GH Update Tuesday 2/25/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/25/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Molly and TJ were in their room at the Metro Court, kissing passionately in bed. Just after TJ slipped the strap of Molly's lingerie off her shoulder, there was a knock on the door. TJ and Molly realized the person wasn't going away, so TJ got up to answer it, without bothering to put on a shirt first. He was horrified to see Alexis and Julian. Alexis demanded to know where her daughter was. TJ tried to convince Alexis that Molly wasn't there, but it didn't work. She ordered him to get out of the way, then she entered the room and told Molly to get dressed and come with her. Molly refused and she ordered Alexis to leave. Alexis warned Molly not to push her. Molly wondered how Alexis knew she was at the hotel. TJ got dressed, while Molly defended their actions. Molly insisted that she and TJ weren't doing anything, so Alexis strode over to the night stand, picked up a sealed condom package and waved it in Molly's face, to prove otherwise. Molly argued that the condom proved that she and TJ were being safe. Molly spat that Alexis had no right to judge Molly since Molly was acting more responsibly than Alexis did when she slept with Julian and got pregnant. Alexis scolded Molly for being disrespectful, for lying to her, and for sneaking off to a hotel room. Alexis reminded Molly that she'd been worried Molly was working too hard. Molly countered that Alexis told her to have more fun, and Alexis told her that this wasn't what she meant. TJ tried to add something, but Julian advised him to stay out of it. “You are sixteen years old and you are still living under my roof,” Alexis hissed, before ordering Molly to get dressed.

While Molly went to change, TJ told Alexis that this was all his idea and that he talked Molly into it. Molly returned and she and TJ said they loved each other. Alexis took Molly's arm and lead her out. Once they were gone, Julian closed the door and told TJ that they had to have a little chat. Julian assured TJ that he didn't care what happened here tonight. Julian revealed that he knew the cops questioned TJ about the incident at the warehouse. TJ swore he didn't tell them anything. Julian wanted TJ to tell the cops the truth, so Sonny and Morgan could be brought to justice. “What if I don't? What are you going to do to me - kill me?” TJ asked. Julian pointed out that he never said anything about killing anyone, then he told TJ that he strongly urged him to do his civic duty. Julian apologized for ruining TJ's night and told TJ he might get a chance to do it again in a few years. Julian left.

Sam and Silas went to Ryan's, the NYC bar owned by Ava's mother, Delia. Delia greeted the pair warmly and asked what brought them there. Silas told Delia that Ava tried to kill his wife, then framed him for it. Delia quickly agreed to help get the goods on Ava to clear Silas's name. Silas and Sam were surprised that Delia was so eager to help them go after her daughter. Delia explained that she'd had very little contact with Ava, because Ava was only interested in her wealthy, powerful Jerome relatives. After Silas told Delia that she had a granddaughter, Ava had reached out to Ava and asked for some photos of photos of Kiki. Ava never responded. Silas promised to make sure Delia got some photos of Kiki and got to meet her.

Silas and Sam believed that Ava placed the order for the medication that put Nina in a coma, then convinced Nakamura, the pharmacist, to say Silas ordered it. Nakamura was into online dating and he had a weakness for blondes, so Sam had created a dating profile for Delia. Delia told the pair that she was a married woman, but they assured her that she wouldn't really have to date Nakamura. They wanted her to wear a wire, gain Nakamura's trust and get him to tell the truth. Delia agreed to help, so Sam sent Nakamura a friend request. Sam stepped away from the table, and Delia asked Silas if he'd visited his wife and told her he'd moved on. Silas explained that he hadn't seen his wife in twenty years. Silas had punished himself for cheating on his wife with Ava for years, but as time went on, he began to feel like he didn't have a wife anymore. Delia asked why Silas didn't get a divorce. Before Silas could answer, Sam returned and announced that Nakamura agreed to meet Delia at Ryan's tomorrow. Sam was apologetic that this would end in Delia's daughter going to prison. Delia replied that Ava belonged in prison if she was guilty.

Olivia knew Sonny had been busy in his office all day, so she surprised him with a tray of food and wine. “You always know what I need” Sonny said, with a smile. Olivia spotted a file with “Barrett Enterprises” on it sitting on Sonny's desk. She remembered that Barrett was Brenda's last name, and she asked Sonny why he had the file. Sonny assured Olivia that Brenda had nothing to do with this, then he revealed that Barrett Enterprises, Brenda's family's former company, was now owned by the person secretly bankrolling Julian. Sonny had asked Brenda about it, but she didn't know who her sister sold the company to. Olivia wasn't sure it was wise for Sonny to trust Brenda, but Sonny was sure that Brenda was being truthful.

Sonny knew that Julian's secret partner must have a serious ax to grind against him. Olivia noted that Sonny had a lot of enemies, and Sonny replied that he hoped Ava could help him figure out who Julian was working with. Olivia didn't think Ava was trustworthy. Sonny pointed out that Ava had already given him useful information about Julian. Sonny told Olivia about finding Ava and AJ in Sonny's office. After AJ left, Ava told Sonny that she got the feeling AJ wasn't remorseful about killing Connie. Michael had told Sonny that AJ was filled with guilt, but Sonny thought Ava's intuition was right because AJ hadn't apologized to Sonny or Olivia for killing Connie. Sonny spat that AJ had the perfect insurance policy, because Sonny had promised Michael that he wouldn't kill AJ. Olivia urged Sonny not to dwell on this, but Sonny was determined to make AJ pay. “Killing AJ is always in the back of my mind,” Sonny confessed. Olivia insisted that Sonny couldn't do that to Michael. Sonny thought Michael would be better off if AJ died. “I could get justice for Connie and free Michael from that son of a bitch!” Sonny said. Olivia asked if Sonny was willing to break Michael's heart. Sonny admitted that it ate him up inside that Connie's killer walking free and acting like Connie's death was nothing.

