GH Update Monday 2/24/14

General Hospital Update Monday 2/24/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian visits with Alexis and baby Danny. He tells her he appreciates being able to see his grandson. He remarks to her that he wishes he had had a chance to get to know Sam or Lucas while they were growing up. It might have motivated him to be a good father and a better man. And he talks about how his own family was “very toxic”. In response to that, Alexis asks him what is really going on between him and Ava. He replies just a little bit of sibling rivalry.

AJ is sitting a the grave site of Connie urges her to give him answers about the night she was killed and to provide a clue as to whether he or someone else did it. And it looks like suspicion is cast upon Ava.

Kiki is in the Metro Court hotel when she runs into Michael. She doesn't want to talk to him and is very disappointed. She tells him she is there to meet her cousin, Rafe and is late.

Not far away, Rafe runs into Molly when she and TJ are ready to book a room together.,

Robin and Patrick are at their home when she tells him she kept trying to explain to Emma over and over again why she has to leave. But she knows that their daughter does not want to hear any explanation and is not ok with it. Hearing that, Patrick remarks to his wife that makes two of us. She reiterates to him that she has to go on her mission to save Jason. She cannot let his son grow up without a father. He tells her he knows she's going to do what she's going to do and he's not going to try to talk her out of it one more time. Her mind is made up. He asks her what she needs to pack and if he can even have a clue where she is. He asks if Emma can contact her or Skype her or do anything. She admits that Victor Cassadine is calling the shots about her trip and is not going to let her family know how to contact her much less where she is.

When Rafe notices TJ and Molly together at the Metro Court, she tells him they are there to study together. Yet it's clear he does not buy that. He asks if they are studying overnight. TJ tells him it's none of his business. He needs to stay out of what is between them and get a lie, TJ tells Rafe.

Ava sits at the bar talking to Carlos who tells her he suspects that Julian has him on his hit list. He knows that Julian has changed his mind about whether to trust him or whether he can be trusted. He asks her to be truthful and tell him whether he's walking into a trap. She tells him that she wants to confide in him about something. And what her brother does not know will not hurt him. She adds it won't him “yet”.

The figment of AJ's mind that looks like Connie tells him that she cannot “tell” him what he needs to know. She is not really there. She's merely a figment of his imagination. It's all in his subconscious. But he urges her to tell him since he's had the energy to think her up. He is highly intoxicated. But she tells him if he really believed everything Ava told him, she (his vision of Connie) would not be standing there talking to him.

Ava asks Carlos if he does not know what “somebody else” is ready to take over Julian's organization.

Shawn tells Sonny he's found out that Julian is being funded by another enterprise. Sonny asks if that might be the Quartermaines with whom Julian is joining forces. But Shawn tells him it's another entity.

Robin and Patrick conclude that this is the last night they will spend together for a long long time. She tell shim that no one knows how long. She does not want to waste it. So she urges her husband to be with her. But he hesitates. She asks him if he still loves her but he does not respond.

When Molly and TJ are alone, she remarks that it was “bizarre” running into Rafe again. She realizes he does not like her male friend. She tells her boyfriend she wishes things did not have to get so “weird” between the three of them. But TJ tells her he really doesn’t care nor want to think about that. He just wants to focus on the two of them being together.

When Rafe is ready to meet Kiki for dinner, he tells her he has to take a rain check. She can clearly tell he must be depressed over a girl. Michael is there with her and they both reflect that they don't want their relationship to end when it was so good between them. But he affirms to her that she believes that she owes him an apology. But it seems she has a different opinion.

Connie continues to tell AJ that there are some things he fails to realize and needs to get through his head before she can give him the simple answer he requires.

Carlos asks Ava if she is indicating to him that she plans to make a move against her own brother.

Julian tells Alexis he has to go. She agrees and gets him his coat. But before he leaves, he kisses her and she does not appear to stop him.

Shawn tells Sonny he's heard that Barrett enterprises is about to bank roll Julian. Sonny remembers that they were related to Brenda. But Brenda had nothing to do with that company. Her older sister, Julia took over the operation. Shawn informs Sonny he's done some digging and since Barrett Enterprises never went public, finding out who took over the company has proven difficult. He asks Sonny if Julia is still running the show. Sonny concludes he does not know. Shawn reminds him there's one way to find out is by asking Brenda. But Sonny explains that Julia has nothing to do with her family and has been disowned and probably disinherited by them. And he remembers all too well what happened when Brenda was last in town. Carly was infuriated when it appeared Brenda set her up to believe that she (Brenda) slept with Michael.

