, and then he told her that Robin was going to Africa to continue her work with amfAR. Sabrina was at a loss for words. Patrick admitted it was surprising, but he told Sabrina that it was in Robin's nature to help people. Sabrina didn't understand how Robin could leave so soon after getting her family back. She suddenly thought better of her comment and apologized for prying, but Patrick told her that she had a right to know what was going on in his life. Sabrina was worried that Robin was leaving because of Sabrina or the baby. Patrick assured her that Robin wasn't leaving for either of those reasons. Patrick apologized for missing the appointment. He told Sabrina that he cared about her and the baby and that he'd be at the next doctor's visit. Sabrina smiled; she couldn't wait for him to hear the baby's heartbeat. Sabrina told Patrick she was sorry about Robin. Patrick thanked her and walked away.

Elsewhere at GH, Tracy was relieved that Luke was getting out of the hospital. Luke sat quietly in his wheelchair while Tracy complained about the hospital. Tracy looked concerned and wondered if it was a bad idea for Luke to leave the hospital right now. Luke insisted that he was okay to go home, but Tracy wanted to get a second opinion. Carly walked up on crutches and asked how Luke was. She felt bad that he got caught in the middle of everything. Luke assured her that he was glad to help. Tracy was annoyed that it took Carly so long to tell everyone that Heather kidnapped Luke. Carly apologized and explained that getting buried alive affected her memory. Luke felt that Tracy should be more considerate toward Carly, due to Carly's ordeal. Tracy wondered why Luke was suddenly defending Carly, and Luke told her that he honored family ties. Tracy theorized that Luke was still under the influence of the drugs he'd been given at Miscavige. Luke swore he was just tired and ready to go home.

Carly and Robin ran into each other. They sympathized with each other over their kidnappings. Carly admitted that Robin had never been her favorite person, due to Robin's nosiness, but Carly was grateful that Robin risked her life to save Jason. Carly noted that Robin bought Jason six more months of life, which gave him a chance to meet Danny, the son that he didn't know was his. Robin quietly said Jason should have had more time. Carly asked Robin if they could try to get along, the way Jason would have wanted. Robin revealed that it wouldn't be possible, because she was leaving town. Carly was taken aback when she realized that Patrick and Emma weren't going with Robin. Robin explained that she didn't make the decision lightly, but she was leaving because people needed her. Carly countered that Robin's family needed her and that Patrick had given up the woman he loved for Robin. Robin started to walk away, but Carly followed her and accused Robin of being selfish. “Says the self-proclaimed center of the universe,” Robin countered. Carly took back her offer to coexist with Robin, then Carly said Robin was the “same self absorbed, self important martyr” she'd always been. “If you had any idea about why I'm leaving, you would bow down and worship me,” Robin spat. Carly demanded to know what that meant. Robin told her to forget it, and she walked away. Patrick spotted Carly following and pestering Robin, so he walked over and told Carly to back off. Carly was surprised that Patrick was defending Robin, and she asked if he didn't care that Robin was leaving him high and dry. Patrick asked Carly if she liked it when people judged her relationships with Jason, Franco and Sonny without knowing the full story. Carly admitted she didn't. Patrick told Carly that this was his and Robin's family business, and he asked her to stay out of it. Carly got the message, but she told Patrick that she thought he deserved better, and she always had. After Carly walked away, Patrick wondered how she'd feel if she knew Robin was leaving to save Jason. Robin thanked Patrick for standing up to her, then she confessed that Carly made her so frustrated she almost told her the truth. “Don't do that. It'd defeat the purpose of your trip” Patrick said in a flat tone. Robin tried to say something to Patrick, but he cut her off and told her she was going to be late for her appointment. Robin left.