Ric dropped by Alexis's house. Rafe answered the door, and Ric explained that he was Molly's father. Rafe let him in, and Ric asked where Molly and Alexis were. Rafe said he didn't know and that he was just there watching Danny. Ric recalled that Danny was Sam's son, then he picked up a picture of Alexis with Sam. Rafe asked if Ric knew Sam. “Oh sure. She was my stepdaughter. We were very close,” Ric replied. Ric mentioned that he hadn't been in town in years and that everyone would be surprised to see him. Ric asked Rafe if he was sure he didn't know where Alexis and Molly were. Danny started crying and Rafe seized the opportunity leave the room and avoid answering Ric's question. Ric picked up a portrait of Alexis hugging a much younger Molly, and he smiled. Just then Alexis and Molly could be heard arguing on the deck. Molly accused Alexis of barging in and turning something beautiful into something ugly. They were stunned when they walked in and saw Ric. Molly and Ric hugged, and Ric noted that Molly wasn't little anymore. Molly grumbled that Ric should tell Alexis that. Ric was surprised that Alexis and Molly were fighting, since they'd always been so close. Alexis spat that Ric might not be surprised if he'd been around for the first half of Molly's adolescence. Ric wanted to know what the fight was about. Alexis was reluctant to go into detail, so Ric pointed out that he was still Molly's father. Alexis filled him in and added that she had no idea how many other times Molly and TJ had snuck off to have sex. Molly yelled that they'd never done it before.

Molly explained that TJ had planned a safe and special night for them and that they were in love and were ready for this. Alexis felt that Molly was mistaken about being ready for sex, and she asked Ric to back her up. Molly felt vindicated when Ric took her side and apologized about her night being ruined. Molly asked Ric to make Alexis see that she was being irrational. Alexis felt that her opinion deserved more weight, because she'd been an involved parent, while Ric parented through Skype. Ric told Alexis that Molly was in love and it sounded like she was being responsible. Alexis pointed out that Molly had lied, and Ric countered that Alexis wouldn't have let Molly go if she'd been honest. Alexis agreed that she wouldn't let Molly go, and she maintained that it would have been the right decision. Ric felt that Alexis was wrong to humiliate Molly in front of her boyfriend. Alexis argued that Ric had no right to have an opinion; she thought it was wrong for Ric to show up and tell Molly she was doing the right thing. Ric yelled that at least he wasn't acting like the sex police, tracking Molly down in a hotel room. That lead Molly to ask Alexis how she found her. Just then, Rafe walked in. Molly realized what happened and confronted Rafe, who grabbed his coat and walked out. Molly ran to the door and yelled that Rafe was a snake and a weasel. Alexis asked Molly to calm down so they could talk, but Molly yelled that she had nothing to say to Alexis, then she ran upstairs. “What the hell are you doing here anyway?” Alexis asked Ric. He replied that he came to see Molly.

Ava and Carlos were at the Floating Rib. Carlos was curious about AJ's reasons for bugging Ava about the night Connie died. Ava smiled slyly and admitted she was there. Carlos asked if she killed Connie. Ava confided in Carlos about what really happened the night Connie died. At that time, Julian was still pretending to be Derek Wells and he and Connie shared an office. Ava had gone to the office to visit Julian and noticed the inebriated AJ leaving the office with a gun. When Ava confronted AJ, he dropped the gun and got onto the elevator. AJ had just lost ELQ due to Julian's article, so Ava was scared he'd hurt her brother. She raced into the office screaming Julian's name, and she found Connie there, alive and well. Connie remembered that she'd also overheard “Derek” calling himself Julian and that she'd found Sonny's financial records on “Derek's” computer. Connie realized that Derek was really Julian Jerome, and she confronted Ava. “She signed her own death warrant” Ava told Carlos. Connie picked up the phone to call Sonny, so Ava went and got AJ's gun. When she returned, she forced Connie to hang up. Connie wasn't afraid at first, because she didn't think Ava was capable of shooting anyone. Ava proved Connie wrong by confessing to shooting Olivia. The stunned and frightened Connie tried to defuse the situation, but Ava shot her anyway. Carlos grinned when he realized that the letters in the blood stood for Ava Jerome, not Alan Jr.

After Ava shot Connie, she went back to the Quartermaine mansion and found AJ passed out on the couch and Michael trying to wake him. Ava tricked Michael into leaving the room, then she wiped her prints from the gun and pressed the handle into AJ's hand. Once Ava put AJ's fingerprints back on the gun, she tossed it in some bushes where it was sure to be found. Ava and Carlos laughed about Ava tricking AJ into thinking she tried to throw the gun in the lake. AJ was starting to regain his memory and it had Ava worried. She was concerned that AJ would remember that he didn't kill Connie, then tell Sonny that he saw Ava there that night. “If Sonny found out that I killed Connie, I'm as dead as she is,” Ava said. Ava explained that she tried to manipulate Sonny into killing AJ. She'd come up with a back up plan, since AJ was still alive. Ava clarified that she had nothing against AJ; she thought he could be charming when he was sober, but she had no choice but to have him killed. Ava couldn't do it herself, because it could easily be traced back to her. Ava needed someone discreet, professional and trustworthy. Smiling, Carlos asked “Like who?” “Like you,” Ava replied.

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