Right then, Michael tells Kiki that he firmly believes that she owes him an apology for continuing to lie to him about Franco.

When Julian passionately kisses Alexis, they conclude that maybe they should take this into the bedroom.

When Ava and Carlos are having their private conversation where he asks her if she plans to take action against her brother and she evades the answer, they are interrupted by AJ. He walks into the bar drunk, identifies Ava and tells her he demands some answers from her about the night when Connie was killed. She does not answer.

Julian and Alexis continue to kiss passionately and are ready to take this to the bedroom when they hear an unexpected knock on the door. She lets him in and tells him she's sorry but Molly is not there. She reveals that she's heard that her daughter is studying with Carson and has not gotten the information that he wants to give her for the first time that Molly has lied to her and is spending the night at the Metro Court with TJ.

Patrick walks away from Robin while she continues to ask and demands an answer on whether he still loves her. He tells her of course he does. And that's why it is taking everything in his power to let her go. They both are crying when she tells him she feels the same way and wants them to always treasure all the memories they've had. He tells her he does not want to have only memories. They don't have to do this and won't be if she just stays. But she wants to make love tonight. They kiss after he admits that he doesn't know if he will ever understand but knows he loves her. They spend the night together while we hear a romantic song playing.

When Rafe informs Alexis, for the first time, that Molly is getting a room in the Metro Court to spend the night with TJ, she is ready to prevent it from happening before it's too late. Julian asks what she is doing and she is clearly not ready to finish what she started with him.

Kiki tells Michael she cannot go home with him. Silas needs her to keep an eye on Rafe before her cousin gets into trouble. He tells her he's sure Rafe can look out for himself. But he's willing to wait with her until Silas returns. He tells her he bets she does not want to come back with him nor continue their relationship. She tells him she believes they rushed into their relationship too fast. Can't he see that they are still demanding the other agrees with their opinions. They cannot stop their argument. And maybe they don't really know each other. He tells her that he has had terrible things happening to him and he has issues dealing with it and realizes not everybody understands. She concludes that she thinks it would be best if she moves out of their mutual apartment and stays with her father for a while. Hearing that, he asks if she is breaking up with him and sounds like he cannot accept having that happen.

When Molly and TJ are ready to sleep together, back at Alexis' home, Julian asks her why she is so concerned about what is about to happen. Molly and Rafe are teenagers and have been dating a while. She asks him if he has ever raised a teenage daughter, knowing that he has not and tells him she has to do what she has to do. He tells her he needs to come with her whether she wants him to or not.

After AJ confronts Ava, Carlos is ready to fight him off. She tells him that she has covered his back and if he doesn't leave her alone, she will stop protecting him from having Michael know what she saw in the footage. How would his life be if his son sees him murdering Connie Falconeri in cold blood. He screams at her to stay away from his son. Carlos fights him and tells him he better leave Ava alone and they get into a big brawl.

Kiki tells Michael she really believes they need to split up.

Sonny tells Shawn he does not believe that Brenda would be willing to help them anyway. Shawn tells him he understands but Brenda might be their only option to finding out what Julian is up to. He asks Sonny if he doesn't want to at least try if all it takes is a phone call. Sonny then admits that he's right. And he calls Brenda and gets her live on the phone.

Robin tells Patrick she promises to come back to him...someday.

Carlos escorts AJ out of the bar and concludes to Ava that that man is a loser. She tells him that AJ has a sickness he cannot help. Carlos asks her what this secret she has about who killed Connie Falconeri. And right then, we see a flashback in time of Ava rushing to find her brother in his office and calling for Julian. Connie asks her why she calls the man they previously always knew as Derek by the name Julian. That could give motive for Ava to prevent Connie from knowing about her and her brother. Carlos then tells her that he can see by the look on her fact that “one could assume” that she herself killed Connie.

Alexis goes to find her daughter and TJ and walks in on them.

Rafe stays alone in her house and tells Molly he's “sorry” but some day she will “thank” him.

Sonny apparently finds out that Julian and his organization have a majority share holder. And he cannot yet but has to find out whom that person would be.

While Rafe is alone in Alexis' home, a strange man comes to the door. Rafe says: “Can I help you?” The man has a smirk and indicates he probably has a mission. And it appears to be Rick Lansing, long lost brother of Sonny, ex of Alexis and father of Molly.

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