GH Update Wednesday 2/26/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/26/14


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Chuckling and looking very healthy, Carly hobbles into Franco's hospital room on crutches, wearing a hospital gown and white robe. She's sorry that he's still stuck in his bed but is happy that their horrible experience is over and now they can go on with their lives. A bit less optimistic, Franco fears it's not actually over.

In his apartment, a shirtless Nathan exercises with weights. During a break, he takes a drink of water and sees Silas' file sitting on the table. He mutters to himself that Dr. Clay is not off the hook yet and should enjoy his freedom while he can.

In a New York City hotel room, Sam calls home to check on Danny then notices that Silas is actually in a good mood looking forward to proving that Ava's setting him up. Sam, however, is doubtful that they can trust Delia to get Nakamura to admit he's lying about Silas. After cuddling a bit, they talk about going over to Ryan's, then decide to engage in some more sex instead.

Ava takes a call from Carlos who's at the Quartermaine Mansion ready to shoot AJ from outside the back door, but she wants him to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Carlos pulls down his face mask and prepares to enter the house, while Ava works on her alibi by showing up at Ryan's Bar and pretending to want to catch up with her mom. While Delia cleans up the coffee she spilled, Ava takes another call from Carlos who informs her that Michael is with AJ. Delia tries to warn Sam of Ava's presence, but Sam and Silas don't hear the phone.

Alexis hollers for Molly to hurry up or she'll be late for school. Then she mutters to herself that her daughter no longer cares for academics, now that she's using her hormones as brains. Julian knocks at the door, wanting to know how Alexis is doing after last night when she found Molly in bed with her boyfriend.

At Kelly's, TJ greets Sonny who wants to ask Shawn if he found out who's running Barrett Enterprises and trying to take him down. Shawn has nothing to report, which annoys Sonny who needs to know who's bankrolling Julian and why they are hiding. TJ interrupts the kitchen meeting with news about Julian threatening him last night when he advised him to tell the police about the warehouse shootings. Sonny assures the shaken teen that he and Shawn will take care of everything without involving the cops.

Ric is sitting in his Metro Court room working on his computer when Olivia knocks on the door. As hotel manager, she needs to see his ID to determine who's staying in that room. Opening the door, Ric faces Olivia and says he kept his identity secret, because he was afraid she wouldn't let him in. Unhappy to see Ric again, Olivia asks why he's returned to Port Charles after five years.

Carly closes the door with one crutch then sits on Franco's bed to chat about her support system, including her brother from Seattle, Lulu, Sonny, and her boys, Michael and Morgan, who've been taking turns staying with her at night. She apologizes for Michael accusing Franco of kidnapping her and offers to bring him to visit, but Franco declines, unwilling to force her son to be around him ever again.

Alexis tells Julian about Molly yelling at her the whole ride home then finding her long-lost father, Ric Lansing, waiting for them at home. Alexis wasn't pleased with the way Ric took Molly's side after the way he showed up unexpectedly from California and Rafe let him in. Alexis tells Julian that Ric claimed to want to see his daughter, but she knows her ex always has another agenda.

Ric makes the same excuse for his visit to Olivia, who doesn't buy it and reminds him of some of his misdeeds involving her cousin, Carly, the Zaccharas, Claudia, and his brother, Sonny. Olivia doesn't believe Ric cares about Sonny and suggests he return to Los Angeles. She wants to throw him out of her hotel just like the Jeromes. Remembering a conversation with Sonny about someone having a serious ax to grind with him, Olivia suddenly suspects Ric and quickly leaves the room. Ric picks up his phone to make a call.

Nathan answers his door with a towel wrapped around his waist and is surprised to find Kiki on the other side. She is looking for a new place to live, but seeing the detective there decides to go elsewhere. He asks her to wait so they can talk about her father. He wants her to decide about whether Silas tried to kill his wife on facts, so he gives her his police file while he goes to get dressed. After she reads it, he asks if she still believes Silas is innocent. Kiki still defends Silas but lets it slip that he's in New York trying to prove his innocence. As soon as she leaves, Nathan calls a friend in the city to help him track Dr. Clay.

Franco understands why Michael doesn't believe he's changed. He's seen him hurt Jason, Sam, Lulu, and Carly. Franco feels he doesn't deserve forgiveness and Michael has certainly earned the right to hate him. Franco does, however, want Carly to continue to support him and doesn't want to hurt her again. She reminds him that when they were in the tunnels, he told her she'd make it. Now, she wants to assure him that they both will.

Carlos is interrupted by Michael's appearance in the Quartermaine living room. He shares with his dad the fact that he and Kiki are no longer living together and that Morgan thinks he's in love with Ava. AJ is confident that Michael and Kiki will work it out. As they talk about his drinking last summer, Michael mentions that Ava was there the night of Connie's shooting when AJ was passed out cold. She suggested he go get coffee, so Michael left her alone with his dad. AJ recalls Ava suggesting he confess to killing Connie but refuses to talk to Michael about it. After assuring his dad he'll always be there for him, Michael finally leaves.

While Delia leaves a mayday message to Sam to ditch the whole plan, Ava instructs Carlos not to kill AJ in front of his son but to wait until Michael leaves and Carlos gets ready to enter.

As Alexis is checking on Molly, Julian ignores a phone call from Ric. When Alexis returns downstairs, he turns back to discussing the situation with Molly and TJ then wonders if Alexis is not really reacting to the kids having sex but rather to her and Julian not doing it. Alexis ignores that suggestion and turns to getting Molly to school. She asks Julian to watch her sleeping grandson.

Franco suggests that Carly break it off with him even though she thinks he saved her life. He thinks that technically the cops did, especially the hot commissioner. Although his memory is kind of fuzzy about what happened that day, he does remember telling her he loves her but she didn't reply. Carly assures Franco she does love him and urges him never to forget it. Then they kiss.

When Shawn asks TJ when Julian talked to him, TJ is forced to relate the story of Alexis and Julian barging in on him and Molly about to have sex at the Metro Court. Shawn doesn't think they did anything wrong and promises to talk to Alexis about letting him see Molly again.

Sam finally sees she has a missed call from Delia but doesn't respond or listen to her message. Delia sits down with Ava and discusses not having a picture of her granddaughter. Ava promises to send her one but wonders why her mother keeps looking at the door. Delia claims that she's just looking out for her customers then suggests that Ava go sightseeing, which makes her wonder if she's trying to get rid of her. Suddenly, Sam comes in the door. Delia tries to alert her to Ava's presence, but Sam just keeps standing there.

Julian returns his missed call from Ric but is distracted by Shawn at the door.

Olivia calls Sonny and urges him to come to the Metro Court and see something he's not gonna like. When he gets there, she leads him to Ric's door and urges him to be careful while slipping Sonny the master key. Sonny enters and silently faces off with his brother.

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