Sonny let himself into Ric's room. Ric noted that it was a little early for turn down service. Sonny insincerely apologized for barging in. Ric realized Olivia had alerted Sonny, and he told his brother that he was always welcome. Sonny observed that Ric was about to make a phone call, so he urged Ric to go ahead and do it. Ric claimed he was about to call Molly. Sonny pointed out that it was a school day, and Ric said he was hoping to get Molly to play hooky and spend the day with him. Sonny replied that they both knew Ric wasn't in town to visit Molly. Ric chuckled and said that Sonny was being paranoid, as usual. Sonny pointed out that Sonny had enemies, and Ric insisted that he wasn't one of them. Sonny reminded Ric that Ric had done things to hurt Sonny, like kidnapping a pregnant Carly with the intention of taking Sonny's child and giving him to Elizabeth. Ric was adamant that he'd made a sincere effort to change. Ric thought that his and Sonny's relationship had been improving just before Ric left town. Skeptical, Sonny asked if Ric was saying he wanted to be friends and brothers. Ric thought they should start by behaving peaceably toward each other and go from there. He offered Sonny his outstretched hand, but Sonny refused to shake it. Sonny explained that he was still cautious, due to their past. Ric promised that things were different now. He explained that being away from Molly had taught him a lesson about what really mattered. Ric hoped Sonny would give him the chance to prove that he'd changed for the better. Sonny wished that Ric was being sincere, and Ric insisted that he meant what he said.

Sonny told Ric that Julian Jerome was targeting Sonny. Sonny warned that Ric it might not be a good idea to get close to Sonny, because Julian might come after Ric, too. Sonny sensed that Ric already knew about the feud, and Ric confessed that Molly had hinted that things were rocky between Sonny and Sam's dad. Ric wondered how Alexis got involved with a criminal like Julian. Sonny quipped that she was probably gearing up for Ric. “Or you” Ric added. Ric clarified that he thought Julian was on a different level than Ric and Sonny were. Sonny said Julian had no code, then he told Ric how Julian lured Morgan away from the fold. Ric was surprised that Carly let Sonny bring Morgan to work for him. Sonny thought Morgan was better off working for Sonny than working for Julian. Sonny added that Julian threatened Morgan's family, which meant Ric was also at risk. Ric was confident that Julian wouldn't come after him (Ric) and Sonny wondered how Ric could be certain of that. Ric felt that someone looking to hurt Sonny would go after the people that Sonny was close to, which didn't include Ric. Ric also noted that he (Ric) had faced some formidable adversaries and lived to tell the tale. Sonny pointed out that Ric might have just been lucky. “Be separated from your daughter for five years, then tell me how lucky I am” Ric said. Sonny got a text and told Ric he had to go. Sonny asked how long Ric was in town. Ric hadn't decided yet. Sonny left.

Julian answered the door at Alexis's house and groaned when he saw Shawn. Shawn asked where Alexis was. Julian said she was taking Molly to school. He tried to close the door, but Shawn stopped him and walked in. Shawn confronted Julian about threatening TJ. Julian claimed he just talked to TJ. Shawn grabbed Julian and pinned him against the wall by his neck, then he warned Julian not to even think TJ's name. Julian calmly pointed out that Shawn would face Sonny's wrath if he killed Julian and left Danny vulnerable. Shawn let Julian go and sneered at him for using Danny like a human shield. Julian countered that he was just stating a fact. “You can always donate bone marrow from a wheelchair” Shawn snarled, as he drew back to punch Julian. Alexis walked in, just in time to prevent the fight. She was appalled that Shawn would attack Julian while Danny was in the next room. Shawn didn't know Danny was there. Julian claimed that he tried to tell Shawn about Danny, but Shawn slammed him against the wall before Julian could say anything. Julian called Shawn rabid, and said he was afraid to think about what Shawn would have done to him if Alexis hadn't intervened. Alexis told Shawn to leave. Shawn told Alexis that she'd just left her grandson with a man who threatened a high-schooler. Alexis assumed that Julian threatened TJ over almost having sex with Molly, so she assured him that she could handle it. Shawn clarified that Julian threatened TJ over the warehouse shooting. Julian told Alexis that TJ saw Sonny and Shawn about to kill Julian's associate. Julian insisted that he advised TJ to cooperate with the police, because he didn't want TJ to get in trouble for covering for Sonny and Shawn. Julian added that Sonny and Shawn tried to kill Julian when Julian tried to protect Carlos. Shawn didn't contradict Julian's story, so Alexis told him to leave. Shawn asked Alexis not to hold Shawn's mistakes against TJ, because TJ was a good kid who loved Molly. Shawn asked Alexis if she could say the same for Julian, then Shawn left. Alexis checked on Danny. He was still asleep. Julian began to go on about being glad that Shawn's actions hadn't woken Danny up, until Alexis ordered him to stop. Julian asked if she thought he was lying about what happened. She suspected that Julian wasn't as innocent as his version of events made him seem. Julian swore that all he'd done was urge TJ to cooperate with the police. “Sonny and Shawn are bad men. Not me,” Julian said. Alexis told Julian to leave. Alexis thanked him for watching Danny, and Julian told her “Anytime.” When Julian stepped onto the deck, he called someone and told the person that it was time they met face to face.

At Ryan's, Ava sensed that Delia was trying to get rid of her, so she urged her mother to tell her what was going on. As Delia stalled, Sam walked in. Sam spotted Ava, from behind, and slipped back out of the bar without being seen. Sam stood in front of the window, and she and Delia tried to use hand signals to communicate with Delia. Ava wondered why Delia was flailing around. Delia “accidentally” spilled Ava's drink on her, which infuriated Ava. Delia sent Ava into the bathroom to get cleaned up, then she went outside to talk to Sam. Sam was panicked because Nakamura would be there any minute. Delia asked where Silas was, and Sam said he was running late. Delia came up with a plan to get rid of Ava. Silas arrived and Sam filled him in.

Back inside the bar, Ava returned from the bathroom and was annoyed that she couldn't find her mother. Delia went back inside and asked Ava to borrow a couple thousand dollars. Delia's fake request for a loan worked, and seconds later, Ava stormed out of the bar. Silas and Sam quickly kissed so she wouldn't see their faces, then they went into the bar. Silas was concerned that Nakamura figured out their plan and alerted Ava, but Sam thought Ava's appearance was coincidental. Sam gave Delia a recording device. Silas was nervous, so Delia did her best to assure him that she'd get Nakamura to come clean. Delia got a call from Nakamura's number. When she hung up, she stunned Silas and Sam with the news that Nakamura was dead.

A masked Carlos broke into the Quartermaine mansion and surprised AJ. AJ assumed this was a robbery, so he told the intruder to take whatever he wanted, but Carlos forced AJ to get on his knees, then he placed the gun against the back of AJ's head. AJ began to beg for his life. Tracy and Luke arrived just in time, and Tracy broke a vase over Carlos's head. Carlos fell and dropped the gun, and when he reached for it again, Luke kicked him in the stomach. Carlos ran out, and to Tracy's horror, Luke picked up the gun and raced after him. Tracy asked if AJ was okay and asked what was going on. AJ tried to catch his breath and told Tracy that it seemed like the man was intent on killing him. Tracy called the police.

Luke returned and told them he couldn't catch the guy. Tracy was upset that Luke gave chase so soon after getting out of the hospital, but she softened when Luke explained that he didn't want the burglar to return and hurt someone he cared about. AJ was convinced that the intruder was targeting him, specifically. He explained that the man had watched him and waited for Michael to leave. AJ assumed this was Sonny's doing, and AJ explained that AJ was alive was that Michael begged Sonny not to kill him. Tracy cleared her throat, and AJ clarified that she'd also saved his life, then he thanked her. Luke didn't think it was like Sonny to go back on his word. AJ was adamant that Sonny would kill him in a heartbeat as long as he could keep Michael in the dark about it. Luke announced that he'd handle this. Tracy argued that this had nothing to do with her and Luke, but Luke insisted on going to talk to Sonny. After Luke left, Tracy asked AJ if he was really planning on telling the cops the Sonny story. AJ didn't understand, so Tracy urged him to think. “Is there anyone else who wants you dead?” she asked.

Back at the hospital, Sabrina entered an exam room to restock it, and she was startled to find Carlos waiting for her. Carlos gave Sabrina a fake story about the cut on his head and asked her to stitch him up. Sabrina agreed to help him after he was admitted. Carlos tried to convince her to skip that step, but Sabrina refused to help him until he told her the real reason he was there. Carlos didn't want to answer, so he decided to find someone else to help him. He got woozy as he stood up and said he hoped he didn't get dizzy while driving. Sabrina relented and went to get a doctor. Ava called Carlos to ask if “it was done,” and Carlos confessed that he hit a snag.

The text Sonny received was from Shawn, so Sonny met him at Kelly's. Shawn filled Sonny in about what happened at Alexis's. Shawn was frustrated because Julian made himself out to be an angel and Alexis bought the whole thing. Sonny commiserated with Shawn but he said they had to stay calm, especially now. Sonny revealed that he thought Ric was bankrolling Julian.

Ric finished up a phone call then he left his room.

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